Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 3

Nurse Corrigan loosened Veronica's cape and placed it back in her bag, then she unfastened and removed the cuffs, placing them too in her bag.

"Thank you miss." Veronica said without even thinking.

"Your welcome, Miss Bowman, now remember well what I told you." The nurse said, and for the first time since Veronica had met her she smiled.

Veronica shook her arms and rotated her shoulders to remove the cramping stiffness, no thought of running or escape even crossed her mind, well where could she run to anyway?

The nurse led the way to the front door, and Veronica timidly followed her. Upon entering the house Veronica was again taken by surprise by her surroundings, the front door led into a huge hallway, facing her was a large sweeping double staircase, in between the two sets of stairs was a small desk with a couple of chairs in front of it, behind it sat what Veronica took to be another nurse. This other nurse was probably a good few years older than nurse Corrigan, she looked to be in her fifties, quite stout but with a jovial looking face. The nurse beamed a large smile upon their entrance.

"Ah, nurse Corrigan, perfect timing as always," the second nurse said, "I take it this is the young lady for the first floor? She is the second one today, so I thought we could induct them both together. You know, get them through, get them fed, then get them to bed!"

Both nurses seemed to find this little quip most amusing, though Veronica was finding very little to laugh about this day. The next thing that Veronica saw made her swallow very hard. The jovial nurse opened a drawer by the side of her desk and handed something across to nurse Corrigan.

"Thank you, nurse Moore." Nurse Corrigan said as she attached the leather, wooden handled strap to the belt around her waist.

Just one look at the strap, and anyone would realise straight away that it could only serve one purpose, that of physical chastisement. Nurse Moore then opened a large book on the desk, and motioned for Veronica to take a seat. As she started transferring information from the letter handed to her by nurse Corrigan, nurse Moore started tutting as she was filling out the book.

"I don't know, young ladies these days have no shame playing with themselves is bad enough," Nurse Moore said, "but to do so in front of staff?"

"Please miss you have to know this isn't true," Veronica said, her face flushing red. "my step-mother made it all up, she is trying to cheat me of what is lawfully mine." Veronica glanced then at nurse Corrigan's frowning face, and quickly shut her mouth remembering her warnings.

"I know it's a terrible world, Miss Bowman," Nurse Moore replied. "why only three months ago we had Josephine Bonaparte in here, and who would have thought that she would have had such a broad Yorkshire accent."

The nurse again started cackling at her little joke, and Veronica realised any further protest would be a waste of breath, and only risk annoying nurse Corrigan further.

Once the paperwork was finished to nurse Moore's satisfaction, she stood up and Veronica saw that she also had a small leather strap attached to her belt. The nurse then started to walk towards a small door to the left of her desk, Veronica knew that she was to follow via a hard push in the small of her back from nurse Corrigan. Passing through the door they came into a bare whitewashed room, the only furniture in the room were two wooden benches and a large cast iron bath, along the far wall was a rack containing seventeen or so small chests each named and numbered.

"Right, young lady we will need to strip you down and get you measured up," the overly cheerful nurse Moore told Veronica, "so get a wriggle on as we still have someone waiting."

Veronica's eyes started misting over again, as yet one more humility was about to be heaped upon her, she now knew the fruitless nature of any complaint or protestation, so she merely complied and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Helped by nurse Corrigan, Veronica was soon standing in the cold bare room naked and shamed.

"My oh my," said nurse Moore, "such a small waist, and large hips. A figure like that will make for a happy husband once we have you cured and out of here. A tummy like yours doesn't even need stays."

Veronica was now close to breaking down in tears, she looked as nurse Corrigan rolled her eyes at her colleagues remarks. For both Veronica and nurse Corrigan knew that husbands weren't part of Mrs. Bowman's plans for her young charge. Nurse Moore then proceeded to measure Veronica in a rather strange way with a cloth tape. First she took her waist measurement, then to Veronica's horror, she took the measurement from her navel to under her thighs bringing the tape up the cleft of her bottom. The tape was cutting at and intruding into the lips of her sex, this final indignation brought about the tears that had been welling for so long.

"Don't worry yourself miss, it wont be that tight when it's on." Nurse Moore said to reassure Veronica, but all it did was confuse her further. "I see it looks like you had a good tanning before coming here." Nurse Moore continued in her increasingly annoying chirpy manner.

