Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 1

After almost two years of waiting and intricate planning, today was the day that Millicent Bowman was to implement her plans for her step-daughter. With shaking fingers she held the sworn statement of her ex parlour maid, it had been signed two months earlier at no small cost to herself. Getting Daisy to sign the statement had proven quite easy, thanks to Daisy's hatred of Veronica it took little to persuade Daisy that the signing of the fraudulent document was in everyone's best interests. Well everyone that is apart from Millicent's step-daughter Veronica. Millicent had rationalised her decision to go down this path, had Veronica not been so hostile to her from the day the two of them met things could have been so different. Instead of being in a state of open conflict with each other for the last six years, they could have been like sisters, after all there was only eight years between them.

Had Veronica not doubted Millicent's motives in marrying her forty two year old widower father, they could have grown to be friends. Veronica though would not let up in her campaign to unsettle the relationship, but for all her meddling it came to nought, Samuel Bowman was besotted by the twenty two year old Millicent. In spite of his daughters complaints, and statements about not wanting a new mother, the two of them married and Millicent, at the age of twenty two, found herself with a belligerent fourteen year old daughter. Then after four years disaster struck for both of the young ladies, Samuel died. Samuel had contracted malaria years before in India, and a recurrence of the illness had finally proven fatal.

Both Millicent and Veronica were devastated by Samuel's passing, but grief seemed to drive them both further apart rather than unite them. Then the will was read, this proved to be a huge shock to Millicent, rather than inheriting all of Samuel's estate as she expected, she was only going to inherit one third of it. The rest was to go to Veronica on her twenty first birthday, until that time Millicent was to be the executor of the estate, and Veronica's legal guardian. From that day when she found out that she had been cheated of her legal rights, Millicent vowed that she would get all that was due to her. From that day, she had planned and schemed to get to the position she was in now, and now she felt scared. Scared that the whole thing could come crashing down around her ears. Scared that somewhere along the line she had missed something out. Scared that somehow Veronica would be the one that ended victorious. She shook in fear, what if it all went wrong where would she be then? "No. Nothing could go wrong," she told herself. Everything had been planned too well to fall at the last hurdle. Millicent had gone out of her way to be seen as the caring step-mother, pandering to all of her charge's whims. Veronica for her part had looked upon this as a sign of weakness, and her demands had become ever more extravagant. All Veronica was trying to do was push the boundaries, to see exactly how far she could take her stepmother before she reached breaking point and showed her true colours. Millicent though was playing the long game, and she knew the more erratic Veronica seemed, the more she would alienate herself from the family, and the household staff. Millicent felt that after four years as a dutiful wife, she was indeed herself entitled to the bulk of the estate left by Samuel.

After all it was her and not Veronica, that had given up their youth to someone twenty years their senior. It was her that turned a blind eye to his little peccadilloes. It was her and no-one else that had to deal with Samuel's ardour, after he had dealt with some maid over a disciplinary matter. It was always some comely young thing as well, so it was her that had to deal with the deep feelings of rejection as he chose to "deal with the matter in my study". Though it was her that he came to later, lying over her, his brow sweating as he thrust himself into her to shed his seed after being aroused by some poor girls punishment. All of this though now played into Millicent's hands. How hard would it be to convince the staff that their young mistress was sexually depraved, that she loved the inflicting of corporal punishment for it's own sake, and not for any reason other than her own satisfaction. If it is like father like son, is it not like father like daughter? So quietly Millicent set about undermining her step-daughter, whilst all the time seeming to be protecting her. There were one or two initial problems to overcome. Firstly, the staff that were loyal to her father. Secondly, her two cousins, her only blood relatives. The staff would be no real problem, it was only a case of moving them around a little. The butler in the London house had been forced into retirement through bad health, so Millicent had made a very generous settlement to him, then simply moved the butler from Crookhall, the country house, to London by way of a promotion. Then put in place her "own man" into Crookhall, and once the butler, the kingpin was all hers the rest was more or less straightforward. All she had to do now was build up resentment in the staff at Crookhall, Daisy played into her hands on that one. Millicent had overheard Daisy being very brusque and rude to Veronica, her first reaction was to rebuke the maids insolence herself. Then she had the idea of drawing Daisy however unwittingly into her scheme. So instead of chiding Daisy, she called for her new butler Belmont to come to the study. "Belmont," she told him, "we have a little problem with staff behaviour. Or more to the point, a lack of respect being shown to my daughter by Daisy. I want this dealt with. I want it dealt with severely. Moreover I want the girl to know, that it is directly through her lack of respect to Veronica that she is being punished. So I would like you to imply that the punishment is coming from Veronica, do you understand."

