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A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 1

(This is an old long role-play type of story between Lori and Myself, we plan to post it in a serial form and will continue with it as long as interest with our readers remains or we think of an ending for it.

I am Tomas (surprise surprise) and Lori is Amy.)

AMY - It's been a long journey, the horse drawn coach is uncomfortable and I'm tired and hungry, but I can see the small town in the distance that shows me I'm almost there. As we pass the large wooden sign I note the words 'JACOBSTOWN-population 42'. 42! I think to myself, it's practically deserted, but it's soon to be 43! We pull up outside a large and rather grand looking house, all wood clad with sash windows and intricate carved fascias, not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be modest and sparse and much smaller, but then this small Amish community is rather different from the norm. I was quite happy in my old community, there were over two hundred inhabitants there, but at the age of eighteen I'd still not been paired up with a possible spouse. My parents decided it was a lack of self discipline that had prevented me keeping a potential suitor, so they insisted I be sent away to a smaller community where I could receive individual attention and be taught the ways of pleasing a spouse. Despite my protestations I was bundled onto a coach with my meagre possessions and sent on my way, only to be allowed home when I was capable of being a decent wife and keeping up the family honour! The driver helps me out of the carriage and fetches my luggage, then leads the way onto the front porch, he rings the large metal bell which hangs from a bracket on the wall and moments later a tall, strong looking man arrives in the doorway, he smiles knowingly at me and I realise at once that he's the man who will have sole control over me for the next two years. "Um, hello," I say nervously. "You must be Mr Jacobs, I'm... Amy!"

TOMAS - I look down at the pale thin bonneted girl in front of me, so this is the one who couldn't decide what to do after rumspringa,she comes back from her time with the English, full of their Yankee ways. Now I'm supposed to help her decide whether to stay with us, or go over to the English .Normally I couldn't be bothered with such foolery, but with my sister leaving to get married, that leaves me in charge of the schoolhouse on my own, and the elders decided that this Amy girl could help with the teaching, while I tutor her on our ways, how a good Amish lady should behave. "Welcome, Miss Amy," I say to her. "please come in, and I'll see to your bags and show you to your room." Two years? I think to myself, I bet she doesn't last two weeks, still we shall see.

AMY - "Thank you, Mr Jacobs." I smile up at you but inside I'm a nervous wreck, my stomach is in knots and I'm trembling, but I try to hide it as you to pick up my things and make your way towards the stairs. It's a beautiful house, plain and simple and typically Amish, but it feels so homely and welcoming even though I really don't want to be here. As you walk I notice how muscular and fit you look, I have a million questions but struggle to find the courage to ask, I decide to stick to compliments instead in the hopes of getting on your good side. "This is a lovely home you have, Sir, " I say politely. "How long have you lived here?"

TOMAS - "All my life, my mother used to run the schoolhouse, then when she passed away my sister and I took it over. My sister has just left to get married and it was decided that I may need some help. I can't see it myself as we only have 19 pupils at the moment, and by what I've been told you need more teaching than the pupils." I say as I put the bags down in your room. "This is my sisters old room, but treat it as your own, in your time here. While you get unpacked I'll make us some coffee, and I'll see you downstairs in the kitchen when you are ready."

AMY - "Okay thank you, Sir." I frown at you, not sure what you meant about me needing more teaching than the pupils, but I say nothing and set about unpacking my things. I don't have much of course so it's soon neatly folded away or hung in the wardrobe. It's a nice room, plain but feminine and clean,it's not like home but it will do and I'm sure I'll get used to it in time. I place my books on the wall shelf and check myself in the mirror before heading back downstairs, then I find you in the kitchen pouring out some coffee. "That smells nice," I say as I approach you, "I um... I was wondering what my duties will be at the schoolhouse, only I've never done anything like this before?"

TOMAS - I let out a sigh. "It's a schoolhouse. You'll be teaching the little ones basic reading, writing and math. I'll be in charge of their spiritual development, by what I've been told the path of God would best not be taught by you. Also you will do your share of chores around the house,and most of the cooking, as I'm not blessed in that department."

AMY - Now my eyes widen, suddenly my hackles have gone up and I place my hands on my hips. "Most of the cooking?" I ask with more than a note of displeasure. "Look, I don't mind doing my share of the chores and stuff, but I don't see why I should have to do most of the cooking as well!" You stare at me, looking taken aback by my attitude. "Well it hardly seems fair now does it?"

TOMAS - This is going to be a long day. "Listen, Miss, as I have already told you, I can't cook very well, but should you want to chop half the logs ,and plough and plant half of the five fields I have, and do half the milking, I will quite happily make you barely digestible food." I answer you gruffly. "It is this kind of attitude that got you sent here in the first place, I'm making allowances for today as you have just got here, but be warned tomorrow is another day."

