Tuesday, 28 December 2010

S.P.A.N.K.S. (call centre motivation) Part 5

Laila sat at her desk and wondered how she could have misjudged everything so badly. She was sure with the things that she had seen and read in England, coupled with Simon's avid advocacy of the S.P.A.N.K.S program, that he would have found the caning to be just as exciting as she did. She was wrong. She was very wrong, after his caning had been completed Simon had merely re-adjusted his clothing and left her office wordlessly. Laila though had found the punishment to be an erotic experience far out weighing any other punishment she had either given or witnessed. She shook her head as she realised she had got another thing so wrong, then set about checking her emails as she waited for the inevitable call from her uncle. She did not have long to wait, his secretary rang to say he wanted to see her whole team in conference room one at four fifteen.

The rest of Lailas' day was taken up with wondering what was going to happen later that afternoon. The time came around soon enough, as Laila and the other eleven members of her team filed into the room, Laila couldn't fail to notice the yellow cane lying on the black granite conference table. Nor could she fail to notice the look upon her uncles face. "This does not look good." She thought to herself.
"Ladies, gentlemen, please be seated." Said Mr. Toi, in an unassuming, amicable manner.
They all took their seats apart from Mr. Toi who remained standing, smiling and nodding to his assembled promotion team. Laila knew her uncle to well not to miss the steely look in his eyes, she wasn't being taken in by his affable facade.
"So," He said, still smiling, "exactly who has been involved in this failed program implementation in Britain?"
Three people held up their hands, Simon Manners, Miss. Chandran and Mrs. Teoh.
"Ah! Miss. Chandran I understand your feelings of responsibility, you being Miss. Tois' secretary, but unless you were directly involved in the decision process that led to this debacle you may lower you hand."
Miss. Chandran smiled with relief as she lowered her arm. Laila stared at the black table top evading her uncle's gaze.
"I see we have no member of the legal department here, did these memos write themselves?"
"Sir I... I had a little to do with drawing up the documents," said Mr. Sanjeet, the promotion teams young Indian lawyer.
"Only a little, Mr. Sanjeet?" Asked Mr. Toi. "I believe you were educated in England."
Mr. Sanjeet nodded glumly.
"So you would be very aware of the sensationalist nature of the English press, and also aware of the employment laws in that country."
"Yes, Mr. Toi, and I had huge misgivings about the program."
Laila stopped looking at the table top to glare in disbelief at Mr. Sanjeet, her uncle caught this look and smiled.
"So, Mr. Sanjeet," Mr. Toi continued in avuncular manner, "you will no doubt have voiced your opinions to the rest of the team?" Mr. Sanjeet shook his head and Mr. Toi tutted. "Mr. Sanjeet and Mrs. Teoh I will see you both tomorrow morning in my office at nine o'clock sharp, and your involvement with be dealt with then. If you are not there, I will take your absence as being you handing in your notice."
They both nodded glumly, only too aware of what that meeting would bring.
"Miss. Toi," Mr. Toi said to his niece. "I noticed you never raised your hand."
Laila coughed to clear her throat then spoke. "I didn't feel the need to, as I am involved in all aspects of my department's work, including staff allocation of work, and staff discipline, since my return from England - A trip that I found to be very fruitful, having changed their implementation of the program. - I have already dealt with the matter of the staff discipline."
"The program did not need a change in implementation," Mr. Toi butted in, "it needs fazing out in Britain, and all plans to introduce it to other western countries need to be cancelled. Is that understood?"
Laila nodded, her eyes now watery.
"And what staff discipline are you referring to?"
"I have dealt with Mr. Manners."
Mr. Toi seemed to be visibly taken aback that this statement, almost on the verge of laughter he asked. "Really! In what way?"
"As Mr. Manners was the driving force behind the program, I caned him this morning for not looking into all aspects of the problems that a program like this could cause in his homeland."
Now in real danger of laughing, Mr.Toi said, "As I remember events, Miss. Toi, both you and Mr. Manners were keen to push this program through. Both of you chose to ignore my heartfelt objections, assuring me everything would be fine. I also recall telling you both "on your heads be it if it all goes wrong" is that not correct?"
Laila shrugged her shoulders, and lifted her palms face up in the classic Gallic gesture, she knew she was beaten. She knew she was about to be beaten. It was just now a matter of whether it would be public or private.
"I would like to talk now to all the department as a whole," Mr. Toi said, "I understand that Miss. Toi, and to a certain extent Mr. Manners are both looked upon in some sort of awe by the rest of you. I wish to dispel any feelings that you may have that nepotism rules the offices of this company, only consistent results produce promotions in my regime. To reinforce this, and also to teach some rising young things that sometimes a wise old head knows what he is talking about. I plan to make their punishment, a public one, at least to you assembled in this room." At that Mr. Toi clicked his fingers. His secretary quickly ran around the office closing all the blinds, so that anyone not in the office would not see the following proceedings.
Now Laila felt very uncomfortable, unlike Simon she knew her uncle very well, and for all of her love of punishing people when the chance arose, the idea of being punished in front of her peers was bad enough, but being punished in front of her lessor's was plain awful. But she now knew that was exactly what her uncle had in mind for both of them. She and Simon were going to be caned in front of her whole department.
"Miss. Toi," her uncle said still sounding amicable. "can you and Mr. Manners move to the front of the room and prepare yourselves?"
Laila stood up from her seat and walked, head held high to Mr. Tois' side. Laila knew only to well what was expected of her, and in a lead to Simon Laila took off her jacket and placed it across the set of drawers behind them. Then she rolled up her suit skirt and tucked the hem into it's waistband, revealing her white panties to her ever watchful audience.
Then in a token gesture born more from hope than from experience she said.
"Please, sir may I keep my panties up?"
In total silence Mr. Toi shook his head.
Laila lowered her knickers to her knees, revealing her trimmed jet black bush to all in the room.
Simon looked on stunned by her display, then he to came forward and like Laila before him he bared his lower body for punishment.
"In difference to the usual protocol," Mr. Toi said, "today it will be gentlemen before ladies. Mr. Manners could you come forward and bend over please."
As Simon moved to take his place, Mr. Toi caught sight of Simon's already latticed behind.
"Miss. Toi, how many strokes has Mr. Manners already had?" Asked Laila's uncle.
"Six, sir, six very hard ones." Replied Laila.
Mr. Toi nodded, and then said. "My intention was to give Mr. Manners eight strokes, but as he has already received six strokes his sentence is reduced to two. Miss. Toi shall receive twelve strokes, as I see her as being the main culprit for the position that we are in at the moment."
Simon breathed a sigh of relief, and Laila gulped, the rest of the room tried to hold back their glee at the idea of of the boss and her little pet getting a good caning. Mr. Toi picked up the cane, and asked Simon to touch his toes. The two strokes were perfunctory, quickly laid on to his naked behind, one after the other with virtually no break between the two swishes. But for all they were quickly applied it made them no less painful. For an old man he could still wield a wicked stick, and Simon was all too aware that there would be another two weal's joining the six that Laila had so over enthusiastically placed upon him. Mr. Toi motioned with his cane for Simon to stand to one side, Simon made to re-adjust his clothing but was met with.
"No, Mr. Manners, I see no need for you to be pulling up your clothing until your partner in ineptitude is also dealt with."
Those word stung Laila more than her uncle's cane would, or at least so she thought upon hearing them.
"Miss. Toi please." Her uncle said, motioning to the vacated spot left by Simon.
Laila took the required position, bent forward her hands gripping hard at the back of her knees. The first stroke cut into her light brown buttocks, and she felt the tears start to rise within her, by the seventh stroke she was openly in tears and crying for mercy from her uncle. Her uncle though was not feeling in any way merciful, all he said was, "let this be a lesson for all of you. No one in my company is immune from discipline should the need occur. I would advise you all that when you get home tonight, instead of watching television,"
He brought down the eighth and ninth stroke across Laila's naked behind by way of punctuation, emphasised on by her screams of pain, "you should all think of a replacement bonus scheme that can be implemented in Britain, that will both appease the staff and not cost the company." Strokes ten and eleven reinforced his statement, least ways Laila's cries reinforced it. Stroke twelve, like Laila with Simon, was aimed at the little crease between the bottom cheeks and the top of her thighs. Like his niece, his aim was true, as the cane lashed across her upper thighs Laila howled out in agony.
"OK, Miss. Toi you may now stand," her uncle told Laila.
As Laila struggled back into an upright position, she could see through her watery eyes that her punishment had an effect on at least one male in the room. Simon was standing with his hands on his head, and his cock pointing skywards.
"Mr. Manners," Mr. Toi said, "you may now readjust your clothing. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your time, you may now leave, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Remember, Mr. Sanjeet and, Mrs. Teoh I will be seeing you both at nine o'clock in the morning." With that the room silently emptied, apart from Mr. Toi and his still half naked, sobbing niece. Once the room was empty, Mr.Toi stood behind his niece and said, "Something for you to concentrate upon for the next twenty minutes." Having said that he placed the cane between his niece's buttocks and Laila gripped upon it with her bottom cheeks.
Fighting back the tears she stood there, holding the cane in that obscene manner knowing all to well the risk she ran of letting it fall to the floor. Once she had seen her uncle punish a maid in a similar manner for breaking a crystal decanter. For every time she let the cane fall to the floor, her uncle gave the maid another cut of the cane, and restarted her allocated time. Two and a half hours the poor girl stood there, earning herself seven extra cuts, Laila had no intention of that happening to her, so through her tears she concentrated on that cane between her cheeks like her very life depended on it.

Once her ordeal at her uncles hands was over, Laila went back to her penthouse overlooking Merlion Park, tonight though the view did not concern her. All she wanted was a long cool bath. Stripping off while the water ran, she thought of today's events and all their implications, how could she face her staff tomorrow after today's public humiliation? Then other thoughts, even worse ones ran through her head as she lowered herself into the cooling water. She heard the noise that she was dreading, as she lay there in the large corner bath.
The sound of her fiance coming into the apartment, how could she explain herself? The bathroom door opened and he walked in, looking down at the naked girl in the water, her brown nipples peeking up from under the soapy suds, he asked, "does it help then?" His voice surprisingly soft and full of concern.
"A little." She replied.
As her fiance stripped himself to join her, Laila looked at his naked welted buttocks. As he lowered himself into the cold soothing water, she said, "I'm so sorry Simon."

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 2

TOMAS- So am I, I think to myself, I can feel a stickiness on my belly, as the clear liquid leaks from the end of my cock. Such thoughts, such dark thoughts. I turn to face you. "Right, miss, collect all those, "I say pointing at the bed. "and any other brassieres that you may have and follow me downstairs."

