Wednesday, 1 December 2010

S.P.A.N.K.S. (call centre motivation) Part 3

Caroline looked at her naked reflection in the bathroom mirror. A body to be proud of she decided, not to skinny, curves in all the right places but not running to fat. Her breasts full but not overly large, hips wide, not quite an hourglass figure but not far off it.

Thanks to her boyfriends liking of the natural look, she was sporting a full but unfashionable bush. She smiled thinking herself that the pubic hair would act as a pair of pseudo knickers, shielding her sex from view, least ways from the front anyway.

She knew only to well, that once bent across the desk she would be offering up a totally different visage. There was nothing she could do about that though. Last year the company did a sponsored obstacle course at the local pool, and Caroline felt quite comfortable changing with the other girls, all chatting together in various states of undress.

Today was going to be a completely different matter though. At the pool it was all girls together, today it will be just her, exposed on the floodlit podium, bent over waiting for the paddles kiss.

She shook her head slowly, still not really grasping how this had come about.

"Just my luck." She muttered to herself.

Of course, luck had little to do with it. Once Jane saw the sales figures for Caroline's group, and the paddling fresh in her mind, she decided that Caroline would be the first name to be "randomly" drawn.

Of course only Jane, and Caroline's team leader knew this.

He had taken no persuading from Jane, the idea of Caroline bent over half naked in front of him quite appealed.

So that was it really, her payroll number found itself magically generated from the other twenty four of her team.

Dried off Caroline went back to her bedroom, now the big decision, what to wear.

She didn't want to look like she was sexing herself up.

Nor did she want to be onstage like a Miss Prim.

She needed to find a middle way, a plain dress, dark tights, that was easy.

The choice of underwear not so easy.

Something not to sexy, but she didn't want to be standing there like Bridget Jones either.

Having finally decided, she started to get dressed, thinking all the time how Jane would later today be adjusting the clothing that she was now putting on.

Adjusting the clothing, to bare her bottom.

To bend her over the desk.

To paddle her upturned naked rear.

Caroline realised her fingers were shaking, her heartbeat rising.

A panic attack she thought to herself?

Or excitement?

Already she was close to tears, and she hadn't even left for work.

The day at work for Caroline was a huge paradox, it seemed to both drag, and to fly by.

No-one seemed to want to engage in conversation with her, but everyone seemed to wanted to say "hi how are you?"

Only to try to gauge what sort of reply they would get, to see how nervous this months victim was.

She knew what they were doing, she had done it herself only to often, It's not gloating as such.

More savouring the moment, bathing in someone elses fears and insecurities.

Today though she was on the receiving end, and it felt so strange, she was the centre of attention, and....and to her shame she was partly enjoying it.

Well enjoying it was hardly the right word, but she found that it made her feel somehow, special.

Still though she hoped for a poor turnout, but who was she kidding there had never been a poor turnout since the scheme had started.

If Caroline was a cauldron of mixed emotions about today's coming events. Jane Murray wasn't, this afternoon had been penciled in on Jane's calender since she received her paddling from Laila the Malaysian martinet. Jane was well focused on what she needed to do today, well focused and looking forward to it. For the last three nights she had been taken the paddle home with her, to practise on some pillows, the idea crossed her mind that if there had been a paddle in the house two years ago, she might still now be married.

If ever there was a relationship that could have done with some domestic discipline, it was that one, but all water under the bridge now.

Also she had decided, for a bit of a laugh to fill out one of the discipline evaluation sheets that they had used to appoint their nominated paddlers. Not really to her surprise she had scored very highly. The last six months had re-awakened long half forgotten teenage fantasies.

Yes Jane was truly looking forward to this afternoons punishment session, though of course it was never called that.

Motivational Session was a much more pc title.

Finally for both ladies the time arrived.

Caroline made her way to the room ten minutes before her audience would arrive, as pre-arranged with Jane.

Standing in the normally lit room behind the podium, looking at the little desk, the whole enormity of her situation really hit her.

She was going to get spanked in front of her workmates.

She was most likely going to cry.

She was going to have her bare bottom and her sex on show.

She was going to have to look these people in the eye and work with them all again next week.