Belmont smiled and nodded, then left to find the recalcitrant maid.

Now it was just to get Veronica to play her part in the scheme. Millicent found Veronica in the drawing room reading. "Veronica my dear, we seem to be having a little problem with the staff. Since your poor papa's demise, some of the staff are taking liberties. One girl in particular is posing a problem. Daisy seems to be getting a little to big for her boots, I have asked Belmont to take her in hand, and I would like you to report direct to him any faults that you may find with the girl. No matter how small."

Veronica looked at her stepmother rather puzzled by the request, but agreed to it.

The next part of the plan was to relax Belmont's rule on the rest of the staff, she asked him to give the staff a little leeway as everyone was still getting over the loss of Mr. Bowman.

It worked like a dream, Daisy became aware very soon that it seemed to be her alone that was liable for a spanking or a caning. All through Veronica. As Belmont had made it clear that all the punishments she was receiving were coming directly from the daughter of the house. Veronica for her part, was unaware of how all her tittle-tattling was leading on each occasion to Daisy being upended and spanked on her bottom by the butler. Or for that matter, on four occasions Belmont had declared that a mere spanking was not enough, and a caning was required. All these punishments were carried out below stairs in the kitchen, for all that were passing through to see. To add to Daisy's humiliation, all the punishments required her bottom to be bared . Both male and female staff could feast their eyes on the eighteen year-olds ample bare buttocks, and also catch glimpses of her female charms as she squirmed about legs flailing on the butlers lap. It worked. After months of pain and humiliation, Daisy finally caved in and came to see Millicent. Millicent listened attentively as Daisy told her tale of woe. Of how she was being victimised by Veronica, and Belmont. She told the always understanding Millicent how she was now at her wits end. Millicent was the personification of empathy to her young maid, she shared with Daisy how she herself was worried by her daughters behaviour, she was so worried that the girl could be starting to be obsessed by corporal punishment, even if only by proxy. Worried that some day Veronica might fall completely under the thrall of the excitement of causing others pain. She was worried that perhaps this could lead to some kind of sexual depravity in Veronica. This was set up to be Daisy's cue, her bait, and she took it hook line and sinker. She regaled Millicent with tales, that both of them knew only to be figments of Daisy's, vivid and vengeful imagination. Millicent recorded these fictitious outpourings on paper, in the form of a statement, then with Belmont as a witness, she got Daisy to make her mark on the document. In way of compensation for the trauma caused by her stepdaughter, Millicent awarded Daisy a settlement, large enough for her to leave Crookhall and set up her own general dealers shop in the village.

There was a knock on the study door, the door opened, Belmont showed in a gentleman and much to Millicent's surprise a lady also. The gentleman was dressed in a black frock coat suit, and carrying a small leather case, this she took to be Dr. Dewbury. The lady was dressed in the garb of a nurse, and she was carrying a large carpet bag. Dr. Dewbury was a small portly man, with thick round spectacles, and at a guess somewhere in his forties. The nurse looked to be in her late thirties or early forties, thin but wiry looking, with sharp features and steely eyed.

Dr. Dewbury was taken a back by the sight of Millicent, he was obviously expecting someone much older then the pretty young lady in front of him. "Mrs. Bowman I presume?" He said holding out his hand in greeting.

Millicent shook his hand, and replied, "yes, I would like to say a pleasure to meet you Dr. Dewbury, but the circumstances.... Also I expected to be seeing you alone, as the matter is to say the least rather delicate."

"Ah, never fear, madam," he said as both he and the nurse seated themselves in front of Millicent's desk, "nurse Corrigan is the height of discretion. I believe that we are dealing with onanism, onanism totally out of control going by your correspondence is that correct?"

Millicent picked up Daisy's statement and handed it to the doctor. "I'm afraid so, as you read this you will see just how out of control," Millicent said in the best sad tone she could muster.

The doctor read the statement, tutting every now and again at Daisy's more salacious inventions. All the while the nurse sat in silence, her eyes concentrated on Millicent's face.

"Well," he said, putting the paper back on the desk, "your daughter does seem to be developing rather bizarre behavior due to her filthy, and ungodly habit. There are options available though, some doctors recommend a small surgical procedure.."

"No!" Millicent interrupted, "I could never put the sweet little thing through that sort of pain, for an operation that has as I have read limited results."

