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Interview with a paddling coach!

This is an interview between Tomas and Julie, a previous contributor of letters to our blog.

Tomas- Thank you, Julie for agreeing to do this interview, as a recap for our newer readers would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Julie - I am a phys. ed. coaching a large high school, in Florida and I specialise in track and field. I would imagine though that for your readers the fact that I am one of the assigned paddlers at the school, will be of most interest.

Tomas - Yes that is the part of your job that we would like to discuss, but first though I was wondering how you came to be writing to us in the first place. After all we are not really a site that you would accidentally enter?

Julie - (laughs) OK you got me, I'm busted! I have a little bit of an interest in spanking, and CP. I wasn't looking for flower arranging tips, I was actively seeking out spanking stories.

Tomas- Does that not cause a conflict of interest?

Julie - Huh?

Tomas - Well your position as a disciplinarian, and your love of corporal punishment.

Julie- I know where you are coming from there, but I can't see it myself. Most gynaecologists are hetero-males, and nothing is ever made of that. However I do realise many people would not see it my way, so I go to great lengths to keep the two worlds separate. Also Tom you are jumping to massive conclusions, I did not say in which way my spanking interest lies.

Tomas - True, but by coming on here and writing letters, and then doing this interview you are leaving yourself wide open to being caught out.

Julie - No I don't think so, to begin with I'm not called Julie and I was vague about my whereabouts. There are plenty of paddling coaches in the high schools down here to guarantee my anonymity. The only people that could blow my cover would be my two bare-ass trainees. I don't think that would be something that they would particularly want to come into public light, so I feel pretty secure in that respect.

Tomas - And of course they would have to be a little lost on the Internet to find your letter as well.

Julie - Yeah they would have to be hunting for spanking stuff to either find your blog, or the Spanking Library, so it would be a case of a shared interest to keep it quiet.

Tomas - You said in your letter that your school is not paddle happy like some, do you think that corporal punishment is being over used in some places?

Julie - No I don't think it is over used, it is no where near as the magazines and the web sites would lead you to believe, also in many cases it is the students choice to take a couple of pops over other available punishments. Don't get me wrong on this though, it is also a lot easier for the administrators to give out a few whacks then it is to arrange in school suspensions. Another thing I would like to straighten out, is the tendency for some of the letters that you have received to go off at a fantasy tangent. I don't know of any schools around this area having a bare-bottom policy, or for that matter a one layer of clothing policy.

Tomas - Well we have to take all the correspondence that we receive at face value, and I know that in certain cases both of those policies have been in the past, or are in place in some schools and homes even today.

Julie - Granted that may be true, but it by no way the norm.

Tomas - So the two trainee teachers were the only bare butts you've had to punish in your role at the school?

Julie - Er... yeah, I would say so. Yes that was the only occasion really.

Tomas - You don't sound a hundred percent sure on that one Julie?

Julie - Well there was another occasion that was sort of school related, but it would sound like one of the fantasy letters I was just relating to.

Tomas - I'm all ears now, so what happened?

Julie - OK here we go then, make of this what you will. Our school like most of the high schools in the area, has given out our kitchens to private tender. It proves the most cost effective way of running things, the school board doesn't have to worry about the kitchen staffing, or the kitchen staff. The company that wins the tender has to work within our guidelines in respect of the quality, and the variety of food but other than that they are given a free hand in all recruitment and working conditions that they give their staff. The owner of the company that we use, lets just call her Anne for the sake of this interview. Approached me one day about two years ago and said. "Julie I have a little bit of a problem that you may be able to help me with." Now I was at least a little curious to fine out about her problem, so I told her that if I could help in anyway I would. It turned out her problem was two sisters that she had working in the kitchen, had been caught stealing from the stockroom. Normally she said this would be straight forward, both would be dismissed and the police would be called in. Anne though felt sorry for the two girls as she found out why they were stealing from her, Anita the younger of the two girls at twenty one years of age, had just given birth a couple of months earlier only for her boyfriend to leave her high and dry. Her elder sister Miete had the brainwave of stealing catering size tins and selling them on to local fast food joints. Not really the crime of the century, but still a crime. The two of them had been caught the previous day with two three kg tins of kidney beans in their sports holdalls. Now I knew both girls as they were ex-students of the school, Anita was always quiet and a little shy, Miete on the other hand I knew a little better as she was one of my regulars, hardly a month went by without me having to ask Miete to bend over for for the "board". I still didn't know where this conversation was leading, as far as I could see dismissal was Anne's only real option. Then Anne said that both girls claimed they were only stealing to try and help Anita with her baby. This seemed to pull at Anne's maternal streak, and instead of reporting them to the police she wanted to know if I would help her out with the girls discipline. As you can guess this made my curiosity grow a little more, not wanting to seem to eager I just asked what she had in mind. "Well I've put this proposition to both girls, and they agreed." She told me. "Instead of losing their jobs, and facing the likelihood of police prosecution, both girls have agreed to be paddled in front of the rest of my staff. I thought this would be an apt punishment for them, and also a good warning for the others." I nodded for Anne to carry on. "The problem I have is twofold," She continued. "one I have no experience in corporal punishment, and two I also have no paddle. I went straight into retail on leaving school, so I don't even have a sorority paddle hanging up anywhere." "So you wish to borrow the school paddle?" I asked her. "No not really the favour I wanted to ask was if you would paddle the girls for me, twenty pops each?" She asked me with a grim but hopeful look on her face. Of course I agreed, the idea of a little extra curricular paddling with an audience was a huge turn on for me. So we set it for the following Saturday afternoon at Anne's house. After she left, I had to think of some of the practicalities of what Anne had suggested. Taking the paddle home with me would be no real problem, the paddle itself was the problem. The school's board was an old fashioned large wooden style one. The problem was it's weight, and the amount of strokes that Anne wanted delivered. Twenty pops are way too much with that style paddle, plus it would do my wrist no good, also the risk of damaging one of the girls was high with a large paddle like that one. So I decided not to use the school paddle, but to use my own recreational paddle, a much smaller but stingy lexan paddle. Twenty pops with that though could lead to the buttocks being numbed after a dozen or so pops. So I thought two sets of ten, with a time out in between would be most effective way to go.

