Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 3

Amy- I feel like a little girl as you lead the way, I still have my hand over my fluffy mound, but my breasts are now unprotected and my nipples grow harder and more prominent by the second. As I walk along with you I'm also aware of the dampness between my legs...

Tomas- When we get into the bathroom, I help you into the water, and tell you to sit down, I then get the wooden chair, and pull it over to the bath side. I roll up my shirtsleeves and start soaping up a sponge...

Amy- My heart is racing and I'm breathing so fast I feel like I might hyperventilate, I can't believe you're actually going to wash me like this. I hug my knees to my chest as I watch you work up a lather, there's such a look of determination on your face that I dare not defy you.

Tomas- I want this to look as innocent as possible, but I can feel my member throbbing in my trousers. I start, leaving your hair and face alone, I soap up your neck, so delicate and slender compared to mine, then I follow the path of your shoulders,covering the whole area in suds. "Can you lift your arms miss so I can clean your armpits." An innocent enough request

Amy- "Okay." I say almost in a whisper, I slowly lift my arms, unwittingly revealing my breasts as I do so. My nipples are hard and erect now but I look you deep in the eye as you wash me..

Tomas- I soap, and then rinse both armpits, my hands casually touching the lower swell of your breasts. I then re soap the sponge to wash down your breasts....

Amy- I instinctively wrap my arms around my upper body, wondering where you intend to wash next. My mind wanders into a daydream, I wish I could run away, have some privacy and... oh there's that strong urge between my legs again, if only you'd leave me to wash myself, then I could take care of things...

Tomas- "Come, come." I say, moving your hands down, and quickly washing your breasts, the feel of them moving under my hands, the soft fluidity further excites me. "Right miss if you could stand please, your back towards me."

Amy- I take a deep breath and swallow hard, but I can't deny to myself that I'm getting very aroused by your attentions. At least with my back to you I'll feel a little more modest, but this whole situation is beyond what I ever imagined happening here. I ease myself up, quickly turning away from you as I do so, then I stand up straight with my back to you. The cool air in the bathroom makes me shiver as it makes contact with my wet skin, and goose bumps appear all over me. As I face the wall I daydream again, thinking that hopefully this will be the end of my punishment and I'll be able to snuggle up in my warm bed and pleasure myself to sleep.

Tomas- "If you could bend over a little for me please, just rest your hands on the wall," I ask you.

Amy- Suddenly I snap back into reality, I wonder if I heard you correctly, but know I wasn't dreaming. I inch over ever so slightly and lean against the wall, my legs are clamped shut and I'm rigid with tension and yearning...

Tomas- I put my hands between your knees to part your legs.....

Amy- I squeak and look back at you. "What are you doing?"

Tomas- "You will have to move your feet apart if I'm to clean your bottom properly," I reply sighing as if it was so obvious what I was doing.

Amy- I swallow hard again, wanting to protest, but I know there's no point. My heart is racing in my chest as I ease my legs apart a fraction...

Tomas- I again press your knees apart a little further, then push slightly on your back, as you bend forward your red and purple buttocks are pushed back towards my face. I resume soaping the lather up on the sponge, and then clean deep down into the cleft of your bottom, I feel your body trembling as I continue soaping you. Then I hear you gasp a little as a soapy finger enters your rectum, just pushing against its elastic muscle...

Amy- I flinch and squirm as you wash me intimately, I don't want to let on but it's making me more aroused at every touch. I so want to reach down and touch my clitoris, but what would you think of me if I did such a sinful thing?

Tomas- I rinse down the soap off your bottom, then quickly lift each foot and wash and rinse them. I'm eager to get the bathing out of the way, to get onto the real punishment, the mental images that have ran through my mind all these years. "Can you turn to face me please, miss."

Amy- My face contorts as the tears come more readily, I reluctantly and very slowly turn to face you, hoping you'll take pity on me and let me go to my room. "Please," I sniff, "Can I go now?"

Tomas- "No we have only just begun, you will have a reminder of your childish disgusting language that will last you a good couple of weeks," I say as I start soaping your lower stomach,and pubic hair.

Amy- My eyes widen. "What... do you mean, Sir?" I ask fearfully.

Tomas- I take some pubic hair between my fingers, and tug gently. "You know what this is don't you? It's a badge of maturity, it shows that you are now a woman, but as you don't behave like an adult, this sign of adulthood shall be removed. I am going to shave you, so every morning, and every night when you get dressed, and changed for bed, you will be reminded of tonight."

