Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 2

Veronica was in a daze as to what was happening, as she was led across the gravel drive to the waiting carriage. The man that Millicent had referred to as a doctor climbed up alongside the driver, as the Irish nurse opened the carriage door and bundled her inside and onto a hard wooden seat. The nurse then pulled the door closed and Veronica saw that there was no handle on the inside of the carriage. They were both locked in. The windows of the carriage had angled slats, that though allowing light in limited any chance of looking out and seeing where she was being taken. The nurse looked with interest at her new charge, her green eyes staring directly into Veronica's terrified blue eyes.

"You have no idea what is happening have you?" The nurse asked, and Veronica shook her head. "You don't want to feel my hand on your arse again do you?" Veronica shook her head again, this time more vigorously. "If I take off that gag, you won't go all hysterical on me will you. If you do I'll skin your arse for you. Understand?" Veronica nodded, and good to her word the nurse lowered the hood on Veronica's cape and unfastened the belt holding the ball gag in place.
"Thank you, thank you." Veronica said, then opened her mouth wide a couple of times, pleased to have the freedom of her jaws again.
"Right, I want no interruptions," The nurse said, staring hard at Veronica. "your mother has had you committed to Dr. Dewbury's institute." The nurse saw that Veronica was about to speak, she held her fingers to Veronica's lips. "Shush! And listen well to what I tell you. Once committed it will take a sworn letter from a doctor to have you released, now the only doctor you are going to be seeing is Dr. Dewbury. So unless your mother decides otherwise you will be with us for quite a while."
"What for? What do you mean quite a while?" Veronica was having problems taking it all in, when she got up out of bed this morning her only problem was deciding whether to go riding this afternoon or not. This was all a nightmare, she closed her eyes tight hoping that perhaps she would wake up in her bed, but she knew deep down that wasn't going to happen. She had somehow been tricked out of her own home by Millicent.
"It would seem that you have... a... predilection, yes predilection, for punishing one of your maids, and this predilection is manifested in a sexual manner with you pleasuring yourself as you force your maid to tell you about her punishments."
"What? That is rubbish!" Veronica shouted out, tears falling again down her cheeks.
"Remember my warning about hysterics?" The nurse whispered and Veronica nodded ashen faced. "Now your illness is not of my concern, the smooth running of the institute is though. So I advise you to do exactly as I say when we get there and you go through your induction. No screaming and no struggling, and I'll make it as painless as I can for you. Understand?"
"Yes." Veronica said, then sat there chewing at her lower lip, she had been outsmarted by her step-mother, and what did the nurse mean by-as painless as I can for you? Veronica sat back in her seat and tried to get as comfortable as she could, or at least as comfortable as the cuffs would allow. Having her arms fastened back like that for so long was now starting to cause pain to her shoulders. She thought to ask the nurse if she could release her hands, but one look at her serious staring face chased that idea from her head.
Then after what seemed like an age the carriage stopped, the nurse peered out of one of the slats at her side of the coach, her eye brows raised slightly and she seemed to nod to herself, then said. "Almost there, now remember to heed well what I have told you. If you want an easy time here, do exactly what you are told, when you are told it."
"Yes, miss." Veronica replied sadly, amazing herself by her sudden submissive compliancy.
The carriage stopped again, and Veronica heard the sound of feet on gravel outside the coach door, then the door opened and a cold shiver ran down her spine as she saw the loathsome Dr. Dewbury again.
"Ah, Miss Bowman I hope you had a pleasant journey." He said as he assisted the nurse in helping Veronica down from the carriage.
The site that greeted Veronica was not what she expected, though in truth she didn't really know what to expect from a mental institution. The house itself, and it was indeed once a very fine house, was almost manorial in it's size. The gardens were well kept, and colourful, a blaze of flowers and shrubs. The windows, for that was the first thing that she looked at, were bar-less. In all it looked like a fine country house of well to do nobility.
"Now, Miss Bowman I'm sure nurse Corrigan has told you that you will have to go through our induction, then after dinner and a good nights sleep, we can have a little chat in the morning. So for now I bid you good day miss." With that little speech Dr. Dewbury left them standing on the gravel drive, as he headed across the large lawn away from the house.
"Ah he'll be of to his potting shed no doubt," The nurse said conversationally. "now remember what I said, do what I say when I say it, and you should get through this without to much fuss."

