Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 4

Standing next to young Mr. Carter her arms still locked behind her back, Veronica wanted to wipe the tears from her cheeks but couldn't, she also wanted to rub her poor strapped bottom but couldn't do that either. All she could do was wait and see what further indignities lay ahead of her and Mr. Carter.

Mr. Carter for his part seemed to be taking it all pretty much in his stride. Though Veronica could not work out how Mr. Carter's penis had grown so, and was still standing proud from his body. She was not so naive not to realise that it had something to do with her nakedness that had caused the change to take place. This knowledge made her ever more ashamed of her naked state, and caused further tears as she waited to see what nurse Corrigan meant by "fit her up first". As nurse Moore searched through what looked like horse harnesses on the wall, nurse Corrigan rang a bell. Minutes later a young maid walked through the door.
"Yes nurse?" The young maid asked, taking no notice of the two naked and cuffed people standing in the room.
"Dinner for about half an hour, if you could please tell cook." Nurse Corrigan told the maid.
The maid nodded and turned to leave the room, still not batting an eyelid at the naked young woman and man. Veronica looked upon this as being a bad omen, it was as if seeing such scenes were an everyday occurrence in this house.
"Ah, there we are, I knew I had a suitable belt in here," Nurse Moore said, sounding very pleased at her discovery. "this will be a perfect fit!"
As nurse Moore approached her Veronica could still not work out what the harness was, or why it seemed to have a padlock on it. Nurse Moore unfastened the lock and moved behind Veronica. Firmly but not roughly she then tapped Veronica's feet apart with the toe of her boot. "That's right miss, we need your legs well apart so I can pop this on for you," She said in her cheerful manner. "then when we sort out the young gentleman you can both go for your dinner. Rack of lamb tonight I believe."
In a day when she thought she couldn't be shocked anymore, Veronica was indeed shocked as she felt the nurses hands between her legs. As she threaded the thicker part of the strap between her inner thighs, nurse Corrigan took hold of it and held up to Veronica's pubic mound, she then felt nurse Moore pass another strap around her hips to nurse Corrigan, then she heard the click of the padlock.
"There that wasn't bad at all now, was it Miss Bowman?" Nurse Corrigan asked, though there was no answer coming from the stunned and confused Veronica. "Now there is a little slit there if you have to pass water, but for anything else you will have to summon one of the nursing staff. As chastity belts go, this is one of the best for comfort and it doesn't allow access for your busy little fingers."
Again Veronica could feel her face burning at the nurse's wrongful inferences, now though she knew that silence was best for her. Next was a welcome relief for her, as the two nurses dressed her again in her nightshirt and finally released her arms. As she stood shaking her know free arms, her eyes were locked on the second harness that nurse Moore had brought over from the wall. As she had been released from her cuffs, it must mean that the second harness was somehow for Mr. Carter.
"Getting the size right for the young gentlemen is always a problem I find." Said nurse Corrigan.
"Ah, it's no problem at all," Replied nurse Moore. "once we get him in it, it works like a dream, better than the ones for the young ladies really. With this one all his toiletry needs are taken care of, so there will be no need to keep removing it for him."
Veronica watched on as nurse Corrigan held the young mans arms firmly, as nurse Moore knelt in front of him, her eyes level with his genitalia. The harness seemed to be a simple thick leather belt with a downward pointing conical attachment, which Veronica rightly assumed was for his penis to go through, even though that to her eyes his penis seemed too large for the aperture on the harness. Nurse Moore had already taken this problem into consideration, along with the second harness she had brought a jug of water with her.
From the jug she pulled out a silver tablespoon, she quickly - and by the reaction on Mr. Carter's face - roughly ran the cold metal along the length of his shaft. Veronica was amazed as his penis contracted, not to the original size when he was stripped, but contracted to a much smaller state. The nurse then quickly forced the conical attachment over his flaccid penis, and strapped a smaller belt under his scrotum. Veronica could see the anguish on the young mans face, at the nurses rough ministrations, once he was tied at the front to nurse Moore's satisfaction, she passed the ends of the belt to nurse Corrigan, who as before locked the belt up with a tiny padlock.
"There, not too pleasant, but it's all done now." Nurse Corrigan said, gently ruffling the young mans thick curly hair.
As before with Veronica, Mr. Carter was redressed in his nightgown and his hands released.
"Now then, let's see if that rack of lamb is ready yet. You will both be peckish now I bet. Aren't you?" Nurse Corrigan said, leading them both to the dining room, as nurse Moore set off back to her reception desk. Dazed by what had happened to them, Veronica and Jonathan Carter meekly followed the nurse to the dining room.