Amy- I shake my head. "No... no you... you can't do that! I won't let you!" I begin to struggle away from you, trying to step out of the bath as you grip my arm to prevent me leaving..

Tomas- I look evenly into your sparkling blue eyes. "Yes miss, I'm afraid I must. My cousin became much more amenable, more adult, and circumspect, after my aunt did the self same thing to her," I tell you, my voice calm, hiding my mounting excitement at the prospect. "My cousin got to big for her boots, and it brought her back down to earth. I believe the same treatment will help curb that filthy tongue of yours. Imagine if one of the little ones heard you say such filth, then went home and repeated it. What shame would you have then?"

Amy- I stop struggling against you. "I.. I'd not thought of that." I really hadn't of course, but I was under duress when I swore and I don't believe I deserve this sort of punishment. The look on your face tells me you're not about to back down though, but I really can't bear the thought of anyone, let alone a man, shaving my private parts. I have heard of such punishments being used before though, and I begin to cry openly at the reality of it all. "Are you going to do it now?"

Tomas- "No time like the present, then when you dress for church tomorrow morning you will have that reminder of humility," I say, still keeping my excitement hidden from you, what anyone would make of a male serving out such a punishment I have know idea, but I am lost in my own lust.

Amy- I stand in front of you, timidly wondering how you will go about this dreadful deed, but all the while I can feel a wonderfully tingly sensation within my groin and it's desperate for a rub. I'm still crying, but more softly now as I resign myself to my fate. I wonder what it will feel like to be smooth down there, it's been such a long time I can't remember....

Tomas- I can see now you've given up on any further arguing, I can't believe this is going to happen. I take your hand and help you from the bath, I quickly pat you dry, speed is of the essence now before you change your mind. Though I would love to have spent longer drying you, I know I can't. "Right, Amy,"I say once content that you are dry,I don't want you catching a chill."I you could just sit on the edge of the bath for me,and lie back slightly,knees well apart...

Amy- I can't believe I'm actually letting you do this, but you do seem to think it's for my own good so I reluctantly do as you ask. As I part my legs I find I can no longer look you in the eye, my humiliation is overwhelming...

Tomas- I get my shaving brush,and some safety razors, I know I should really use an open blade, but never got the hang of it.I soap up your little downy triangle and begin. As I start removing the hair covering, it makes sense to me now. After a rather late night with my brother in law, drinking strong cider, to celebrate the recent wedding to my sister he confided in me.- Tomas, when you to get married, and you take your maiden to your bed, don't just start straight away fratching about with your fingers inside her. Take time,lots of time with that little bit of her, that's just inside,but also outside.-It made no sense to me, like some strange riddle. Now I see though, that rather than just being like a bottom, but at the front, the female parts are indeed like a petalled flower, with more than one set of folds....

Amy- "Ohhh!" I can't help crying out softly as you touch my most sensitive area, it feels so wrong for you to be down there, but at the same time it feels so good as well. My instincts tell me to close my legs and move away from you, but I find my legs moving further apart to allow you easier access. It's as though I want you to touch me, to make me tingle with arousal. I look at you now and wonder what you're thinking...

Tomas- As all the hair is almost removed, I see it, or at least I think I do. A little line of flesh under the first folds of pink lips, but above the second, how did he describe it.- a little bud, inside the first part of the flower, hidden away, but central to the woman's being- I long to touch at it, to see what reaction it will bring...

Amy- Oh if only he'd touch it, I think to myself, knowing how wrong it is to have such sinful thoughts. Just a little touch would feel so wonderful right now. I hold my breath..hoping.

Tomas- I can't help myself, I need to know if what I have been told is the truth, not just drunken meanderings. As I clean away the loose hairs, I let my middle finger brush against the little bud a couple of times.. to my surprise, the feel of it is indeed like a little bud.. hard underneath its thin fleshy covering....

Amy- I gasp loudly and let out a low moan, just that slight touch made my clitoris burst into life and I long for more. I eagerly thrust myself towards you, trying to tempt you to explore...

Tomas- Now what? To continue would be wrong, to stop ungentlemanly, I decide to continue just a little, my cock now throbbing so much, I can't help myself, I now bring my thumb into play, gently, so gently as to not hurt you, rubbing along the buds little shaft....

Amy- "Oh... oh that feels so nice!" I say, just stopping short of the expletive, my head goes back and I close my eyes, loving the feelings you're giving me deep within my sex..

