Tuesday, 28 December 2010

S.P.A.N.K.S. (call centre motivation) Part 5

Laila sat at her desk and wondered how she could have misjudged everything so badly. She was sure with the things that she had seen and read in England, coupled with Simon's avid advocacy of the S.P.A.N.K.S program, that he would have found the caning to be just as exciting as she did. She was wrong. She was very wrong, after his caning had been completed Simon had merely re-adjusted his clothing and left her office wordlessly. Laila though had found the punishment to be an erotic experience far out weighing any other punishment she had either given or witnessed. She shook her head as she realised she had got another thing so wrong, then set about checking her emails as she waited for the inevitable call from her uncle. She did not have long to wait, his secretary rang to say he wanted to see her whole team in conference room one at four fifteen.

The rest of Lailas' day was taken up with wondering what was going to happen later that afternoon. The time came around soon enough, as Laila and the other eleven members of her team filed into the room, Laila couldn't fail to notice the yellow cane lying on the black granite conference table. Nor could she fail to notice the look upon her uncles face. "This does not look good." She thought to herself.
"Ladies, gentlemen, please be seated." Said Mr. Toi, in an unassuming, amicable manner.
They all took their seats apart from Mr. Toi who remained standing, smiling and nodding to his assembled promotion team. Laila knew her uncle to well not to miss the steely look in his eyes, she wasn't being taken in by his affable facade.
"So," He said, still smiling, "exactly who has been involved in this failed program implementation in Britain?"
Three people held up their hands, Simon Manners, Miss. Chandran and Mrs. Teoh.
"Ah! Miss. Chandran I understand your feelings of responsibility, you being Miss. Tois' secretary, but unless you were directly involved in the decision process that led to this debacle you may lower you hand."
Miss. Chandran smiled with relief as she lowered her arm. Laila stared at the black table top evading her uncle's gaze.
"I see we have no member of the legal department here, did these memos write themselves?"
"Sir I... I had a little to do with drawing up the documents," said Mr. Sanjeet, the promotion teams young Indian lawyer.
"Only a little, Mr. Sanjeet?" Asked Mr. Toi. "I believe you were educated in England."
Mr. Sanjeet nodded glumly.
"So you would be very aware of the sensationalist nature of the English press, and also aware of the employment laws in that country."
"Yes, Mr. Toi, and I had huge misgivings about the program."
Laila stopped looking at the table top to glare in disbelief at Mr. Sanjeet, her uncle caught this look and smiled.
"So, Mr. Sanjeet," Mr. Toi continued in avuncular manner, "you will no doubt have voiced your opinions to the rest of the team?" Mr. Sanjeet shook his head and Mr. Toi tutted. "Mr. Sanjeet and Mrs. Teoh I will see you both tomorrow morning in my office at nine o'clock sharp, and your involvement with be dealt with then. If you are not there, I will take your absence as being you handing in your notice."
They both nodded glumly, only too aware of what that meeting would bring.
"Miss. Toi," Mr. Toi said to his niece. "I noticed you never raised your hand."
Laila coughed to clear her throat then spoke. "I didn't feel the need to, as I am involved in all aspects of my department's work, including staff allocation of work, and staff discipline, since my return from England - A trip that I found to be very fruitful, having changed their implementation of the program. - I have already dealt with the matter of the staff discipline."
"The program did not need a change in implementation," Mr. Toi butted in, "it needs fazing out in Britain, and all plans to introduce it to other western countries need to be cancelled. Is that understood?"
Laila nodded, her eyes now watery.
"And what staff discipline are you referring to?"
"I have dealt with Mr. Manners."
Mr. Toi seemed to be visibly taken aback that this statement, almost on the verge of laughter he asked. "Really! In what way?"
"As Mr. Manners was the driving force behind the program, I caned him this morning for not looking into all aspects of the problems that a program like this could cause in his homeland."
Now in real danger of laughing, Mr.Toi said, "As I remember events, Miss. Toi, both you and Mr. Manners were keen to push this program through. Both of you chose to ignore my heartfelt objections, assuring me everything would be fine. I also recall telling you both "on your heads be it if it all goes wrong" is that not correct?"
Laila shrugged her shoulders, and lifted her palms face up in the classic Gallic gesture, she knew she was beaten. She knew she was about to be beaten. It was just now a matter of whether it would be public or private.
"I would like to talk now to all the department as a whole," Mr. Toi said, "I understand that Miss. Toi, and to a certain extent Mr. Manners are both looked upon in some sort of awe by the rest of you. I wish to dispel any feelings that you may have that nepotism rules the offices of this company, only consistent results produce promotions in my regime. To reinforce this, and also to teach some rising young things that sometimes a wise old head knows what he is talking about. I plan to make their punishment, a public one, at least to you assembled in this room." At that Mr. Toi clicked his fingers. His secretary quickly ran around the office closing all the blinds, so that anyone not in the office would not see the following proceedings.
Now Laila felt very uncomfortable, unlike Simon she knew her uncle very well, and for all of her love of punishing people when the chance arose, the idea of being punished in front of her peers was bad enough, but being punished in front of her lessor's was plain awful. But she now knew that was exactly what her uncle had in mind for both of them. She and Simon were going to be caned in front of her whole department.
"Miss. Toi," her uncle said still sounding amicable. "can you and Mr. Manners move to the front of the room and prepare yourselves?"
