Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 3

Nurse Corrigan loosened Veronica's cape and placed it back in her bag, then she unfastened and removed the cuffs, placing them too in her bag.

"Thank you miss." Veronica said without even thinking.

"Your welcome, Miss Bowman, now remember well what I told you." The nurse said, and for the first time since Veronica had met her she smiled.

Veronica shook her arms and rotated her shoulders to remove the cramping stiffness, no thought of running or escape even crossed her mind, well where could she run to anyway?

The nurse led the way to the front door, and Veronica timidly followed her. Upon entering the house Veronica was again taken by surprise by her surroundings, the front door led into a huge hallway, facing her was a large sweeping double staircase, in between the two sets of stairs was a small desk with a couple of chairs in front of it, behind it sat what Veronica took to be another nurse. This other nurse was probably a good few years older than nurse Corrigan, she looked to be in her fifties, quite stout but with a jovial looking face. The nurse beamed a large smile upon their entrance.

"Ah, nurse Corrigan, perfect timing as always," the second nurse said, "I take it this is the young lady for the first floor? She is the second one today, so I thought we could induct them both together. You know, get them through, get them fed, then get them to bed!"

Both nurses seemed to find this little quip most amusing, though Veronica was finding very little to laugh about this day. The next thing that Veronica saw made her swallow very hard. The jovial nurse opened a drawer by the side of her desk and handed something across to nurse Corrigan.

"Thank you, nurse Moore." Nurse Corrigan said as she attached the leather, wooden handled strap to the belt around her waist.

Just one look at the strap, and anyone would realise straight away that it could only serve one purpose, that of physical chastisement. Nurse Moore then opened a large book on the desk, and motioned for Veronica to take a seat. As she started transferring information from the letter handed to her by nurse Corrigan, nurse Moore started tutting as she was filling out the book.

"I don't know, young ladies these days have no shame playing with themselves is bad enough," Nurse Moore said, "but to do so in front of staff?"

"Please miss you have to know this isn't true," Veronica said, her face flushing red. "my step-mother made it all up, she is trying to cheat me of what is lawfully mine." Veronica glanced then at nurse Corrigan's frowning face, and quickly shut her mouth remembering her warnings.

"I know it's a terrible world, Miss Bowman," Nurse Moore replied. "why only three months ago we had Josephine Bonaparte in here, and who would have thought that she would have had such a broad Yorkshire accent."

The nurse again started cackling at her little joke, and Veronica realised any further protest would be a waste of breath, and only risk annoying nurse Corrigan further.

Once the paperwork was finished to nurse Moore's satisfaction, she stood up and Veronica saw that she also had a small leather strap attached to her belt. The nurse then started to walk towards a small door to the left of her desk, Veronica knew that she was to follow via a hard push in the small of her back from nurse Corrigan. Passing through the door they came into a bare whitewashed room, the only furniture in the room were two wooden benches and a large cast iron bath, along the far wall was a rack containing seventeen or so small chests each named and numbered.

"Right, young lady we will need to strip you down and get you measured up," the overly cheerful nurse Moore told Veronica, "so get a wriggle on as we still have someone waiting."

Veronica's eyes started misting over again, as yet one more humility was about to be heaped upon her, she now knew the fruitless nature of any complaint or protestation, so she merely complied and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Helped by nurse Corrigan, Veronica was soon standing in the cold bare room naked and shamed.

"My oh my," said nurse Moore, "such a small waist, and large hips. A figure like that will make for a happy husband once we have you cured and out of here. A tummy like yours doesn't even need stays."

Veronica was now close to breaking down in tears, she looked as nurse Corrigan rolled her eyes at her colleagues remarks. For both Veronica and nurse Corrigan knew that husbands weren't part of Mrs. Bowman's plans for her young charge. Nurse Moore then proceeded to measure Veronica in a rather strange way with a cloth tape. First she took her waist measurement, then to Veronica's horror, she took the measurement from her navel to under her thighs bringing the tape up the cleft of her bottom. The tape was cutting at and intruding into the lips of her sex, this final indignation brought about the tears that had been welling for so long.

"Don't worry yourself miss, it wont be that tight when it's on." Nurse Moore said to reassure Veronica, but all it did was confuse her further. "I see it looks like you had a good tanning before coming here." Nurse Moore continued in her increasingly annoying chirpy manner.

Before Veronica could answer, nurse Corrigan interrupted.

"Yes she received a very harsh spanking from me before she left her home, so harsh in fact that I was thinking to myself once she is ready in here, I could take her straight to the dining room for her dinner, then get her off to bed.

For the first time since they had arrived Veronica saw nurse Moore's face darken.

"Now I know you are the senior member of the nursing staff," nurse Moore said to nurse Corrigan, "but if the other members of staff found out that this lady had come in without having the full induction... well I don't think they would be to happy about it. You know how some of the staff worry about our... our... patients behaviour?"

Nurse Corrigan nodded and shrugged her shoulders. Nurse Moore then returned to her normal self chatting away to Veronica.

"Well miss I can see, and smell, that you bathed this morning, so there is no need for me to have to bath you, not like the other one that was just in before you. So that saves us all a bit of time and trouble, so if you could be an angel for me and just pop this on. Now don't worry we will have proper clothes for you to wear tomorrow morning, for decency's sake though you can wear this tonight."

Veronica hurriedly pulled on the long light blue night shirt, glad to be covering up her nakedness. Once the short sleeved, ankle length gown was on, she was puzzled by the four buttons on each shoulder. Before she could work out the significance of the buttons the two nurses, firmly but not roughly pulled her arms behind her back, again she found herself cuffed, this time though her arms were high up her back.

"Don't worry it's only for a few minutes this time." Nurse Corrigan whispered into her ear.

Then nurse Moore made to go out of another door different to the one they entered through, and a again a sharp push from nurse Corrigan indicated that they should follow. The sight that greeted Veronica was shocking in many ways. The room itself was like the previous one, whitewashed walls, but these walls weren't bare, in place of decorations hung an assortment of straps and canes, also other devices that the usage of which Veronica didn't even want to contemplate. The only furniture in this room was a large padded bench, similar to a vaulting horse, it was obvious to Veronica that this was some sort of punishment room. The real shock to Veronica's system though was the other person in the room. Standing before her, wearing the same blue nightshirt and arms tied back in the same manner, was a tall thin, and very pale young man. The two of them looked at each other, both wide-eyed and confused, then nurse Moore spoke, all previous joviality gone from her voice.

"Now young lady, and young gentleman, while you are here we expect the best of behaviour. Any laxness in your behaviour or attitude to any staff members will result in a taste of the belt, or in worse cases a visit to this room. Now to make sure that you understand that, and to make sure that you don't want to visit this room anytime again soon. I'm going to give you both four hard ones with my belt as way of a welcome."

Veronica looked again at the thin male, she could see the fear in his eyes, she on the other hand remained surprisingly calm as she had half expected something of this ilk as nurse Corrigan had more or less hinted to what was to come. What happened next however did shock her, and it explained the buttons on their shoulders. As nurse Corrigan held the young gentleman's arms locked behind him, nurse Moore undid the buttons on his shoulders and the gown fell away from him. Like Veronica, he was totally naked beneath the gown. So there it was, the first male body that she had ever seen naked, she couldn't help herself but to stare. His body was as she suspected very thin, and almost hairless, however at the base of his tummy was a thick thatch of black curly hair. Inside that thatch of hair lay his - to Veronica's mind - unimpressive member.

"So that is a penis, why all the fuss?" She thought to herself.

Nurse Corrigan frogmarched him across to the padded bench, then in one of their well practiced movements, they bent him across the bench and secured his feet in a matter of seconds, despite his struggling and shouting. When in position, his bottom now facing Veronica, she could see there were already clear strap marks on his bottom. She thought back to what nurse Moore had said about time and trouble in bathing her. So those marks must have been given to him as he tried to struggle out of being bathed. Veronica looked on, knowing full well that she would be next, oddly she didn't find the idea of the belting too bad. It was the idea of being stripped naked in front of a man that worried her. Or was it worry that she felt in her tummy at the moment, as she watched this young male being tied into position? It was certainly some sort of excitement that she was unfamiliar with.

Then the excitement did turn to worry, as she saw the look on nurse Moore's face. At that moment she knew it was indeed the apparently jovial Moore that she should fear, and not the dour nurse Corrigan, for once the young man was in place over the bench, nurse Moore took her belt in hand and the look on her face was that of relish as she took two steps back from his naked bottom. She then ran back at him, bringing the strap hard across his unprotected bottom.

"This is to show you that any bad behavior or cheek will bring you a world of pain," nurse Moore said as the young man screamed in protest.

Veronica could not move her eyes from his bottom, she watched as the belt weal slowly emerged from his already marked skin. She thought to herself. "three more and it will be me over that bench."

Nurse Moore was in no hurry to bring the punishment to an end, she turned and as she made her two paces back again, for only a second or two her eyes met Veronica's. That look told Veronica that here was a lady who enjoyed her work. Another little run and the strap fell again.

"Don't ever dare to try to strike a nurse like you did earlier, you understand?" Nurse Moore asked her bound victim.

"Aaagh! Yes ma'am I understand!" The young man replied.

Veronica watched as he tried in vain to shake the pain from his bottom, she wondered when it was her turn would it be Moore or Corrigan wielding the belt? She hoped for Corrigan.

"Well, Mr. Carter, I think you will prove to be a very docile guest in your stay here from now on," nurse Moore said, again thrashing down the belt.

There was no reply apart from his call of pain.

Veronica knew now that there was only one more to go. One more slash with the belt, before she was stripped and tied over the bench. Would they for decency's sake take him from the room before her punishment, they surely couldn't plan to strip her in front of him? Nurse Moore delivered the fourth stroke, with the same vigour and gusto as the previous three, for her reward the room echoed for the fourth time with young Mr.Carter's howling. The two nurses untied him, and helped him back to his feet. As he turned to face Veronica, the first thing she noticed was his tear filled eyes, the second thing puzzled her, his penis seemed longer and somehow thicker than she recalled it. Now it was her turn. Mr. Carter stood shaking next to Veronica, as nurse Moore went behind her and held her cuffed arms. As Nurse Corrigan came towards her, she knew then that they meant to strip her with the young man still in the room.

"Please you can't... not with him here... it is just not right! Please!" Veronica pleaded to nurse Corrigan.