AMY- I get the other bras out of the drawer,then gather up all the under garments on the bed and follow you down the stairs....

TOMAS- I stand in front of the fire and stoke at the logs, sending sparks and flames up the chimney. "Wait here." I tell you as I leave the room.

AMY- Oh God I think to myself, now what's he going to do?

TOMAS- I return with the oft threatened but never used paddle from the schoolhouse. I notice the look of horror on your face. "Right, miss, you will consign each of those items to the flames one at a time," I tell you. "and between each item that you have sullied this house with entering the flames, you will bend over, and receive one swat of this paddle," I see you are again close to tears, but I blame you for firing up the lust in my loins. "Don't fret miss it will be over your skirt." The idea of seeing your naked bottom again,would be too much for me to contain myself.

AMY- Oh how I long for this ordeal to be over, I just want to throw the whole lot onto the fire and be done with it, but I know I have to obey or lose the chance of redeeming myself. "Yes, Sir." I say with trembling lips. I throw a pair of panties onto the fire, then look at you, unsure what you want me to do next....

TOMAS- I watch as the pale blue lace burns, and I can smell the elastic melting in the flames. "Right, miss, bend forward facing the fire, and watch the cloth burn, grab your knees, and brace yourself."

AMY- I turn away from you and reluctantly bend over, then I place my hands on my knees and brace myself nervously...

TOMAS- I look at your black covered bottom, even covered you are having the same effect on me, why send you to an old bachelor I wonder? I pull back the paddle to give myself a good swing, then bring it down with a thud on your proffered posterior.

AMY- "Ow!" I spring bolt upright and clutch at my burning bottom, I never expected that paddle to hurt so much and don't think I can handle a swat for each garment, but the increase in my arousal is most intriguing....

TOMAS- "Next item please, miss, how many do you actually have there?" I ask you, I'm now rigid, and don't know if I can continue this till the end without having an accident.

AMY- I don't know the exact amount. "Um, about fifteen I think!" I sniff. I throw one of them onto the fire and slowly take up my punishment position again, well aware of the tingling between my legs...

TOMAS- As I bring back the paddle, one item catches my eye. "That would be too much for you to take, "I tell you, also probably too much for me to take of seeing you bent like this. Even clothed!" so another three after this one should suffice for now." The paddle crashes again at your clothed behind.

AMY- "Owww!" I leap up again and furiously rub my bottom, it stings even through the thick fabric of my dress but is also affecting my private parts and I have no idea why. Can I really be getting turned by corporal punishment? I was earlier, but I can't understand why. I turn and see the impatient look on your face so I quickly throw another pair of lovely panties onto the fire...

TOMAS- I step forward,and pick up the garment that caught my eye, a tiny piece of black cloth with -try this- written on it. I study it for 30 seconds or so,trying to work out how exactly this stringy item would be worn, I put it apart from the others, then I notice a blue garment of similar cut, again this is put to one side. You look at me, puzzled at what I am doing. "Over again please, miss. "I ask you.

AMY- I take a deep calming breath then assume the position yet again,this is all so embarrassing and painful,but I know I only have this one and another two whacks to endure.

TOMAS- The stickiness on my belly is getting worse, much longer and I feel I will have a full involuntary emission. "Well, Miss Amy, you have taken your punishment well, so I will make this your last for now. Before you go to bed you will receive a final five swats, and we will draw a veil over today, and start anew tomorrow." The paddle hits you for, at least for now, the final time.

AMY- This time I manage to suppress a yell, I slowly straighten up and turn to face you. "Thank you, Sir." I say timidly. My face is wet with tears and I rummage for a handkerchief. I know you could have gone on for a lot longer if you'd chosen to and I think I got off lightly, even if I do have more to come later. "What about the rest of my..?" My voice trails off and I point to the pile of undergarments that have yet to be incinerated.

TOMAS- "Into the flames, apart from those two," I point at the ones separated from the pile. "those I've decided to keep for punishment purposes. Wearing them, you will be able to feel the full benefit of punishment on your flesh, but still save your modesty."

AMY- My eyes widen and my jaw drops. "You... you mean you want me to wear those.. when.. you're using that?" I point at the paddle with trembling fingers...

TOMAS- I'm shocked by your reaction, I thought you would have been happy, and grateful for my thoughtfulness. As always the female mind is a mystery to me. "Yes this or... whatever the punishment is, but hopefully after tonight they won't need to be used, after all if you don't bring about a situation where punishment is called for it won't happen. I am only trying to save your blushes."

AMY- I manage a weak smile. "Yes I understand that, thank you, Sir. I was just wondering that's all." I quickly throw the other garments on the fire and watch them spark and singe, all the while aware of the burning in my sex that seriously needs some more attention. "Please may I be excused now, Mr Jacobs?"

TOMAS- "Yes, if you wish to freshen yourself up, or to change, I will prepare the dinner, nothing fancy mind you, but it should be ready in just over an hour," I reply to you, in honesty having you away from me may calm these feelings I'm having.

AMY- I nod gratefully and rush away to my room, eager to deal with the urges between my legs. After closing the door and listening to make sure you haven't followed me I lay on the bed and pull up the skirt of my dress, I let my hand slide down onto my tingling sex lips, then I ease my fingers between the moist folds and begin massaging and rubbing at my clitoris, at first I take my time, closing my eyes and enjoying all the sensations, but then I quicken my pace with a new urgency to cum. It doesn't take long for me to have that wonderful feeling wash over me and I gasp and shudder as wave after wave of beautiful orgasm ripples through me...

TOMAS- In the kitchen, I put four pork chops in the wood burning stove to slow cook, I also cut some potatoes to par boil. I wonder what else to do, then I think, carrots, give your pale skin a bit colour. As I cut them, my mind wanders, thinking of your pale bottom cheeks, you across my lap. Your cheeks bouncing and pinking with each spank, my hardness returns and I know it must be dealt with. I go to the downstairs bathroom, I lower my trousers, and take my cock in my hand. Slowly I start rubbing along the length of the shaft, my mind drags up images from this afternoon. You lifting your dress to remove your panties, then placing yourself back over my lap. You in the mirror, undressing, the tuft of hair between your legs, I rub faster, with more intent. You, your breasts bare and free, the right one slightly larger, and slightly lower than the left,the pace quickens,then you redressing. You, then I feel the rush, my seed explodes from deep within me, first a strong jet of the creamy liquid, followed by the remainder seeping out. I clean myself down and wash my hands, and return to the kitchen. I cut four large apples and core them, and place them and the potatoes in with the chops. I wait for you, wracked in guilt. Wracked in lust.

AMY- After satisfying my need I have a wash and put on a clean dress, apron and bonnet, this time with no underwear beneath it. I feel exposed, yet somehow liberated as I wander downstairs to find you. I soon see you in the kitchen beavering away and as the delicious aroma fills my nostrils I smile. "I thought you said you couldn't cook!" I say brightly, hoping to avoid any further conflict with you.

TOMAS- I laugh, I'm genuinely pleased to see you again. "I can cook about half a dozen things well, everything else not so good."

AMY- I move closer. "So are what are we having?" I ask with enthusiasm. "I can smell apples can't I?"

TOMAS- I smile at you, surprisingly for me comfortable with a females closeness. "Pork chops, roasted in apples, with oven potatoes, and carrots." With the mention of the carrots, I feel myself blush, at the thought of what I was doing earlier.

AMY- I see your face colour and think you look quite cute. "Sounds delicious, anything I can do to help?" I glance around and see the table is set already, but I note some clothes hanging on the wooden drier by the fire. "Maybe I could fold those?"

TOMAS- "Yes please," I say to you, not sure how to broach the subject, I feel suddenly shy. "I.. er was meaning to say... o you. In the study we have a sewing machine, and I was going to give you some material, linen or cotton if you prefer, to er.. you know.. make some more suitable.. you know." I finally manage to stutter out.

AMY- I smile at you. "Thank you, I appreciate that and could do with some you know!" I giggle quietly then go over and start folding your laundry, I notice a shirt with a split seam. "I can mend this for you too if you'd like?"

TOMAS- As I take out the food and start to serve it up on the plates, I realise you are enjoying my current discomfort, and in a strange way, I too am enjoying you being more relaxed in my presence. "Yes, miss, that would be wonderful, thank you. First though lets eat," I reply to you.

AMY- We sit down and say prayers before tucking into the delicious food, I soon compliment you on the flavour, then say. "Can I ask you a personal question,Sir?" You seem concerned but agree. "How come you don't have a wife?"

TOMAS- "Firstly, please don't call me sir when there are just the two of us together, please call me Tomas," I reply to you. "I have never taken a wife for two reasons, one, I have never met anyone yet that I would wish to spend the rest of my life with, the second reason, I'm bashful around womenfolk."

AMY- I snort with laughter then quickly try to collect myself, how can you say you're bashful after deliberately making me strip in front of you earlier? "Sorry, Sir... I mean Tomas." I compose myself a little more but can feel my face burning. "It's just hard to believe that you're bashful after... well after earlier."

TOMAS- I'm puzzled,then realise what you mean. "I tend to get tongue-tied in a social situation, our position here is more... for.. er guidance, so.. I... I feel more sure of myself."

AMY- Wow you really are bashful, this could work to my advantage later, but for now I'll be charitable. "Well, I hope you never feel too tongue tied around me." I smile at you and tuck into my supper again, thinking about ways to get you totally tongue tied... and what you could do with your tongue that would make me smile even more.

TOMAS- After supper I light two oil lamps for you by the sewing machine, and one for me by the armchair. As you start your needlework I see to the dishes, then sit by you, me reading about the life and works of Gaudi, and you working away with the cotton and linen. We sit together for an hour or so in amicable silence.

AMY- Sewing has never been a liking of mine, but I am good at it and before long I've made three pairs of very unfashionable passion killing bloomers, but at least they will cover my modesty and keep me warm. As I inspect them I suddenly remember the second part of my punishment and my heart leaps up into my throat. Maybe you've forgotten, I hope so anyway!

TOMAS- The last twenty minutes or so I haven't been able to concentrate on my reading, merely flicking through the book and looking at the illustrations, even with this beauty in front of me my mind still wanders. Wandering back to today's events I find myself looking forward to your punishment, this is wrong, I know it is my duty to carry out what I said I would do. To find enjoyment from it however is sinful, and I know it, but I also know I can't help myself. At least tonight you will be clothed, and that should save me from lustful temptations. "Miss Amy, it's nearing ten o'clock and we have to be up early for church in the morning," I say breaking the almost pleasant silence. "so if you wish to prepare yourself for bed, and your final punishment, just go up now and call me to your room when you are ready."