As Veronica and Jonathan sat down for their dinner together, Millicent sat in her study, brooding. Millicent now realised she was on her own, in a house full of people she was totally alone. All her family lived over a hundred miles away, she had few real friends in the area, since her husbands death most had stopped calling. As they were all really his friends, and not hers, though it took his death for her to realise that. It now dawned on her that the only person she had any true closeness with, was in fact Veronica. It was an, at times fractious relationship but they did have a certain closeness, even if it was mostly expressed as a form of open conflict. Now though what had she? A houseful of servants, that for the most part she didn't even know the names of. In fact she didn't even know off the top of her head, how many servants were actually employed at the house! Belmont was the only one that she conversed with, her ladies maid Lucy was good enough at her duties, but a dullard and not one for even the most casual of conversations. Everything from Lucy usually consisted of "yes ma'am" or "now ma'am", whether that was from courtesy or fear, Millicent never really knew. She did know however that Lucy, for all her diligence and hard work, was one of her late husbands favourites to chastise. It was rare that a week went by, when they were at their country house that her husband didn't find some excuse to give poor Lucy a good spanking. Millicent was always puzzled by why the girl put up with such unwarranted victimisation. Sick of her brooding, Millicent rang for Belmont.
"I would like to dine in here tonight, so could you please tell cook." Millicent told her butler, who nodded in assent. "Also I would like a very light meal, today's events have rather taken it out of me. Just some sandwiches perhaps, or maybe some game pie." Again Belmont nodded in silence. "After you have given her my instructions, I would like you to come back in here, so we can have a little chat about household matters."
"Yes ma'am. Very good, ma'am." Belmont said finally breaking his silence.
When Belmont returned, Millicent asked him to take a seat, she could feel her face flushing over at the thoughts running through her head. This was a delicate subject that she meant to broach, a subject that she wanted to seem aloof about. A subject that she didn't want her butler to know why she was taking a sudden interest in. She coughed rather nervously, to clear her throat, then she finally spoke. "I wanted to chat about household discipline, moreover how you go about implementing it. Here of course, but also at other places where you have been employed?"
"Of course, madam," Belmont said, a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. "was there anything in particular that you wished to discuss?"
"Yes... well I notice... hat you er..." Millicent's face was now burning red, as she struggled for words. "you employ the cane, rather than say the birch... I... was wondering why that is so?"
Millicent was now feeling rather foolish, and wished that she had never started this conversation as she looked at her smiling, arrogant, and relatively young butler across the desk from her.
"Ah the birch! I find the cane to rather more consistent than the birch," Belmont said, moving slightly forward in his chair, his eyes locked upon Millicent's. "you see each birch rod is different to the other. It all depends upon how long the rod is soaked for, and how it is made up and tied. The cane though, and for that matter the strap is consistent, you know exactly what you are going to get."
"Ah... I see."
"The birch does of course have it's benefits in other ways!" Belmont continued, his eyes still holding Millicent's gaze.
"Er... In what ways?"
"Well it is traditional for the girls, or for that matter the boy. To go and collect and tie the rod for their own chastisement." Belmont said his elbows now resting on his thighs as his hands cradled his chin. "The effect of this cannot be underplayed, imagine having to go out into the grounds and collect and cut all those twigs?" Belmont stared at Millicent, knowing full well that that was exactly what she was at this moment imagining. "Of course knowing all the time," Belmont continued."that once the twigs were collected and tied, they would be going across your naked bottom. It has a very sobering effect on the proposed recipient, more so if the recipient is a young maid. Perhaps some young maid from the village about to face her first punishment."
Millicent could feel her whole body getting hotter, it was now not just her face that was burning. "Yes... er... I can see what you mean," She stuttered out. "and....."
"Well the poor girl would be in such a state as she brought the rod back to the house. She would know that once it had been soaked in the brine water, she would have to lift her skirts and bare her bottom for the appliance of the rod. As you saw earlier, along with her bottom all her womanly charms are displayed. Can you imagine how shaming that would be for some young innocent virgin?"
"Yes!" Millicent almost gasped at the thought.
"So you see the birch does have it's place, but for fair and equal punishments the strap or the cane is more reliable. If you wish though, for certain more serious indiscretions I could implement the rod. Perhaps only when you see that the girl, or for that matter, the boy deserves it?"
"Well.. I suppose that could be an option." Millicent said, her fingers now shaking.
"Maybe it would be best if I passed all decisions of discipline to you? Then you could decide if the case deserved, only a good spanking or if maybe the cane, strap or the birch would be called for?"
Millicent nodded, and unbidden Belmont rose from his seat, and said.
"Well if that is all, madam, I bid you a goodnight unless you need me again later. For anything."