"Now hush child, you are both in here for more or less the same thing, so you are both going to get treated equally," nurse Corrigan replied. "You didn't hear Mr. Carter making such a fuss."

Veronica closed her eyes tight as she felt the nurse loosen her buttons, then she felt the night shirt slip from her body and pool at her feet. She was naked. Out of reflex she tightly closed her thighs together and twisted her body away from the male. She knew though that this was really a pointless exercise, her breasts would be clearly visible, her nipples hard with the cold. She also knew that once over the bench, his view of her bottom and her womanly purse would be on clear view to him. Perhaps he would be a gentleman and avert his eyes? Though she hadn't averted hers when it was him who was stripped and striped, so why should she really expect him to? Then her short journey started as nurse Moore frog marched her towards the bench, Veronica opened her eyes now to see nurse Corrigan taking the strap from her belt. So it was going to be Corrigan and not Moore that would be wielding the instrument of correction. First her ankles were secured to the base of the bench, then she felt a hand push her forwards. She was now immobile across the padding, her pubis pressing hard against the benches corner. She was all too aware of what a sight she must have made to the male to her rear, she felt the first tears make their way down her cheek. Then while still mourning her current position, she felt it. The initial shock of the leather hitting her unprotected skin, was soon replaced by a white hot burning. Then quickly, too quickly really for her to catch her breath, the second stroke scorched it's way across her bottom. Veronica shouted in pain, she wanted to rise, but nurse Moore was now in front of her, her hands pushing down on Veronica's Shoulders.

"Don't worry, Miss Bowman," Moore said by way of encouragement, " you are halfway there now. Only two more!"

The third stroke broke her, her tears that she had tried to hold in some form of check now flooded from her. Veronica was now openly sobbing, now there was no thought of her nudity, only of the pain in her bottom. The fourth stroke Veronica almost welcomed, as it signified the end of her second unwarranted punishment of this day.

Nurse Corrigan quickly untied her from the bench, and helped her back to her feet. "You took that very well miss. Well done!" Nurse Corrigan told her.

"I see young Mr. Carter has got a cockstand looking at your naked charms!" Nurse Moore called out in surprise. "I didn't think his tastes lay in that way. If you get my meaning."

Veronica again made aware of their joint shame, looked at the young man, his penis had now at least doubled in it's initial length and thickness, and was somehow, for some reason, pointing skyward.

"I think we had better fit up Miss Bowman first," nurse Corrigan said, "it will give his erection time to dissipate."

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 3

Amy- I feel like a little girl as you lead the way, I still have my hand over my fluffy mound, but my breasts are now unprotected and my nipples grow harder and more prominent by the second. As I walk along with you I'm also aware of the dampness between my legs...

Tomas- When we get into the bathroom, I help you into the water, and tell you to sit down, I then get the wooden chair, and pull it over to the bath side. I roll up my shirtsleeves and start soaping up a sponge...

Amy- My heart is racing and I'm breathing so fast I feel like I might hyperventilate, I can't believe you're actually going to wash me like this. I hug my knees to my chest as I watch you work up a lather, there's such a look of determination on your face that I dare not defy you.

Tomas- I want this to look as innocent as possible, but I can feel my member throbbing in my trousers. I start, leaving your hair and face alone, I soap up your neck, so delicate and slender compared to mine, then I follow the path of your shoulders,covering the whole area in suds. "Can you lift your arms miss so I can clean your armpits." An innocent enough request

Amy- "Okay." I say almost in a whisper, I slowly lift my arms, unwittingly revealing my breasts as I do so. My nipples are hard and erect now but I look you deep in the eye as you wash me..

Tomas- I soap, and then rinse both armpits, my hands casually touching the lower swell of your breasts. I then re soap the sponge to wash down your breasts....

Amy- I instinctively wrap my arms around my upper body, wondering where you intend to wash next. My mind wanders into a daydream, I wish I could run away, have some privacy and... oh there's that strong urge between my legs again, if only you'd leave me to wash myself, then I could take care of things...

Tomas- "Come, come." I say, moving your hands down, and quickly washing your breasts, the feel of them moving under my hands, the soft fluidity further excites me. "Right miss if you could stand please, your back towards me."

Amy- I take a deep breath and swallow hard, but I can't deny to myself that I'm getting very aroused by your attentions. At least with my back to you I'll feel a little more modest, but this whole situation is beyond what I ever imagined happening here. I ease myself up, quickly turning away from you as I do so, then I stand up straight with my back to you. The cool air in the bathroom makes me shiver as it makes contact with my wet skin, and goose bumps appear all over me. As I face the wall I daydream again, thinking that hopefully this will be the end of my punishment and I'll be able to snuggle up in my warm bed and pleasure myself to sleep.

Tomas- "If you could bend over a little for me please, just rest your hands on the wall," I ask you.

Amy- Suddenly I snap back into reality, I wonder if I heard you correctly, but know I wasn't dreaming. I inch over ever so slightly and lean against the wall, my legs are clamped shut and I'm rigid with tension and yearning...

Tomas- I put my hands between your knees to part your legs.....

Amy- I squeak and look back at you. "What are you doing?"

Tomas- "You will have to move your feet apart if I'm to clean your bottom properly," I reply sighing as if it was so obvious what I was doing.

Amy- I swallow hard again, wanting to protest, but I know there's no point. My heart is racing in my chest as I ease my legs apart a fraction...

Tomas- I again press your knees apart a little further, then push slightly on your back, as you bend forward your red and purple buttocks are pushed back towards my face. I resume soaping the lather up on the sponge, and then clean deep down into the cleft of your bottom, I feel your body trembling as I continue soaping you. Then I hear you gasp a little as a soapy finger enters your rectum, just pushing against its elastic muscle...

Amy- I flinch and squirm as you wash me intimately, I don't want to let on but it's making me more aroused at every touch. I so want to reach down and touch my clitoris, but what would you think of me if I did such a sinful thing?

Tomas- I rinse down the soap off your bottom, then quickly lift each foot and wash and rinse them. I'm eager to get the bathing out of the way, to get onto the real punishment, the mental images that have ran through my mind all these years. "Can you turn to face me please, miss."

Amy- My face contorts as the tears come more readily, I reluctantly and very slowly turn to face you, hoping you'll take pity on me and let me go to my room. "Please," I sniff, "Can I go now?"

Tomas- "No we have only just begun, you will have a reminder of your childish disgusting language that will last you a good couple of weeks," I say as I start soaping your lower stomach,and pubic hair.

Amy- My eyes widen. "What... do you mean, Sir?" I ask fearfully.

Tomas- I take some pubic hair between my fingers, and tug gently. "You know what this is don't you? It's a badge of maturity, it shows that you are now a woman, but as you don't behave like an adult, this sign of adulthood shall be removed. I am going to shave you, so every morning, and every night when you get dressed, and changed for bed, you will be reminded of tonight."

Amy- I shake my head. "No... no you... you can't do that! I won't let you!" I begin to struggle away from you, trying to step out of the bath as you grip my arm to prevent me leaving..

Tomas- I look evenly into your sparkling blue eyes. "Yes miss, I'm afraid I must. My cousin became much more amenable, more adult, and circumspect, after my aunt did the self same thing to her," I tell you, my voice calm, hiding my mounting excitement at the prospect. "My cousin got to big for her boots, and it brought her back down to earth. I believe the same treatment will help curb that filthy tongue of yours. Imagine if one of the little ones heard you say such filth, then went home and repeated it. What shame would you have then?"

Amy- I stop struggling against you. "I.. I'd not thought of that." I really hadn't of course, but I was under duress when I swore and I don't believe I deserve this sort of punishment. The look on your face tells me you're not about to back down though, but I really can't bear the thought of anyone, let alone a man, shaving my private parts. I have heard of such punishments being used before though, and I begin to cry openly at the reality of it all. "Are you going to do it now?"

Tomas- "No time like the present, then when you dress for church tomorrow morning you will have that reminder of humility," I say, still keeping my excitement hidden from you, what anyone would make of a male serving out such a punishment I have know idea, but I am lost in my own lust.

Amy- I stand in front of you, timidly wondering how you will go about this dreadful deed, but all the while I can feel a wonderfully tingly sensation within my groin and it's desperate for a rub. I'm still crying, but more softly now as I resign myself to my fate. I wonder what it will feel like to be smooth down there, it's been such a long time I can't remember....

Tomas- I can see now you've given up on any further arguing, I can't believe this is going to happen. I take your hand and help you from the bath, I quickly pat you dry, speed is of the essence now before you change your mind. Though I would love to have spent longer drying you, I know I can't. "Right, Amy,"I say once content that you are dry,I don't want you catching a chill."I you could just sit on the edge of the bath for me,and lie back slightly,knees well apart...

Amy- I can't believe I'm actually letting you do this, but you do seem to think it's for my own good so I reluctantly do as you ask. As I part my legs I find I can no longer look you in the eye, my humiliation is overwhelming...

Tomas- I get my shaving brush,and some safety razors, I know I should really use an open blade, but never got the hang of it.I soap up your little downy triangle and begin. As I start removing the hair covering, it makes sense to me now. After a rather late night with my brother in law, drinking strong cider, to celebrate the recent wedding to my sister he confided in me.- Tomas, when you to get married, and you take your maiden to your bed, don't just start straight away fratching about with your fingers inside her. Take time,lots of time with that little bit of her, that's just inside,but also outside.-It made no sense to me, like some strange riddle. Now I see though, that rather than just being like a bottom, but at the front, the female parts are indeed like a petalled flower, with more than one set of folds....

Amy- "Ohhh!" I can't help crying out softly as you touch my most sensitive area, it feels so wrong for you to be down there, but at the same time it feels so good as well. My instincts tell me to close my legs and move away from you, but I find my legs moving further apart to allow you easier access. It's as though I want you to touch me, to make me tingle with arousal. I look at you now and wonder what you're thinking...

Tomas- As all the hair is almost removed, I see it, or at least I think I do. A little line of flesh under the first folds of pink lips, but above the second, how did he describe it.- a little bud, inside the first part of the flower, hidden away, but central to the woman's being- I long to touch at it, to see what reaction it will bring...

Amy- Oh if only he'd touch it, I think to myself, knowing how wrong it is to have such sinful thoughts. Just a little touch would feel so wonderful right now. I hold my breath..hoping.

