Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 2

TOMAS- So am I, I think to myself, I can feel a stickiness on my belly, as the clear liquid leaks from the end of my cock. Such thoughts, such dark thoughts. I turn to face you. "Right, miss, collect all those, "I say pointing at the bed. "and any other brassieres that you may have and follow me downstairs."

AMY- I get the other bras out of the drawer,then gather up all the under garments on the bed and follow you down the stairs....

TOMAS- I stand in front of the fire and stoke at the logs, sending sparks and flames up the chimney. "Wait here." I tell you as I leave the room.

AMY- Oh God I think to myself, now what's he going to do?

TOMAS- I return with the oft threatened but never used paddle from the schoolhouse. I notice the look of horror on your face. "Right, miss, you will consign each of those items to the flames one at a time," I tell you. "and between each item that you have sullied this house with entering the flames, you will bend over, and receive one swat of this paddle," I see you are again close to tears, but I blame you for firing up the lust in my loins. "Don't fret miss it will be over your skirt." The idea of seeing your naked bottom again,would be too much for me to contain myself.

AMY- Oh how I long for this ordeal to be over, I just want to throw the whole lot onto the fire and be done with it, but I know I have to obey or lose the chance of redeeming myself. "Yes, Sir." I say with trembling lips. I throw a pair of panties onto the fire, then look at you, unsure what you want me to do next....

TOMAS- I watch as the pale blue lace burns, and I can smell the elastic melting in the flames. "Right, miss, bend forward facing the fire, and watch the cloth burn, grab your knees, and brace yourself."

AMY- I turn away from you and reluctantly bend over, then I place my hands on my knees and brace myself nervously...

TOMAS- I look at your black covered bottom, even covered you are having the same effect on me, why send you to an old bachelor I wonder? I pull back the paddle to give myself a good swing, then bring it down with a thud on your proffered posterior.

AMY- "Ow!" I spring bolt upright and clutch at my burning bottom, I never expected that paddle to hurt so much and don't think I can handle a swat for each garment, but the increase in my arousal is most intriguing....

TOMAS- "Next item please, miss, how many do you actually have there?" I ask you, I'm now rigid, and don't know if I can continue this till the end without having an accident.

AMY- I don't know the exact amount. "Um, about fifteen I think!" I sniff. I throw one of them onto the fire and slowly take up my punishment position again, well aware of the tingling between my legs...

TOMAS- As I bring back the paddle, one item catches my eye. "That would be too much for you to take, "I tell you, also probably too much for me to take of seeing you bent like this. Even clothed!" so another three after this one should suffice for now." The paddle crashes again at your clothed behind.

AMY- "Owww!" I leap up again and furiously rub my bottom, it stings even through the thick fabric of my dress but is also affecting my private parts and I have no idea why. Can I really be getting turned by corporal punishment? I was earlier, but I can't understand why. I turn and see the impatient look on your face so I quickly throw another pair of lovely panties onto the fire...

TOMAS- I step forward,and pick up the garment that caught my eye, a tiny piece of black cloth with -try this- written on it. I study it for 30 seconds or so,trying to work out how exactly this stringy item would be worn, I put it apart from the others, then I notice a blue garment of similar cut, again this is put to one side. You look at me, puzzled at what I am doing. "Over again please, miss. "I ask you.

AMY- I take a deep calming breath then assume the position yet again,this is all so embarrassing and painful,but I know I only have this one and another two whacks to endure.

TOMAS- The stickiness on my belly is getting worse, much longer and I feel I will have a full involuntary emission. "Well, Miss Amy, you have taken your punishment well, so I will make this your last for now. Before you go to bed you will receive a final five swats, and we will draw a veil over today, and start anew tomorrow." The paddle hits you for, at least for now, the final time.

AMY- This time I manage to suppress a yell, I slowly straighten up and turn to face you. "Thank you, Sir." I say timidly. My face is wet with tears and I rummage for a handkerchief. I know you could have gone on for a lot longer if you'd chosen to and I think I got off lightly, even if I do have more to come later. "What about the rest of my..?" My voice trails off and I point to the pile of undergarments that have yet to be incinerated.

