Wednesday, 19 January 2011

'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'-Part 6 Amelia in Venice

Georgina and her gondolier disengaged themselves, much to Georgina's annoyance at being interrupted so close to orgasm, in such a dramatic fashion.

Amelia jumped back to her feet, all the effects of the nights previous consumed wine seemed to disappear, so was the sobering effect of Emma's scream.

Standing there in a daze at what she had just seen before her Emma was dumbstruck, her aunt fornicating with a common gondolier, and her friend and lover pleasuring the other gondolier with her mouth.

Emma continued staring ahead as she saw her aunt struggling in an attempt to remove her boots.

"Don't you dare move Emma!" Her aunt spat out at her, as she finally kicked her boots clear, then they were quickly followed by her pantaloons.

Emma just stared in her drunken haze as she watched her now semi naked aunt storming towards her.

"This is all your fault!" Georgina screamed into Emma's face then turned around to show Emma her red beaten bottom. "This time though you aren't getting off scot free, no not this time."

Georgina roughly grabbed hold of Emma's hair, and dragged her towards the vacated chaise longue.

"This is my niece that I was telling you about!" She said to her confused gondolier. " And I'm about to teach her a very valuable lesson!"

"Please auntie Georgina you can't, not here please!" Emma shouted in vain, as her aunt sat down on the chaise.

"Shut up!" Shouted Georgina. "I'm going to give you the spanking of your life, and I want that bottom of yours bared now, hurry up or it will be all the worse for you!"

Emma had never sobered up so quickly, also she had never seen her aunt in such a rage either. She resigned herself to the fact it was pointless to argue, so she lowered the costume pants to her knees and waited.

"Girl are you deaf as well as stupid? I said bottom bared, now take down those drawers before I rip every stitch off your back!"

"Auntie G please, it's not right, not in front of these men." No sooner had Emma said the word, than she recalled the scene that she had just walked in on.

"I'm not even going to count to ten," Georgina said through gritted teeth. "bare your bottom. NOW!"

Emma fiddled at the bows on her pale blue drawers, her fingers shaking in fear and shame. Amelia felt her hand being taken in a strong grip by her gondolier, as she watched as Georgina's gondolier moved back a little to get a better viewpoint.

Emma's olive skinned rear slowly came into view, as she lowered her underwear at a painstakingly slow rate trying to put off her inevitable punishment.

For all that she felt sorry for her friend, Amelia felt the familiar fluttering in her stomach at the idea of watching Emma receive a good long overdue spanking.

Georgina grabbed Emma by the arm and pulled her down across her lap,her strength taking Emma by surprise, almost immediately Georgina began bringing her hand down firmly on the young girls bare buttocks. Within seconds they had turned pink and despite Emma's yelps and protests Georgina didn't ease up,instead she continued the relentless onslaught with more vigour,soundly spanking each cheek in turn harder and harder. Emma struggled and kicked and almost managed to pull herself free,but Georgina was much stronger and simply hauled her back into position,making sure the girls bottom was presented high before continuing the barrage of stinging blows. Amelia watched in awe as Emmas' bottom turned from pink to crimson, she could almost feel the heat rising from her chastised skin. As the spanking continued Emma's screams echoed throughout the rooms of the palace, and no doubt could be heard outside to anyone passing, or sailing by.

All the noise that she was making was falling on deaf ears as far as Georgina was concerned. This was going to be the punishment that had been building up for years, all her nieces antics sprang to Georgina's mind as she brought her hand down upon her pliant cheeks. The fact that her young charge in struggling to avoid the smacks was showing off her womanly charms to foreign males made no difference to the fuming aunt, she had already decided that this was going to be a spanking Emma would never forget. Suddenly though she stopped and helped Emma to her feet, the look on Emmas' face was one of pure relief, but it was short lived as Georgina stood up and pointed to the chaise longue.

"Bend over!"

"Wha.. what?"

"You heard me,bend over. Now!"

Emma meekly obeyed and with legs like jelly moved to the end of the chaise and bent over, tears were running freely now and she waited for her aunts next move.

Georgina turned to the gondolier. "May I borrow your belt please?"

The gondolier grinned and quickly removed it and handed it to Georgina.

Emma stared up at her open mouthed and horrified. "Auntie please, not that!"

"Six of the best I think." Georgina announced calmly as she doubled the belt over,then before Emma even had a chance to respond the belt landed across her bare skin, Emma squealed out in pain and indignation at the sting, it seared across her fleshy bottom like fire. Georgina waited a few seconds before delivering the next blow with equal gusto and determination.

Amelia felt that perhaps she should intercede on Emma's behalf, it almost seemed as though Georgina was immersed in some mad fit, but the grip on her hand, and the heavy breathing coming from her gondolier told her otherwise. She looked down to see that his cock had again regained it's original hardness, with her free hand she took a grip on it, and made movements similar to that of milking a cow. Amelia looked at his face in the flickering light and smiled, as her ministrations seemed to be doing the trick.

Emma kicked and writhed as Georgina delivered the last four lashes of the belt while continually cursing her nieces behaviour, when it was over Emma finally lay still, only a low almost mewing sobbing coming from her.

Georgina handed the belt back to her gallant gondolier, who was now also sporting a rampant erection. She then looked at Amelia who was now kissing, and rapidly frigging off her gondolier.

Georgina waited.

She didn't have long to wait till Amelia's hand was covered with the gondolier's creamy seed.

"Amelia, can you show your new friend to the door." Georgina ordered in a quiet steady voice. "Then you can help this imbecile up to her bed, I want to speak to you both in the morning." Then turning to her gondolier, who had just finished threading his belt through the eyes on his trousers. "We still have a little unfinished business."

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