Laila stood up from her seat and walked, head held high to Mr. Tois' side. Laila knew only to well what was expected of her, and in a lead to Simon Laila took off her jacket and placed it across the set of drawers behind them. Then she rolled up her suit skirt and tucked the hem into it's waistband, revealing her white panties to her ever watchful audience.
Then in a token gesture born more from hope than from experience she said.
"Please, sir may I keep my panties up?"
In total silence Mr. Toi shook his head.
Laila lowered her knickers to her knees, revealing her trimmed jet black bush to all in the room.
Simon looked on stunned by her display, then he to came forward and like Laila before him he bared his lower body for punishment.
"In difference to the usual protocol," Mr. Toi said, "today it will be gentlemen before ladies. Mr. Manners could you come forward and bend over please."
As Simon moved to take his place, Mr. Toi caught sight of Simon's already latticed behind.
"Miss. Toi, how many strokes has Mr. Manners already had?" Asked Laila's uncle.
"Six, sir, six very hard ones." Replied Laila.
Mr. Toi nodded, and then said. "My intention was to give Mr. Manners eight strokes, but as he has already received six strokes his sentence is reduced to two. Miss. Toi shall receive twelve strokes, as I see her as being the main culprit for the position that we are in at the moment."
Simon breathed a sigh of relief, and Laila gulped, the rest of the room tried to hold back their glee at the idea of of the boss and her little pet getting a good caning. Mr. Toi picked up the cane, and asked Simon to touch his toes. The two strokes were perfunctory, quickly laid on to his naked behind, one after the other with virtually no break between the two swishes. But for all they were quickly applied it made them no less painful. For an old man he could still wield a wicked stick, and Simon was all too aware that there would be another two weal's joining the six that Laila had so over enthusiastically placed upon him. Mr. Toi motioned with his cane for Simon to stand to one side, Simon made to re-adjust his clothing but was met with.
"No, Mr. Manners, I see no need for you to be pulling up your clothing until your partner in ineptitude is also dealt with."
Those word stung Laila more than her uncle's cane would, or at least so she thought upon hearing them.
"Miss. Toi please." Her uncle said, motioning to the vacated spot left by Simon.
Laila took the required position, bent forward her hands gripping hard at the back of her knees. The first stroke cut into her light brown buttocks, and she felt the tears start to rise within her, by the seventh stroke she was openly in tears and crying for mercy from her uncle. Her uncle though was not feeling in any way merciful, all he said was, "let this be a lesson for all of you. No one in my company is immune from discipline should the need occur. I would advise you all that when you get home tonight, instead of watching television,"
He brought down the eighth and ninth stroke across Laila's naked behind by way of punctuation, emphasised on by her screams of pain, "you should all think of a replacement bonus scheme that can be implemented in Britain, that will both appease the staff and not cost the company." Strokes ten and eleven reinforced his statement, least ways Laila's cries reinforced it. Stroke twelve, like Laila with Simon, was aimed at the little crease between the bottom cheeks and the top of her thighs. Like his niece, his aim was true, as the cane lashed across her upper thighs Laila howled out in agony.
"OK, Miss. Toi you may now stand," her uncle told Laila.
As Laila struggled back into an upright position, she could see through her watery eyes that her punishment had an effect on at least one male in the room. Simon was standing with his hands on his head, and his cock pointing skywards.
"Mr. Manners," Mr. Toi said, "you may now readjust your clothing. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your time, you may now leave, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Remember, Mr. Sanjeet and, Mrs. Teoh I will be seeing you both at nine o'clock in the morning." With that the room silently emptied, apart from Mr. Toi and his still half naked, sobbing niece. Once the room was empty, Mr.Toi stood behind his niece and said, "Something for you to concentrate upon for the next twenty minutes." Having said that he placed the cane between his niece's buttocks and Laila gripped upon it with her bottom cheeks.
Fighting back the tears she stood there, holding the cane in that obscene manner knowing all to well the risk she ran of letting it fall to the floor. Once she had seen her uncle punish a maid in a similar manner for breaking a crystal decanter. For every time she let the cane fall to the floor, her uncle gave the maid another cut of the cane, and restarted her allocated time. Two and a half hours the poor girl stood there, earning herself seven extra cuts, Laila had no intention of that happening to her, so through her tears she concentrated on that cane between her cheeks like her very life depended on it.

Once her ordeal at her uncles hands was over, Laila went back to her penthouse overlooking Merlion Park, tonight though the view did not concern her. All she wanted was a long cool bath. Stripping off while the water ran, she thought of today's events and all their implications, how could she face her staff tomorrow after today's public humiliation? Then other thoughts, even worse ones ran through her head as she lowered herself into the cooling water. She heard the noise that she was dreading, as she lay there in the large corner bath.
The sound of her fiance coming into the apartment, how could she explain herself? The bathroom door opened and he walked in, looking down at the naked girl in the water, her brown nipples peeking up from under the soapy suds, he asked, "does it help then?" His voice surprisingly soft and full of concern.
"A little." She replied.
As her fiance stripped himself to join her, Laila looked at his naked welted buttocks. As he lowered himself into the cold soothing water, she said, "I'm so sorry Simon."

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