AMY- My heart begins to race and my breathing quickens, I want so much to protest but it will do me no good. "Okay." I say quietly. I collect up my things and go slowly upstairs to my room, my legs are already turning to jelly before I get there. After getting undressed I take my long nightgown out of the drawer and put it on, it's not one of the modern ones I prefer but a modest traditional garment that buttons up to my neck and almost reaches the floor. I take a moment to compose myself, then go out onto the landing and call down the stairs as loudly as I can muster. "I'm... I'm ready now." I can already feel a stirring between my legs...

TOMAS- My palms are sweating as the excitement mounts in me, I try to convince myself that I'm doing this for your good and not my gratification, but I know deep down I'm lying to myself. I make my way up the stairs, paddle in my hand, then I enter the room. You are standing there, a vision in white, your light brown hair now on display for the first time today, the shape of your breasts now visible under your nightgown, even the little nipples slightly pushing against the cloth. Strange as it's not that cold tonight? "Miss Amy, for your comfort, why not put the pillows at the foot of the bed?" I suggest.

AMY- After a moments thought I realise you mean for me to lean over them, I pick them up and place them at the foot of the bed, close to the edge. I then turn to look at you, unsure of myself, I need reassurance and guidance now, for the first time in my life I'm bowing to authority and it's creating so many feelings and emotions within me, I feel my eyes fill with tears...

TOMAS- "Miss Amy, if you could just lift your nightgown up to your waist, then bend over the pillows and get yourself as comfortable as you can. Then we can begin," I tell you my confidence rising again.

AMY- A thought suddenly occurs to me. "Um... you said I could wear those panties. I... I haven't got them on yet."

TOMAS- I'm stunned, the wind knocked out of my sails. I now realise that apart from the white nightgown you are completely naked. "I'll er.. leave the room while you attend to the matter, then you can call me in when you are ready in position."

AMY- I nod and wait for you to leave before quickly pulling on the skimpy thong, I adjust it for comfort, then lift my nightgown up and bend over the pillows. I'm so tense my stomach hurts, but it's also increasing the tension in my labia too. "I'm ready now." I call to you nervously.

TOMAS- I enter the room, the bed directly in front of me, your bottom raised high. The underwear has the opposite effect than I thought it would. It actually accentuates your bottom even more, making the pose seem more provocative than I could ever imagine, the thin strip of cloth cutting into the lips of your sex, and your bottom raised so high that the whole area is now in view. I try to swallow but my mouth is too dry. "Five swats, miss, please count them out loud." I manage to say as I raise the paddle.

AMY- I notice a difference in your voice and try to work out what it is, but I soon get distracted as the paddle makes contact with a loud thwack against my bare bottom, it creates such a sharp sting. "Oww!" I squeal, and immediately reach back with my hands to sooth my sore cheeks, completely forgetting to count....

TOMAS- I wait for the count, but nothing comes. "Are you forgetting anything, miss, we can always start again?" I say, watching your cheeks redden at an amazing pace.

AMY- I wonder for a moment, then realise what you're talking about. "One!" I grunt, but I keep on rubbing at my poor bottom.

TOMAS- My mind drifts back to seeing you in the mirror, I would love to have you strip completely, but I know these evil thoughts are wrong. My mind in turmoil, blaming both myself and you for these lustful thoughts, I bring down the paddle with more force than I intended.

AMY- The pain comes instantly but you hit me with such a force that instead of yelling out I gasp deeply and wind myself, my eyes begin to stream with tears and I lay there in shock for a moment, unable to move or speak.....

TOMAS- I feel stunned and don't know what to do, the guilt is palpable in me. I can't not continue the punishment though. "That last one was perhaps a little too hard," I say, a blatant understatement, but what else can I do. "I'll allow you a little time to compose yourself, tell me when you are ready to continue."

AMY- I eventually get my breath back and wipe the tears from my face, I tentatively reach back and touch my blazing bottom, it feels likes it's on fire but I rub it gently in an attempt to sooth it. As I caress myself I feel a sudden rush of wetness between my legs, my eyes widen as I begin to wonder if you can see it soaking into my thong. I steady myself, take a deep breath and say, "Two.., Sir!" I move my hands back in front of me and wait for the next stroke, hoping it will be much gentler, and praying you won't see my embarrassment..

TOMAS- As I wait, I wander behind you, as your body shakes the cloth of your strange underwear slides further into your sex. My thoughts, and physical state, are both aimed at only one ungodly act. I wonder what it would be like to slide myself into those lips, then your voice brings me back to reality. I bring down the paddle onto your waiting red, bruised buttocks, still hard, but not harsh.

AMY- "Arrgghh!" I really yell this time, the sting is unbelievable and I'm sure I'll be bruised already. I rub again at my poor bottom. "No more," I gasp. "I can't take any more." But the feeling between my legs is telling me otherwise..

TOMAS- "Don't worry, only two more then we are finished, would you like a bit more time, or just both together and get them over with?"

AMY- I gaze back at you. "Would you do both together? Please?" I nod with a sense of urgency, hoping it'll all be over as soon as possible.

TOMAS- "OK, miss, prepare yourself," I say, glad you made that choice, I need desperately to relieve my growing tension. I bring down the paddle.....

AMY- True to your word you get it over with quickly, the sting is overwhelming and I can't help eliciting a loud shriek. "Owww!" I furiously begin rubbing my burning cheeks. "Ow.. ow.. oh shit!" Before I have a chance to stop myself the expletive is out!

TOMAS- I can't believe what has just come out of your mouth, then like a blinding light, it comes to me. I remember my cousin Ruth, who at the age of nineteen, and waiting to get married, got as my aunt said, a bit too uppity and headstrong. I remember Ruth telling my sister and I what her mother did to remind her that as long as she stayed in her house she was still a child, and would be treat as such.Ideal. "Miss I cannot let such childish behaviour, and sewer language go unpunished," I tell you, barely able to hold back the excitement in my voice. "Get up from the bed and stand over there, facing the wall, act like a child and you will be treated like one," I say to you as I leave the room to prepare things.

AMY- I struggle to my feet and watch you go, I feel ashamed at my outburst, but there's no way I'm going to stand against the wall like a naughty schoolgirl, instead I go over to the mirror and study the marks on my bottom while I gently rub it...

TOMAS- I come back into the room a couple of minutes later to find you studying your bottom in the mirror, I shake my head at you, it seems you are incapable of following the simplest of instructions. It looks like my plan is well warranted, and deserved, I try to convince myself. "Here," I say as I hand you some plain light blue ribbons, "tie your hair back and up."

AMY- All I really want to do is take care of the ache between my legs, but I take the ribbons and do as you say. Once my hair is up I frown at you. "Why did you want me to tie my hair up?"

TOMAS- "Because I know how funny womenfolk can be about their hair," I reply to you, "now if can remove your nightgown, and fold it up, and also those panties, we can get along."

AMY- My jaw drops and my eyes widen. "You... you want me to take all my clothes off, in front of you?"

TOMAS- "Yes, you have proven yourself to be a foul mouthed dirty little girl, and as such, I intend to clean you, your bath is running now. So come along now."

AMY- I shake my head and back away from you. "No!" I yell. "I won't let you bathe me!"

TOMAS- "Why not, behave like a child, and get treated like one," I tell you my voice now firm and even. "You must admit such language from a young lady is not acceptable?"

AMY- I can't hold your gaze. "Yes, Sir," I say more quietly. "I agree that it wasn't acceptable, but it... well it really hurt and I couldn't help it." I remember something from my childhood and I lift my eyes to look at you. "Couldn't you just wash my mouth out with soap?"

TOMAS- What an odd request, to volunteer for something so horrible, but I've used the mental images of my cousin's punishment on many, too many a lonely night, to relinquish the chance of playing it all out in real life. "No, for all you deserve it, I have other plans for you."

AMY- I can't hold back the tears any longer. "I can't be naked in front of you, it just isn't right and you can't ask me to do that!" But the more I think about it, the more turned on I'm getting. Maybe it's the authority you're wielding, but I feel so submissive all of a sudden I know one more order and I'd strip for you without question.

TOMAS- "It is right, I am in loco-parentis to you, a position given- not asked for- to me by both your parents, and the elders," I tell you, though what they would make of my plans for you tonight I have no idea. "So please, remove your clothing and we will go to the bathroom, before your water gets cold."

AMY- I sniff loudly, then slowly begin unbuttoning my nightgown, I let it slip to the floor then remove my thong. I stand before you completely naked, trying to cover my modesty with my hands to little effect. I can't look you in the eye...

TOMAS- I look at your face all the time, not taking any notice of your naked body, (plenty of time for that, I will be seeing so much more of you than you could imagine.)I don't want you thinking I'm getting gratification from your punishment. I notice your little ears are burning red, as is your face. I take you by the hand,and lead you to the bathroom.......

S.P.A.N.K.S. (call centre motivation) Part 4

Laila, on her flight back to Singapore, realised that her uncle was right about not implementing the S.P.A.N.K.S. program in the western branches of the company. She had let herself be talked into it by Simon, one of her performance advisors. It was a decision that she was now regretting, and a decision that she knew she would be regretting even more later today. Her uncle, the C.E.O. of the company, had requested that Laila came straight to the offices from the airport, a pattern that seemed to be becoming part of life at the moment, airport, office and then sleep. The constant travelling was starting to take it's toll on her humour, and making her fall into a deep, dark, foul mood. Sleep on the flight had more or less evaded her, all she could think of was how much her department had lost face with this debacle at the British office. The consequences she tried not to think of, but the harder she tried, the more the thoughts came into her head. She had to take action as soon as she got to head office, if she could prove to her uncle that she had things all under control, perhaps he would not take matters further. It was a slim hope, but it was her only real hope. Her uncles main concerns about the S.P.A.N.K.S. program had been threefold, the litigious nature of the U.S.A. and British employment laws, the fear of the company being sued for either constructive dismissal or assault, the worries of the program coming under the eyes of the tabloid press, and the bad publicity that would bring. To Lailas' eyes though his most odd concern was that of the so called 'English vice', how some of the Anglos, both British and American seem to take sexual gratification from corporal punishment. Coming from her uncle this seemed to be the most strange of his objections. Laila knew only too well of her uncles fascination with corporal punishment, being brought up by him since her early teens, she had seen and felt how her uncle ruled his household with, if not a rod of iron, certainly a rod of bamboo. Family members and servants were all liable to summary punishments for any indiscretions. Of course in Malaysia that in itself was not that unusual, but it was her uncles keenness to administer punishments that was unusual. So she knew that she would have to act quickly, and harshly to save herself, no matter how that effected those around her. In a way it pained her to know that Simon would have to be the sacrificial lamb, also though she hated to admit it even to herself it also excited her. Maybe it was in her family genes, or perhaps she had just spent too long in her uncles presence. For whatever the reason though, the idea of dumping the blame of the whole shambles onto Simon gave her a heady rush.