Tomas- I try to make excuses in my head for my behaviour, as long as I don't compromise your virginity all will be OK, I convince myself.

Amy- Worried of you falling back over into the bath, I place my left arm behind your shoulders, and my right arm under your knees, I lift you up, and carry you back to your room.... I gaze up at you, your strong arms make me feel so safe right now but I wonder what you have in mind for me next. Could it be you're going to please me further?

Tomas- I place you on your bed but don't know what to do next. "Are you.. er.. all right, miss Amy?" I finally stammer out.

Amy- I smile up at you. "Yes thank you, Tomas." I say softly, there's a long pause then I say. "Would you... like to.. do that.. again?" I can't believe I just asked you that, but I'm hoping you'll understand what I mean and continue exploring my lady parts...

Tomas- I don't have to be asked twice, I lower myself next to you, and kiss your mouth, my right hand making its way down your tummy, heading for those bare pink lips....

Amy- "Hmmm." I moan through our close embrace, reaching up to run my fingers through your hair as you take me back to wonderful heights of pleasure....

Tomas- I have the urge to taste you, to feel what it's like to have my tongue inside you, so I lower my head down your body...

Amy- I watch in wonder as you move your head down towards my lady parts, surely you're not going to... "Ahhhh!"

Tomas- As I run my tongue tentatively along the little sheaf of skin, I feel your stomach tighten beneath me. My throbbing cock now begging for release, and relief

Amy- This feels so wonderful, I'm only eighteen so a complete novice where men and sex are concerned, but pleasuring myself has never felt this good and I can't help wondering what the real thing would be like. I can't help trembling with anticipation now...

Tomas- I need release, to take your maidenhead would be out of the question, but perhaps you may do something to relieve me. I take the risk and start undoing my trousers...

Amy- I look up to find you undoing your trousers and my jaw drops, surely you're not planning to enter me? My heart begins to race. "I.. I don't think I can.. you know..." My voice trails off....

Tomas- "Don't worry I have no plans for your ruination, I just need relief." I say hoping you understand my meaning.

Amy- "Oh," I smile nervously, I understand what you but I have to be honest with you. "Well, I um... I don't know what to do." I say quietly, feeling foolish and naive.

Tomas- I move back onto the bed with you, I take your left hand and place it on my cock, then resume moving my fingers around the lips of your sex....

Amy- Your cock feels so alien to me, it's hot and rigid but the skin feels so soft. I don't know what to do next so I stare first at your cock, then at you, hoping my frown will inspire you to guide me....

Tomas- I gently move your wrist. "Like this, Amy, please.. just move like this."

Amy- "Okay." I smile, then begin moving my hand like you showed me, I read your body language and soon my confidence grows so I begin squeezing harder and pumping you deeper. I wonder if I'm doing it right though, but you seem satisfied with it so far, I'm certainly satisfied with what you're doing to me....

Tomas- I close my eyes, what we are doing is wrong, ungodly then I feel the surge in my loins, and my seed spills forth...

Amy- Call me naive but as you squirt I can't help crying out in surprise, I gaze in amazement as it squirts all over my breasts and stomach...

Tomas- I collapse backwards ashamed of myself...

Amy- I sit up on the bed and gaze at you, I feel your juice running down my skin and can't help touching it...

Tomas- I look at you in wonder,there is no sign of disgust on your face. "I'm so sorry, Amy."

Amy- "No, it's okay," I say smiling, "I've never, well you know, done anything like that before and I, well I enjoyed it really." The only down side of course is that I really wanted an orgasm too, but I can always sort myself out later, unless....

Tomas- "So you aren't annoyed at me?" I ask still seeking reassurance.

Amy- "No not at all, but I..." my voice trails off and I take a deep breath, I know it's not right to ask this, but I can't hold back. "I was... hoping you might do the same for me."

Tomas- I smile at you, so it is true, women can also orgasm. I take your hint and continue with my fingers, all the while staring into you blue eyes.

Amy- As if by magic you find my most special place almost immediately, I gasp and hold my breath,releasing it slowly as I feel my orgasm building. I don't have long to wait and I buck and cry out in pleasure as you give me a wonderful orgasm."Ohhhh thank you, thank you!" I say as I tremble all over.

Tomas- I am at a loss what to do or say now, so I lean forward and kiss your brow. "Goodnight, Miss Amy, I'll see you in the morning for church."