Tomas - So you were looking forward to paddling the sisters?

Julie - Hell yeah I was, wouldn't you have been. It was going to be like performance art as far as I thought, of course like most thing it didn't turn out quite how I expected.

Tomas - In what way?

Julie - When I got to Anne's house it was huge, with about eight or nine cars parked outside or on the long drive. I was expecting the kitchen staff being there, as she indicated. What I didn't realise was she meant all of her employees would be there. I rang the doorbell and Anne showed me into the kitchen, the kitchen was about the same size as Tony's in the Sopranos, do you get that program in England?

Tomas - Yeah we do.

Julie - So you know what I mean about the size of Anne's place. There would have been easily more than twenty people either in the kitchen or milling around outside in the garden. I noticed that there was also three guys there, two were van drivers and one was her book-keeper. I have to admit that turned me on even more having a mixed audience. The two sisters were standing on their own by the sink, both looking very sheepish. No surprise really they were both wearing jeans, I was disappointed though that only Anita was wearing heels, Miete was wearing sneakers.

Tomas - Hold on a second, why the disappointment about the girls footwear?

Julie - I always prefer it when the girls are wearing heels, and for that matter any boys I get in if they are wearing anything higher than a flat shoe is always best.

Tomas - Now I'm a even more confused, do you have some sort of footwear fetish? (laughs)

Julie - No not at all. It's just if they are wearing any sort of heel I have the excuse to tell them to remove their shoes, for health and safety reasons. You know in case they lose their balance and twist an ankle.

Tomas - And....?

Julie - Well it's like a sort of preparation. A token stripping if you like, as they remove their shoes they know that they are getting ready to be punished, it's a basic psychology thing. Another reinforcement I like to use is not keeping the paddle in my office but in the secretary's office down the hall. So my first paddlee is sent to collect the paddle and bring it to me, the last one is sent to return it to the office. It all adds to the embarrassment and tension. As I have said earlier in my letter, some weeks I only have a couple or so students to see, so quite often I will only have one student to attend to. So that one student will have to collect and return the paddle. This is particularly bad for any of the senior male students, a couple of the girls in the secretary's office are only about seventeen. So for an eighteen, or nineteen year old in some cases, having to collect the paddle from a younger girl then deliver it back to her all red faced and teary is probably worse than the actual paddling.

Tomas - Right I'm with you now, so bearing in mind what the girls were wearing you would only get to "strip" Anita?

Julie - That's what I thought. Anne had other plans though. I told Anita that she would have to take off her shoes in case she threw her ankle with her heels, I told Miete that her sneakers were OK to leave on, then Anne interrupted. "Julie we have discussed this with the girls earlier," She told me. "they are both to get an old fashioned ass-whup, so they will both be going bare butt." I was more than a little taken aback, but also pleasantly surprised. "Ah..I see," I said. "right then girls can you both take off your shoes please." Anita nodded slowly staring at the floor, resigned to her fate. Miete looked me in the eye in desperation, hoping I would intervene on their side, I just said. "Chop-chop girls we don't have all day."