Tomas- I can't help myself, I need to know if what I have been told is the truth, not just drunken meanderings. As I clean away the loose hairs, I let my middle finger brush against the little bud a couple of times.. to my surprise, the feel of it is indeed like a little bud.. hard underneath its thin fleshy covering....

Amy- I gasp loudly and let out a low moan, just that slight touch made my clitoris burst into life and I long for more. I eagerly thrust myself towards you, trying to tempt you to explore...

Tomas- Now what? To continue would be wrong, to stop ungentlemanly, I decide to continue just a little, my cock now throbbing so much, I can't help myself, I now bring my thumb into play, gently, so gently as to not hurt you, rubbing along the buds little shaft....

Amy- "Oh... oh that feels so nice!" I say, just stopping short of the expletive, my head goes back and I close my eyes, loving the feelings you're giving me deep within my sex..

Tomas- I try to make excuses in my head for my behaviour, as long as I don't compromise your virginity all will be OK, I convince myself.

Amy- Worried of you falling back over into the bath, I place my left arm behind your shoulders, and my right arm under your knees, I lift you up, and carry you back to your room.... I gaze up at you, your strong arms make me feel so safe right now but I wonder what you have in mind for me next. Could it be you're going to please me further?

Tomas- I place you on your bed but don't know what to do next. "Are you.. er.. all right, miss Amy?" I finally stammer out.

Amy- I smile up at you. "Yes thank you, Tomas." I say softly, there's a long pause then I say. "Would you... like to.. do that.. again?" I can't believe I just asked you that, but I'm hoping you'll understand what I mean and continue exploring my lady parts...

Tomas- I don't have to be asked twice, I lower myself next to you, and kiss your mouth, my right hand making its way down your tummy, heading for those bare pink lips....

Amy- "Hmmm." I moan through our close embrace, reaching up to run my fingers through your hair as you take me back to wonderful heights of pleasure....

Tomas- I have the urge to taste you, to feel what it's like to have my tongue inside you, so I lower my head down your body...

Amy- I watch in wonder as you move your head down towards my lady parts, surely you're not going to... "Ahhhh!"

Tomas- As I run my tongue tentatively along the little sheaf of skin, I feel your stomach tighten beneath me. My throbbing cock now begging for release, and relief

Amy- This feels so wonderful, I'm only eighteen so a complete novice where men and sex are concerned, but pleasuring myself has never felt this good and I can't help wondering what the real thing would be like. I can't help trembling with anticipation now...

Tomas- I need release, to take your maidenhead would be out of the question, but perhaps you may do something to relieve me. I take the risk and start undoing my trousers...

Amy- I look up to find you undoing your trousers and my jaw drops, surely you're not planning to enter me? My heart begins to race. "I.. I don't think I can.. you know..." My voice trails off....

Tomas- "Don't worry I have no plans for your ruination, I just need relief." I say hoping you understand my meaning.

Amy- "Oh," I smile nervously, I understand what you but I have to be honest with you. "Well, I um... I don't know what to do." I say quietly, feeling foolish and naive.

Tomas- I move back onto the bed with you, I take your left hand and place it on my cock, then resume moving my fingers around the lips of your sex....

Amy- Your cock feels so alien to me, it's hot and rigid but the skin feels so soft. I don't know what to do next so I stare first at your cock, then at you, hoping my frown will inspire you to guide me....

Tomas- I gently move your wrist. "Like this, Amy, please.. just move like this."

Amy- "Okay." I smile, then begin moving my hand like you showed me, I read your body language and soon my confidence grows so I begin squeezing harder and pumping you deeper. I wonder if I'm doing it right though, but you seem satisfied with it so far, I'm certainly satisfied with what you're doing to me....

Tomas- I close my eyes, what we are doing is wrong, ungodly then I feel the surge in my loins, and my seed spills forth...

Amy- Call me naive but as you squirt I can't help crying out in surprise, I gaze in amazement as it squirts all over my breasts and stomach...

Tomas- I collapse backwards ashamed of myself...

Amy- I sit up on the bed and gaze at you, I feel your juice running down my skin and can't help touching it...

Tomas- I look at you in wonder,there is no sign of disgust on your face. "I'm so sorry, Amy."

Amy- "No, it's okay," I say smiling, "I've never, well you know, done anything like that before and I, well I enjoyed it really." The only down side of course is that I really wanted an orgasm too, but I can always sort myself out later, unless....

Tomas- "So you aren't annoyed at me?" I ask still seeking reassurance.

Amy- "No not at all, but I..." my voice trails off and I take a deep breath, I know it's not right to ask this, but I can't hold back. "I was... hoping you might do the same for me."

Tomas- I smile at you, so it is true, women can also orgasm. I take your hint and continue with my fingers, all the while staring into you blue eyes.

Amy- As if by magic you find my most special place almost immediately, I gasp and hold my breath,releasing it slowly as I feel my orgasm building. I don't have long to wait and I buck and cry out in pleasure as you give me a wonderful orgasm."Ohhhh thank you, thank you!" I say as I tremble all over.

Tomas- I am at a loss what to do or say now, so I lean forward and kiss your brow. "Goodnight, Miss Amy, I'll see you in the morning for church."

Amy- As I watch you go I bite my bottom lip, I really want to say something else to you but can't find the words. I can't actually believe all this just happened, no one has ever touched me in that way before, and I've never touched a man in such an intimate way. I slide under the blankets and try to drift off to sleep, but it doesn't come easily.

Tomas- I lie for hours, staring at the ceiling, wondering about what has just happened, wondering what sins, if any we, or at least I have committed. Sleep hits me just before dawn, then the alarm sounds, at it's time for me to get up and milk the cows. Passing by your door, I am tempted to enter the room, but I just walk on down the hall.

Amy- I hear you walk past my room and decide it best to get up and dress, after washing and putting on my best church going clothes I go downstairs to look for you. I fond the house deserted and assume you must be tending to the animals so I make a start on breakfast, my mind constantly wandering back to the events of last night.

Tomas- As I walk in the room, I can't look you in the eye. "Morning, Miss Amy."I manage to mumble out.

Amy- "Morning, Tomas!" I say brightly as I turn to look at you, I can see you're not comfortable with things but I decide to try and make conversation. "Did you sleep well?"

Tomas- "N.. n.. not to well... I.. er think what we did last night, was er.. a huge mistake on my part, and I'm sorry," I struggle out the words.

Amy- I feel my face burn and I look down at my feet. "Look, there's really no need to apologise, and.. well I'm not going to tell anyone about it. So.. let's just have breakfast shall we? What would you like?" I turn away and busy myself doing nothing in particular.

Tomas- I suddenly feel that the power, and respect in our relationship is slipping towards you. I reset the balance, as I go to take my seat, I say. "I expect, miss, you are suitably dressed for church?"

Amy- The sudden sound of authority takes me by surprise. "Yes... of course I am!" I get some plates out of the dresser, almost dropping them in my haste. "Eggs and bacon?" I ask as I search for for a bread knife.

Tomas- "Good, I don't want you defiling the house of god," I say as sternly as I can.,"we'll just check then."

Amy- I stop dead in my tracks and turn to look at you. "Sorry? What do you mean?"

Tomas- "Like my namesake St Thomas, I need to see for myself."

Amy- I step away from the table and smooth down my dress for you to see. "I'll put on my best apron before we go of course." I say timidly.

Tomas- "That's not what I mean and we both know it." I say, watching your face redden, surprisingly after what happened last night.

Amy- I swallow hard and stumble over my words. "I.. I.. well.. I'm sure I don't know.. what you mean!" I feel my face burning again but it's so silly, we were intimate last night so why do I suddenly feel so shy?

Tomas- "Oh please stop this dithering and lift your dress to your waist," I tell you in exasperation.

Amy- I pause for a long time, gazing at the floor, then I slowly lift up my skirt to reveal my clean shaven sex. I can't look at you, but I wonder if you're smiling.

Tomas- I'm stunned, I had expected you to be wearing the underwear that you fashioned last night.Still though better nothing than the things we burned. "OK, miss that is fine,you may make yourself decent again,now your breasts,I take they are as god intended?

Amy- "Yes they are!" I snap, I'm so annoyed with myself for not wearing the bloomers I'd made, but they feel and look so awful and I never dreamed you'd be making an inspection. I head towards the kitchen doorway, keen to get to my room for some privacy.

Tomas- "Like I said miss, I'm very like my saintly namesake." I feel myself stiffen, this is so wrong, yet so good.

Amy- I ignore your comment and keep going, heading towards the stairs now in my haste to cover my modesty with bloomers before going to church. I wouldn't be surprised if you inspected me in front of the entire congregation!

Tomas- I follow you out of the room, and as you just start to make your way up the stairs, I call to you. "Either get back in here now miss, or make sure you fetch that paddle back with you!"

Amy- I stop dead in my tracks and my heart leaps up into my throat, I turn to face you knowing I've lost this fight. "Yes, Sir." I say quietly. After steadying myself I slowly head back down the stairs again, I stand submissively in front of you awaiting further humiliation but finding myself inexplicably aroused by the situation.

Tomas- I point in the general direction of your breasts. "As I have told you like my namesake, I need to see for myself."

Amy- I start at the neck and slowly unbutton my dress, once I reach my waist I pull back the dark material to show you my bare chest. "Satisfied?" I ask in a low, seductive voice which surprises even me.

Tomas- "Yes miss, I am,now lets finish our breakfasts, then when we get back from church we can discuss your little temper tantrum," I tell you, "so no need to bother with putting your underwear on before church.You can put on a pair of your punishment panties when we get back this afternoon." I make my way back to the kitchen, walking none to comfortably, my growing erection hampering my steps.

Amy- I stare at you open mouthed, hardly believing what you just said to me, but I decide not to argue with you now, instead I just follow you into the kitchen hoping my face isn't burning too much with embarrassment. I want to carry on sorting the breakfast, but I'm all worked up now and can't function properly.

Tomas- We eventually manage to finish breakfast, and make our way on foot to the church, it's a pleasant but rather breezy morning. I smile to myself as you are obviously very aware of the wind and what it may uncover, if you are not to careful.

Amy- I clutch my skirt around me, nervous of the strong breeze, but even more nervous of what you have in store for me when we return. You seem to relish the authority you have over me, but I wonder if I can use your shyness to my advantage. "Maybe you can introduce me to some of your female friends, Tomas?" I say with a smile.