Upon reaching the office block at around nine thirty, Laila went straight to her office ignoring all the members of staff that she passed on her way. This morning was not a day for inconsequential pleasantries, this morning was a day for action, act now and save herself was her only thought. Well almost her only thought, Simon's coming admonishment was also figuring high in her consciousness. Laila took off her powder blue suit jacket and hung it over the back of her chair, she then went to her private bathroom at the side of her office. The bathroom was not just a pointless privilege handed out to the top executives, it had the purpose of enabling the 'top brass' of the company to work longer hours and not have to worry about personal hygiene. As always her uncle was very practical, even in the handing out of perceived perks. Laila unbuttoned her white blouse and removed it, then set about washing her face and upper body, feeling gritty from her long journey she decides that a full body wash is in order. She locks the door from the inside, not that anyone would dare enter her bathroom but better safe than sorry. She then strips completely and enters her power shower, as she cleanses herself the events of the last few days come to her mind. Thinking of the events in England as she soaps herself. Thinking of Jane Murray, the middle aged office manager having to bare her bottom and bend over her own desk, to receive a paddling from a girl almost young enough to be her daughter. Laila felt her nipples becoming harder as she soaped her breasts. She thought back to the photos too, they had both angered and excited Laila. To be stripped and punished so publicly, exquisite she thought to herself, as she soaped her belly, then lower still. She puts the shower onto massage, takes the head in her hands and starts to rinse the soap from her body. Eyes closed, a mixture of jet-lag and half forgotten feelings from her youth takes her mind drifting off to other places. Jane red-faced and shamed, unbuttoning her trousers for a paddling, her face the picture of anger. Then she day dreamed of how Jane will get her revenge on her sales staff. What was that girls name?.... Caroline. What will her fate be Laila wondered? Then she heard gasping, it brought her back to the room in a start. She realised the gasping was from her own mouth, as the pulsing columns of warm water from the shower head beat at her upper thighs and pussy. She was seconds away from orgasm as she pulled the head away from her sex. "Later". She told herself. Stepping from the shower, she grabbed a towel and dabbed herself dry, the rough of the cloth further irritating already sensitive areas of her body. "Later." She told her reflection in the mirror. Going to the small wardrobe where she kept emergency change of clothes, she opened the underwear drawer and picked out a pair of plain full cut white panties, and a white bra. She pondered the drawer a little longer, then decided against pantyhose, if things went wrong today they would only be something else she would have to lower. That thought sent a shiver through her body, it was one thing to give out humiliating corporal punishments, another thing all together though to receive one. She dressed quickly, trying to drive that thought from her mind, if all goes well she should escape it, depending of course on her uncle's humour. Now though to the matter in hand, Simon as the scapegoat. Laila picked up her phone and dialled. "Mr. Manners could you pop into my office please, straight away if possible."

Simon Manners smiled as he placed the phone back onto it's cradle, and headed towards Laila's office. Upon entering an unbidden Simon took the seat in front of Laila's desk.

Laila arched her finely trimmed black eyebrows, for her and her uncle the height of protocol should always be kept at work. Simon caught the look in her eyes and smiled, the smile soon disappeared as he realised it was not being returned to him.

"Mr. Manners I have just returned from England as you know," Laila said in her most business like voice, and the puzzled Simon nodded. "things in the British outpost of our company are not good. As a matter of fact they are quite bad, it all stems from the S.P.A.N.K.S. program. As you are aware this program being introduced to the western hemisphere of our companies was always of concern to me and Mr. Toi." Simon made to interrupt, but before he could even speak Laila held her hand up to silence him. "The program has been implemented very badly, and could be a cause of concern in public relationships, possibly a disaster even. I have a meeting with Mr Toi later today to discuss how we can save the situation that you have plunged us into."

"I've plunged us into?" Asked Simon angrily, bewildered by Laila's twisting of events.

"Yes." She said, then continued. "The program has worked well in the east, but we have different viewpoints and traditions here. The program was never really meant to be transferred worldwide. Until of course you really pushed for it."

You could have heard a pin drop in the room as Simon glared at Laila in disbelief.

"So I have decided that if I manage to nip this now, Mr Toi may be persuaded by the direct and swift action that I take this morning not to pursue the matter any further."

The penny now dropped with Simon, and he shook his head lost for words.

A shiver of anticipation ran down Laila's spine. He was going to go along with this, she could tell by his eyes, not happy but a sullen acceptance of the situation. Before he could argue, Laila stabbed at the intercom button on her desk. "Miss. Chandran could you bring me a cane please." Laila said to her P.A., then sat back in her chair and waited.

"Cane! Are you joking me?" Asked the indignant Simon.

Playing with the diamond solitaire on her left hand, Laila shook her head trying her hardest not to let her true feelings show. "It has to be done, I can't think of any other course of action that may appease my... I mean Mr. Toi." She said in her saddest voice. Then there was a sharp knock on her door, and Laila looked up to see Miss Chandran through the glass door holding a three foot long bamboo cane. Laila waved her in and thanked her as she handed her the implement of correction. As Miss Chandran left the office Laila stood up and had a couple of practise swishes with the bamboo rod. "Right, Mr. Manners, this is simply a case of you putting yourself forward for the rest of the department," Laila said matter of factly. "in the spirit of the S.P.A.N.K.S. program. So if you could get yourself ready please."

In a daze Simon stood up, then looked at the blinds on the glass wall of the office, and said pointing at them. "Are you going to close them... you know. before we start?"

"No, that is not in the spirit of the program."

Feeling that he was in some nightmare and about to awake, Simon started to loosen his trousers, all the time shaking his head. After his trousers were lowered to his knees, he looked imploringly at Laila.

"Boxers as well please, Mr. Manners, you know how punishments are given." Reluctantly his fingers went to the waistband of his underwear, then they to joined his trousers at his knees. Simon was all to aware of how exposed he was to all the other staff members outside on the department's main floor. Laila could feel the heat building in her crotch, though she was disappointed that Simon's cock was flaccid. She had often wondered if this sort of thing was a turn on for him, if this Englishman was a victim to the 'English vice', evidently he was not. "Could you bend over the back of your chair please, Mr. Manners. It will be six strokes, and they will be hard." Laila was astounded at how easy this was turning out to be, as Simon followed her instruction. Of course this wasn't the first time she had cause to punish a male in this way, but it was the first time with a western male. More to the point this particular western male, a little fantasy that she had harboured for some time now. Simon's bare buttocks upturned awaiting her correction, and now it was about to happen.

She took a step back and had one more practise air stroke, it amused her to watch his bottom cheeks tense at the sound of the cane. She waited. Then he relaxed his cheeks, and she struck like a Cobra. Simon called out in a mixture of shock and pain. Laila watched intensely as the mark of the rod came up on his bare bottom. Satisfied with her result she applied the next stroke, no less hard than the first. Again he called out, this time adding a little stamping motion that forced his clothing further down his legs. Silently Laila tapped the inside of Simon's upper thighs, for him to spread his legs further apart. As he did so his balls and the tip of his still flaccid member came into view. The third and fourth stroke she applied quickly, so that he had no time to prepare himself. He cried out in pain at the venomous strokes. The fifth stroke she decided would be a gate stroke, crossing the previous four to form a five bar gate. She had read about this type of stroke and wanted to see it for real. She was not disappointed by the result. The final stroke would be the one that he would feel tonight as he climbed up on to his bar stool for his post work drink. She aimed for the area where the bottom meets the tops of the thighs. Her aim was accurate, the accuracy was initially confirmed by his howl of pain, then seconded by the bright red weal appearing along the top of his thighs. "Thank you Mr. Manners, I hope this proves to be enough to satisfy Mr.Toi."

Monday, 20 December 2010

A Modern (old fashioned) Romance part 1

(This is an old long role-play type of story between Lori and Myself, we plan to post it in a serial form and will continue with it as long as interest with our readers remains or we think of an ending for it.

I am Tomas (surprise surprise) and Lori is Amy.)

AMY - It's been a long journey, the horse drawn coach is uncomfortable and I'm tired and hungry, but I can see the small town in the distance that shows me I'm almost there. As we pass the large wooden sign I note the words 'JACOBSTOWN-population 42'. 42! I think to myself, it's practically deserted, but it's soon to be 43! We pull up outside a large and rather grand looking house, all wood clad with sash windows and intricate carved fascias, not what I was expecting at all. I thought it would be modest and sparse and much smaller, but then this small Amish community is rather different from the norm. I was quite happy in my old community, there were over two hundred inhabitants there, but at the age of eighteen I'd still not been paired up with a possible spouse. My parents decided it was a lack of self discipline that had prevented me keeping a potential suitor, so they insisted I be sent away to a smaller community where I could receive individual attention and be taught the ways of pleasing a spouse. Despite my protestations I was bundled onto a coach with my meagre possessions and sent on my way, only to be allowed home when I was capable of being a decent wife and keeping up the family honour! The driver helps me out of the carriage and fetches my luggage, then leads the way onto the front porch, he rings the large metal bell which hangs from a bracket on the wall and moments later a tall, strong looking man arrives in the doorway, he smiles knowingly at me and I realise at once that he's the man who will have sole control over me for the next two years. "Um, hello," I say nervously. "You must be Mr Jacobs, I'm... Amy!"

TOMAS - I look down at the pale thin bonneted girl in front of me, so this is the one who couldn't decide what to do after rumspringa,she comes back from her time with the English, full of their Yankee ways. Now I'm supposed to help her decide whether to stay with us, or go over to the English .Normally I couldn't be bothered with such foolery, but with my sister leaving to get married, that leaves me in charge of the schoolhouse on my own, and the elders decided that this Amy girl could help with the teaching, while I tutor her on our ways, how a good Amish lady should behave. "Welcome, Miss Amy," I say to her. "please come in, and I'll see to your bags and show you to your room." Two years? I think to myself, I bet she doesn't last two weeks, still we shall see.

AMY - "Thank you, Mr Jacobs." I smile up at you but inside I'm a nervous wreck, my stomach is in knots and I'm trembling, but I try to hide it as you to pick up my things and make your way towards the stairs. It's a beautiful house, plain and simple and typically Amish, but it feels so homely and welcoming even though I really don't want to be here. As you walk I notice how muscular and fit you look, I have a million questions but struggle to find the courage to ask, I decide to stick to compliments instead in the hopes of getting on your good side. "This is a lovely home you have, Sir, " I say politely. "How long have you lived here?"