Amy- As I watch you go I bite my bottom lip, I really want to say something else to you but can't find the words. I can't actually believe all this just happened, no one has ever touched me in that way before, and I've never touched a man in such an intimate way. I slide under the blankets and try to drift off to sleep, but it doesn't come easily.

Tomas- I lie for hours, staring at the ceiling, wondering about what has just happened, wondering what sins, if any we, or at least I have committed. Sleep hits me just before dawn, then the alarm sounds, at it's time for me to get up and milk the cows. Passing by your door, I am tempted to enter the room, but I just walk on down the hall.

Amy- I hear you walk past my room and decide it best to get up and dress, after washing and putting on my best church going clothes I go downstairs to look for you. I fond the house deserted and assume you must be tending to the animals so I make a start on breakfast, my mind constantly wandering back to the events of last night.

Tomas- As I walk in the room, I can't look you in the eye. "Morning, Miss Amy."I manage to mumble out.

Amy- "Morning, Tomas!" I say brightly as I turn to look at you, I can see you're not comfortable with things but I decide to try and make conversation. "Did you sleep well?"

Tomas- "N.. n.. not to well... I.. er think what we did last night, was er.. a huge mistake on my part, and I'm sorry," I struggle out the words.

Amy- I feel my face burn and I look down at my feet. "Look, there's really no need to apologise, and.. well I'm not going to tell anyone about it. So.. let's just have breakfast shall we? What would you like?" I turn away and busy myself doing nothing in particular.

Tomas- I suddenly feel that the power, and respect in our relationship is slipping towards you. I reset the balance, as I go to take my seat, I say. "I expect, miss, you are suitably dressed for church?"

Amy- The sudden sound of authority takes me by surprise. "Yes... of course I am!" I get some plates out of the dresser, almost dropping them in my haste. "Eggs and bacon?" I ask as I search for for a bread knife.

Tomas- "Good, I don't want you defiling the house of god," I say as sternly as I can.,"we'll just check then."

Amy- I stop dead in my tracks and turn to look at you. "Sorry? What do you mean?"

Tomas- "Like my namesake St Thomas, I need to see for myself."

Amy- I step away from the table and smooth down my dress for you to see. "I'll put on my best apron before we go of course." I say timidly.

Tomas- "That's not what I mean and we both know it." I say, watching your face redden, surprisingly after what happened last night.

Amy- I swallow hard and stumble over my words. "I.. I.. well.. I'm sure I don't know.. what you mean!" I feel my face burning again but it's so silly, we were intimate last night so why do I suddenly feel so shy?

Tomas- "Oh please stop this dithering and lift your dress to your waist," I tell you in exasperation.

Amy- I pause for a long time, gazing at the floor, then I slowly lift up my skirt to reveal my clean shaven sex. I can't look at you, but I wonder if you're smiling.

Tomas- I'm stunned, I had expected you to be wearing the underwear that you fashioned last night.Still though better nothing than the things we burned. "OK, miss that is fine,you may make yourself decent again,now your breasts,I take they are as god intended?

Amy- "Yes they are!" I snap, I'm so annoyed with myself for not wearing the bloomers I'd made, but they feel and look so awful and I never dreamed you'd be making an inspection. I head towards the kitchen doorway, keen to get to my room for some privacy.

Tomas- "Like I said miss, I'm very like my saintly namesake." I feel myself stiffen, this is so wrong, yet so good.

Amy- I ignore your comment and keep going, heading towards the stairs now in my haste to cover my modesty with bloomers before going to church. I wouldn't be surprised if you inspected me in front of the entire congregation!

Tomas- I follow you out of the room, and as you just start to make your way up the stairs, I call to you. "Either get back in here now miss, or make sure you fetch that paddle back with you!"

Amy- I stop dead in my tracks and my heart leaps up into my throat, I turn to face you knowing I've lost this fight. "Yes, Sir." I say quietly. After steadying myself I slowly head back down the stairs again, I stand submissively in front of you awaiting further humiliation but finding myself inexplicably aroused by the situation.

Tomas- I point in the general direction of your breasts. "As I have told you like my namesake, I need to see for myself."

Amy- I start at the neck and slowly unbutton my dress, once I reach my waist I pull back the dark material to show you my bare chest. "Satisfied?" I ask in a low, seductive voice which surprises even me.

Tomas- "Yes miss, I am,now lets finish our breakfasts, then when we get back from church we can discuss your little temper tantrum," I tell you, "so no need to bother with putting your underwear on before church.You can put on a pair of your punishment panties when we get back this afternoon." I make my way back to the kitchen, walking none to comfortably, my growing erection hampering my steps.