AMY - I sigh loudly, knowing I'm beaten on this one. Maybe I should make an effort here as you are being hospitable and helpful. "Sorry, Sir. It's just, well I'm not used to this sort of environment." I point at the chair. "May I sit down please?"

TOMAS - At last I'm making headway, no matter how small. "Of course, Miss Amy ,this is your home now, well at least for as long as you stay here, and I hope you treat it as your home, and not as some sort of prison cell."

AMY - "Thank you, Mr Jacobs, I do appreciate that." I take a sip of coffee. "Hmm, that's lovely, so much nicer than I'm used to!" You smile at me. "So um, what sort of wage will I get for working at the schoolhouse?"

TOMAS - Are we both on the same planet here? "Wage?" I ask in mock amazement. "You expect a wage to do work that is the glorifying of God? You get board and lodgings, was that not explained to you by your parents or the elders? You know that you are on a thin line in the community, don't you."

AMY - My hackles have gone up again "Yes I know but, well... this is so unfair, I mean out there in the real world they actually get paid for a living so they can do things and buy stuff. I was hoping things might be a bit more, well, civilised here!" I glare at the table....

TOMAS - I shake my head. "Well Miss, Amy ,what did you have in mind to buy?" She hasn't even been here an hour yet, and already my patience is wearing thin.

AMY - I shrug. "Well, when I spent time with the English they had nice things like fancy clothes and trinkets, it was so nice to see things like that and... well... I thought I could get myself some fancy things to wear, and maybe get some chocolates, they have them in the city brought in from Switzerland and I'd love to try them." I note the look on your face and it isn't a positive one.

TOMAS - "Fancy clothes! Trinkets! What way do they glorify God? If you put such great store by frivolous things why return to us after rumspringa, why not just stay with the English,and their decadent ways?" I ask you.

AMY- I sulk for a moment and sigh. "Because my parents said I have to find a husband, settle down and keep the family tradition going." I pick at my sleeve as I think about how much I want to go back to my exciting friends.

TOMAS - "Well you know you could have stayed out in the other world, but of course you would be shunned by us, but the choice is all yours to make. If you choose to come back to us, you have to follow our rules,and you being placed with me, was just so the rules and traditions can be brought home to you. In truth I'm no happier with the situation than you are, but I won't shirk from my duties. Be aware of that miss, while you are here I'm in loco parentis with all that, that entails. You do know what I mean don't you?"

AMY - I frown at you. "Well, no not really." I honestly don't know, but I'm sure you're about to tell me!

TOMAS - "We believe in what you would consider to be the old fashioned idea, of punishing the body to cleanse the soul. As your parental figure for the next two years, where I deem it fit corporal punishment can, and mark my words, will be used, to show you the error of your ways."

AMY - My eyes widen now and my heart begins to race. "But... I'm too old for that now, aren't I?" I ask nervously, surely you're just trying to scare me.

TOMAS - She really hasn't been told anything, I now realise. "What makes you think that? You still live at home under your parents roof, and so you still come under their, or in your case my discipline. Then when you are married you will come under your husbands discipline." I watch your face redden.

AMY - I realise my time with the English has made me lose sight of Amish values, but I wasn't aware of all these facts. "My husband will be allowed to discipline me? But... how?"

TOMAS - How naive this girl is, I thought to myself. I suppose living in comparatively liberal community, some facets of our lifestyle may have escaped her. "As he seems fit. With his hand, belt or paddle?" Her face is now bright red, the colouring accented by her white bonnet.

AMY - I feel my face turning crimson, but at the same time I have a pulsating feeling between my legs and don't know why. As I speak now my voice is quiet and I feel timid. "I... I don't think that's right, I mean, I should be allowed to do my own thing as I see fit and... and not be dictated to by my spouse!" I flick a glance at you. "Do you... agree with the teachings?" I swallow hard, already knowing your answer....

TOMAS -"Wholeheartedly, and should you last out this time with me, so shall you miss." I answer you, feeling the urge to take you over my knee this very moment. "Mark my words I will not shy away from giving you chastisement when it is warranted. Be clear on that girl."

AMY - Boldness gets the better of me and I blurt out. "I'll never agree to that, not in a million years!" I stand up from the table and head for the kitchen door...

TOMAS - Originally I had planned to give you a couple of days grace, but your attitude is jangling my nerves. "Get back here now, miss, or go up to your room, pack your bags and leave my house for good."

AMY - I stop abruptly in my tracks but don't turn around, if I leave now I'll be shunned and my family will never forgive me, but if I stay I'll be trapped in this life forever. I take a deep breath and consider things for a moment, then I finally turn around and slowly walk towards you, head held low.....