Before Veronica could answer, nurse Corrigan interrupted.

"Yes she received a very harsh spanking from me before she left her home, so harsh in fact that I was thinking to myself once she is ready in here, I could take her straight to the dining room for her dinner, then get her off to bed.

For the first time since they had arrived Veronica saw nurse Moore's face darken.

"Now I know you are the senior member of the nursing staff," nurse Moore said to nurse Corrigan, "but if the other members of staff found out that this lady had come in without having the full induction... well I don't think they would be to happy about it. You know how some of the staff worry about our... our... patients behaviour?"

Nurse Corrigan nodded and shrugged her shoulders. Nurse Moore then returned to her normal self chatting away to Veronica.

"Well miss I can see, and smell, that you bathed this morning, so there is no need for me to have to bath you, not like the other one that was just in before you. So that saves us all a bit of time and trouble, so if you could be an angel for me and just pop this on. Now don't worry we will have proper clothes for you to wear tomorrow morning, for decency's sake though you can wear this tonight."

Veronica hurriedly pulled on the long light blue night shirt, glad to be covering up her nakedness. Once the short sleeved, ankle length gown was on, she was puzzled by the four buttons on each shoulder. Before she could work out the significance of the buttons the two nurses, firmly but not roughly pulled her arms behind her back, again she found herself cuffed, this time though her arms were high up her back.

"Don't worry it's only for a few minutes this time." Nurse Corrigan whispered into her ear.

Then nurse Moore made to go out of another door different to the one they entered through, and a again a sharp push from nurse Corrigan indicated that they should follow. The sight that greeted Veronica was shocking in many ways. The room itself was like the previous one, whitewashed walls, but these walls weren't bare, in place of decorations hung an assortment of straps and canes, also other devices that the usage of which Veronica didn't even want to contemplate. The only furniture in this room was a large padded bench, similar to a vaulting horse, it was obvious to Veronica that this was some sort of punishment room. The real shock to Veronica's system though was the other person in the room. Standing before her, wearing the same blue nightshirt and arms tied back in the same manner, was a tall thin, and very pale young man. The two of them looked at each other, both wide-eyed and confused, then nurse Moore spoke, all previous joviality gone from her voice.

"Now young lady, and young gentleman, while you are here we expect the best of behaviour. Any laxness in your behaviour or attitude to any staff members will result in a taste of the belt, or in worse cases a visit to this room. Now to make sure that you understand that, and to make sure that you don't want to visit this room anytime again soon. I'm going to give you both four hard ones with my belt as way of a welcome."

Veronica looked again at the thin male, she could see the fear in his eyes, she on the other hand remained surprisingly calm as she had half expected something of this ilk as nurse Corrigan had more or less hinted to what was to come. What happened next however did shock her, and it explained the buttons on their shoulders. As nurse Corrigan held the young gentleman's arms locked behind him, nurse Moore undid the buttons on his shoulders and the gown fell away from him. Like Veronica, he was totally naked beneath the gown. So there it was, the first male body that she had ever seen naked, she couldn't help herself but to stare. His body was as she suspected very thin, and almost hairless, however at the base of his tummy was a thick thatch of black curly hair. Inside that thatch of hair lay his - to Veronica's mind - unimpressive member.

"So that is a penis, why all the fuss?" She thought to herself.

Nurse Corrigan frogmarched him across to the padded bench, then in one of their well practiced movements, they bent him across the bench and secured his feet in a matter of seconds, despite his struggling and shouting. When in position, his bottom now facing Veronica, she could see there were already clear strap marks on his bottom. She thought back to what nurse Moore had said about time and trouble in bathing her. So those marks must have been given to him as he tried to struggle out of being bathed. Veronica looked on, knowing full well that she would be next, oddly she didn't find the idea of the belting too bad. It was the idea of being stripped naked in front of a man that worried her. Or was it worry that she felt in her tummy at the moment, as she watched this young male being tied into position? It was certainly some sort of excitement that she was unfamiliar with.

Then the excitement did turn to worry, as she saw the look on nurse Moore's face. At that moment she knew it was indeed the apparently jovial Moore that she should fear, and not the dour nurse Corrigan, for once the young man was in place over the bench, nurse Moore took her belt in hand and the look on her face was that of relish as she took two steps back from his naked bottom. She then ran back at him, bringing the strap hard across his unprotected bottom.

