Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Panto Slipper!

I was having a nice dinner with Carol Hershey, when she mentioned the 'L' word.

"So how is little Lori getting on in the rehearsals?"

I loved spending time with Carol, but she had a wicked sense of humour, and loved to wind me up knowing full well that the 'L' word always did the trick. I looked at her and saw the twinkle in her still young eyes, as she leant back in her chair and grinned at me. As I looked at the sixty odd year old one time sex symbol, I couldn't help but laugh at her little joke.

"Awfully of course," I replied reaching across the table for my wine glass, "you do know that we are working with the new Madonna, and a provincial panto is really no place for a girl of her immense talents?"

"It must be so tedious for her," She said picking up on my thread, "being lumbered with such no-hopers, and has-beens like us two. I can't think what she is doing here at all, oh yes I remember now. Money."

We both laugh out loud, causing all the heads in the hotel dining room to turn. Really though it is no laughing matter, for all of Carol's joking she is a consummate professional, and despite my billing as the young hunk I consider myself to be a serious actor. OK my resume may not be as vast as Carol's, I have been in no films or on any magazine covers the way that she was in her prime. We do however have one thing in common, we have both worked on major soaps, and we can both act, unlike Miss O'Caine.

"So what has our 'star' been up to this week?" Carol asked in exasperation.

"Where do I begin?" I say, again reaching for my wine, and realising the girl is driving me to drink. "Well she managed to have two of the young girl dancers in tears. they were both out of time, can you imagine that, both of them out of time in perfect sync with each other, and the music. Of course it couldn't have been Miss O'Caine that was out of time. As we all know from her time on that cursed reality program, that she is a dancer par excellence, when dancing on her own."

"By that you mean leaping around a room, and stripping off on the dining table?" Carol chimed in.

"Yes," I said grinning at her perfect timing, "that's another thing she can't deliver a comic line to save her life."

"Strange that, her parents obviously had a great sense of humour." Carol said, with a quizzical look on her face.

"Why's that?" I ask her, waiting to see what the sarcastic punch line would be.

"Well come on, Tom, Lorraine O'Caine, were they trying to write a limerick?"

Again the heads turn as we both burst out laughing.

"There is only ten days till opening night," Carol said, now no hint of a smile on her face, "she is going to have to get her finger out. I think you may need to take her through hands, Tom."

"Take her through hands? I'm not with you, Carol."

"When I was a young singer in the sixties, and decided that I wanted to go into acting I joined June Blackwood's acting academy." Carol said staring at me intently. "Now June may seem like a pussy cat when you see old TV clips of her, but she was a different proposition when she had you bent over her knee, tights and knickers around your ankles waiting for her slipper on your arse. It focuses the mind alright."

"What! You mean... you mean she spanked you?" I asked not doing a good job of hiding my disbelief, or my fascination. The idea of the pretty girl with the pageboy haircut getting her bare backside warmed had me hooked.

"Yes. She could not suffer fools, or twenty three year olds with ideas above their station, and ability. That is what I meant by take her through hands."

The rest of the evening passed with my mind in a fog, I could not get the image out of my mind. Like most people I'm quite aware of how Carol's naked bottom used to look, it was shown in plenty of the Hammer horrors and other films, not to mention magazines. It was not the idea of her bottom being bared that ran through my mind, but it was what it was being bared for that had me intrigued. I have always had a rather keen interest in spanking and corporal punishment, not something I normally talk about as a rule. Here though was an international celebrity advocating it's usage on our co-star. When I got back to my hotel room, I couldn't sleep, thoughts of Carol and Lori being spanked haunted me all night no matter how many sheep I counted.

The next morning I breakfasted early to avoid Carol, then went to the hotel gym to see if I could work the thoughts out of my head. While I was on the treadmill, I noticed in the mirror Lori walking into the gym. "Great," I thought to myself. "just what I don't need!" Lori gave me a little smile and a wave as she took up the cross-trainer in front of me.