Tomas- Little minx, I think to myself, but I do admire your spirit. "I don't have many female friends, so that won't take us long, so don't worry yourself, we will be home soon enough." I say to you, reminding you just who is in charge, I've grown used to these sort of tactics from my sister and my cousin with their let's embarrass Tomas games.

Amy- I sigh with frustration, knowing that plan backfired badly. We enter the church and I follow you timidly to where we will sit, I don't want to admit to you I'm not very familiar with church protocol as I've always used any excuse to get out of going.

Tomas- As we enter Gunton's barn, which is being used as the church this week, I point you over to the pews where all the other womenfolk are seated. I take my place at the front,with all the other menfolk. My mind wanders all through the service, all I can think of is you sitting behind me, your naked bottom, and shaven sex below your dress, plays on my mind all through the hymns from the Ausbund. What kind of person are you, a temptress, seven deadly sins to bring upon me.

Amy- I'm so bored I almost fall asleep, in fact my head nods at one point and I pray no one notices me. I'm in the right place for praying I suppose, I'd better say one for my bottom while I'm here.

Tomas- The service finally finishes, I don't want to hang around for socialising, so I whisk you around with the minimum of introductions, saying we have much to sort out for tomorrow. I long to get you home again.

Amy- "Anyone would think you're in a hurry." I say sarcastically as we head back to your house, I'm inclined to take my time of course so I dawdle along behind you.

Tomas- "I'm a great believer in getting things done straight away, if we had time this morning, you would have found the pews even more uncomfortable then they were."

Amy- I feel my face burning again, knowing I'm to be humiliated as soon as we get inside. I have an idea for a delaying tactic."You have animals don't you. May I see them?"

Tomas- "You can indeed, miss, once we have seen to your behavior this morning, as a teacher you should not be having little temper tantrums yourself," I say, I won't, I can't be swayed on this.

Amy- I feel crestfallen, and as you stand back to let me enter the house first I want so much to run upstairs, pack my things, and leave. But deep within me is a stirring again, a sexual arousal that I can't ignore. I swallow hard and go inside to await my fate.

Tomas- "OK go up to your room and prepare yourself, a good hand spanking should suffice, call me when you are ready," I tell you. "Don't take too long about it either, miss."

Amy- I suddenly have an overwhelming and wonderful tingling sensation in my sex, I just about manage to walk past you and up the stairs as the wetness begins to build between my legs. Once upstairs I dash into the bathroom and wipe away all evidence of my arousal, but as soon as I put on my punishment panties I can feel it oozing again. "I'm ready!" I call quickly, wanting this to be over soon so I can take advantage of the arousal in private.

Tomas- After pacing backwards and forwards for what seemed like an eternity, I hear your voice and make my way upstairs. I'm so excited as I turn the door handle and enter the room.

Amy- As soon as you enter my heart leaps into my throat and my bottom quivers with anticipation, I struggle to look you in the eye.

Tomas- I take a seat upon your bed and carefully straighten out my trousers, I then point at my lap. "Over please, miss," I say quietly.

Amy- Upon hearing those words my legs turn to jelly and I can hardly stand, I stumble over to you, and after a short hesitation I lay myself down across your lap.

Tomas- I take the hem of your dress with shaking fingers,and start to slowly pull it up your back, unveiling first the tops of your white socks, then your milky thighs, till finally your still bruised bottom cheeks come into view. Your thong, I think that's how the obscene piece of material is known, cuts deep into your bottom cleft. I swallow deeply at the view.

Amy- I clench my bottom cheeks and swallow hard as I feel myself being revealed, I can't help squirming already and I grip the quilted cover with my sweaty hands. More of a concern though is the wetness that I can feel increasing between my legs.

Tomas- "Looking at the state of your bottom, it won't take much of a spanking to put some heat in your seat." So I start, alternating from cheek to cheek, but not too hard or too fast. I want to savour the feel of your soft pillowy buttocks in my hand.

Amy- "Ow!" I murmur as my bottom begins to sting already, I realise you're being fairly gentle at the moment, but it still hurts and I only hope you'll leave it at that and let me up soon.

Tomas- I look at the clock, three minutes should suffice, or when tears start to fall.

Amy- As my punishment continues I begin to squirm more urgently, then my instincts overcome me and I reach back with my hand to protect my stinging cheeks.

Tomas- "No, no, miss," I say, as I take your hand and pin it behind your back. I pick up pace, but still not really hard, though I can feel the heat coming off your red bottom.

Amy- "No!" I yell. "No please stop it now." It really stings now and I struggle to catch my breath. "I'm really sorry, I promise I'll be good!" I fight against you but it's futile as you're far to strong for me, but just as I begin to sob a weird thing happens, I actually feel as though I'm about to have an orgasm. Without even realising it I stop struggling and focus all my attention on my sex...

Tomas- "Stop yelling and wriggling, you've got another minute left to go, OK," I tell you sternly.

Amy- "A... a... another minute?" Oh this could prove to be very fulfilling, I hold still and let the effects of my spanking soak into my sex, it already feels fit to explode and I think a minute should be more than enough. As you slap me I move my bottom to meet your hand.

Tomas- As I continue your chastisement, I notice a change in you, less protesting, an almost eagerness to accept your punishment, I feel pleased that you are seeing the error of your ways. Though the effect all your bouncing about is having on me is a little perplexing, I feel sure you will be aware of my growing hardness..

Amy- As I move around on your lap I realise it's your thigh pressing against my sex that is feeling so pleasant, and despite my concern of you noticing I grind harder against it, but as I do I'm aware of something pressing into my stomach, something firm. I wonder what it could be...

Tomas- Your antics are now making me feel... uneasy.. uncomfortable.. ready to explode ..only twenty seconds to go...

Amy- I push harder against you, feeling myself oh so close, and then as you give me a particularly low smack I cum in spectacular fashion and let out and loud moan. My body goes rigid, then I tremble all over as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure courses through me. I wonder if you noticed anything....

Tomas- With the last smack you moan in relief at the punishments end. I look at your bottom, what a state its in now. "Well miss you took that well. I think now you should give yourself a nice cooling bath, then we can start anew, and put this mornings tantrum behind us."

Amy- I can't believe you didn't realise what just happened and I feel so lucky, I draw in a deep breath and manage to reply. "Yes,Sir, thank you." As you help me up I stand before you feeling a little ashamed of myself, but satisfied at the same time. I have another overwhelming urge and I summon up the courage to ask you. "Can I... can I have a hug now please?"

Tomas- I am taken aback, but after last night, and my shameful behaviour, how could I refuse such an innocent request? I nod and hold my arms open...

Amy- I can't help smiling as I sink onto your lap and wrap my arms tightly around you, I snuggle in close, feeling safe and protected by the strong man who takes the time to teach me the error of my ways, and make me feel so good at the same time. "I'm sorry I behaved so badly," I say quietly. I can't help frowning slightly though as I feel something firm pressing against my bottom, I shift a little to try and get more comfortable, wondering if you have something in your pocket.

Tomas- I feel like I'm going to burst,as you squirm around on my lap. "Well miss.. I think perhaps you should have that cooling bath now. Eh?"

Amy- "Hmm?" I say absentmindedly."Oh, OK then." I reluctantly stand up, smile gratefully at you, then head off to the bathroom.

Tomas- I have a sudden rush to my head, and before I can stop myself, I shout out to you, "Can you manage by yourself?"

Amy- Wow, call me shocked, but I am. I think for a moment and my head seems to spin, then before I know what I'm doing I call, "Actually, I could use a hand please."

Tomas- I can't believe I asked you, and now I'm dumbstruck by your reply, I follow you like a little puppy, my tail throbbing.

Amy- I stand in the bathroom timidly chewing my lip, I can't believe I just did that, but then remembering the last bath I had I also can't help thinking it was a brilliant idea. I wonder how far things will go this time.

Tomas- I start running the hot water, then I turn to you and say, "Right, miss start getting yourself ready."
Wondering to myself if all this is real...

Consigned to Bedlam,part 2

Veronica was in a daze as to what was happening, as she was led across the gravel drive to the waiting carriage. The man that Millicent had referred to as a doctor climbed up alongside the driver, as the Irish nurse opened the carriage door and bundled her inside and onto a hard wooden seat. The nurse then pulled the door closed and Veronica saw that there was no handle on the inside of the carriage. They were both locked in. The windows of the carriage had angled slats, that though allowing light in limited any chance of looking out and seeing where she was being taken. The nurse looked with interest at her new charge, her green eyes staring directly into Veronica's terrified blue eyes.

"You have no idea what is happening have you?" The nurse asked, and Veronica shook her head. "You don't want to feel my hand on your arse again do you?" Veronica shook her head again, this time more vigorously. "If I take off that gag, you won't go all hysterical on me will you. If you do I'll skin your arse for you. Understand?" Veronica nodded, and good to her word the nurse lowered the hood on Veronica's cape and unfastened the belt holding the ball gag in place.
"Thank you, thank you." Veronica said, then opened her mouth wide a couple of times, pleased to have the freedom of her jaws again.
"Right, I want no interruptions," The nurse said, staring hard at Veronica. "your mother has had you committed to Dr. Dewbury's institute." The nurse saw that Veronica was about to speak, she held her fingers to Veronica's lips. "Shush! And listen well to what I tell you. Once committed it will take a sworn letter from a doctor to have you released, now the only doctor you are going to be seeing is Dr. Dewbury. So unless your mother decides otherwise you will be with us for quite a while."
"What for? What do you mean quite a while?" Veronica was having problems taking it all in, when she got up out of bed this morning her only problem was deciding whether to go riding this afternoon or not. This was all a nightmare, she closed her eyes tight hoping that perhaps she would wake up in her bed, but she knew deep down that wasn't going to happen. She had somehow been tricked out of her own home by Millicent.
"It would seem that you have... a... predilection, yes predilection, for punishing one of your maids, and this predilection is manifested in a sexual manner with you pleasuring yourself as you force your maid to tell you about her punishments."
"What? That is rubbish!" Veronica shouted out, tears falling again down her cheeks.
"Remember my warning about hysterics?" The nurse whispered and Veronica nodded ashen faced. "Now your illness is not of my concern, the smooth running of the institute is though. So I advise you to do exactly as I say when we get there and you go through your induction. No screaming and no struggling, and I'll make it as painless as I can for you. Understand?"
"Yes." Veronica said, then sat there chewing at her lower lip, she had been outsmarted by her step-mother, and what did the nurse mean by-as painless as I can for you? Veronica sat back in her seat and tried to get as comfortable as she could, or at least as comfortable as the cuffs would allow. Having her arms fastened back like that for so long was now starting to cause pain to her shoulders. She thought to ask the nurse if she could release her hands, but one look at her serious staring face chased that idea from her head.
Then after what seemed like an age the carriage stopped, the nurse peered out of one of the slats at her side of the coach, her eye brows raised slightly and she seemed to nod to herself, then said. "Almost there, now remember to heed well what I have told you. If you want an easy time here, do exactly what you are told, when you are told it."
"Yes, miss." Veronica replied sadly, amazing herself by her sudden submissive compliancy.
The carriage stopped again, and Veronica heard the sound of feet on gravel outside the coach door, then the door opened and a cold shiver ran down her spine as she saw the loathsome Dr. Dewbury again.
"Ah, Miss Bowman I hope you had a pleasant journey." He said as he assisted the nurse in helping Veronica down from the carriage.
The site that greeted Veronica was not what she expected, though in truth she didn't really know what to expect from a mental institution. The house itself, and it was indeed once a very fine house, was almost manorial in it's size. The gardens were well kept, and colourful, a blaze of flowers and shrubs. The windows, for that was the first thing that she looked at, were bar-less. In all it looked like a fine country house of well to do nobility.
"Now, Miss Bowman I'm sure nurse Corrigan has told you that you will have to go through our induction, then after dinner and a good nights sleep, we can have a little chat in the morning. So for now I bid you good day miss." With that little speech Dr. Dewbury left them standing on the gravel drive, as he headed across the large lawn away from the house.
"Ah he'll be of to his potting shed no doubt," The nurse said conversationally. "now remember what I said, do what I say when I say it, and you should get through this without to much fuss."

