Friday, 14 January 2011

'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'-Part 5 Amelia in Venice

Amelia lay back in her seat, as the gondola glided silently through the silken waters of the Grand Canal. She thought back on the journey so far, and on how Emma seemed to be turning the trip into some sort of literary homage. Mallorca had seen her trying to relive George Sand's and Chopin's time on the island, much to the Mallorquin's annoyance. It seemed to Amelia that Emma just has that gift of upsetting people wherever she is. Wandering around Valldemossa dressed in male garb and smoking cigars seemed to do the trick in alienating the locals. Though it did give Amelia much amusement as her friend, unused to tobacco spent nearly half an hour throwing up on the steps leading up to the old Charterhouse. Now though they were starting on the Byronic leg of their journey, to the point of even renting one the palace's where Lord Byron stayed in his time in Venice. They were both in for a shock though when they reached there not so palatial destination, it would appear the word palace is bandied about rather freely in Italy. If the sight of their building was one shock, the second was to be told that "the lady who hires is already here." The lady in question much to Emma's annoyance was her aunt Georgina.

"Hello girls, I bet you are surprised to see me here!" she said, greeting the two travellers.

"That is an understatement," said the rather petulant Emma, "why are you here in Venice, auntie G?"

"As always my journeys, unlike yours, are all about work and not just trips of fancy," she replied sarcastically, "though this week there will be an element of pleasure, the three of us have been invited to a masked ball."

"Really!" Exclaimed Emma, cheering up immediately at the mention of a ball.

"Yes tomorrow evening at the Palazzo Labia, it will give you both good time to sort out costumes." Georgina noticed her niece giggling. "This is precisely the childish behaviour that I always refer to you as the idiot for. What is so amusing?"

"Well the name, Aunt." Emma struggled out between laughs.

"Labia is the name of an old and well respected powerful Venetian family, I suggest that any little laughs you want to have at the expense of their name you get out of your system now before we tomorrow." Georgina warned her young niece.

The rest of the day for Amelia was a blurred rush of activity, unpacking clothes and seeing to the evening meal, she may be a travelling companion but it made her no less a servant. Sleep came very easy to her on her first night in Venice. The next morning was all rushing around, Emma had decided that she wanted to be Harlequin and declared that Amelia should be Harlequin's lover Columbina. As ever with anything of a practical nature, it was left to Amelia to sort out the costumes, helped by Georgina, who as always seemed to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of any area that she happened to be in, the two of them acquired the costumes from a fancy dress shop that specialised in masked balls. Georgina was amused both at Emma's choice of costume, and also Amelia's willingness to comply with her nieces wishes. For herself Georgina chose an outfit of a Swiss Guardsman, cut to fit the feminine figure. As they dressed for the evening they looked quite a sight, Georgina and Emma both dressed in traditional male costumes, and Amelia dressed as the colourful servant girl. Georgina then declared that she had to go on ahead, as this was for her foremost a business trip, and had things to sort out before the party began. Amelia and Emma were to follow her.

"Now you know where to tell the gondolier to take you?" Georgina asked Emma.

"Of course, with a name like that how could I forget." She replied between giggles.

It became evident to Amelia that whilst her and Georgina had been running about all day trying to sort everything out for the ball, Emma had spent the day sitting at the window facing the canal and working her way through Georgina's free wine samples. Emma though not drunk, was well on her way. The final touch for Emma and Amelia was putting on their masks, they were now both ready for the night. The gondola ride was an awkward experience for Amelia, after giving the gondolier the name of their destination, Emma sat back and regaled Amelia with various disgusting reworks of the Labia family name. Amelia also noticed the confused look on the gondoliers' eyes, as he tried to make sense of Emma's pornographic ramblings. The ball itself was a little disappointing, the Palazzo, like in truth most of Venice was just an echo of it's former glory. For her part though Emma was determined to have a good time, language barrier or not. The final straw for Georgina came when Emma spilt a tray of wine over her, Amelia waited for the volcano to erupt, to her surprise though, Georgina only took this as an excuse for them to leave early. Emma though had other ideas as she was chatting to a naval attache from Portsmouth, and she had no intention of cutting her night short.

"Well it is obviously no use me trying to reason with you," Georgina told her squiffy niece. "but if you are planning to stay, I suggest that we swap costumes, for I have no intention of travelling back stinking like a bodega."

"Bu... but your pantaloons will be way to long for me." Emma replied sulkily.

"It's either that or you come back with us now!" Georgina said, her voice brooking no argument.

To Amelia's surprise her young drunken friend agreed, and the two of them went to the bathroom to change costumes. On their return to the main room, Georgina merely beckoned for Amelia to follow her. Amelia though feeling guilty about abandoning Emma, tagged along behind Emma's young aunt. They both removed their masks as they stood waiting for the gondola to pull alongside the walkway. The gondolier smiled as he helped them both onto his boat.

"The old residence of your Lord Byron I would guess?" He said as he helped Georgina to her seat.

"Why yes!" She replied. " You speak very good English, but pray tell how did you know our destination?"

"Yes I speak good English, I used to work there for many years," He replied pleasantly. "my friend, the one who fetched you here earlier, he not speak English so good, but has good memory so I translate it all for him."