I had a perfect view of her toned lycra clad buttocks, and watched as she started her pseudo skiing. The motion caused both cheeks to sway slightly with each sliding step, and I watched mesmerised thinking how soft to the touch they looked. In my minds eye those buttocks were over my lap, waiting patiently for the first contact of my hand. As I continued watching her from the rear, the view and my mind wandering off was starting to have the inevitable effect upon me. I was just about to cut short my treadmill time when Lori started to slow down, then came to a standstill. As the machine started in it's reverse mode, her bottom seemed to take on another shape with her reverse steps. My idea of retiring to the changing rooms was put on hold, as again I found myself hypnotised by her pliant cheeks. I stuck it out till Lori finished on the cross trainer, and I put the treadmill onto warm down mode. As I slowly walked out the last couple of minutes on the treadmill, Lori came across to me.

"Hi, Tom," Lori said, her face a beaming smile, "looking forward to tonight, our first proper rehearsal?"

What could I say? Not the truth, that's for sure. "Yeah it should be interesting." Was the best that I could muster.

"I know, it's so exciting, see you at six then!" She said flouncing off, and checking to see if anyone recognised her.

As we all collected in the church hall that we were using for rehearsals, all the cast was there by six o'clock sharp. All but one. No Lori to be seen. Then the door opened at six fifteen, and in walked our star. I bit the inside of my gums, so to stifle the laugh, Carol on the other hand didn't bother, she just burst out laughing.

"Hi, Lori," She shouted over to our leading lady, "going out clubbing when we finish here are you?"

Miss O'Caine stood there looking stunned, as her eyes darted around the room. She looked a sight, standing there in her full Cinderella costume. Calf length gypsy style blue dress, white cotton hat and full face make up complete with false soot on her cheeks.

"Is no-one getting ready yet?" Lori asked.

"Er, ready for what, darling?" Asked Carol still grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"We are supposed to be doing a full rehearsal, so why am I the only one ready!"

"Well, dear," Carol said dripping in insincerity, "it's not the dress rehearsal, that is at the end of the week. In the theatre, as they always are."

That little exchange set the tone for the whole night, Lori was worse than ever. Everything that went wrong was the fault of someone else. "This is the trouble with working with amateurs" I actually heard her say at one point.

As nine o'clock thankfully approached, Carol announced. "Tom I'll give you the keys for locking up, I know that you wanted to go through things again with Lori."

"Wha.. what things?" I asked.

"Remember, we talked last night about the extra training that June used to give me, I always found it most helpful."

Was she being serious? Lori looked at the two of us, trying to work out what we were talking about.

"Well I don't mind staying a little if you want to." Lori said, still unaware of what we were referring to.

Carol beamed at me, then winked and said. "I'll get you the keys and I'll drop the latch on the way out so the two of you won't be disturbed."

Now I felt really silly, up till now I had assumed that Carol had been joking about Lori needing a spanking. How do I even bring it up in conversation? The whole idea was mad, wasn't it? As all the other cast left us, Lori popped off to the toilets/dressing room to wash off her makeup. Much to my surprise as she came back into the hall, she was still in her full costume. Now though fresh faced, as the water had taken off all her stage makeup not just the fake soot, and with not putting on any normal makeup she now looked as she did most of the time on the program. Fresh faced, and the picture of innocence, her dark brown long ringlets framing her face and making her seem so pale. Her hazel brown eyes standing out like snowman's coal, such was the contrast in her colouring. In fact she looked quite beautiful.

"So, Buttons, what was the Fairy Godmother on about, what lines do we have to do?" Lori asked me.

Well why mess about, I might as well just tell her, then we can both have a good laugh about Carol's mad plan, and go back to our hotel. "Well Carol thinks that you need bringing down a peg or two, and that I should give you a good spanking." There, I've said it now!

Lori's reaction was not what I was expecting. Instead of laughing and calling Carol a silly old bitch, she just stood there, and looked almost close to tears. "Why?" She asked, her voice almost a childish whine.

"Because of the way you go on with people," I said to her softly, "you don't show any of the other cast any respect. We are the only ones being paid to do this show, all the others are amateurs doing this for fun. Sometimes, Lori, you just take the fun away with your little strops and tantrums."