As her stepdaughter was about to have her "induction", Millicent Bowman was still sat at her study desk, the day had effected her in ways that she couldn't comprehend. Her initial joy that her plan had seemed to come to complete fruition, was soon replaced by a strange emptiness, her thoughts were haunted by the recollection of Veronica's spanking. Don't get me wrong here though, these were not feelings of guilt at her trickery. These feelings she suspected were similar to the ones that she had always decried, the enjoyment of having people and watching them being punished. When she thought about Veronica over the nurses lap being spanked, she felt a warmth in her thighs, she had always thought of herself a little frigid, now though she realised that it was just the wrong stimuli that she had been subjected to. She realised that she was having the very feelings that she had wrongly accused Veronica of having. The longer she sat there mulling on it, the worse she felt, until she eventually rang the bell to summon Belmont. When the butler arrived she wasn't that sure of what to say to him, after an awkward silence she finally spoke. "I have been thinking, Belmont, perhaps now we should.... we should... mmmh... we should return the house to a tighter ship?"
"Yes Madam I would agree," The butler replied trying to stifle his smile. "I get the feeling that some of the younger staff have maybe been taking advantage of your good nature."
Millicent nodded slowly, but her heart was beating like a temperance society drum. "I would wish to know of any problems that you may encounter," Millicent struggled out. "so that we can discuss the suitable discipline."
"Well as it happens...."
"Yes?" Millicent interrupted, rather to eagerly.
"Well, madam we have a slight problem with Maisie, the eldest of your scullery maids." Belmont said, now really struggling to keep the grin off his face.
Millicent swallowed hard, and nodded for Belmont to continue.
"It would seem, if you pardon my bluntness, that the butcher has been delivering a little more than he should. I caught them both in flagrante delicto in the outside privy of all places. I was intending to dismiss the girl, but she is a widow, her husband was killed in the Indian uprising two years ago."
"Yes it would be wrong to turn out a war hero's widow, but I cannot have such licentious behaviour under my roof. Fetch the girl now and we can see what we can do to save the situation." Millicent ordered her ever obedient right hand man. Millicent then stood staring out the window across the valley below, trying to keep her building excitement down, waiting for the arrival of Maisie. Then she heard it the knock on the door, she didn't turn, she only listened for the opening of the door. Then Belmont coughed to announce their arrival.
"So I expect you know why you are here Maisie?" Millicent asked, still with her back to the girl and the butler.
"Y.. y.. yes ma'am." Maisie struggled out, her eyes cast on to the floor. "Please ma'am, me and George we are getting engaged." Maisie sobbed out.
"Yes well I was once engaged," Millicent said finally turning to face the poor wretch. "I unlike you though managed to keep my drawers on till we were married."
"Yes ma'am." Maisie replied now openly sobbing at her shame.
"Well I'm feeling generous as always, Belmont feels that the staff are taking advantage. That stops today, you will not be dismissed but mark my word you will be punished. Belmont fetch the cane please."
"Yes madam." Belmont replied then left the room closing the door behind him.
Now Millicent had the chance to have a good look at Maisie, the poor girl was, well woman actually at almost thirty. Was quite short and plump, though also bonnie in a rustic sort of way, rosy cheeks whether that was natural colouring or through shame Millicent wasn't really sure.
The fact that Millicent had such power over someone older than herself, she found today to be very exciting.
She had already decided that her desk would be used for the girls punishment, and that Belmont would be administrating the caning. First though she wanted a little fun of her own though, as a prelude to the caning. She walked across the room towards Maisie, then standing behind her she took hold of Maisie's left arm and smacked her bottom as hard as she could over the top of her thin cotton dress. Millicent loved the feel of the soft pliant bottom under her hand as it made contact, the maid's shriek of surprise and pain was music to Millicent's ears. "Over there girl!" Millicent said to the older woman, as she marched her over to the desk, smacking at her cotton covered bottom. Each smack causing Maisie to arch her hips forward, like a child trying to avoid a punishing hand. "Bend over across the desk!" She ordered her maid.
Maisie was bent across the desk, her face pushed down on the shiny wooden surface, her head turned to her left. Heady with her new feelings of empowerment, Millicent started to lift Maisie's dress high up over her back. As a only a scullery maid, Maisie's uniform consisted of only the thin brown cotton dress, no petticoats or underskirts like that of the parlourmaid's uniform. To Millicent's shock as she lifted the dress, Maisie's plump naked bottom cheeks came into view.  "No drawers on! Is this to make it easier for your fiance?"
"No, ma'am, it's just that the kitchen is so hot... ahh!" Maisie yelped as her mistresses hand came down again on her now unprotected bottom.
Then the door opened and Belmont walked in, cane in hand. He deliberately left the study door wide open, so that anyone passing by would see straight in and view Maisie's punishment. Also so that anyone on the ground floor would hear the punishment.
"Ah, Belmont you are back, good, give her twelve strokes. Mind my words, I don't want you holding back!
"Yes, madam." Belmont replied, his face showing no emotion whatsoever.
"Please, ma'am!" Maisie whimpered, but her plea was cut short as the first stroke cut into her bottom.
The room and the whole ground floor echoed with her scream of protest and pain. Millicent watched in fascination as a white line appeared across the cheeks that she had already pinked with her hand. The line then changed in colour to an almost livid red. Millicent was transfixed by the proceedings till the fifth stroke, whereupon Maisie jumped up in pain and clutched at her chubby inflamed buttocks.
"Do that again and you will get extra," Belmont warned. "now get back over the desk and lift your dress!"
Millicent saw this as a perfect opportunity to change her viewing point, she moved behind the desk and took up her seat. "Maisie, give me your hands and I'll help you through this." Millicent said in a soothing voice, of course all she wanted was to see close up the anguish in the girls face and eyes. Gripping at the poor maids hands, and watching the torment on her face, Millicent had never felt so alive. By the time the twelfth stroke landed, there was a salty pool of tears on Millicent's desk, despite all of Millicent's soothing and encouraging words Maisie had still found it quite an ordeal.
After being told to arise by Belmont, the sobbing and snivelling maid thanked Millicent for her kindness, then made a painful courtesy and left back to the kitchen.
"That will be all thank you, Belmont." Millicent said dismissing the butler, she sat back in her leather chair, and smiled. "All in all a profitable day." She whispered to herself under her breath.

'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'-Part 6 Amelia in Venice

Georgina and her gondolier disengaged themselves, much to Georgina's annoyance at being interrupted so close to orgasm, in such a dramatic fashion.

Amelia jumped back to her feet, all the effects of the nights previous consumed wine seemed to disappear, so was the sobering effect of Emma's scream.

Standing there in a daze at what she had just seen before her Emma was dumbstruck, her aunt fornicating with a common gondolier, and her friend and lover pleasuring the other gondolier with her mouth.

Emma continued staring ahead as she saw her aunt struggling in an attempt to remove her boots.

"Don't you dare move Emma!" Her aunt spat out at her, as she finally kicked her boots clear, then they were quickly followed by her pantaloons.

Emma just stared in her drunken haze as she watched her now semi naked aunt storming towards her.

"This is all your fault!" Georgina screamed into Emma's face then turned around to show Emma her red beaten bottom. "This time though you aren't getting off scot free, no not this time."

Georgina roughly grabbed hold of Emma's hair, and dragged her towards the vacated chaise longue.

"This is my niece that I was telling you about!" She said to her confused gondolier. " And I'm about to teach her a very valuable lesson!"

"Please auntie Georgina you can't, not here please!" Emma shouted in vain, as her aunt sat down on the chaise.

"Shut up!" Shouted Georgina. "I'm going to give you the spanking of your life, and I want that bottom of yours bared now, hurry up or it will be all the worse for you!"

Emma had never sobered up so quickly, also she had never seen her aunt in such a rage either. She resigned herself to the fact it was pointless to argue, so she lowered the costume pants to her knees and waited.

"Girl are you deaf as well as stupid? I said bottom bared, now take down those drawers before I rip every stitch off your back!"

"Auntie G please, it's not right, not in front of these men." No sooner had Emma said the word, than she recalled the scene that she had just walked in on.

"I'm not even going to count to ten," Georgina said through gritted teeth. "bare your bottom. NOW!"

Emma fiddled at the bows on her pale blue drawers, her fingers shaking in fear and shame. Amelia felt her hand being taken in a strong grip by her gondolier, as she watched as Georgina's gondolier moved back a little to get a better viewpoint.

Emma's olive skinned rear slowly came into view, as she lowered her underwear at a painstakingly slow rate trying to put off her inevitable punishment.