Amelia moved down a little in her seat as if trying to make herself smaller, perhaps more unnoticed.

"Before my friend became a gondolier," he continued. "he used to work for the Labia family, as did his father and his grandfather before him."

"How fascinating." Georgina replied out of politeness.

"Yes it is fascinating as you put it," the gondoliers voice now having a sarcastic ring to it, "fascinating that a family who opens it's doors to entertain you, is treated with such disrespect from you."

"Disrespect! What are you talking about my good man?" Georgina asked haughtily. The gondolier whistled across the canal, and waved his lantern to the boat on the other side. Georgina looked on as the other boat came closer, and listened as the two men talked in rapid Italian. Georgina picked up enough of the conversation to realise what was going on, she looked at Amelia and merely said. "Emma, again?"

Amelia nodded slowly, looking like she was on the verge of tears, Georgina shook her head, then spoke up.

"I'm afraid there has been a case of mistaken identity, it was my niece that your friend had on his boat earlier not me."

"I don't think so madam," the gondolier replied tersely, "it was Harlequin and Columbina that he took to the ball, it is Harlequin and Columbina that I see in front of me now."

"Shine your lantern on my face and he will see that it was not me." Georgina said, her temper nearing breaking point.

The two gondoliers again chatted rapidly in Italian, then the English speaking one replied. "What would be the point you both had your masks on earlier. We shall report your disgusting and obscene comments to your hosts, needless to say I doubt any further invitations will be coming your way from them in the future."

Georgina sat back and sighed in impotent rage. The Labia family were nowhere near the power that they used to be, but they still held quite a bit of weight on the Venetian social circuit, and could prove to be a problem for Georgina business wise. Again her niece's little holiday was endangering Georgina's livelihood.

As Amelia looked on, Georgina stepped up and whispered into the gondolier's ear, she saw the gondolier looked at her, then he lent across and said something to the man in the boat alongside them, he then shrugged his shoulders and nodded with a large smile on his face. Past experience had taught Amelia should now be worried. The two gondoliers got onto dry land and helped the two ladies off the boat.

Georgina whispered to Amelia. "Don't worry, this is to pay you back for Cadiz."

The four of them then entered the dimly lit hallway of Byron's old residence, in the hallway there was a dusty chaise longue.

"This will do fine for what you have proposed." The English speaking gondolier said, as he sat down upon it.

Georgina moved forward, unfastening her pantaloons as she approached him, then lowering them to her knees. Amelia was shocked at first to see that Georgina was wearing no drawers, then realised that they to must have been soaked by the wine tray. Then as Georgina laid herself across the man's lap she finally realised what was happening, Georgina was going to take a spanking for Emma's behaviour. Both Amelia and the other gondolier watched on in rapt fascination, the man lifted Georgina's top clear of her pale buttocks which seemed to shine in the weird half light of the hallway. Then he started to spank those pale buttocks. Slowly. Methodically. From the very first slap Georgina started squeaking out in protest. As the spanking progressed the other gondolier grabbed hold of Amelia's hand and drew her towards him. As if in a trance she never resisted, her eyes stuck to Georgina's now pinking buttocks. Her ears full of Georgina's cries. Without fully knowing how Amelia now found herself standing in front of the gondolier with her back to him. He pulled her into him, through the thin cloth of her servant girls skirt she could feel his hardness pressing at her buttocks. She backed further onto him, watching as Georgina's pantaloons slid to her knees. Watching as each time his hand descended on her bottom, she writhed on his lap, her pinkie fleshy purse flashing momentarily into view. She felt her hair being pulled back from her tiny ear, she felt his breath on her ear, as she watched the folds of Georgina's sex again flash into view, her pantaloons now trapped around her ankles. Amelia was dragged back from her trance like state as she felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers playing at her now erect nipples. Then the spanking stopped, the hallway was now silent apart from the heavy breathing escaping from four mouths. Amelia watched on as she saw his hand caress Georgina's punished bottom, then gasped in unison with Georgina as a finger explored Georgina's sex. Spurred on by what they were watching Amelia's gondolier started working up her skirt at the front. Again Amelia did not protest, she just stared on ahead as she saw Georgina rise from her gondolier's lap, only to bend over the chaise long again, lewdly presenting herself for her punisher's satisfaction.

Georgina looked back at Amelia and said, "it's about time you felt the touch of a man." As she saw Amelia's gondolier's fingers disappear into the flap of Amelia's Drawers. To Amelia's gondolier she said, "attenta, lei e virgine!"

Heeding Georgina's warning, the gondolier reluctantly withdrew his hand from Amelia, as his friend mounted Georgina from behind. He then turned Amelia to face him, and pressed down on her shoulders, she knew what was required of her, and she sank to her knees and worked at his trousers to release his rampant cock. Still staring at the couple now fully engaged in their carnal act, Amelia took her gondolier's manhood in her mouth. He then held her head gently, moving it slowly to tutor Amelia of the required pace. Still her eyes locked upon Georgina's lovemaking, she did not hear her gondoliers gasps until she felt a his hot jet discharge on the back of her throat, just as a scream echoed throughout the hallway.

"What the hell is going on!" A voice cried out.

All heads turned to the Swiss Guard standing in the open doorway.