Amy- I stare at you open mouthed, hardly believing what you just said to me, but I decide not to argue with you now, instead I just follow you into the kitchen hoping my face isn't burning too much with embarrassment. I want to carry on sorting the breakfast, but I'm all worked up now and can't function properly.

Tomas- We eventually manage to finish breakfast, and make our way on foot to the church, it's a pleasant but rather breezy morning. I smile to myself as you are obviously very aware of the wind and what it may uncover, if you are not to careful.

Amy- I clutch my skirt around me, nervous of the strong breeze, but even more nervous of what you have in store for me when we return. You seem to relish the authority you have over me, but I wonder if I can use your shyness to my advantage. "Maybe you can introduce me to some of your female friends, Tomas?" I say with a smile.

Tomas- Little minx, I think to myself, but I do admire your spirit. "I don't have many female friends, so that won't take us long, so don't worry yourself, we will be home soon enough." I say to you, reminding you just who is in charge, I've grown used to these sort of tactics from my sister and my cousin with their let's embarrass Tomas games.

Amy- I sigh with frustration, knowing that plan backfired badly. We enter the church and I follow you timidly to where we will sit, I don't want to admit to you I'm not very familiar with church protocol as I've always used any excuse to get out of going.

Tomas- As we enter Gunton's barn, which is being used as the church this week, I point you over to the pews where all the other womenfolk are seated. I take my place at the front,with all the other menfolk. My mind wanders all through the service, all I can think of is you sitting behind me, your naked bottom, and shaven sex below your dress, plays on my mind all through the hymns from the Ausbund. What kind of person are you, a temptress, seven deadly sins to bring upon me.

Amy- I'm so bored I almost fall asleep, in fact my head nods at one point and I pray no one notices me. I'm in the right place for praying I suppose, I'd better say one for my bottom while I'm here.

Tomas- The service finally finishes, I don't want to hang around for socialising, so I whisk you around with the minimum of introductions, saying we have much to sort out for tomorrow. I long to get you home again.

Amy- "Anyone would think you're in a hurry." I say sarcastically as we head back to your house, I'm inclined to take my time of course so I dawdle along behind you.

Tomas- "I'm a great believer in getting things done straight away, if we had time this morning, you would have found the pews even more uncomfortable then they were."

Amy- I feel my face burning again, knowing I'm to be humiliated as soon as we get inside. I have an idea for a delaying tactic."You have animals don't you. May I see them?"

Tomas- "You can indeed, miss, once we have seen to your behavior this morning, as a teacher you should not be having little temper tantrums yourself," I say, I won't, I can't be swayed on this.

Amy- I feel crestfallen, and as you stand back to let me enter the house first I want so much to run upstairs, pack my things, and leave. But deep within me is a stirring again, a sexual arousal that I can't ignore. I swallow hard and go inside to await my fate.

Tomas- "OK go up to your room and prepare yourself, a good hand spanking should suffice, call me when you are ready," I tell you. "Don't take too long about it either, miss."

Amy- I suddenly have an overwhelming and wonderful tingling sensation in my sex, I just about manage to walk past you and up the stairs as the wetness begins to build between my legs. Once upstairs I dash into the bathroom and wipe away all evidence of my arousal, but as soon as I put on my punishment panties I can feel it oozing again. "I'm ready!" I call quickly, wanting this to be over soon so I can take advantage of the arousal in private.

Tomas- After pacing backwards and forwards for what seemed like an eternity, I hear your voice and make my way upstairs. I'm so excited as I turn the door handle and enter the room.

Amy- As soon as you enter my heart leaps into my throat and my bottom quivers with anticipation, I struggle to look you in the eye.

Tomas- I take a seat upon your bed and carefully straighten out my trousers, I then point at my lap. "Over please, miss," I say quietly.

Amy- Upon hearing those words my legs turn to jelly and I can hardly stand, I stumble over to you, and after a short hesitation I lay myself down across your lap.

Tomas- I take the hem of your dress with shaking fingers,and start to slowly pull it up your back, unveiling first the tops of your white socks, then your milky thighs, till finally your still bruised bottom cheeks come into view. Your thong, I think that's how the obscene piece of material is known, cuts deep into your bottom cleft. I swallow deeply at the view.

Amy- I clench my bottom cheeks and swallow hard as I feel myself being revealed, I can't help squirming already and I grip the quilted cover with my sweaty hands. More of a concern though is the wetness that I can feel increasing between my legs.