For all that she felt sorry for her friend, Amelia felt the familiar fluttering in her stomach at the idea of watching Emma receive a good long overdue spanking.

Georgina grabbed Emma by the arm and pulled her down across her lap,her strength taking Emma by surprise, almost immediately Georgina began bringing her hand down firmly on the young girls bare buttocks. Within seconds they had turned pink and despite Emma's yelps and protests Georgina didn't ease up,instead she continued the relentless onslaught with more vigour,soundly spanking each cheek in turn harder and harder. Emma struggled and kicked and almost managed to pull herself free,but Georgina was much stronger and simply hauled her back into position,making sure the girls bottom was presented high before continuing the barrage of stinging blows. Amelia watched in awe as Emmas' bottom turned from pink to crimson, she could almost feel the heat rising from her chastised skin. As the spanking continued Emma's screams echoed throughout the rooms of the palace, and no doubt could be heard outside to anyone passing, or sailing by.

All the noise that she was making was falling on deaf ears as far as Georgina was concerned. This was going to be the punishment that had been building up for years, all her nieces antics sprang to Georgina's mind as she brought her hand down upon her pliant cheeks. The fact that her young charge in struggling to avoid the smacks was showing off her womanly charms to foreign males made no difference to the fuming aunt, she had already decided that this was going to be a spanking Emma would never forget. Suddenly though she stopped and helped Emma to her feet, the look on Emmas' face was one of pure relief, but it was short lived as Georgina stood up and pointed to the chaise longue.

"Bend over!"

"Wha.. what?"

"You heard me,bend over. Now!"

Emma meekly obeyed and with legs like jelly moved to the end of the chaise and bent over, tears were running freely now and she waited for her aunts next move.

Georgina turned to the gondolier. "May I borrow your belt please?"

The gondolier grinned and quickly removed it and handed it to Georgina.

Emma stared up at her open mouthed and horrified. "Auntie please, not that!"

"Six of the best I think." Georgina announced calmly as she doubled the belt over,then before Emma even had a chance to respond the belt landed across her bare skin, Emma squealed out in pain and indignation at the sting, it seared across her fleshy bottom like fire. Georgina waited a few seconds before delivering the next blow with equal gusto and determination.

Amelia felt that perhaps she should intercede on Emma's behalf, it almost seemed as though Georgina was immersed in some mad fit, but the grip on her hand, and the heavy breathing coming from her gondolier told her otherwise. She looked down to see that his cock had again regained it's original hardness, with her free hand she took a grip on it, and made movements similar to that of milking a cow. Amelia looked at his face in the flickering light and smiled, as her ministrations seemed to be doing the trick.

Emma kicked and writhed as Georgina delivered the last four lashes of the belt while continually cursing her nieces behaviour, when it was over Emma finally lay still, only a low almost mewing sobbing coming from her.

Georgina handed the belt back to her gallant gondolier, who was now also sporting a rampant erection. She then looked at Amelia who was now kissing, and rapidly frigging off her gondolier.

Georgina waited.

She didn't have long to wait till Amelia's hand was covered with the gondolier's creamy seed.

"Amelia, can you show your new friend to the door." Georgina ordered in a quiet steady voice. "Then you can help this imbecile up to her bed, I want to speak to you both in the morning." Then turning to her gondolier, who had just finished threading his belt through the eyes on his trousers. "We still have a little unfinished business."

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'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'-Part 5 Amelia in Venice

Amelia lay back in her seat, as the gondola glided silently through the silken waters of the Grand Canal. She thought back on the journey so far, and on how Emma seemed to be turning the trip into some sort of literary homage. Mallorca had seen her trying to relive George Sand's and Chopin's time on the island, much to the Mallorquin's annoyance. It seemed to Amelia that Emma just has that gift of upsetting people wherever she is. Wandering around Valldemossa dressed in male garb and smoking cigars seemed to do the trick in alienating the locals. Though it did give Amelia much amusement as her friend, unused to tobacco spent nearly half an hour throwing up on the steps leading up to the old Charterhouse. Now though they were starting on the Byronic leg of their journey, to the point of even renting one the palace's where Lord Byron stayed in his time in Venice. They were both in for a shock though when they reached there not so palatial destination, it would appear the word palace is bandied about rather freely in Italy. If the sight of their building was one shock, the second was to be told that "the lady who hires is already here." The lady in question much to Emma's annoyance was her aunt Georgina.

"Hello girls, I bet you are surprised to see me here!" she said, greeting the two travellers.

"That is an understatement," said the rather petulant Emma, "why are you here in Venice, auntie G?"

"As always my journeys, unlike yours, are all about work and not just trips of fancy," she replied sarcastically, "though this week there will be an element of pleasure, the three of us have been invited to a masked ball."

"Really!" Exclaimed Emma, cheering up immediately at the mention of a ball.

"Yes tomorrow evening at the Palazzo Labia, it will give you both good time to sort out costumes." Georgina noticed her niece giggling. "This is precisely the childish behaviour that I always refer to you as the idiot for. What is so amusing?"

"Well the name, Aunt." Emma struggled out between laughs.

"Labia is the name of an old and well respected powerful Venetian family, I suggest that any little laughs you want to have at the expense of their name you get out of your system now before we tomorrow." Georgina warned her young niece.

The rest of the day for Amelia was a blurred rush of activity, unpacking clothes and seeing to the evening meal, she may be a travelling companion but it made her no less a servant. Sleep came very easy to her on her first night in Venice. The next morning was all rushing around, Emma had decided that she wanted to be Harlequin and declared that Amelia should be Harlequin's lover Columbina. As ever with anything of a practical nature, it was left to Amelia to sort out the costumes, helped by Georgina, who as always seemed to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of any area that she happened to be in, the two of them acquired the costumes from a fancy dress shop that specialised in masked balls. Georgina was amused both at Emma's choice of costume, and also Amelia's willingness to comply with her nieces wishes. For herself Georgina chose an outfit of a Swiss Guardsman, cut to fit the feminine figure. As they dressed for the evening they looked quite a sight, Georgina and Emma both dressed in traditional male costumes, and Amelia dressed as the colourful servant girl. Georgina then declared that she had to go on ahead, as this was for her foremost a business trip, and had things to sort out before the party began. Amelia and Emma were to follow her.

"Now you know where to tell the gondolier to take you?" Georgina asked Emma.

"Of course, with a name like that how could I forget." She replied between giggles.

It became evident to Amelia that whilst her and Georgina had been running about all day trying to sort everything out for the ball, Emma had spent the day sitting at the window facing the canal and working her way through Georgina's free wine samples. Emma though not drunk, was well on her way. The final touch for Emma and Amelia was putting on their masks, they were now both ready for the night. The gondola ride was an awkward experience for Amelia, after giving the gondolier the name of their destination, Emma sat back and regaled Amelia with various disgusting reworks of the Labia family name. Amelia also noticed the confused look on the gondoliers' eyes, as he tried to make sense of Emma's pornographic ramblings. The ball itself was a little disappointing, the Palazzo, like in truth most of Venice was just an echo of it's former glory. For her part though Emma was determined to have a good time, language barrier or not. The final straw for Georgina came when Emma spilt a tray of wine over her, Amelia waited for the volcano to erupt, to her surprise though, Georgina only took this as an excuse for them to leave early. Emma though had other ideas as she was chatting to a naval attache from Portsmouth, and she had no intention of cutting her night short.

"Well it is obviously no use me trying to reason with you," Georgina told her squiffy niece. "but if you are planning to stay, I suggest that we swap costumes, for I have no intention of travelling back stinking like a bodega."

"Bu... but your pantaloons will be way to long for me." Emma replied sulkily.

"It's either that or you come back with us now!" Georgina said, her voice brooking no argument.

To Amelia's surprise her young drunken friend agreed, and the two of them went to the bathroom to change costumes. On their return to the main room, Georgina merely beckoned for Amelia to follow her. Amelia though feeling guilty about abandoning Emma, tagged along behind Emma's young aunt. They both removed their masks as they stood waiting for the gondola to pull alongside the walkway. The gondolier smiled as he helped them both onto his boat.

"The old residence of your Lord Byron I would guess?" He said as he helped Georgina to her seat.

"Why yes!" She replied. " You speak very good English, but pray tell how did you know our destination?"

"Yes I speak good English, I used to work there for many years," He replied pleasantly. "my friend, the one who fetched you here earlier, he not speak English so good, but has good memory so I translate it all for him."

Amelia moved down a little in her seat as if trying to make herself smaller, perhaps more unnoticed.

"Before my friend became a gondolier," he continued. "he used to work for the Labia family, as did his father and his grandfather before him."

"How fascinating." Georgina replied out of politeness.

"Yes it is fascinating as you put it," the gondoliers voice now having a sarcastic ring to it, "fascinating that a family who opens it's doors to entertain you, is treated with such disrespect from you."

"Disrespect! What are you talking about my good man?" Georgina asked haughtily. The gondolier whistled across the canal, and waved his lantern to the boat on the other side. Georgina looked on as the other boat came closer, and listened as the two men talked in rapid Italian. Georgina picked up enough of the conversation to realise what was going on, she looked at Amelia and merely said. "Emma, again?"

Amelia nodded slowly, looking like she was on the verge of tears, Georgina shook her head, then spoke up.

"I'm afraid there has been a case of mistaken identity, it was my niece that your friend had on his boat earlier not me."

"I don't think so madam," the gondolier replied tersely, "it was Harlequin and Columbina that he took to the ball, it is Harlequin and Columbina that I see in front of me now."

"Shine your lantern on my face and he will see that it was not me." Georgina said, her temper nearing breaking point.

The two gondoliers again chatted rapidly in Italian, then the English speaking one replied. "What would be the point you both had your masks on earlier. We shall report your disgusting and obscene comments to your hosts, needless to say I doubt any further invitations will be coming your way from them in the future."

Georgina sat back and sighed in impotent rage. The Labia family were nowhere near the power that they used to be, but they still held quite a bit of weight on the Venetian social circuit, and could prove to be a problem for Georgina business wise. Again her niece's little holiday was endangering Georgina's livelihood.

As Amelia looked on, Georgina stepped up and whispered into the gondolier's ear, she saw the gondolier looked at her, then he lent across and said something to the man in the boat alongside them, he then shrugged his shoulders and nodded with a large smile on his face. Past experience had taught Amelia should now be worried. The two gondoliers got onto dry land and helped the two ladies off the boat.