TOMAS- "Into the flames, apart from those two," I point at the ones separated from the pile. "those I've decided to keep for punishment purposes. Wearing them, you will be able to feel the full benefit of punishment on your flesh, but still save your modesty."

AMY- My eyes widen and my jaw drops. "You... you mean you want me to wear those.. when.. you're using that?" I point at the paddle with trembling fingers...

TOMAS- I'm shocked by your reaction, I thought you would have been happy, and grateful for my thoughtfulness. As always the female mind is a mystery to me. "Yes this or... whatever the punishment is, but hopefully after tonight they won't need to be used, after all if you don't bring about a situation where punishment is called for it won't happen. I am only trying to save your blushes."

AMY- I manage a weak smile. "Yes I understand that, thank you, Sir. I was just wondering that's all." I quickly throw the other garments on the fire and watch them spark and singe, all the while aware of the burning in my sex that seriously needs some more attention. "Please may I be excused now, Mr Jacobs?"

TOMAS- "Yes, if you wish to freshen yourself up, or to change, I will prepare the dinner, nothing fancy mind you, but it should be ready in just over an hour," I reply to you, in honesty having you away from me may calm these feelings I'm having.

AMY- I nod gratefully and rush away to my room, eager to deal with the urges between my legs. After closing the door and listening to make sure you haven't followed me I lay on the bed and pull up the skirt of my dress, I let my hand slide down onto my tingling sex lips, then I ease my fingers between the moist folds and begin massaging and rubbing at my clitoris, at first I take my time, closing my eyes and enjoying all the sensations, but then I quicken my pace with a new urgency to cum. It doesn't take long for me to have that wonderful feeling wash over me and I gasp and shudder as wave after wave of beautiful orgasm ripples through me...

TOMAS- In the kitchen, I put four pork chops in the wood burning stove to slow cook, I also cut some potatoes to par boil. I wonder what else to do, then I think, carrots, give your pale skin a bit colour. As I cut them, my mind wanders, thinking of your pale bottom cheeks, you across my lap. Your cheeks bouncing and pinking with each spank, my hardness returns and I know it must be dealt with. I go to the downstairs bathroom, I lower my trousers, and take my cock in my hand. Slowly I start rubbing along the length of the shaft, my mind drags up images from this afternoon. You lifting your dress to remove your panties, then placing yourself back over my lap. You in the mirror, undressing, the tuft of hair between your legs, I rub faster, with more intent. You, your breasts bare and free, the right one slightly larger, and slightly lower than the left,the pace quickens,then you redressing. You, then I feel the rush, my seed explodes from deep within me, first a strong jet of the creamy liquid, followed by the remainder seeping out. I clean myself down and wash my hands, and return to the kitchen. I cut four large apples and core them, and place them and the potatoes in with the chops. I wait for you, wracked in guilt. Wracked in lust.

AMY- After satisfying my need I have a wash and put on a clean dress, apron and bonnet, this time with no underwear beneath it. I feel exposed, yet somehow liberated as I wander downstairs to find you. I soon see you in the kitchen beavering away and as the delicious aroma fills my nostrils I smile. "I thought you said you couldn't cook!" I say brightly, hoping to avoid any further conflict with you.

TOMAS- I laugh, I'm genuinely pleased to see you again. "I can cook about half a dozen things well, everything else not so good."

AMY- I move closer. "So are what are we having?" I ask with enthusiasm. "I can smell apples can't I?"

TOMAS- I smile at you, surprisingly for me comfortable with a females closeness. "Pork chops, roasted in apples, with oven potatoes, and carrots." With the mention of the carrots, I feel myself blush, at the thought of what I was doing earlier.

AMY- I see your face colour and think you look quite cute. "Sounds delicious, anything I can do to help?" I glance around and see the table is set already, but I note some clothes hanging on the wooden drier by the fire. "Maybe I could fold those?"