Tomas - Did you not feel that you should have somehow tried to save the girls from such indignity?

Julie - No not at all. I'm a great believer in don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Both girls were in this position due to their own actions. OK, I grant you it was never going to be the crime of the century. But it was a crime, and the girls were given options and they chose this one. Before you start Tomas, they chose the paddling and they were not blackmailed into it! I saw it as no different to a student opting for a paddling over an I.S.S., it was their decision and life is full of decisions. I think the problem with Miete was her size, you could walk into the room and see that both girls were related straight off. They both had the typical Latina look, black hair, hazel brown eyes and olive skin. Anita had the J-lo look about her, small frame and a lovely rounded apple ass. Miete though, not to put to fine a point on it was a larger framed girl, much larger framed, which is why I think she was the most nervous about stripping off in front of her co-workers. Talking of her co-workers, they were all in the kitchen now vying for the best viewpoints, some seated but most standing. This left me with a bit of a problem, as I had planned to use one of the chairs for the girls to bend over, rather than disturb my audience I tried to think of a suitable replacement. Then looking out of the window into the yard, something caught my eye. I saw a child's plastic dining set, you know the sort I mean? Four little plastic dining chairs around a dinky little table? Now that both girls were bare footed, I thought it would be a good little run out for them into the yard to collect a chair each. As I was instructing them to get the chairs, I opened my purse to retrieve my paddle. A look of relief seemed to pass over Miete's face as she saw the lexan paddle, no doubt glad the I hadn't brought the school paddle that she was all to familiar with. The sisters padded out to get the chairs, no doubt each step on the cold stone floor reminding them of what they were here for. As they collected the chairs I prepared a running order in my mind, this was going to be a long slow punishment session, long remembered by all in the room.

Tomas - Do you not think you were adding cruelty to the punishment?

Julie - No, not at all. I was merely doing what was asked of me. When both girls were back in the kitchen, I asked them both to remove their jeans. As I expected they complied, also as I expected they were both very close to tears as they did so. Once they were down to their panties, both white cotton and full cut, (laughs) I know these sort of details are important to your readers.

Tomas - Well it all adds to the mental picture.

Julie - Yeah. I then asked the girls to fold up their jeans and place them nearly on the breakfast counter. Then I asked them to do the same with their panties, Miete managed a small plea of . "Please coach..." "Now." Was my terse reply. So there they were, both naked from the waist down, but their long white t-shirts were spoiling the view for their friends and work colleagues. "Hands on the top of your heads please girls." I ordered. That did the trick, the hem of both shirts were lifted well clear of their surprisingly hairy crotches, both girls were sporting unfashionable thick black thatches. Miete was now really on the verge of tears at her shame, Anita was shaking though I think that was from the fear of the unknown, as I said earlier Anita was always a good girl, and yet to taste the paddle. I decided that I would give Miete ten pops first, then Anita ten. After a twenty minute corner time break, both girls would receive their final ten pops at the same time alternating from one to the other.

Tomas - Why that running order?

Julie - I wanted Anita to hear her big sisters punishment, then to see the effect of it before receiving her first batch.I thought it would add to the tension for her. So I asked Anita to go and face out of the window, Miete I instructed to bend over and place her hands on her plastic chair. I asked her to place her feet shoulder width apart, this caused a little sob from her, but in all honesty she wasn't really displaying that much with the change of her foot position. Anita though when her turn came around was another story. Now with Anita facing away from her sister I could get to work. The first pop I brought on really hard to the centre of Miete's buttocks. Then I waited. I wanted to see the effect on her butt of one single stroke before continuing, I had never actually used this paddle before, so I was curious to see how one stroke shaped up on a cold bottom.

Tomas - So the paddle was brand new?