"You mean... the others don't like me. I'm unpopular?" She asked almost in a whisper.

"I'm sorry, Lori, but that is what I mean."

She shook her head slowly, I realised that her whole self perception relied on being popular, that is the only reason for her current fame. Fame that she could see in her minds eye evaporating with each of my words.

"But why a spanking?" She asked with confusion passing over her face.

"Well according to Carol that is what June Blackwood used to do to her when she was about your age."


"Well that's what she says." I answer, the images running in my minds eye again.

"Did it do any good?"

"Yes, it kept her focused and grounded." I told Lori, not believing the way this conversation was going.

Lori took a deep breath closing her eyes, then said. "OK, where, how?"

It is going to happen, I'm going to get to smack the famous O'Caine bottom that had blessed the tabloid pages for nine weeks in the previous summer. I pull a chair into the middle of the stage and sit down, and point wordlessly at my lap. She comes over to my side, and drapes herself over my knees. Slowly I lift her blue raggedy dress up, waiting for some voice of complaint, but there is none. Her matching blue knickers come into view under her pale transparent tights. "Tights and knickers around your ankles waiting for her slipper on your arse. It focuses the mind alright." Carol's words rang through my head. Slipper? Well maybe later, but first I wanted to feel her flesh on flesh. I find the waistband of her tights, and start to slowly tug them and her knickers down together.

"Please, Tom, must you?" Lori asked in a half-hearted protest.

I did not reply to her question, as her underwear continued their downwards journey. My hand gently caresses her soft, but toned cheeks. Then I slap! Tentatively at first, but then firmer moving from cheek to cheek. As the slaps grow in intensity, Lori starts to grunt a little at each spank. I watch as my work takes it's effect on the colouring of her behind.

The original pale pinkness being soon replaced by a crimson coating. The grunts turn to squeaks and squeals of pain. Still though she doesn't ask me to stop. Then after about two glorious minutes, she starts to sob gently, with a barrage of apologies between sobs. I stop, then again gently caress her bottom. I feel it, hot to the touch.

"Well that will do to begin with." I tell her.

"Th.. th.. thank you Tom." She struggles out.

I run my middle finger down the cleft of her bottom. I feel her shudder at my touch. My finger slides gently over her warm and surprisingly wet sex. She was enjoying this? Lori backed her hips up, as if trying to entrap my probing finger. I withdraw my hand. Then and idea hits me. Cinderella's glass slipper. Or in this case, Cinderella's plastic see through slipper.

"I think for making those two little girls cry the other day, you deserve a taste of one of your glass slippers. What do you think?" I ask her.

"Yes, sir." She replies meekly.

She forces herself up from my lap, then still holding up her dress, she went to the props trunk and got a slipper. On her return journey across the stage she did something really odd.

Unbidden she lifted her dress at the front as well, giving me a perfect view of her lush almost black pubic triangle. Silently she handed me the slipper, and again got herself comfortable across my knees. Now though her bare pudenda was in contact with the rough cloth of my jeans. As soon as I started, her slippering seemed to have an immediate effect. She was gasping and writhing at the first stroke, I knew she wouldn't be able to take many slaps at this rate. I was easing off and about to stop when she said.

"Please, Tom I deserve this, I have been awful, please punish me!"

So I continued, egged on by her to my shame, I increased the force and speed of her slippering. Now her movements were becoming even more erratic, she was violently bucking against my leg with each blow. Then gasping out loud she went limp across me. At first I thought she had fainted, in a panic I dropped the slipper to the floor. I was about to lift her up to make sure she was OK, when I heard her whisper.

"Thank you, Tom, God I needed that. Carol was right, you would really get into this."

Now I was the confused one. Then I heard a lone person clapping from the back of the hall. There was Carol smiling from ear to ear.

"Well done, " She called out. " see what a great matchmaker I am, I really am like a fairy godmother."

As I said at the outset, Carol Hershey has a wicked sense of humour.

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