TOMAS- "Yes please," I say to you, not sure how to broach the subject, I feel suddenly shy. "I.. er was meaning to say... o you. In the study we have a sewing machine, and I was going to give you some material, linen or cotton if you prefer, to er.. you know.. make some more suitable.. you know." I finally manage to stutter out.

AMY- I smile at you. "Thank you, I appreciate that and could do with some you know!" I giggle quietly then go over and start folding your laundry, I notice a shirt with a split seam. "I can mend this for you too if you'd like?"

TOMAS- As I take out the food and start to serve it up on the plates, I realise you are enjoying my current discomfort, and in a strange way, I too am enjoying you being more relaxed in my presence. "Yes, miss, that would be wonderful, thank you. First though lets eat," I reply to you.

AMY- We sit down and say prayers before tucking into the delicious food, I soon compliment you on the flavour, then say. "Can I ask you a personal question,Sir?" You seem concerned but agree. "How come you don't have a wife?"

TOMAS- "Firstly, please don't call me sir when there are just the two of us together, please call me Tomas," I reply to you. "I have never taken a wife for two reasons, one, I have never met anyone yet that I would wish to spend the rest of my life with, the second reason, I'm bashful around womenfolk."

AMY- I snort with laughter then quickly try to collect myself, how can you say you're bashful after deliberately making me strip in front of you earlier? "Sorry, Sir... I mean Tomas." I compose myself a little more but can feel my face burning. "It's just hard to believe that you're bashful after... well after earlier."

TOMAS- I'm puzzled,then realise what you mean. "I tend to get tongue-tied in a social situation, our position here is more... for.. er guidance, so.. I... I feel more sure of myself."

AMY- Wow you really are bashful, this could work to my advantage later, but for now I'll be charitable. "Well, I hope you never feel too tongue tied around me." I smile at you and tuck into my supper again, thinking about ways to get you totally tongue tied... and what you could do with your tongue that would make me smile even more.

TOMAS- After supper I light two oil lamps for you by the sewing machine, and one for me by the armchair. As you start your needlework I see to the dishes, then sit by you, me reading about the life and works of Gaudi, and you working away with the cotton and linen. We sit together for an hour or so in amicable silence.

AMY- Sewing has never been a liking of mine, but I am good at it and before long I've made three pairs of very unfashionable passion killing bloomers, but at least they will cover my modesty and keep me warm. As I inspect them I suddenly remember the second part of my punishment and my heart leaps up into my throat. Maybe you've forgotten, I hope so anyway!

TOMAS- The last twenty minutes or so I haven't been able to concentrate on my reading, merely flicking through the book and looking at the illustrations, even with this beauty in front of me my mind still wanders. Wandering back to today's events I find myself looking forward to your punishment, this is wrong, I know it is my duty to carry out what I said I would do. To find enjoyment from it however is sinful, and I know it, but I also know I can't help myself. At least tonight you will be clothed, and that should save me from lustful temptations. "Miss Amy, it's nearing ten o'clock and we have to be up early for church in the morning," I say breaking the almost pleasant silence. "so if you wish to prepare yourself for bed, and your final punishment, just go up now and call me to your room when you are ready."

AMY- My heart begins to race and my breathing quickens, I want so much to protest but it will do me no good. "Okay." I say quietly. I collect up my things and go slowly upstairs to my room, my legs are already turning to jelly before I get there. After getting undressed I take my long nightgown out of the drawer and put it on, it's not one of the modern ones I prefer but a modest traditional garment that buttons up to my neck and almost reaches the floor. I take a moment to compose myself, then go out onto the landing and call down the stairs as loudly as I can muster. "I'm... I'm ready now." I can already feel a stirring between my legs...

TOMAS- My palms are sweating as the excitement mounts in me, I try to convince myself that I'm doing this for your good and not my gratification, but I know deep down I'm lying to myself. I make my way up the stairs, paddle in my hand, then I enter the room. You are standing there, a vision in white, your light brown hair now on display for the first time today, the shape of your breasts now visible under your nightgown, even the little nipples slightly pushing against the cloth. Strange as it's not that cold tonight? "Miss Amy, for your comfort, why not put the pillows at the foot of the bed?" I suggest.