TOMAS - "All my life, my mother used to run the schoolhouse, then when she passed away my sister and I took it over. My sister has just left to get married and it was decided that I may need some help. I can't see it myself as we only have 19 pupils at the moment, and by what I've been told you need more teaching than the pupils." I say as I put the bags down in your room. "This is my sisters old room, but treat it as your own, in your time here. While you get unpacked I'll make us some coffee, and I'll see you downstairs in the kitchen when you are ready."

AMY - "Okay thank you, Sir." I frown at you, not sure what you meant about me needing more teaching than the pupils, but I say nothing and set about unpacking my things. I don't have much of course so it's soon neatly folded away or hung in the wardrobe. It's a nice room, plain but feminine and clean,it's not like home but it will do and I'm sure I'll get used to it in time. I place my books on the wall shelf and check myself in the mirror before heading back downstairs, then I find you in the kitchen pouring out some coffee. "That smells nice," I say as I approach you, "I um... I was wondering what my duties will be at the schoolhouse, only I've never done anything like this before?"

TOMAS - I let out a sigh. "It's a schoolhouse. You'll be teaching the little ones basic reading, writing and math. I'll be in charge of their spiritual development, by what I've been told the path of God would best not be taught by you. Also you will do your share of chores around the house,and most of the cooking, as I'm not blessed in that department."

AMY - Now my eyes widen, suddenly my hackles have gone up and I place my hands on my hips. "Most of the cooking?" I ask with more than a note of displeasure. "Look, I don't mind doing my share of the chores and stuff, but I don't see why I should have to do most of the cooking as well!" You stare at me, looking taken aback by my attitude. "Well it hardly seems fair now does it?"

TOMAS - This is going to be a long day. "Listen, Miss, as I have already told you, I can't cook very well, but should you want to chop half the logs ,and plough and plant half of the five fields I have, and do half the milking, I will quite happily make you barely digestible food." I answer you gruffly. "It is this kind of attitude that got you sent here in the first place, I'm making allowances for today as you have just got here, but be warned tomorrow is another day."

AMY - I sigh loudly, knowing I'm beaten on this one. Maybe I should make an effort here as you are being hospitable and helpful. "Sorry, Sir. It's just, well I'm not used to this sort of environment." I point at the chair. "May I sit down please?"

TOMAS - At last I'm making headway, no matter how small. "Of course, Miss Amy ,this is your home now, well at least for as long as you stay here, and I hope you treat it as your home, and not as some sort of prison cell."

AMY - "Thank you, Mr Jacobs, I do appreciate that." I take a sip of coffee. "Hmm, that's lovely, so much nicer than I'm used to!" You smile at me. "So um, what sort of wage will I get for working at the schoolhouse?"

TOMAS - Are we both on the same planet here? "Wage?" I ask in mock amazement. "You expect a wage to do work that is the glorifying of God? You get board and lodgings, was that not explained to you by your parents or the elders? You know that you are on a thin line in the community, don't you."

AMY - My hackles have gone up again "Yes I know but, well... this is so unfair, I mean out there in the real world they actually get paid for a living so they can do things and buy stuff. I was hoping things might be a bit more, well, civilised here!" I glare at the table....

TOMAS - I shake my head. "Well Miss, Amy ,what did you have in mind to buy?" She hasn't even been here an hour yet, and already my patience is wearing thin.

AMY - I shrug. "Well, when I spent time with the English they had nice things like fancy clothes and trinkets, it was so nice to see things like that and... well... I thought I could get myself some fancy things to wear, and maybe get some chocolates, they have them in the city brought in from Switzerland and I'd love to try them." I note the look on your face and it isn't a positive one.

TOMAS - "Fancy clothes! Trinkets! What way do they glorify God? If you put such great store by frivolous things why return to us after rumspringa, why not just stay with the English,and their decadent ways?" I ask you.

AMY- I sulk for a moment and sigh. "Because my parents said I have to find a husband, settle down and keep the family tradition going." I pick at my sleeve as I think about how much I want to go back to my exciting friends.

TOMAS - "Well you know you could have stayed out in the other world, but of course you would be shunned by us, but the choice is all yours to make. If you choose to come back to us, you have to follow our rules,and you being placed with me, was just so the rules and traditions can be brought home to you. In truth I'm no happier with the situation than you are, but I won't shirk from my duties. Be aware of that miss, while you are here I'm in loco parentis with all that, that entails. You do know what I mean don't you?"

AMY - I frown at you. "Well, no not really." I honestly don't know, but I'm sure you're about to tell me!

TOMAS - "We believe in what you would consider to be the old fashioned idea, of punishing the body to cleanse the soul. As your parental figure for the next two years, where I deem it fit corporal punishment can, and mark my words, will be used, to show you the error of your ways."

AMY - My eyes widen now and my heart begins to race. "But... I'm too old for that now, aren't I?" I ask nervously, surely you're just trying to scare me.

TOMAS - She really hasn't been told anything, I now realise. "What makes you think that? You still live at home under your parents roof, and so you still come under their, or in your case my discipline. Then when you are married you will come under your husbands discipline." I watch your face redden.

AMY - I realise my time with the English has made me lose sight of Amish values, but I wasn't aware of all these facts. "My husband will be allowed to discipline me? But... how?"

TOMAS - How naive this girl is, I thought to myself. I suppose living in comparatively liberal community, some facets of our lifestyle may have escaped her. "As he seems fit. With his hand, belt or paddle?" Her face is now bright red, the colouring accented by her white bonnet.

AMY - I feel my face turning crimson, but at the same time I have a pulsating feeling between my legs and don't know why. As I speak now my voice is quiet and I feel timid. "I... I don't think that's right, I mean, I should be allowed to do my own thing as I see fit and... and not be dictated to by my spouse!" I flick a glance at you. "Do you... agree with the teachings?" I swallow hard, already knowing your answer....

TOMAS -"Wholeheartedly, and should you last out this time with me, so shall you miss." I answer you, feeling the urge to take you over my knee this very moment. "Mark my words I will not shy away from giving you chastisement when it is warranted. Be clear on that girl."

AMY - Boldness gets the better of me and I blurt out. "I'll never agree to that, not in a million years!" I stand up from the table and head for the kitchen door...

TOMAS - Originally I had planned to give you a couple of days grace, but your attitude is jangling my nerves. "Get back here now, miss, or go up to your room, pack your bags and leave my house for good."

AMY - I stop abruptly in my tracks but don't turn around, if I leave now I'll be shunned and my family will never forgive me, but if I stay I'll be trapped in this life forever. I take a deep breath and consider things for a moment, then I finally turn around and slowly walk towards you, head held low.....

TOMAS - I get up and walk over to you, I take your left hand in my right, and lead you from the kitchen into the living room. "Well, miss I didn't think that this would come around so soon, but I think we both know that that little outburst has earned you a good spanking?" As we enter the room I sit myself down on the high backed wooden chair just in the doorway. I pat my lap and say, "OK, miss over you go."

AMY - I stare at you, then your lap, then at you again, my stomach is alive with butterflies and my eyes are filling with tears, but I have the strangest sensation in my lady parts. I shake my head. "No... please, Sir,I... I don't want you to... to spank me."

TOMAS - "Well a bit better attitude should save you from further spankings, but this spanking you are going to get, and get it now." I lift my left hand and gently but firmly push you between the shoulder blades.

AMY - I usually have a fight or flight reflex, but suddenly that deserts me and I find myself relinquishing to your authority. Before I know it I'm laying across your knee, staring at the polished wooden floor, I have a strange stirring deep in my groin...

TOMAS - I place my left hand on your rump. "This is going to hurt, miss, so make yourself ready." I grab at the hem of your calf length dress, and start to pull it up towards the small of your back. I feel you grunt and struggle beneath me. "Calm down, girl, this has to come up, you won't feel anything through this material." As lift it higher, I can't believe what comes into view. A pair of white skimpy panties, with blue hearts decorating them, and two cartoon cats faces, one wearing a bow, and along the top the legend - HEY BABY. "What on earth is the meaning of these girl?" I ask you, giving the offending panties a sharp slap.

AMY - "Ow!" I reach around to protect my derriere. "I... I got them from a mall in Iowa when I stayed with my friends family there, I like them, this sort are fashionable now!" I struggle to get free of you but can't...

TOMAS - "Fashionable? How can underwear be fashionable who is going to see it?" I ask bring down two more hard slaps, one to each bouncing cheek.

AMY - "Owww!" I squirm more desperately now but you still hold me fast. "You can see them!" I say loudly and sarcastically.

TOMAS - Huh! You've got nerve I'll give you that much. "Well I won't for much longer," I say to you as I lift you back to your feet. "take them off now, and throw them in the fire." I order you pointing at the fireplace. "Then get yourself back over my knee, dress up around your waist, and we'll see about warming up your bottom, as your so called fashion ware burns."

AMY - My jaw drops as I hear your words, but I don't think defying you will do me much good. As I reach up under my skirt and begin easing my panties off my eyes fill with tears again, I really don't want to do this but I go and place my panties on the fire, then walk back over to you and lift my skirt slightly, I can't bear to raise it any further and show you my privates....

TOMAS - Come on, girl, all the way up, I want that bottom bared for punishment. Then after you have been suitably chastised, we can check your room for other fashion items, bound for the cleansing flame." I warn you.

AMY - I suddenly remember all my undies are much the same as those, I lift my skirt up at the back and promptly lay back across your lap before you have a chance to nag me any further...

TOMAS - As I look down at your pale bottom, already marked slightly by the few sharp smacks I'd given you earlier, I feel my member getting harder inside my trousers. A good cold bath should cure my animal desires I think to myself, now to the job in hand. A good, hard, sharp spanking should show you that I mean business, but not too hard, as it is still only your first day. I start laying my left hand onto your springy bottom cheeks, a good pace, and hard enough to elicit cries of contrition from you, I alternate briskly from cheek to cheek to get an even redness, as I watch your panties burning in the flames in front of me.

AMY - "Owww!" I wail. "No... please... stop!" I squirm madly and struggle to break free, then I kick out fiercely. "Let me go, I've learned my lesson now. Stop it!"

TOMAS - "Learned your lesson? It's not just a case of learning a lesson, but of purifying the soul." I continue spanking you, but to my consternation I also continue hardening in my trousers, your red bottom, and the feel of your pliant cheeks in my hand, is bringing about ungodly thoughts in me, but still I must continue for your own good.