TOMAS - I get up and walk over to you, I take your left hand in my right, and lead you from the kitchen into the living room. "Well, miss I didn't think that this would come around so soon, but I think we both know that that little outburst has earned you a good spanking?" As we enter the room I sit myself down on the high backed wooden chair just in the doorway. I pat my lap and say, "OK, miss over you go."

AMY - I stare at you, then your lap, then at you again, my stomach is alive with butterflies and my eyes are filling with tears, but I have the strangest sensation in my lady parts. I shake my head. "No... please, Sir,I... I don't want you to... to spank me."

TOMAS - "Well a bit better attitude should save you from further spankings, but this spanking you are going to get, and get it now." I lift my left hand and gently but firmly push you between the shoulder blades.

AMY - I usually have a fight or flight reflex, but suddenly that deserts me and I find myself relinquishing to your authority. Before I know it I'm laying across your knee, staring at the polished wooden floor, I have a strange stirring deep in my groin...

TOMAS - I place my left hand on your rump. "This is going to hurt, miss, so make yourself ready." I grab at the hem of your calf length dress, and start to pull it up towards the small of your back. I feel you grunt and struggle beneath me. "Calm down, girl, this has to come up, you won't feel anything through this material." As lift it higher, I can't believe what comes into view. A pair of white skimpy panties, with blue hearts decorating them, and two cartoon cats faces, one wearing a bow, and along the top the legend - HEY BABY. "What on earth is the meaning of these girl?" I ask you, giving the offending panties a sharp slap.

AMY - "Ow!" I reach around to protect my derriere. "I... I got them from a mall in Iowa when I stayed with my friends family there, I like them, this sort are fashionable now!" I struggle to get free of you but can't...

TOMAS - "Fashionable? How can underwear be fashionable who is going to see it?" I ask bring down two more hard slaps, one to each bouncing cheek.

AMY - "Owww!" I squirm more desperately now but you still hold me fast. "You can see them!" I say loudly and sarcastically.

TOMAS - Huh! You've got nerve I'll give you that much. "Well I won't for much longer," I say to you as I lift you back to your feet. "take them off now, and throw them in the fire." I order you pointing at the fireplace. "Then get yourself back over my knee, dress up around your waist, and we'll see about warming up your bottom, as your so called fashion ware burns."

AMY - My jaw drops as I hear your words, but I don't think defying you will do me much good. As I reach up under my skirt and begin easing my panties off my eyes fill with tears again, I really don't want to do this but I go and place my panties on the fire, then walk back over to you and lift my skirt slightly, I can't bear to raise it any further and show you my privates....

TOMAS - Come on, girl, all the way up, I want that bottom bared for punishment. Then after you have been suitably chastised, we can check your room for other fashion items, bound for the cleansing flame." I warn you.

AMY - I suddenly remember all my undies are much the same as those, I lift my skirt up at the back and promptly lay back across your lap before you have a chance to nag me any further...

TOMAS - As I look down at your pale bottom, already marked slightly by the few sharp smacks I'd given you earlier, I feel my member getting harder inside my trousers. A good cold bath should cure my animal desires I think to myself, now to the job in hand. A good, hard, sharp spanking should show you that I mean business, but not too hard, as it is still only your first day. I start laying my left hand onto your springy bottom cheeks, a good pace, and hard enough to elicit cries of contrition from you, I alternate briskly from cheek to cheek to get an even redness, as I watch your panties burning in the flames in front of me.

AMY - "Owww!" I wail. "No... please... stop!" I squirm madly and struggle to break free, then I kick out fiercely. "Let me go, I've learned my lesson now. Stop it!"

TOMAS - "Learned your lesson? It's not just a case of learning a lesson, but of purifying the soul." I continue spanking you, but to my consternation I also continue hardening in my trousers, your red bottom, and the feel of your pliant cheeks in my hand, is bringing about ungodly thoughts in me, but still I must continue for your own good.

AMY - "Oh please let me go now, Mr Jacobs." I squeal, not only is my bottom on fire now, but I have a strong urge in my sex and it's getting unbearable. The closeness of your hand and the bareness of my bottom is making me so aroused that I can feel myself getting moist and I'm sure it will soon show. "Oww, let go of me!" I yell.

TOMAS - I think that you have had enough, for now at least. I let go of my grip and help you to your feet. "Well, Miss Amy ,I think it is now time to see what awaits us in your room." I stand up awkwardly, trying not to let you be aware of my now rampant erection.

AMY - As you lead the way upstairs I feel the wetness increasing, I have an overwhelming urge to rub myself. "Please may I use the bathroom, Sir?" I ask timidly as I wipe tears from my face.

TOMAS - I let out an audible sigh, but in truth I would like the time away from your closeness, for my sap to abate. "Yes but hurry up, I don't have even if you have, all day."