Julie - No, I said I hadn't used it... I'd felt it, but not used it. I'd seen the results in the mirror from a few play sessions, but not the result of one single real punishment stroke. You know I think I'm starting to say a little bit more than I intended to.(laughs) Well back to what happened, I Miete had any feelings that this flimsy plastic paddle was going to be easier than my school board, those feeling would have well and truly left with that first pop. After only a couple of seconds the "treated" flesh was starting to turn red. I continued paddling her at a leisurely pace, by the third pop her little grunts had turned to pleas and cries of woe. I knew the effect that all this noise from her big tough sister would be having on Anita, ans a quick glance at her confirmed my thoughts. Anita was now shaking from her knees up over, so much so that her butt cheeks were wobbling in a slow, sexy, hypnotising way. I concentrated on the centre of Miete's bottom, I wanted to have a really reddened area by the end of her first ten strokes, the first eight managed that nicely, so the final two were aimed at the tops of her thighs and the base of her bottom, that little area that make each step a reminder that you have been punished. After the tenth stroke I asked the two girls to swap places. As a rather tearful Miete took up her position by the window, hands back on the top of her head, her bottom on full display. This gave Anita the chance to see the results of her sisters punishment, and what was about to be coming her way. Before I had the chance to tell her Anita got into position, no doubt rushing to get her ordeal over with. With her feet now at shoulder width apart, she gave all the room a clear view of the back of her pussy, the dark pink lips contrasting with the natural tan of her legs and buttocks. Now I'm not a lesbian but I couldn't fail to appreciate her body displayed in such a manner, as I would imagine did all of her workmates, especially the males. Again after the first pop I waited to see the effect that a lone swat would have on her, she coloured a little quicker than her sister. She was also a lot more vocal than her sister, and a lot more animated, by the fourth swat she was gyrating and dropping down almost to her knees between pops. By the time we reached the tenth swat, she was performing an almost lewd lap dance to my paddle. I also noticed, even if no-one else did, that the punishment was having an effect on her over than that of causing pain.

Tomas - Really?

Julie - Yes. That's why I wasn't sure about telling this tale, it now starts to sound like a "spanking story".

Tomas - So she was getting turned on, are you sure?

Julie - Take it from me she was. I've seen it often enough, and been there myself for that matter to know when a spanking is having that effect. Whether she was aware or not, I wasn't that sure. So after her ten were up, I asked her to go into the corner of the kitchen away from her sister. I then announced a twenty minute recess for the audience, and twenty minutes thinking time for the sisters. Anne seemed to think this was good opportunity to break out refreshments, beer or wine for those not driving and sodas for those who were. It was starting to have the look and atmosphere of a company party, apart from the two red butted crying females standing there.

Tomas - It all sounds very surreal.

Julie - It was, but I assure you it was real enough. As the partying started it gave me a chance to have a word with the girls, one at a time. Miete, I just told her that she was holding up well, and that the second batch of ten would be over quicker than the first, though of course not any less painful. Anita though I decided I would play with a little, you know rack it all up a bit higher for her, so I whispered to her, mind you I'm paraphrasing here as I can't remember my exact words. "The next ten, you are going to get side by side, I'm going to swat Miete first then you, one each till we get to ten." She nodded, her eyes tightly closed. "So everyone will get a chance to compare your bare asses as I'm whacking you. Just think of the three hard-ons your bare ass and pussy lips will be causing, I imagine there will be a few pairs of damp panties there as well. Do you think?" Her eyes flew open. "I said do you think?" Without turning around to face me, she slowly nodded. "Just think your little show here this afternoon will be causing a lot of activity tonight. I bet you will have fired them all up, their partners won't know whats hit them when they go to bed tonight. You think?" She smiled, she actually smiled. "So let those thoughts get you through the next half hour." I then gave her ass a little parting slap. When the twenty minutes were up, Anne called to everyone to get back into place so I could wind up the proceedings. She was really in her element as the host stroke master of ceremonies. I placed the two little plastic chairs about three feet apart and called the girls over to take up their positions again. Miete looked terrified and shamed. Anita looked almost serene. The serenity soon disappeared as I started the final paddling. It was very crisp, alternating between the two of them in rapid succession. I was taking pains to make sure that both of their butts got a good covering, and colouring. Miete took hers in a stalwart manner with the minimum of fuss. Anita was gyrating and stamping even more than before, how much of that was pain orientated, and how much was the reaction to my words I'm not really sure. Either way she put on a fine show, and was becoming visibly wetter. Once I reached their quota, I instructed the girls to get dressed straight away. Anne said that there would be food served later for those that wished to stay, the sisters were not invited to this soiree, the audience for the most part drifted back out into the yard. Three or four stayed in the kitchen, sipping at their drinks and watching the sisters struggle painfully back into their clothes. Once the girls were decent again, I instructed them to take the chairs back out into the yard. As they were doing that, I bid my farewell to Anne and she thanked me "helping her out". I then offered Miete and Anita a ride home, to my surprise they agreed. Needless to say the journey was in total silence,as I drove them back to Miete's apartment where the three of them were staying, as Miete was letting Anita and her baby stay with her till she got things sorted out.

After we pulled up outside her block, Miete gave me a sullen thank you, Anita on the other hand leaned back into the car all bright eyed and said. "Thank you very much for today coach!" I told her that if ever she wanted to chat about "things" to pop along to my office at school.

Tomas - And did she? Pop along?

Julie - Well that would be another story, and I'm all talked out for now. So that's it really make of it what you will.
Tomas - Thank you very much Julie, I look forward to hearing from you again.

Julie - We'll have to see on that one Tom.

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