AMY - "Oh please let me go now, Mr Jacobs." I squeal, not only is my bottom on fire now, but I have a strong urge in my sex and it's getting unbearable. The closeness of your hand and the bareness of my bottom is making me so aroused that I can feel myself getting moist and I'm sure it will soon show. "Oww, let go of me!" I yell.

TOMAS - I think that you have had enough, for now at least. I let go of my grip and help you to your feet. "Well, Miss Amy ,I think it is now time to see what awaits us in your room." I stand up awkwardly, trying not to let you be aware of my now rampant erection.

AMY - As you lead the way upstairs I feel the wetness increasing, I have an overwhelming urge to rub myself. "Please may I use the bathroom, Sir?" I ask timidly as I wipe tears from my face.

TOMAS - I let out an audible sigh, but in truth I would like the time away from your closeness, for my sap to abate. "Yes but hurry up, I don't have even if you have, all day."

AMY - You point towards the bathroom and I scurry away and lock myself inside, after soaking a face cloth in cold water I place it against my hot moist sex and feel the relief, then I place it against my burning bottom and let out a sigh. I feel between my legs and find it's still wet, then I let my fingers slide deeper between the moist folds and have a moment of gratification. I long to be alone in my room so I can indulge....

TOMAS - I stand here waiting women are really a mystery to me, why I was picked by the elders I'll never know. "Are you all right in there, Miss Amy?" I call out to you.

AMY - I snap back to reality. "I'm fine." I call. "Just coming!" Poor choice of words I know, but very accurate!

TOMAS - As you walk towards me, I notice though your eyes are now well dried, your face seems even more flushed than before. I open your bedroom door, and motion for you to enter. "After you, miss."I say.

AMY - I gingerly enter my room with you close behind, I think this is going to be very uncomfortable for me in more ways than one! I stand to one side with my hands behind my back, waiting for you to conduct your search...

TOMAS - "I don't think it is right for a male to go through a ladies things, so if you could kindly show me, miss."

AMY - I swallow hard and edge towards the large dresser. "Do I have to, Sir ,only... well they're all much the same as those and I could just get rid of them?" I know for a fact that most of them are far worse than the ones you saw, and I really don't want you to see any of them. Goodness only knows what I'm going to do for underwear until I can get some more....

TOMAS - "I'm afraid so, you do after all know our rules about intimate clothing, don't you?"

AMY - "Yes, Sir." I reluctantly open the drawer and begin removing my panties, a collection of colours, some with lace, some with naughty slogans on and all very skimpy. I remove them and place them on the bed, but in the process I manage to sneak one of the worst offenders under a petticoat in the drawer where you can't see it.

TOMAS - I look down and shake my head. "The only good thing I can say about these," I say, as I flick the offending articles on the bed. "is that it is obvious that you didn't make any of these yourself, which is what you will be doing in the future, as is our tradition." Then something catches my eye, on the dressing table top. "Miss Amy, is that a brassiere I can see there?"

AMY - I look over and see the white lace bra. "Um... yes, Sir." I now feel even more worried.

TOMAS - I'm at a loss, have you not been taught anything about our traditions, or have you just chosen to ignore them all. "So you place false vanity, above Gods natural beauty, that He has chosen for you, is that what you are telling me girl?"

AMY - "No, it's not that, it's just... well I was trying to fit in with their ways and I... well I suppose I just got used to wearing them." I hang my head in shame unable to maintain eye contact with you.

TOMAS - I pick up the brassiere, and put it on the bed with the other underwear, then I have an inappropriate thought. I for my shame act upon it. "Miss Amy, I think I need to check that you aren't wearing such an item now, and bringing disgrace on this house. Take off your dress." I see the look of horror on your face. "Now."

AMY - I shake my head. "No, no I'm not taking off my dress, that would be highly inappropriate and... well humiliating too!"

TOMAS - I can't back down now, I know it's wrong but I want to see you naked. "Miss, that was not a request, it was an order, and as you know what my position is to you, you will obey, and obey now."

AMY - My eyes fill with tears again as I start unfastening my dress, I really don't want to do this and my hands are like jelly, I take my time and eventually my dress falls to the floor leaving me wearing only a black lace bra, I quickly place my hands over my pubic area and my humiliation is overwhelming....

TOMAS - I swallow hard, I know what I'm doing is wrong, it is an abuse of the trust put in me by the elders, but I am only human. "As I thought, vanity," I say to you. "vanity and now false modesty, remove that abomination, and put it with the rest of your shameful clothing."

AMY - I can't believe you're asking me to take off my bra as well, I had no idea you'd be like this and you seemed like such a nice gentleman. "Only if you turn around, Sir," I tell you firmly. "And I can put my dress back on while your back is turned!" I keep my hands over my intimate parts, my stomach is churning and my legs are like jelly now..

TOMAS - I want to say no, but in truth I can't, to do so would give away my lustful feelings so I agree and turn my back on you. What luck, my sisters vanity comes to my rescue, as I turn around I face the large wall mirror, which affords me a fascinating view of you. I watch as you remove the banned item of clothing, your breasts fall free, and are now in their natural glory. I can also see, but not so clearly, the dark triangle of hair that covers your feminine parts. I feel myself getting harder again, I want to taste, and have these forbidden fruits. As you bend down to retrieve your dress, I watch your breasts elongate, and sway gently, as you pick up your dress, and recover your chaste modesty.

AMY - I feel so relieved to be covered again, my face is crimson and wet with tears now but at least you did agree to turn your back. I know I brought this all upon myself by breaking the rules of dress and vanity, but I never expected to be so humiliated as a result of it. The strange thing is, being naked in such close proximity to you has made me feel quite aroused again, and I feel a new dampness between my legs. "I'm ready now." I say quietly...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Interview with a paddling coach!

This is an interview between Tomas and Julie, a previous contributor of letters to our blog.

Tomas- Thank you, Julie for agreeing to do this interview, as a recap for our newer readers would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Julie - I am a phys. ed. coaching a large high school, in Florida and I specialise in track and field. I would imagine though that for your readers the fact that I am one of the assigned paddlers at the school, will be of most interest.

Tomas - Yes that is the part of your job that we would like to discuss, but first though I was wondering how you came to be writing to us in the first place. After all we are not really a site that you would accidentally enter?

Julie - (laughs) OK you got me, I'm busted! I have a little bit of an interest in spanking, and CP. I wasn't looking for flower arranging tips, I was actively seeking out spanking stories.

Tomas- Does that not cause a conflict of interest?

Julie - Huh?

Tomas - Well your position as a disciplinarian, and your love of corporal punishment.

Julie- I know where you are coming from there, but I can't see it myself. Most gynaecologists are hetero-males, and nothing is ever made of that. However I do realise many people would not see it my way, so I go to great lengths to keep the two worlds separate. Also Tom you are jumping to massive conclusions, I did not say in which way my spanking interest lies.

Tomas - True, but by coming on here and writing letters, and then doing this interview you are leaving yourself wide open to being caught out.

Julie - No I don't think so, to begin with I'm not called Julie and I was vague about my whereabouts. There are plenty of paddling coaches in the high schools down here to guarantee my anonymity. The only people that could blow my cover would be my two bare-ass trainees. I don't think that would be something that they would particularly want to come into public light, so I feel pretty secure in that respect.

Tomas - And of course they would have to be a little lost on the Internet to find your letter as well.

Julie - Yeah they would have to be hunting for spanking stuff to either find your blog, or the Spanking Library, so it would be a case of a shared interest to keep it quiet.

Tomas - You said in your letter that your school is not paddle happy like some, do you think that corporal punishment is being over used in some places?

Julie - No I don't think it is over used, it is no where near as the magazines and the web sites would lead you to believe, also in many cases it is the students choice to take a couple of pops over other available punishments. Don't get me wrong on this though, it is also a lot easier for the administrators to give out a few whacks then it is to arrange in school suspensions. Another thing I would like to straighten out, is the tendency for some of the letters that you have received to go off at a fantasy tangent. I don't know of any schools around this area having a bare-bottom policy, or for that matter a one layer of clothing policy.

Tomas - Well we have to take all the correspondence that we receive at face value, and I know that in certain cases both of those policies have been in the past, or are in place in some schools and homes even today.

Julie - Granted that may be true, but it by no way the norm.

Tomas - So the two trainee teachers were the only bare butts you've had to punish in your role at the school?

Julie - Er... yeah, I would say so. Yes that was the only occasion really.

Tomas - You don't sound a hundred percent sure on that one Julie?

Julie - Well there was another occasion that was sort of school related, but it would sound like one of the fantasy letters I was just relating to.

Tomas - I'm all ears now, so what happened?

Julie - OK here we go then, make of this what you will. Our school like most of the high schools in the area, has given out our kitchens to private tender. It proves the most cost effective way of running things, the school board doesn't have to worry about the kitchen staffing, or the kitchen staff. The company that wins the tender has to work within our guidelines in respect of the quality, and the variety of food but other than that they are given a free hand in all recruitment and working conditions that they give their staff. The owner of the company that we use, lets just call her Anne for the sake of this interview. Approached me one day about two years ago and said. "Julie I have a little bit of a problem that you may be able to help me with." Now I was at least a little curious to fine out about her problem, so I told her that if I could help in anyway I would. It turned out her problem was two sisters that she had working in the kitchen, had been caught stealing from the stockroom. Normally she said this would be straight forward, both would be dismissed and the police would be called in. Anne though felt sorry for the two girls as she found out why they were stealing from her, Anita the younger of the two girls at twenty one years of age, had just given birth a couple of months earlier only for her boyfriend to leave her high and dry. Her elder sister Miete had the brainwave of stealing catering size tins and selling them on to local fast food joints. Not really the crime of the century, but still a crime. The two of them had been caught the previous day with two three kg tins of kidney beans in their sports holdalls. Now I knew both girls as they were ex-students of the school, Anita was always quiet and a little shy, Miete on the other hand I knew a little better as she was one of my regulars, hardly a month went by without me having to ask Miete to bend over for for the "board". I still didn't know where this conversation was leading, as far as I could see dismissal was Anne's only real option. Then Anne said that both girls claimed they were only stealing to try and help Anita with her baby. This seemed to pull at Anne's maternal streak, and instead of reporting them to the police she wanted to know if I would help her out with the girls discipline. As you can guess this made my curiosity grow a little more, not wanting to seem to eager I just asked what she had in mind. "Well I've put this proposition to both girls, and they agreed." She told me. "Instead of losing their jobs, and facing the likelihood of police prosecution, both girls have agreed to be paddled in front of the rest of my staff. I thought this would be an apt punishment for them, and also a good warning for the others." I nodded for Anne to carry on. "The problem I have is twofold," She continued. "one I have no experience in corporal punishment, and two I also have no paddle. I went straight into retail on leaving school, so I don't even have a sorority paddle hanging up anywhere." "So you wish to borrow the school paddle?" I asked her. "No not really the favour I wanted to ask was if you would paddle the girls for me, twenty pops each?" She asked me with a grim but hopeful look on her face. Of course I agreed, the idea of a little extra curricular paddling with an audience was a huge turn on for me. So we set it for the following Saturday afternoon at Anne's house. After she left, I had to think of some of the practicalities of what Anne had suggested. Taking the paddle home with me would be no real problem, the paddle itself was the problem. The school's board was an old fashioned large wooden style one. The problem was it's weight, and the amount of strokes that Anne wanted delivered. Twenty pops are way too much with that style paddle, plus it would do my wrist no good, also the risk of damaging one of the girls was high with a large paddle like that one. So I decided not to use the school paddle, but to use my own recreational paddle, a much smaller but stingy lexan paddle. Twenty pops with that though could lead to the buttocks being numbed after a dozen or so pops. So I thought two sets of ten, with a time out in between would be most effective way to go.