"That is true," he conceded, "there are mixed results with excision. Myself I would recommend the extended residential therapy that we have discussed in our correspondence."

Of course you would you horrid little man, that will earn you much more money, Millicent thought to herself. "Well I still have some reservations about sending my daughter away," Millicent said in her concerned tone. "I don't like the idea of her being consigned to bedlam!"

"Ah! The days of Bethlem are long behind us now, my clinic is not run on those archaic principles." Dr. Dewbury said by way consolation. "Of course though, she may find the first day or two a little alien and the initial induction slightly uncomfortable, but it is all for the good of her own long term mental health."

Millicent stared down at the top of her desk, in mock concentration, it was a sham both her and Dr. Dewbury knew it. This was a transaction for benefit both of them, with little concern to the state of Veronica's health.

"I consent." Millicent finally said, and then rang for Belmont to call Veronica into the room. When Veronica came into the study, she was surprised to see that they had guests.

"Veronica my dear, this is Dr. Dewbury and his assistant. I have asked Dr. Dewbury to have a quick look at you, as you have been looking rather pale and drawn of late." Millicent said by way of explanation.

"But I feel fine!"

"Now my dear I am sure your mother knows best." Said Dr. Dewbury soothingly. "It will only take a few minutes to ascertain what we need to know." Dr. Dewbury felt Veronica's brow to test her temperature, then he asked her to do a couple of mobility exercises, as the nurse silently moved behind her, her bag now opened.

Millicent watched on as the doctor asked Veronica to touch her toes, hampered by her stays she only manged to lower her hands to just past her knees. As Veronica bent forward, the nurse took out what looked to Millicent to be a some sort of belt. The ever silent nurse then nodded to Dr. Dewbury.

"Right, Veronica, I can see that it is your clothing that is hampering some of your movements," said the doctor smiling pleasantly, "and that it is not some physical problem that we need worry about. I would now like to test your shoulder mobility, could you put your arms out straight in front of you, then swing them around till your palms touch at the back."

Veronica complied with the doctors instructions. Veronica shouted out in protest as the nurse pinioned her arms behind her, Millicent stifled a little smile as she realised that the belt was actually a set of leather covered cuffs, which the nurse attached to Veronica's wrists in a speedy and well rehearsed fashion. Millicent couldn't help but be impressed by the way the doctor and his nurse had so quickly immobilised her step-daughter. The doctor then pulled out a small strap from his frock coat, and handed it to the nurse. The strap was a belt with a hollow wooden drilled ball in it's centre, as the doctor held the writhing and now hysterical Veronica's shoulders, the nurse again with well practised speed inserted the ball into Veronica's mouth and fastened the belt at the base of her skull. Apart from a muffled mumbling protestation, Veronica was now silenced.

"Mrs. Bowman," said the doctor, "if you do not mind I would like to conduct a more comprehensive examination."

As the nurse held her wide-eyed and confused step-daughter, Millicent nodded and said, "certainly, if you think the situation calls for such, doctor."

"If you could please clear your desk," Dr. Dewbury said as he also tried to control Veronica's struggle. "we can lie her back onto that."

Millicent quickly cleared the desk of documents and her writing implements, for the doctor and the nurse to manhandle Veronica onto the desk top. Once they had her in place, the nurse holding onto Veronica's left leg at the knee and pressing her down onto the desk with her hand on Veronica's shoulder, finally spoke.

"Young lady it will be a lot better, and less painful for you if you relax whilst Dr. Dewbury carries out his examination. It is for your own good!"

"Mrs. Bowman could you be so good as to hold the young ladies other leg in the same way as nurse Corrigan?" The doctor asked Millicent.

"Of course doctor."

"Thank you, it will be of great assistance."

Once the two women had Veronica under control to Dr. Dewbury's satisfaction, he again approached the desk. Wasting no time with bedside manners by way of explanation, he lifted Veronica's skirt and petticoats high up onto her stomach and chest. Swiftly he undid the bow of her drawers and roughly pulled them down as far as his helpers arms would allow.

Both of the women then readjusted their grip to facilitate the removal of Veronica's underwear. Dr. Dewbury threw the garment onto the floor, Millicent could see the lustful, hungry look on his face.

"Charlatan quack!" She thought to herself, as she looked down at her step-daughters naked thighs and sex.