AMY- After a moments thought I realise you mean for me to lean over them, I pick them up and place them at the foot of the bed, close to the edge. I then turn to look at you, unsure of myself, I need reassurance and guidance now, for the first time in my life I'm bowing to authority and it's creating so many feelings and emotions within me, I feel my eyes fill with tears...

TOMAS- "Miss Amy, if you could just lift your nightgown up to your waist, then bend over the pillows and get yourself as comfortable as you can. Then we can begin," I tell you my confidence rising again.

AMY- A thought suddenly occurs to me. "Um... you said I could wear those panties. I... I haven't got them on yet."

TOMAS- I'm stunned, the wind knocked out of my sails. I now realise that apart from the white nightgown you are completely naked. "I'll er.. leave the room while you attend to the matter, then you can call me in when you are ready in position."

AMY- I nod and wait for you to leave before quickly pulling on the skimpy thong, I adjust it for comfort, then lift my nightgown up and bend over the pillows. I'm so tense my stomach hurts, but it's also increasing the tension in my labia too. "I'm ready now." I call to you nervously.

TOMAS- I enter the room, the bed directly in front of me, your bottom raised high. The underwear has the opposite effect than I thought it would. It actually accentuates your bottom even more, making the pose seem more provocative than I could ever imagine, the thin strip of cloth cutting into the lips of your sex, and your bottom raised so high that the whole area is now in view. I try to swallow but my mouth is too dry. "Five swats, miss, please count them out loud." I manage to say as I raise the paddle.

AMY- I notice a difference in your voice and try to work out what it is, but I soon get distracted as the paddle makes contact with a loud thwack against my bare bottom, it creates such a sharp sting. "Oww!" I squeal, and immediately reach back with my hands to sooth my sore cheeks, completely forgetting to count....

TOMAS- I wait for the count, but nothing comes. "Are you forgetting anything, miss, we can always start again?" I say, watching your cheeks redden at an amazing pace.

AMY- I wonder for a moment, then realise what you're talking about. "One!" I grunt, but I keep on rubbing at my poor bottom.

TOMAS- My mind drifts back to seeing you in the mirror, I would love to have you strip completely, but I know these evil thoughts are wrong. My mind in turmoil, blaming both myself and you for these lustful thoughts, I bring down the paddle with more force than I intended.

AMY- The pain comes instantly but you hit me with such a force that instead of yelling out I gasp deeply and wind myself, my eyes begin to stream with tears and I lay there in shock for a moment, unable to move or speak.....

TOMAS- I feel stunned and don't know what to do, the guilt is palpable in me. I can't not continue the punishment though. "That last one was perhaps a little too hard," I say, a blatant understatement, but what else can I do. "I'll allow you a little time to compose yourself, tell me when you are ready to continue."

AMY- I eventually get my breath back and wipe the tears from my face, I tentatively reach back and touch my blazing bottom, it feels likes it's on fire but I rub it gently in an attempt to sooth it. As I caress myself I feel a sudden rush of wetness between my legs, my eyes widen as I begin to wonder if you can see it soaking into my thong. I steady myself, take a deep breath and say, "Two.., Sir!" I move my hands back in front of me and wait for the next stroke, hoping it will be much gentler, and praying you won't see my embarrassment..

TOMAS- As I wait, I wander behind you, as your body shakes the cloth of your strange underwear slides further into your sex. My thoughts, and physical state, are both aimed at only one ungodly act. I wonder what it would be like to slide myself into those lips, then your voice brings me back to reality. I bring down the paddle onto your waiting red, bruised buttocks, still hard, but not harsh.

AMY- "Arrgghh!" I really yell this time, the sting is unbelievable and I'm sure I'll be bruised already. I rub again at my poor bottom. "No more," I gasp. "I can't take any more." But the feeling between my legs is telling me otherwise..

TOMAS- "Don't worry, only two more then we are finished, would you like a bit more time, or just both together and get them over with?"