Tomas - So you were looking forward to paddling the sisters?

Julie - Hell yeah I was, wouldn't you have been. It was going to be like performance art as far as I thought, of course like most thing it didn't turn out quite how I expected.

Tomas - In what way?

Julie - When I got to Anne's house it was huge, with about eight or nine cars parked outside or on the long drive. I was expecting the kitchen staff being there, as she indicated. What I didn't realise was she meant all of her employees would be there. I rang the doorbell and Anne showed me into the kitchen, the kitchen was about the same size as Tony's in the Sopranos, do you get that program in England?

Tomas - Yeah we do.

Julie - So you know what I mean about the size of Anne's place. There would have been easily more than twenty people either in the kitchen or milling around outside in the garden. I noticed that there was also three guys there, two were van drivers and one was her book-keeper. I have to admit that turned me on even more having a mixed audience. The two sisters were standing on their own by the sink, both looking very sheepish. No surprise really they were both wearing jeans, I was disappointed though that only Anita was wearing heels, Miete was wearing sneakers.

Tomas - Hold on a second, why the disappointment about the girls footwear?

Julie - I always prefer it when the girls are wearing heels, and for that matter any boys I get in if they are wearing anything higher than a flat shoe is always best.

Tomas - Now I'm a even more confused, do you have some sort of footwear fetish? (laughs)

Julie - No not at all. It's just if they are wearing any sort of heel I have the excuse to tell them to remove their shoes, for health and safety reasons. You know in case they lose their balance and twist an ankle.

Tomas - And....?

Julie - Well it's like a sort of preparation. A token stripping if you like, as they remove their shoes they know that they are getting ready to be punished, it's a basic psychology thing. Another reinforcement I like to use is not keeping the paddle in my office but in the secretary's office down the hall. So my first paddlee is sent to collect the paddle and bring it to me, the last one is sent to return it to the office. It all adds to the embarrassment and tension. As I have said earlier in my letter, some weeks I only have a couple or so students to see, so quite often I will only have one student to attend to. So that one student will have to collect and return the paddle. This is particularly bad for any of the senior male students, a couple of the girls in the secretary's office are only about seventeen. So for an eighteen, or nineteen year old in some cases, having to collect the paddle from a younger girl then deliver it back to her all red faced and teary is probably worse than the actual paddling.

Tomas - Right I'm with you now, so bearing in mind what the girls were wearing you would only get to "strip" Anita?

Julie - That's what I thought. Anne had other plans though. I told Anita that she would have to take off her shoes in case she threw her ankle with her heels, I told Miete that her sneakers were OK to leave on, then Anne interrupted. "Julie we have discussed this with the girls earlier," She told me. "they are both to get an old fashioned ass-whup, so they will both be going bare butt." I was more than a little taken aback, but also pleasantly surprised. "Ah..I see," I said. "right then girls can you both take off your shoes please." Anita nodded slowly staring at the floor, resigned to her fate. Miete looked me in the eye in desperation, hoping I would intervene on their side, I just said. "Chop-chop girls we don't have all day."

Tomas - Did you not feel that you should have somehow tried to save the girls from such indignity?

Julie - No not at all. I'm a great believer in don't do the crime, if you can't do the time. Both girls were in this position due to their own actions. OK, I grant you it was never going to be the crime of the century. But it was a crime, and the girls were given options and they chose this one. Before you start Tomas, they chose the paddling and they were not blackmailed into it! I saw it as no different to a student opting for a paddling over an I.S.S., it was their decision and life is full of decisions. I think the problem with Miete was her size, you could walk into the room and see that both girls were related straight off. They both had the typical Latina look, black hair, hazel brown eyes and olive skin. Anita had the J-lo look about her, small frame and a lovely rounded apple ass. Miete though, not to put to fine a point on it was a larger framed girl, much larger framed, which is why I think she was the most nervous about stripping off in front of her co-workers. Talking of her co-workers, they were all in the kitchen now vying for the best viewpoints, some seated but most standing. This left me with a bit of a problem, as I had planned to use one of the chairs for the girls to bend over, rather than disturb my audience I tried to think of a suitable replacement. Then looking out of the window into the yard, something caught my eye. I saw a child's plastic dining set, you know the sort I mean? Four little plastic dining chairs around a dinky little table? Now that both girls were bare footed, I thought it would be a good little run out for them into the yard to collect a chair each. As I was instructing them to get the chairs, I opened my purse to retrieve my paddle. A look of relief seemed to pass over Miete's face as she saw the lexan paddle, no doubt glad the I hadn't brought the school paddle that she was all to familiar with. The sisters padded out to get the chairs, no doubt each step on the cold stone floor reminding them of what they were here for. As they collected the chairs I prepared a running order in my mind, this was going to be a long slow punishment session, long remembered by all in the room.

Tomas - Do you not think you were adding cruelty to the punishment?

Julie - No, not at all. I was merely doing what was asked of me. When both girls were back in the kitchen, I asked them both to remove their jeans. As I expected they complied, also as I expected they were both very close to tears as they did so. Once they were down to their panties, both white cotton and full cut, (laughs) I know these sort of details are important to your readers.

Tomas - Well it all adds to the mental picture.

Julie - Yeah. I then asked the girls to fold up their jeans and place them nearly on the breakfast counter. Then I asked them to do the same with their panties, Miete managed a small plea of . "Please coach..." "Now." Was my terse reply. So there they were, both naked from the waist down, but their long white t-shirts were spoiling the view for their friends and work colleagues. "Hands on the top of your heads please girls." I ordered. That did the trick, the hem of both shirts were lifted well clear of their surprisingly hairy crotches, both girls were sporting unfashionable thick black thatches. Miete was now really on the verge of tears at her shame, Anita was shaking though I think that was from the fear of the unknown, as I said earlier Anita was always a good girl, and yet to taste the paddle. I decided that I would give Miete ten pops first, then Anita ten. After a twenty minute corner time break, both girls would receive their final ten pops at the same time alternating from one to the other.

Tomas - Why that running order?

Julie - I wanted Anita to hear her big sisters punishment, then to see the effect of it before receiving her first batch.I thought it would add to the tension for her. So I asked Anita to go and face out of the window, Miete I instructed to bend over and place her hands on her plastic chair. I asked her to place her feet shoulder width apart, this caused a little sob from her, but in all honesty she wasn't really displaying that much with the change of her foot position. Anita though when her turn came around was another story. Now with Anita facing away from her sister I could get to work. The first pop I brought on really hard to the centre of Miete's buttocks. Then I waited. I wanted to see the effect on her butt of one single stroke before continuing, I had never actually used this paddle before, so I was curious to see how one stroke shaped up on a cold bottom.

Tomas - So the paddle was brand new?

Julie - No, I said I hadn't used it... I'd felt it, but not used it. I'd seen the results in the mirror from a few play sessions, but not the result of one single real punishment stroke. You know I think I'm starting to say a little bit more than I intended to.(laughs) Well back to what happened, I Miete had any feelings that this flimsy plastic paddle was going to be easier than my school board, those feeling would have well and truly left with that first pop. After only a couple of seconds the "treated" flesh was starting to turn red. I continued paddling her at a leisurely pace, by the third pop her little grunts had turned to pleas and cries of woe. I knew the effect that all this noise from her big tough sister would be having on Anita, ans a quick glance at her confirmed my thoughts. Anita was now shaking from her knees up over, so much so that her butt cheeks were wobbling in a slow, sexy, hypnotising way. I concentrated on the centre of Miete's bottom, I wanted to have a really reddened area by the end of her first ten strokes, the first eight managed that nicely, so the final two were aimed at the tops of her thighs and the base of her bottom, that little area that make each step a reminder that you have been punished. After the tenth stroke I asked the two girls to swap places. As a rather tearful Miete took up her position by the window, hands back on the top of her head, her bottom on full display. This gave Anita the chance to see the results of her sisters punishment, and what was about to be coming her way. Before I had the chance to tell her Anita got into position, no doubt rushing to get her ordeal over with. With her feet now at shoulder width apart, she gave all the room a clear view of the back of her pussy, the dark pink lips contrasting with the natural tan of her legs and buttocks. Now I'm not a lesbian but I couldn't fail to appreciate her body displayed in such a manner, as I would imagine did all of her workmates, especially the males. Again after the first pop I waited to see the effect that a lone swat would have on her, she coloured a little quicker than her sister. She was also a lot more vocal than her sister, and a lot more animated, by the fourth swat she was gyrating and dropping down almost to her knees between pops. By the time we reached the tenth swat, she was performing an almost lewd lap dance to my paddle. I also noticed, even if no-one else did, that the punishment was having an effect on her over than that of causing pain.

Tomas - Really?

Julie - Yes. That's why I wasn't sure about telling this tale, it now starts to sound like a "spanking story".

Tomas - So she was getting turned on, are you sure?

Julie - Take it from me she was. I've seen it often enough, and been there myself for that matter to know when a spanking is having that effect. Whether she was aware or not, I wasn't that sure. So after her ten were up, I asked her to go into the corner of the kitchen away from her sister. I then announced a twenty minute recess for the audience, and twenty minutes thinking time for the sisters. Anne seemed to think this was good opportunity to break out refreshments, beer or wine for those not driving and sodas for those who were. It was starting to have the look and atmosphere of a company party, apart from the two red butted crying females standing there.

Tomas - It all sounds very surreal.