Georgina whispered to Amelia. "Don't worry, this is to pay you back for Cadiz."

The four of them then entered the dimly lit hallway of Byron's old residence, in the hallway there was a dusty chaise longue.

"This will do fine for what you have proposed." The English speaking gondolier said, as he sat down upon it.

Georgina moved forward, unfastening her pantaloons as she approached him, then lowering them to her knees. Amelia was shocked at first to see that Georgina was wearing no drawers, then realised that they to must have been soaked by the wine tray. Then as Georgina laid herself across the man's lap she finally realised what was happening, Georgina was going to take a spanking for Emma's behaviour. Both Amelia and the other gondolier watched on in rapt fascination, the man lifted Georgina's top clear of her pale buttocks which seemed to shine in the weird half light of the hallway. Then he started to spank those pale buttocks. Slowly. Methodically. From the very first slap Georgina started squeaking out in protest. As the spanking progressed the other gondolier grabbed hold of Amelia's hand and drew her towards him. As if in a trance she never resisted, her eyes stuck to Georgina's now pinking buttocks. Her ears full of Georgina's cries. Without fully knowing how Amelia now found herself standing in front of the gondolier with her back to him. He pulled her into him, through the thin cloth of her servant girls skirt she could feel his hardness pressing at her buttocks. She backed further onto him, watching as Georgina's pantaloons slid to her knees. Watching as each time his hand descended on her bottom, she writhed on his lap, her pinkie fleshy purse flashing momentarily into view. She felt her hair being pulled back from her tiny ear, she felt his breath on her ear, as she watched the folds of Georgina's sex again flash into view, her pantaloons now trapped around her ankles. Amelia was dragged back from her trance like state as she felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers playing at her now erect nipples. Then the spanking stopped, the hallway was now silent apart from the heavy breathing escaping from four mouths. Amelia watched on as she saw his hand caress Georgina's punished bottom, then gasped in unison with Georgina as a finger explored Georgina's sex. Spurred on by what they were watching Amelia's gondolier started working up her skirt at the front. Again Amelia did not protest, she just stared on ahead as she saw Georgina rise from her gondolier's lap, only to bend over the chaise long again, lewdly presenting herself for her punisher's satisfaction.

Georgina looked back at Amelia and said, "it's about time you felt the touch of a man." As she saw Amelia's gondolier's fingers disappear into the flap of Amelia's Drawers. To Amelia's gondolier she said, "attenta, lei e virgine!"

Heeding Georgina's warning, the gondolier reluctantly withdrew his hand from Amelia, as his friend mounted Georgina from behind. He then turned Amelia to face him, and pressed down on her shoulders, she knew what was required of her, and she sank to her knees and worked at his trousers to release his rampant cock. Still staring at the couple now fully engaged in their carnal act, Amelia took her gondolier's manhood in her mouth. He then held her head gently, moving it slowly to tutor Amelia of the required pace. Still her eyes locked upon Georgina's lovemaking, she did not hear her gondoliers gasps until she felt a his hot jet discharge on the back of her throat, just as a scream echoed throughout the hallway.

"What the hell is going on!" A voice cried out.

All heads turned to the Swiss Guard standing in the open doorway.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Consigned to Bedlam,part 1

After almost two years of waiting and intricate planning, today was the day that Millicent Bowman was to implement her plans for her step-daughter. With shaking fingers she held the sworn statement of her ex parlour maid, it had been signed two months earlier at no small cost to herself. Getting Daisy to sign the statement had proven quite easy, thanks to Daisy's hatred of Veronica it took little to persuade Daisy that the signing of the fraudulent document was in everyone's best interests. Well everyone that is apart from Millicent's step-daughter Veronica. Millicent had rationalised her decision to go down this path, had Veronica not been so hostile to her from the day the two of them met things could have been so different. Instead of being in a state of open conflict with each other for the last six years, they could have been like sisters, after all there was only eight years between them.

Had Veronica not doubted Millicent's motives in marrying her forty two year old widower father, they could have grown to be friends. Veronica though would not let up in her campaign to unsettle the relationship, but for all her meddling it came to nought, Samuel Bowman was besotted by the twenty two year old Millicent. In spite of his daughters complaints, and statements about not wanting a new mother, the two of them married and Millicent, at the age of twenty two, found herself with a belligerent fourteen year old daughter. Then after four years disaster struck for both of the young ladies, Samuel died. Samuel had contracted malaria years before in India, and a recurrence of the illness had finally proven fatal.

Both Millicent and Veronica were devastated by Samuel's passing, but grief seemed to drive them both further apart rather than unite them. Then the will was read, this proved to be a huge shock to Millicent, rather than inheriting all of Samuel's estate as she expected, she was only going to inherit one third of it. The rest was to go to Veronica on her twenty first birthday, until that time Millicent was to be the executor of the estate, and Veronica's legal guardian. From that day when she found out that she had been cheated of her legal rights, Millicent vowed that she would get all that was due to her. From that day, she had planned and schemed to get to the position she was in now, and now she felt scared. Scared that the whole thing could come crashing down around her ears. Scared that somewhere along the line she had missed something out. Scared that somehow Veronica would be the one that ended victorious. She shook in fear, what if it all went wrong where would she be then? "No. Nothing could go wrong," she told herself. Everything had been planned too well to fall at the last hurdle. Millicent had gone out of her way to be seen as the caring step-mother, pandering to all of her charge's whims. Veronica for her part had looked upon this as a sign of weakness, and her demands had become ever more extravagant. All Veronica was trying to do was push the boundaries, to see exactly how far she could take her stepmother before she reached breaking point and showed her true colours. Millicent though was playing the long game, and she knew the more erratic Veronica seemed, the more she would alienate herself from the family, and the household staff. Millicent felt that after four years as a dutiful wife, she was indeed herself entitled to the bulk of the estate left by Samuel.

After all it was her and not Veronica, that had given up their youth to someone twenty years their senior. It was her that turned a blind eye to his little peccadilloes. It was her and no-one else that had to deal with Samuel's ardour, after he had dealt with some maid over a disciplinary matter. It was always some comely young thing as well, so it was her that had to deal with the deep feelings of rejection as he chose to "deal with the matter in my study". Though it was her that he came to later, lying over her, his brow sweating as he thrust himself into her to shed his seed after being aroused by some poor girls punishment. All of this though now played into Millicent's hands. How hard would it be to convince the staff that their young mistress was sexually depraved, that she loved the inflicting of corporal punishment for it's own sake, and not for any reason other than her own satisfaction. If it is like father like son, is it not like father like daughter? So quietly Millicent set about undermining her step-daughter, whilst all the time seeming to be protecting her. There were one or two initial problems to overcome. Firstly, the staff that were loyal to her father. Secondly, her two cousins, her only blood relatives. The staff would be no real problem, it was only a case of moving them around a little. The butler in the London house had been forced into retirement through bad health, so Millicent had made a very generous settlement to him, then simply moved the butler from Crookhall, the country house, to London by way of a promotion. Then put in place her "own man" into Crookhall, and once the butler, the kingpin was all hers the rest was more or less straightforward. All she had to do now was build up resentment in the staff at Crookhall, Daisy played into her hands on that one. Millicent had overheard Daisy being very brusque and rude to Veronica, her first reaction was to rebuke the maids insolence herself. Then she had the idea of drawing Daisy however unwittingly into her scheme. So instead of chiding Daisy, she called for her new butler Belmont to come to the study. "Belmont," she told him, "we have a little problem with staff behaviour. Or more to the point, a lack of respect being shown to my daughter by Daisy. I want this dealt with. I want it dealt with severely. Moreover I want the girl to know, that it is directly through her lack of respect to Veronica that she is being punished. So I would like you to imply that the punishment is coming from Veronica, do you understand."

Belmont smiled and nodded, then left to find the recalcitrant maid.

Now it was just to get Veronica to play her part in the scheme. Millicent found Veronica in the drawing room reading. "Veronica my dear, we seem to be having a little problem with the staff. Since your poor papa's demise, some of the staff are taking liberties. One girl in particular is posing a problem. Daisy seems to be getting a little to big for her boots, I have asked Belmont to take her in hand, and I would like you to report direct to him any faults that you may find with the girl. No matter how small."

Veronica looked at her stepmother rather puzzled by the request, but agreed to it.

The next part of the plan was to relax Belmont's rule on the rest of the staff, she asked him to give the staff a little leeway as everyone was still getting over the loss of Mr. Bowman.

It worked like a dream, Daisy became aware very soon that it seemed to be her alone that was liable for a spanking or a caning. All through Veronica. As Belmont had made it clear that all the punishments she was receiving were coming directly from the daughter of the house. Veronica for her part, was unaware of how all her tittle-tattling was leading on each occasion to Daisy being upended and spanked on her bottom by the butler. Or for that matter, on four occasions Belmont had declared that a mere spanking was not enough, and a caning was required. All these punishments were carried out below stairs in the kitchen, for all that were passing through to see. To add to Daisy's humiliation, all the punishments required her bottom to be bared . Both male and female staff could feast their eyes on the eighteen year-olds ample bare buttocks, and also catch glimpses of her female charms as she squirmed about legs flailing on the butlers lap. It worked. After months of pain and humiliation, Daisy finally caved in and came to see Millicent. Millicent listened attentively as Daisy told her tale of woe. Of how she was being victimised by Veronica, and Belmont. She told the always understanding Millicent how she was now at her wits end. Millicent was the personification of empathy to her young maid, she shared with Daisy how she herself was worried by her daughters behaviour, she was so worried that the girl could be starting to be obsessed by corporal punishment, even if only by proxy. Worried that some day Veronica might fall completely under the thrall of the excitement of causing others pain. She was worried that perhaps this could lead to some kind of sexual depravity in Veronica. This was set up to be Daisy's cue, her bait, and she took it hook line and sinker. She regaled Millicent with tales, that both of them knew only to be figments of Daisy's, vivid and vengeful imagination. Millicent recorded these fictitious outpourings on paper, in the form of a statement, then with Belmont as a witness, she got Daisy to make her mark on the document. In way of compensation for the trauma caused by her stepdaughter, Millicent awarded Daisy a settlement, large enough for her to leave Crookhall and set up her own general dealers shop in the village.