Tomas- "Looking at the state of your bottom, it won't take much of a spanking to put some heat in your seat." So I start, alternating from cheek to cheek, but not too hard or too fast. I want to savour the feel of your soft pillowy buttocks in my hand.

Amy- "Ow!" I murmur as my bottom begins to sting already, I realise you're being fairly gentle at the moment, but it still hurts and I only hope you'll leave it at that and let me up soon.

Tomas- I look at the clock, three minutes should suffice, or when tears start to fall.

Amy- As my punishment continues I begin to squirm more urgently, then my instincts overcome me and I reach back with my hand to protect my stinging cheeks.

Tomas- "No, no, miss," I say, as I take your hand and pin it behind your back. I pick up pace, but still not really hard, though I can feel the heat coming off your red bottom.

Amy- "No!" I yell. "No please stop it now." It really stings now and I struggle to catch my breath. "I'm really sorry, I promise I'll be good!" I fight against you but it's futile as you're far to strong for me, but just as I begin to sob a weird thing happens, I actually feel as though I'm about to have an orgasm. Without even realising it I stop struggling and focus all my attention on my sex...

Tomas- "Stop yelling and wriggling, you've got another minute left to go, OK," I tell you sternly.

Amy- "A... a... another minute?" Oh this could prove to be very fulfilling, I hold still and let the effects of my spanking soak into my sex, it already feels fit to explode and I think a minute should be more than enough. As you slap me I move my bottom to meet your hand.

Tomas- As I continue your chastisement, I notice a change in you, less protesting, an almost eagerness to accept your punishment, I feel pleased that you are seeing the error of your ways. Though the effect all your bouncing about is having on me is a little perplexing, I feel sure you will be aware of my growing hardness..

Amy- As I move around on your lap I realise it's your thigh pressing against my sex that is feeling so pleasant, and despite my concern of you noticing I grind harder against it, but as I do I'm aware of something pressing into my stomach, something firm. I wonder what it could be...

Tomas- Your antics are now making me feel... uneasy.. uncomfortable.. ready to explode ..only twenty seconds to go...

Amy- I push harder against you, feeling myself oh so close, and then as you give me a particularly low smack I cum in spectacular fashion and let out and loud moan. My body goes rigid, then I tremble all over as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure courses through me. I wonder if you noticed anything....

Tomas- With the last smack you moan in relief at the punishments end. I look at your bottom, what a state its in now. "Well miss you took that well. I think now you should give yourself a nice cooling bath, then we can start anew, and put this mornings tantrum behind us."

Amy- I can't believe you didn't realise what just happened and I feel so lucky, I draw in a deep breath and manage to reply. "Yes,Sir, thank you." As you help me up I stand before you feeling a little ashamed of myself, but satisfied at the same time. I have another overwhelming urge and I summon up the courage to ask you. "Can I... can I have a hug now please?"

Tomas- I am taken aback, but after last night, and my shameful behaviour, how could I refuse such an innocent request? I nod and hold my arms open...

Amy- I can't help smiling as I sink onto your lap and wrap my arms tightly around you, I snuggle in close, feeling safe and protected by the strong man who takes the time to teach me the error of my ways, and make me feel so good at the same time. "I'm sorry I behaved so badly," I say quietly. I can't help frowning slightly though as I feel something firm pressing against my bottom, I shift a little to try and get more comfortable, wondering if you have something in your pocket.

Tomas- I feel like I'm going to burst,as you squirm around on my lap. "Well miss.. I think perhaps you should have that cooling bath now. Eh?"

Amy- "Hmm?" I say absentmindedly."Oh, OK then." I reluctantly stand up, smile gratefully at you, then head off to the bathroom.

Tomas- I have a sudden rush to my head, and before I can stop myself, I shout out to you, "Can you manage by yourself?"

Amy- Wow, call me shocked, but I am. I think for a moment and my head seems to spin, then before I know what I'm doing I call, "Actually, I could use a hand please."

Tomas- I can't believe I asked you, and now I'm dumbstruck by your reply, I follow you like a little puppy, my tail throbbing.

Amy- I stand in the bathroom timidly chewing my lip, I can't believe I just did that, but then remembering the last bath I had I also can't help thinking it was a brilliant idea. I wonder how far things will go this time.

Tomas- I start running the hot water, then I turn to you and say, "Right, miss start getting yourself ready."
Wondering to myself if all this is real...

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