AMY - You point towards the bathroom and I scurry away and lock myself inside, after soaking a face cloth in cold water I place it against my hot moist sex and feel the relief, then I place it against my burning bottom and let out a sigh. I feel between my legs and find it's still wet, then I let my fingers slide deeper between the moist folds and have a moment of gratification. I long to be alone in my room so I can indulge....

TOMAS - I stand here waiting women are really a mystery to me, why I was picked by the elders I'll never know. "Are you all right in there, Miss Amy?" I call out to you.

AMY - I snap back to reality. "I'm fine." I call. "Just coming!" Poor choice of words I know, but very accurate!

TOMAS - As you walk towards me, I notice though your eyes are now well dried, your face seems even more flushed than before. I open your bedroom door, and motion for you to enter. "After you, miss."I say.

AMY - I gingerly enter my room with you close behind, I think this is going to be very uncomfortable for me in more ways than one! I stand to one side with my hands behind my back, waiting for you to conduct your search...

TOMAS - "I don't think it is right for a male to go through a ladies things, so if you could kindly show me, miss."

AMY - I swallow hard and edge towards the large dresser. "Do I have to, Sir ,only... well they're all much the same as those and I could just get rid of them?" I know for a fact that most of them are far worse than the ones you saw, and I really don't want you to see any of them. Goodness only knows what I'm going to do for underwear until I can get some more....

TOMAS - "I'm afraid so, you do after all know our rules about intimate clothing, don't you?"

AMY - "Yes, Sir." I reluctantly open the drawer and begin removing my panties, a collection of colours, some with lace, some with naughty slogans on and all very skimpy. I remove them and place them on the bed, but in the process I manage to sneak one of the worst offenders under a petticoat in the drawer where you can't see it.

TOMAS - I look down and shake my head. "The only good thing I can say about these," I say, as I flick the offending articles on the bed. "is that it is obvious that you didn't make any of these yourself, which is what you will be doing in the future, as is our tradition." Then something catches my eye, on the dressing table top. "Miss Amy, is that a brassiere I can see there?"

AMY - I look over and see the white lace bra. "Um... yes, Sir." I now feel even more worried.

TOMAS - I'm at a loss, have you not been taught anything about our traditions, or have you just chosen to ignore them all. "So you place false vanity, above Gods natural beauty, that He has chosen for you, is that what you are telling me girl?"

AMY - "No, it's not that, it's just... well I was trying to fit in with their ways and I... well I suppose I just got used to wearing them." I hang my head in shame unable to maintain eye contact with you.

TOMAS - I pick up the brassiere, and put it on the bed with the other underwear, then I have an inappropriate thought. I for my shame act upon it. "Miss Amy, I think I need to check that you aren't wearing such an item now, and bringing disgrace on this house. Take off your dress." I see the look of horror on your face. "Now."

AMY - I shake my head. "No, no I'm not taking off my dress, that would be highly inappropriate and... well humiliating too!"

TOMAS - I can't back down now, I know it's wrong but I want to see you naked. "Miss, that was not a request, it was an order, and as you know what my position is to you, you will obey, and obey now."

AMY - My eyes fill with tears again as I start unfastening my dress, I really don't want to do this and my hands are like jelly, I take my time and eventually my dress falls to the floor leaving me wearing only a black lace bra, I quickly place my hands over my pubic area and my humiliation is overwhelming....

TOMAS - I swallow hard, I know what I'm doing is wrong, it is an abuse of the trust put in me by the elders, but I am only human. "As I thought, vanity," I say to you. "vanity and now false modesty, remove that abomination, and put it with the rest of your shameful clothing."

AMY - I can't believe you're asking me to take off my bra as well, I had no idea you'd be like this and you seemed like such a nice gentleman. "Only if you turn around, Sir," I tell you firmly. "And I can put my dress back on while your back is turned!" I keep my hands over my intimate parts, my stomach is churning and my legs are like jelly now..

TOMAS - I want to say no, but in truth I can't, to do so would give away my lustful feelings so I agree and turn my back on you. What luck, my sisters vanity comes to my rescue, as I turn around I face the large wall mirror, which affords me a fascinating view of you. I watch as you remove the banned item of clothing, your breasts fall free, and are now in their natural glory. I can also see, but not so clearly, the dark triangle of hair that covers your feminine parts. I feel myself getting harder again, I want to taste, and have these forbidden fruits. As you bend down to retrieve your dress, I watch your breasts elongate, and sway gently, as you pick up your dress, and recover your chaste modesty.

AMY - I feel so relieved to be covered again, my face is crimson and wet with tears now but at least you did agree to turn your back. I know I brought this all upon myself by breaking the rules of dress and vanity, but I never expected to be so humiliated as a result of it. The strange thing is, being naked in such close proximity to you has made me feel quite aroused again, and I feel a new dampness between my legs. "I'm ready now." I say quietly...

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