"Right, now we can begin, ladies could you kindly pull her legs slightly further apart please." Then going down onto his haunches, he prised Veronica's labia apart. "Ah Virgo intacto! In some cases such as this the hymen gets torn with the girls self-abuse. It can then lead to awkward questions on the girls wedding night. Happily though not in your daughters case." Dr. Dewbury said smiling to Millicent.

"Awful loathsome little man." Millicent thought, but only nodded with a smile. Both her and the doctor knew that there was no wedding night on the cards for Veronica.

Now or ever.

Dr. Dewbury continued his manual examination. "A larger than normal clitoris, as to be expected in a confirmed onanist." He proclaimed

"Quack!" Millicent thought again.

"Very quick to erect," He said. "I would say she is finding even this examination as sexually arousing."

"Lying Bastard!" Millicent thought, though the idea of saving Veronica from any further humility didn't cross her mind, she was in to deep now to go back.

"On reflection, I think this could be a good opportunity to introduce Veronica into the redemptive therapy that she will be receiving over the next few months. Or years?" The doctor said, looking at Millicent for confirmation.

"Yes as I have said, whatever you deem to be appropriate." Millicent replied, she had never been that interested in corporal punishment the way that she knew some ladies of the grand houses were. Quite a few enjoyed taking an active part in staff discipline, or at least liked to witness it, for her part though she could not see the fascination. Though she knew this particular occasion would prove to be quite satisfying.

"Nurse Corrigan, I think a good firm hand spanking will suffice to show the young lady where her lasciviousness is leading her," Dr. Dewbury announced, then stood back motioning for Millicent to release her hold on Veronica's leg.

Millicent let go of her step-daughter, and stood to the side of the doctor, to allow the nurse the room that she needed. The nurse proved to be a strong as Millicent had suspected.

She hauled Veronica up onto to feet in one single swift movement. Veronica almost stumbled as her feet hit the floor, her brown eyes wide like a hunted animal as she looked at Millicent for help. None was forth coming.

"Right you young little slut," the nurse said in a strong Irish brogue, "I'll teach you to shame your mother in this way."

The nurse sat on the desk, and hoisted Veronica roughly up over her lap. Again her skirt and petticoats were lifted, this time baring the milky white orbs of her bottom. The nurses hand came down swift and hard, Millicent watched in awe as the nurse went to work on her step-daughters behind. She watched as Veronica tried fruitlessly to avoid the nurses hand by squirming on her lap. Soon the milky white colouring had turned to pale pink. Each time Veronica tried to kick her legs or squirm away, she was rewarded with slaps to the inner parts of her thighs or to the back of the legs, with warnings that more were to come unless she calmed herself down. These extra slaps and the verbal warnings, did their work and soon enough Veronica was under control and excepting her undeserved punishment. The fact that Veronica had now calmed down, did not influence the nurse's treatment of her.

If anything it made her more methodical in her chastisement, now she could concentrate on Veronica's bottom, she did with some gusto. Alternating each ringing slap from cheek to cheek, till the pinkness had been replaced by sunburst red. For Veronica's part, her initial struggling was replaced by uncontrolled sobbing, as she lay there staring at Millicent and the doctor in total torment and bewilderment.

"Nurse Corrigan, I think that will do for now." Dr. Dewbury finally interceded. Millicent picked up Veronica's drawers and made to hand them to the nurse. "Ah, Mrs. Bowman we will have no need for them," Dr. Dewbury said, "we will provide all the clothing that the young lady will be needing when we get to my clinic." Then he helped Veronica back to her feet, holding at the leather covered chain that connected the cuffs at her back.

Veronica stood, her head spinning from left to right, as if looking for some means of escape, as the nurse now pulled out a large black hooded cape from her carpet bag.

The nurse aided by Dr. Dewbury, in another no doubt well practised movement, had the cape fastened on Veronica in next to no time. The nurse then pulled up the hood, as to cover Veronica's gagged mouth from any inquisitive eyes. She then said grimly, "any struggle as we go out to the carriage, and you will get more of the same of what you just had, I don't mind baring your arse in front of the servants. You hear?"

Defeated the still sobbing Veronica merely nodded.

"I think it would be too upsetting for me to see off my little darling," Millicent said, sounding quite sincere, "I will ring for Belmont to show you out."

"Yes, Mrs. Bowman, that would be for the best," agreed the doctor.

Belmont came into the room, his eyes arched slightly at the sight of the discarded pale drawers lying on the floor. He then showed the doctor, the nurse and their new patient to the door. Millicent sat back behind her desk, her step daughter was now an inmate of a mental institution! She allowed herself a little self congratulatory smile.