As her stepdaughter was about to have her "induction", Millicent Bowman was still sat at her study desk, the day had effected her in ways that she couldn't comprehend. Her initial joy that her plan had seemed to come to complete fruition, was soon replaced by a strange emptiness, her thoughts were haunted by the recollection of Veronica's spanking. Don't get me wrong here though, these were not feelings of guilt at her trickery. These feelings she suspected were similar to the ones that she had always decried, the enjoyment of having people and watching them being punished. When she thought about Veronica over the nurses lap being spanked, she felt a warmth in her thighs, she had always thought of herself a little frigid, now though she realised that it was just the wrong stimuli that she had been subjected to. She realised that she was having the very feelings that she had wrongly accused Veronica of having. The longer she sat there mulling on it, the worse she felt, until she eventually rang the bell to summon Belmont. When the butler arrived she wasn't that sure of what to say to him, after an awkward silence she finally spoke. "I have been thinking, Belmont, perhaps now we should.... we should... mmmh... we should return the house to a tighter ship?"
"Yes Madam I would agree," The butler replied trying to stifle his smile. "I get the feeling that some of the younger staff have maybe been taking advantage of your good nature."
Millicent nodded slowly, but her heart was beating like a temperance society drum. "I would wish to know of any problems that you may encounter," Millicent struggled out. "so that we can discuss the suitable discipline."
"Well as it happens...."
"Yes?" Millicent interrupted, rather to eagerly.
"Well, madam we have a slight problem with Maisie, the eldest of your scullery maids." Belmont said, now really struggling to keep the grin off his face.
Millicent swallowed hard, and nodded for Belmont to continue.
"It would seem, if you pardon my bluntness, that the butcher has been delivering a little more than he should. I caught them both in flagrante delicto in the outside privy of all places. I was intending to dismiss the girl, but she is a widow, her husband was killed in the Indian uprising two years ago."
"Yes it would be wrong to turn out a war hero's widow, but I cannot have such licentious behaviour under my roof. Fetch the girl now and we can see what we can do to save the situation." Millicent ordered her ever obedient right hand man. Millicent then stood staring out the window across the valley below, trying to keep her building excitement down, waiting for the arrival of Maisie. Then she heard it the knock on the door, she didn't turn, she only listened for the opening of the door. Then Belmont coughed to announce their arrival.
"So I expect you know why you are here Maisie?" Millicent asked, still with her back to the girl and the butler.
"Y.. y.. yes ma'am." Maisie struggled out, her eyes cast on to the floor. "Please ma'am, me and George we are getting engaged." Maisie sobbed out.
"Yes well I was once engaged," Millicent said finally turning to face the poor wretch. "I unlike you though managed to keep my drawers on till we were married."
"Yes ma'am." Maisie replied now openly sobbing at her shame.
"Well I'm feeling generous as always, Belmont feels that the staff are taking advantage. That stops today, you will not be dismissed but mark my word you will be punished. Belmont fetch the cane please."
"Yes madam." Belmont replied then left the room closing the door behind him.
Now Millicent had the chance to have a good look at Maisie, the poor girl was, well woman actually at almost thirty. Was quite short and plump, though also bonnie in a rustic sort of way, rosy cheeks whether that was natural colouring or through shame Millicent wasn't really sure.
The fact that Millicent had such power over someone older than herself, she found today to be very exciting.
She had already decided that her desk would be used for the girls punishment, and that Belmont would be administrating the caning. First though she wanted a little fun of her own though, as a prelude to the caning. She walked across the room towards Maisie, then standing behind her she took hold of Maisie's left arm and smacked her bottom as hard as she could over the top of her thin cotton dress. Millicent loved the feel of the soft pliant bottom under her hand as it made contact, the maid's shriek of surprise and pain was music to Millicent's ears. "Over there girl!" Millicent said to the older woman, as she marched her over to the desk, smacking at her cotton covered bottom. Each smack causing Maisie to arch her hips forward, like a child trying to avoid a punishing hand. "Bend over across the desk!" She ordered her maid.
Maisie was bent across the desk, her face pushed down on the shiny wooden surface, her head turned to her left. Heady with her new feelings of empowerment, Millicent started to lift Maisie's dress high up over her back. As a only a scullery maid, Maisie's uniform consisted of only the thin brown cotton dress, no petticoats or underskirts like that of the parlourmaid's uniform. To Millicent's shock as she lifted the dress, Maisie's plump naked bottom cheeks came into view.  "No drawers on! Is this to make it easier for your fiance?"
"No, ma'am, it's just that the kitchen is so hot... ahh!" Maisie yelped as her mistresses hand came down again on her now unprotected bottom.
Then the door opened and Belmont walked in, cane in hand. He deliberately left the study door wide open, so that anyone passing by would see straight in and view Maisie's punishment. Also so that anyone on the ground floor would hear the punishment.
"Ah, Belmont you are back, good, give her twelve strokes. Mind my words, I don't want you holding back!
"Yes, madam." Belmont replied, his face showing no emotion whatsoever.
"Please, ma'am!" Maisie whimpered, but her plea was cut short as the first stroke cut into her bottom.
The room and the whole ground floor echoed with her scream of protest and pain. Millicent watched in fascination as a white line appeared across the cheeks that she had already pinked with her hand. The line then changed in colour to an almost livid red. Millicent was transfixed by the proceedings till the fifth stroke, whereupon Maisie jumped up in pain and clutched at her chubby inflamed buttocks.
"Do that again and you will get extra," Belmont warned. "now get back over the desk and lift your dress!"
Millicent saw this as a perfect opportunity to change her viewing point, she moved behind the desk and took up her seat. "Maisie, give me your hands and I'll help you through this." Millicent said in a soothing voice, of course all she wanted was to see close up the anguish in the girls face and eyes. Gripping at the poor maids hands, and watching the torment on her face, Millicent had never felt so alive. By the time the twelfth stroke landed, there was a salty pool of tears on Millicent's desk, despite all of Millicent's soothing and encouraging words Maisie had still found it quite an ordeal.
After being told to arise by Belmont, the sobbing and snivelling maid thanked Millicent for her kindness, then made a painful courtesy and left back to the kitchen.
"That will be all thank you, Belmont." Millicent said dismissing the butler, she sat back in her leather chair, and smiled. "All in all a profitable day." She whispered to herself under her breath.

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