Her knees started to shake, she wanted to run away, then in walked Jane paddle in hand.

She wanted to cry already.

"OK Caroline," Jane said cheerfully. "I know you are familiar with the procedure."

Caroline nodded glumly, her throat and mouth now feeling to dry to even speak.

"Of course you are, after all you have never missed a show." Jane said, her voice now dripping with sarcasm.

Then the double doors flew open, and everyone started to file in, the podium floodlights came on, and the roof lights went out.

Jane took to the podium.

"As you are all aware the S.P.A.N.K.S criteria has been changed slightly to engender better team spirit, and today taking one, well actually eight for the team is Caroline, please step forward Caroline."

Somehow Caroline managed to find the strength within her self to step up on to the brightly lit stage,her eyes squinting in the white light.

Prepared for any clothing eventuality Jane stepped towards her, a roll of masking tape in her hand.

Jane slowly lifted the hem of Caroline's plain green woolen dress at the back, lifting it well clear of the top of her dark tights, and then taped it into position.

Wordlessly Jane turned Caroline around by pushing on her shoulders.

Then slowly again, ever so slowly lifted the green dress from the front pulling it clear of her tights.

Then taped the hem to the underside of Caroline's breasts, Jane's eyes locked unblinking on Caroline's.

Then turning her again, so Caroline was now facing her unseen audience, from behind Jane lowered Caroline's tights.

Once her dark tights were at her ankles, Jane's fingers went to the waistband of Caroline's plain mint green knickers.

Caroline struggled to catch her breath, as these to were lowered to her ankles.

Jane managed to stifle a smile as she saw the give away little marks on the inside of Caroline's underwear.

After what seemed like an age to Caroline, Jane finally whispered for her to bend over the desk.

With her whole body shaking in anticipation Caroline got herself as comfortable as she could.

Then she felt the lexan nudging at the inside of her thighs, signaling for her to spread her legs a little wider.

She parted her feet as far as the bunched up clothing around her ankles would allow.

She felt a solitary tear roll down her cheek, at her shame.

Jane had already decided in her head how she was going to play this.

She wanted the maximum reaction in the minimum time, so the paddle came down hard for the first stroke full across both cheeks.

She waited.

Watching the white mark on Caroline's pale cheeks disappear, then waited for the redness to emerge, she knew now that the heat would be building.

Rather than letting it build then applying another stroke, she brought the paddle across Caroline again, but this time lower at the underside of Caroline's bottom cheeks.

Caroline squawked out in both pain and surprise.

The third followed onto the top of the first, the fourth onto the second, Caroline was now sobbing hard at only the halfway mark.

Jane stepped back, not to give Caroline a rest, but to change sides and to let the heat build further.

Caroline, to busy trying to dance the pain out of her bottom was not aware of Jane moving, so the angle of the fifth stroke caught her by surprise, and no sooner than she had started to react to the new sensation when the sixth arrived at the lower part of her bottom.

Jane waited for Carolines lurid little dance to stop, bent across the desk trammeling her feet to try and dissipate the heat, each movement bringing different views of her sex and anus to her mesmerised audience.

The final two strokes came down eliciting shrieks of pain from Caroline.

Jane bent over and whispered.

"Stand up, turn around, hands on head, do not rub your arse, or we will start all over again."

Caroline struggled to her feet, the warning ringing in her ears, she turned to face her audience and placed her hands on the top of her head.

The main lights came on, her smiling workmates rose from their seats and filed out in silence.

Once the two of them were alone in the room, Jane put down the paddle and stood in front of Caroline, so closely Caroline could feel Jane's breath on her cheek.

"Next month I expect one hundred and twenty percent of target from you."

Jane said, her left hand lazily playing with Carolines pubes.

"A bar minimum of one hundred and fifteen."

She continued, her finger now probing at Carolines crease.

"Or you will be getting a private paddling from me in my office."

Caroline pushed her hips against Jane's hand, wanting more contact.

Jane withdrew her hand.

"Now pull up your knickers, and sort out your clothes."

Caroline was now on the verge of even more tears at this rejection from her boss.

"Then meet me in the car park."

Jane said stepping off the podium smiling broadly, leaving the half naked girl to try and make herself decent.

The end.

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