There was a knock on the study door, the door opened, Belmont showed in a gentleman and much to Millicent's surprise a lady also. The gentleman was dressed in a black frock coat suit, and carrying a small leather case, this she took to be Dr. Dewbury. The lady was dressed in the garb of a nurse, and she was carrying a large carpet bag. Dr. Dewbury was a small portly man, with thick round spectacles, and at a guess somewhere in his forties. The nurse looked to be in her late thirties or early forties, thin but wiry looking, with sharp features and steely eyed.

Dr. Dewbury was taken a back by the sight of Millicent, he was obviously expecting someone much older then the pretty young lady in front of him. "Mrs. Bowman I presume?" He said holding out his hand in greeting.

Millicent shook his hand, and replied, "yes, I would like to say a pleasure to meet you Dr. Dewbury, but the circumstances.... Also I expected to be seeing you alone, as the matter is to say the least rather delicate."

"Ah, never fear, madam," he said as both he and the nurse seated themselves in front of Millicent's desk, "nurse Corrigan is the height of discretion. I believe that we are dealing with onanism, onanism totally out of control going by your correspondence is that correct?"

Millicent picked up Daisy's statement and handed it to the doctor. "I'm afraid so, as you read this you will see just how out of control," Millicent said in the best sad tone she could muster.

The doctor read the statement, tutting every now and again at Daisy's more salacious inventions. All the while the nurse sat in silence, her eyes concentrated on Millicent's face.

"Well," he said, putting the paper back on the desk, "your daughter does seem to be developing rather bizarre behavior due to her filthy, and ungodly habit. There are options available though, some doctors recommend a small surgical procedure.."

"No!" Millicent interrupted, "I could never put the sweet little thing through that sort of pain, for an operation that has as I have read limited results."

"That is true," he conceded, "there are mixed results with excision. Myself I would recommend the extended residential therapy that we have discussed in our correspondence."

Of course you would you horrid little man, that will earn you much more money, Millicent thought to herself. "Well I still have some reservations about sending my daughter away," Millicent said in her concerned tone. "I don't like the idea of her being consigned to bedlam!"

"Ah! The days of Bethlem are long behind us now, my clinic is not run on those archaic principles." Dr. Dewbury said by way consolation. "Of course though, she may find the first day or two a little alien and the initial induction slightly uncomfortable, but it is all for the good of her own long term mental health."

Millicent stared down at the top of her desk, in mock concentration, it was a sham both her and Dr. Dewbury knew it. This was a transaction for benefit both of them, with little concern to the state of Veronica's health.

"I consent." Millicent finally said, and then rang for Belmont to call Veronica into the room. When Veronica came into the study, she was surprised to see that they had guests.

"Veronica my dear, this is Dr. Dewbury and his assistant. I have asked Dr. Dewbury to have a quick look at you, as you have been looking rather pale and drawn of late." Millicent said by way of explanation.

"But I feel fine!"

"Now my dear I am sure your mother knows best." Said Dr. Dewbury soothingly. "It will only take a few minutes to ascertain what we need to know." Dr. Dewbury felt Veronica's brow to test her temperature, then he asked her to do a couple of mobility exercises, as the nurse silently moved behind her, her bag now opened.

Millicent watched on as the doctor asked Veronica to touch her toes, hampered by her stays she only manged to lower her hands to just past her knees. As Veronica bent forward, the nurse took out what looked to Millicent to be a some sort of belt. The ever silent nurse then nodded to Dr. Dewbury.

"Right, Veronica, I can see that it is your clothing that is hampering some of your movements," said the doctor smiling pleasantly, "and that it is not some physical problem that we need worry about. I would now like to test your shoulder mobility, could you put your arms out straight in front of you, then swing them around till your palms touch at the back."

Veronica complied with the doctors instructions. Veronica shouted out in protest as the nurse pinioned her arms behind her, Millicent stifled a little smile as she realised that the belt was actually a set of leather covered cuffs, which the nurse attached to Veronica's wrists in a speedy and well rehearsed fashion. Millicent couldn't help but be impressed by the way the doctor and his nurse had so quickly immobilised her step-daughter. The doctor then pulled out a small strap from his frock coat, and handed it to the nurse. The strap was a belt with a hollow wooden drilled ball in it's centre, as the doctor held the writhing and now hysterical Veronica's shoulders, the nurse again with well practised speed inserted the ball into Veronica's mouth and fastened the belt at the base of her skull. Apart from a muffled mumbling protestation, Veronica was now silenced.

"Mrs. Bowman," said the doctor, "if you do not mind I would like to conduct a more comprehensive examination."

As the nurse held her wide-eyed and confused step-daughter, Millicent nodded and said, "certainly, if you think the situation calls for such, doctor."

"If you could please clear your desk," Dr. Dewbury said as he also tried to control Veronica's struggle. "we can lie her back onto that."

Millicent quickly cleared the desk of documents and her writing implements, for the doctor and the nurse to manhandle Veronica onto the desk top. Once they had her in place, the nurse holding onto Veronica's left leg at the knee and pressing her down onto the desk with her hand on Veronica's shoulder, finally spoke.

"Young lady it will be a lot better, and less painful for you if you relax whilst Dr. Dewbury carries out his examination. It is for your own good!"

"Mrs. Bowman could you be so good as to hold the young ladies other leg in the same way as nurse Corrigan?" The doctor asked Millicent.

"Of course doctor."

"Thank you, it will be of great assistance."

Once the two women had Veronica under control to Dr. Dewbury's satisfaction, he again approached the desk. Wasting no time with bedside manners by way of explanation, he lifted Veronica's skirt and petticoats high up onto her stomach and chest. Swiftly he undid the bow of her drawers and roughly pulled them down as far as his helpers arms would allow.

Both of the women then readjusted their grip to facilitate the removal of Veronica's underwear. Dr. Dewbury threw the garment onto the floor, Millicent could see the lustful, hungry look on his face.

"Charlatan quack!" She thought to herself, as she looked down at her step-daughters naked thighs and sex.

"Right, now we can begin, ladies could you kindly pull her legs slightly further apart please." Then going down onto his haunches, he prised Veronica's labia apart. "Ah Virgo intacto! In some cases such as this the hymen gets torn with the girls self-abuse. It can then lead to awkward questions on the girls wedding night. Happily though not in your daughters case." Dr. Dewbury said smiling to Millicent.

"Awful loathsome little man." Millicent thought, but only nodded with a smile. Both her and the doctor knew that there was no wedding night on the cards for Veronica.

Now or ever.

Dr. Dewbury continued his manual examination. "A larger than normal clitoris, as to be expected in a confirmed onanist." He proclaimed

"Quack!" Millicent thought again.

"Very quick to erect," He said. "I would say she is finding even this examination as sexually arousing."

"Lying Bastard!" Millicent thought, though the idea of saving Veronica from any further humility didn't cross her mind, she was in to deep now to go back.

"On reflection, I think this could be a good opportunity to introduce Veronica into the redemptive therapy that she will be receiving over the next few months. Or years?" The doctor said, looking at Millicent for confirmation.

"Yes as I have said, whatever you deem to be appropriate." Millicent replied, she had never been that interested in corporal punishment the way that she knew some ladies of the grand houses were. Quite a few enjoyed taking an active part in staff discipline, or at least liked to witness it, for her part though she could not see the fascination. Though she knew this particular occasion would prove to be quite satisfying.

"Nurse Corrigan, I think a good firm hand spanking will suffice to show the young lady where her lasciviousness is leading her," Dr. Dewbury announced, then stood back motioning for Millicent to release her hold on Veronica's leg.

Millicent let go of her step-daughter, and stood to the side of the doctor, to allow the nurse the room that she needed. The nurse proved to be a strong as Millicent had suspected.

She hauled Veronica up onto to feet in one single swift movement. Veronica almost stumbled as her feet hit the floor, her brown eyes wide like a hunted animal as she looked at Millicent for help. None was forth coming.

"Right you young little slut," the nurse said in a strong Irish brogue, "I'll teach you to shame your mother in this way."

The nurse sat on the desk, and hoisted Veronica roughly up over her lap. Again her skirt and petticoats were lifted, this time baring the milky white orbs of her bottom. The nurses hand came down swift and hard, Millicent watched in awe as the nurse went to work on her step-daughters behind. She watched as Veronica tried fruitlessly to avoid the nurses hand by squirming on her lap. Soon the milky white colouring had turned to pale pink. Each time Veronica tried to kick her legs or squirm away, she was rewarded with slaps to the inner parts of her thighs or to the back of the legs, with warnings that more were to come unless she calmed herself down. These extra slaps and the verbal warnings, did their work and soon enough Veronica was under control and excepting her undeserved punishment. The fact that Veronica had now calmed down, did not influence the nurse's treatment of her.

If anything it made her more methodical in her chastisement, now she could concentrate on Veronica's bottom, she did with some gusto. Alternating each ringing slap from cheek to cheek, till the pinkness had been replaced by sunburst red. For Veronica's part, her initial struggling was replaced by uncontrolled sobbing, as she lay there staring at Millicent and the doctor in total torment and bewilderment.

"Nurse Corrigan, I think that will do for now." Dr. Dewbury finally interceded. Millicent picked up Veronica's drawers and made to hand them to the nurse. "Ah, Mrs. Bowman we will have no need for them," Dr. Dewbury said, "we will provide all the clothing that the young lady will be needing when we get to my clinic." Then he helped Veronica back to her feet, holding at the leather covered chain that connected the cuffs at her back.

Veronica stood, her head spinning from left to right, as if looking for some means of escape, as the nurse now pulled out a large black hooded cape from her carpet bag.

The nurse aided by Dr. Dewbury, in another no doubt well practised movement, had the cape fastened on Veronica in next to no time. The nurse then pulled up the hood, as to cover Veronica's gagged mouth from any inquisitive eyes. She then said grimly, "any struggle as we go out to the carriage, and you will get more of the same of what you just had, I don't mind baring your arse in front of the servants. You hear?"

Defeated the still sobbing Veronica merely nodded.

"I think it would be too upsetting for me to see off my little darling," Millicent said, sounding quite sincere, "I will ring for Belmont to show you out."

"Yes, Mrs. Bowman, that would be for the best," agreed the doctor.

Belmont came into the room, his eyes arched slightly at the sight of the discarded pale drawers lying on the floor. He then showed the doctor, the nurse and their new patient to the door. Millicent sat back behind her desk, her step daughter was now an inmate of a mental institution! She allowed herself a little self congratulatory smile.