AMY- I gaze back at you. "Would you do both together? Please?" I nod with a sense of urgency, hoping it'll all be over as soon as possible.

TOMAS- "OK, miss, prepare yourself," I say, glad you made that choice, I need desperately to relieve my growing tension. I bring down the paddle.....

AMY- True to your word you get it over with quickly, the sting is overwhelming and I can't help eliciting a loud shriek. "Owww!" I furiously begin rubbing my burning cheeks. "Ow.. ow.. oh shit!" Before I have a chance to stop myself the expletive is out!

TOMAS- I can't believe what has just come out of your mouth, then like a blinding light, it comes to me. I remember my cousin Ruth, who at the age of nineteen, and waiting to get married, got as my aunt said, a bit too uppity and headstrong. I remember Ruth telling my sister and I what her mother did to remind her that as long as she stayed in her house she was still a child, and would be treat as such.Ideal. "Miss I cannot let such childish behaviour, and sewer language go unpunished," I tell you, barely able to hold back the excitement in my voice. "Get up from the bed and stand over there, facing the wall, act like a child and you will be treated like one," I say to you as I leave the room to prepare things.

AMY- I struggle to my feet and watch you go, I feel ashamed at my outburst, but there's no way I'm going to stand against the wall like a naughty schoolgirl, instead I go over to the mirror and study the marks on my bottom while I gently rub it...

TOMAS- I come back into the room a couple of minutes later to find you studying your bottom in the mirror, I shake my head at you, it seems you are incapable of following the simplest of instructions. It looks like my plan is well warranted, and deserved, I try to convince myself. "Here," I say as I hand you some plain light blue ribbons, "tie your hair back and up."

AMY- All I really want to do is take care of the ache between my legs, but I take the ribbons and do as you say. Once my hair is up I frown at you. "Why did you want me to tie my hair up?"

TOMAS- "Because I know how funny womenfolk can be about their hair," I reply to you, "now if can remove your nightgown, and fold it up, and also those panties, we can get along."

AMY- My jaw drops and my eyes widen. "You... you want me to take all my clothes off, in front of you?"

TOMAS- "Yes, you have proven yourself to be a foul mouthed dirty little girl, and as such, I intend to clean you, your bath is running now. So come along now."

AMY- I shake my head and back away from you. "No!" I yell. "I won't let you bathe me!"

TOMAS- "Why not, behave like a child, and get treated like one," I tell you my voice now firm and even. "You must admit such language from a young lady is not acceptable?"

AMY- I can't hold your gaze. "Yes, Sir," I say more quietly. "I agree that it wasn't acceptable, but it... well it really hurt and I couldn't help it." I remember something from my childhood and I lift my eyes to look at you. "Couldn't you just wash my mouth out with soap?"

TOMAS- What an odd request, to volunteer for something so horrible, but I've used the mental images of my cousin's punishment on many, too many a lonely night, to relinquish the chance of playing it all out in real life. "No, for all you deserve it, I have other plans for you."

AMY- I can't hold back the tears any longer. "I can't be naked in front of you, it just isn't right and you can't ask me to do that!" But the more I think about it, the more turned on I'm getting. Maybe it's the authority you're wielding, but I feel so submissive all of a sudden I know one more order and I'd strip for you without question.

TOMAS- "It is right, I am in loco-parentis to you, a position given- not asked for- to me by both your parents, and the elders," I tell you, though what they would make of my plans for you tonight I have no idea. "So please, remove your clothing and we will go to the bathroom, before your water gets cold."

AMY- I sniff loudly, then slowly begin unbuttoning my nightgown, I let it slip to the floor then remove my thong. I stand before you completely naked, trying to cover my modesty with my hands to little effect. I can't look you in the eye...

TOMAS- I look at your face all the time, not taking any notice of your naked body, (plenty of time for that, I will be seeing so much more of you than you could imagine.)I don't want you thinking I'm getting gratification from your punishment. I notice your little ears are burning red, as is your face. I take you by the hand,and lead you to the bathroom.......

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