"This is to show you that any bad behavior or cheek will bring you a world of pain," nurse Moore said as the young man screamed in protest.

Veronica could not move her eyes from his bottom, she watched as the belt weal slowly emerged from his already marked skin. She thought to herself. "three more and it will be me over that bench."

Nurse Moore was in no hurry to bring the punishment to an end, she turned and as she made her two paces back again, for only a second or two her eyes met Veronica's. That look told Veronica that here was a lady who enjoyed her work. Another little run and the strap fell again.

"Don't ever dare to try to strike a nurse like you did earlier, you understand?" Nurse Moore asked her bound victim.

"Aaagh! Yes ma'am I understand!" The young man replied.

Veronica watched as he tried in vain to shake the pain from his bottom, she wondered when it was her turn would it be Moore or Corrigan wielding the belt? She hoped for Corrigan.

"Well, Mr. Carter, I think you will prove to be a very docile guest in your stay here from now on," nurse Moore said, again thrashing down the belt.

There was no reply apart from his call of pain.

Veronica knew now that there was only one more to go. One more slash with the belt, before she was stripped and tied over the bench. Would they for decency's sake take him from the room before her punishment, they surely couldn't plan to strip her in front of him? Nurse Moore delivered the fourth stroke, with the same vigour and gusto as the previous three, for her reward the room echoed for the fourth time with young Mr.Carter's howling. The two nurses untied him, and helped him back to his feet. As he turned to face Veronica, the first thing she noticed was his tear filled eyes, the second thing puzzled her, his penis seemed longer and somehow thicker than she recalled it. Now it was her turn. Mr. Carter stood shaking next to Veronica, as nurse Moore went behind her and held her cuffed arms. As Nurse Corrigan came towards her, she knew then that they meant to strip her with the young man still in the room.

"Please you can't... not with him here... it is just not right! Please!" Veronica pleaded to nurse Corrigan.

"Now hush child, you are both in here for more or less the same thing, so you are both going to get treated equally," nurse Corrigan replied. "You didn't hear Mr. Carter making such a fuss."

Veronica closed her eyes tight as she felt the nurse loosen her buttons, then she felt the night shirt slip from her body and pool at her feet. She was naked. Out of reflex she tightly closed her thighs together and twisted her body away from the male. She knew though that this was really a pointless exercise, her breasts would be clearly visible, her nipples hard with the cold. She also knew that once over the bench, his view of her bottom and her womanly purse would be on clear view to him. Perhaps he would be a gentleman and avert his eyes? Though she hadn't averted hers when it was him who was stripped and striped, so why should she really expect him to? Then her short journey started as nurse Moore frog marched her towards the bench, Veronica opened her eyes now to see nurse Corrigan taking the strap from her belt. So it was going to be Corrigan and not Moore that would be wielding the instrument of correction. First her ankles were secured to the base of the bench, then she felt a hand push her forwards. She was now immobile across the padding, her pubis pressing hard against the benches corner. She was all too aware of what a sight she must have made to the male to her rear, she felt the first tears make their way down her cheek. Then while still mourning her current position, she felt it. The initial shock of the leather hitting her unprotected skin, was soon replaced by a white hot burning. Then quickly, too quickly really for her to catch her breath, the second stroke scorched it's way across her bottom. Veronica shouted in pain, she wanted to rise, but nurse Moore was now in front of her, her hands pushing down on Veronica's Shoulders.

"Don't worry, Miss Bowman," Moore said by way of encouragement, " you are halfway there now. Only two more!"

The third stroke broke her, her tears that she had tried to hold in some form of check now flooded from her. Veronica was now openly sobbing, now there was no thought of her nudity, only of the pain in her bottom. The fourth stroke Veronica almost welcomed, as it signified the end of her second unwarranted punishment of this day.

Nurse Corrigan quickly untied her from the bench, and helped her back to her feet. "You took that very well miss. Well done!" Nurse Corrigan told her.

"I see young Mr. Carter has got a cockstand looking at your naked charms!" Nurse Moore called out in surprise. "I didn't think his tastes lay in that way. If you get my meaning."

Veronica again made aware of their joint shame, looked at the young man, his penis had now at least doubled in it's initial length and thickness, and was somehow, for some reason, pointing skyward.

"I think we had better fit up Miss Bowman first," nurse Corrigan said, "it will give his erection time to dissipate."