Julie - It was, but I assure you it was real enough. As the partying started it gave me a chance to have a word with the girls, one at a time. Miete, I just told her that she was holding up well, and that the second batch of ten would be over quicker than the first, though of course not any less painful. Anita though I decided I would play with a little, you know rack it all up a bit higher for her, so I whispered to her, mind you I'm paraphrasing here as I can't remember my exact words. "The next ten, you are going to get side by side, I'm going to swat Miete first then you, one each till we get to ten." She nodded, her eyes tightly closed. "So everyone will get a chance to compare your bare asses as I'm whacking you. Just think of the three hard-ons your bare ass and pussy lips will be causing, I imagine there will be a few pairs of damp panties there as well. Do you think?" Her eyes flew open. "I said do you think?" Without turning around to face me, she slowly nodded. "Just think your little show here this afternoon will be causing a lot of activity tonight. I bet you will have fired them all up, their partners won't know whats hit them when they go to bed tonight. You think?" She smiled, she actually smiled. "So let those thoughts get you through the next half hour." I then gave her ass a little parting slap. When the twenty minutes were up, Anne called to everyone to get back into place so I could wind up the proceedings. She was really in her element as the host stroke master of ceremonies. I placed the two little plastic chairs about three feet apart and called the girls over to take up their positions again. Miete looked terrified and shamed. Anita looked almost serene. The serenity soon disappeared as I started the final paddling. It was very crisp, alternating between the two of them in rapid succession. I was taking pains to make sure that both of their butts got a good covering, and colouring. Miete took hers in a stalwart manner with the minimum of fuss. Anita was gyrating and stamping even more than before, how much of that was pain orientated, and how much was the reaction to my words I'm not really sure. Either way she put on a fine show, and was becoming visibly wetter. Once I reached their quota, I instructed the girls to get dressed straight away. Anne said that there would be food served later for those that wished to stay, the sisters were not invited to this soiree, the audience for the most part drifted back out into the yard. Three or four stayed in the kitchen, sipping at their drinks and watching the sisters struggle painfully back into their clothes. Once the girls were decent again, I instructed them to take the chairs back out into the yard. As they were doing that, I bid my farewell to Anne and she thanked me "helping her out". I then offered Miete and Anita a ride home, to my surprise they agreed. Needless to say the journey was in total silence,as I drove them back to Miete's apartment where the three of them were staying, as Miete was letting Anita and her baby stay with her till she got things sorted out.

After we pulled up outside her block, Miete gave me a sullen thank you, Anita on the other hand leaned back into the car all bright eyed and said. "Thank you very much for today coach!" I told her that if ever she wanted to chat about "things" to pop along to my office at school.

Tomas - And did she? Pop along?

Julie - Well that would be another story, and I'm all talked out for now. So that's it really make of it what you will.
Tomas - Thank you very much Julie, I look forward to hearing from you again.

Julie - We'll have to see on that one Tom.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Panto Slipper!

I was having a nice dinner with Carol Hershey, when she mentioned the 'L' word.

"So how is little Lori getting on in the rehearsals?"

I loved spending time with Carol, but she had a wicked sense of humour, and loved to wind me up knowing full well that the 'L' word always did the trick. I looked at her and saw the twinkle in her still young eyes, as she leant back in her chair and grinned at me. As I looked at the sixty odd year old one time sex symbol, I couldn't help but laugh at her little joke.

"Awfully of course," I replied reaching across the table for my wine glass, "you do know that we are working with the new Madonna, and a provincial panto is really no place for a girl of her immense talents?"

"It must be so tedious for her," She said picking up on my thread, "being lumbered with such no-hopers, and has-beens like us two. I can't think what she is doing here at all, oh yes I remember now. Money."

We both laugh out loud, causing all the heads in the hotel dining room to turn. Really though it is no laughing matter, for all of Carol's joking she is a consummate professional, and despite my billing as the young hunk I consider myself to be a serious actor. OK my resume may not be as vast as Carol's, I have been in no films or on any magazine covers the way that she was in her prime. We do however have one thing in common, we have both worked on major soaps, and we can both act, unlike Miss O'Caine.

"So what has our 'star' been up to this week?" Carol asked in exasperation.

"Where do I begin?" I say, again reaching for my wine, and realising the girl is driving me to drink. "Well she managed to have two of the young girl dancers in tears. they were both out of time, can you imagine that, both of them out of time in perfect sync with each other, and the music. Of course it couldn't have been Miss O'Caine that was out of time. As we all know from her time on that cursed reality program, that she is a dancer par excellence, when dancing on her own."

"By that you mean leaping around a room, and stripping off on the dining table?" Carol chimed in.

"Yes," I said grinning at her perfect timing, "that's another thing she can't deliver a comic line to save her life."

"Strange that, her parents obviously had a great sense of humour." Carol said, with a quizzical look on her face.

"Why's that?" I ask her, waiting to see what the sarcastic punch line would be.

"Well come on, Tom, Lorraine O'Caine, were they trying to write a limerick?"

Again the heads turn as we both burst out laughing.

"There is only ten days till opening night," Carol said, now no hint of a smile on her face, "she is going to have to get her finger out. I think you may need to take her through hands, Tom."

"Take her through hands? I'm not with you, Carol."

"When I was a young singer in the sixties, and decided that I wanted to go into acting I joined June Blackwood's acting academy." Carol said staring at me intently. "Now June may seem like a pussy cat when you see old TV clips of her, but she was a different proposition when she had you bent over her knee, tights and knickers around your ankles waiting for her slipper on your arse. It focuses the mind alright."

"What! You mean... you mean she spanked you?" I asked not doing a good job of hiding my disbelief, or my fascination. The idea of the pretty girl with the pageboy haircut getting her bare backside warmed had me hooked.

"Yes. She could not suffer fools, or twenty three year olds with ideas above their station, and ability. That is what I meant by take her through hands."

The rest of the evening passed with my mind in a fog, I could not get the image out of my mind. Like most people I'm quite aware of how Carol's naked bottom used to look, it was shown in plenty of the Hammer horrors and other films, not to mention magazines. It was not the idea of her bottom being bared that ran through my mind, but it was what it was being bared for that had me intrigued. I have always had a rather keen interest in spanking and corporal punishment, not something I normally talk about as a rule. Here though was an international celebrity advocating it's usage on our co-star. When I got back to my hotel room, I couldn't sleep, thoughts of Carol and Lori being spanked haunted me all night no matter how many sheep I counted.

The next morning I breakfasted early to avoid Carol, then went to the hotel gym to see if I could work the thoughts out of my head. While I was on the treadmill, I noticed in the mirror Lori walking into the gym. "Great," I thought to myself. "just what I don't need!" Lori gave me a little smile and a wave as she took up the cross-trainer in front of me.

I had a perfect view of her toned lycra clad buttocks, and watched as she started her pseudo skiing. The motion caused both cheeks to sway slightly with each sliding step, and I watched mesmerised thinking how soft to the touch they looked. In my minds eye those buttocks were over my lap, waiting patiently for the first contact of my hand. As I continued watching her from the rear, the view and my mind wandering off was starting to have the inevitable effect upon me. I was just about to cut short my treadmill time when Lori started to slow down, then came to a standstill. As the machine started in it's reverse mode, her bottom seemed to take on another shape with her reverse steps. My idea of retiring to the changing rooms was put on hold, as again I found myself hypnotised by her pliant cheeks. I stuck it out till Lori finished on the cross trainer, and I put the treadmill onto warm down mode. As I slowly walked out the last couple of minutes on the treadmill, Lori came across to me.

"Hi, Tom," Lori said, her face a beaming smile, "looking forward to tonight, our first proper rehearsal?"

What could I say? Not the truth, that's for sure. "Yeah it should be interesting." Was the best that I could muster.

"I know, it's so exciting, see you at six then!" She said flouncing off, and checking to see if anyone recognised her.

As we all collected in the church hall that we were using for rehearsals, all the cast was there by six o'clock sharp. All but one. No Lori to be seen. Then the door opened at six fifteen, and in walked our star. I bit the inside of my gums, so to stifle the laugh, Carol on the other hand didn't bother, she just burst out laughing.

"Hi, Lori," She shouted over to our leading lady, "going out clubbing when we finish here are you?"

Miss O'Caine stood there looking stunned, as her eyes darted around the room. She looked a sight, standing there in her full Cinderella costume. Calf length gypsy style blue dress, white cotton hat and full face make up complete with false soot on her cheeks.

"Is no-one getting ready yet?" Lori asked.

"Er, ready for what, darling?" Asked Carol still grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"We are supposed to be doing a full rehearsal, so why am I the only one ready!"

"Well, dear," Carol said dripping in insincerity, "it's not the dress rehearsal, that is at the end of the week. In the theatre, as they always are."

That little exchange set the tone for the whole night, Lori was worse than ever. Everything that went wrong was the fault of someone else. "This is the trouble with working with amateurs" I actually heard her say at one point.

As nine o'clock thankfully approached, Carol announced. "Tom I'll give you the keys for locking up, I know that you wanted to go through things again with Lori."

"Wha.. what things?" I asked.

"Remember, we talked last night about the extra training that June used to give me, I always found it most helpful."

Was she being serious? Lori looked at the two of us, trying to work out what we were talking about.

"Well I don't mind staying a little if you want to." Lori said, still unaware of what we were referring to.

Carol beamed at me, then winked and said. "I'll get you the keys and I'll drop the latch on the way out so the two of you won't be disturbed."

Now I felt really silly, up till now I had assumed that Carol had been joking about Lori needing a spanking. How do I even bring it up in conversation? The whole idea was mad, wasn't it? As all the other cast left us, Lori popped off to the toilets/dressing room to wash off her makeup. Much to my surprise as she came back into the hall, she was still in her full costume. Now though fresh faced, as the water had taken off all her stage makeup not just the fake soot, and with not putting on any normal makeup she now looked as she did most of the time on the program. Fresh faced, and the picture of innocence, her dark brown long ringlets framing her face and making her seem so pale. Her hazel brown eyes standing out like snowman's coal, such was the contrast in her colouring. In fact she looked quite beautiful.

"So, Buttons, what was the Fairy Godmother on about, what lines do we have to do?" Lori asked me.

Well why mess about, I might as well just tell her, then we can both have a good laugh about Carol's mad plan, and go back to our hotel. "Well Carol thinks that you need bringing down a peg or two, and that I should give you a good spanking." There, I've said it now!

Lori's reaction was not what I was expecting. Instead of laughing and calling Carol a silly old bitch, she just stood there, and looked almost close to tears. "Why?" She asked, her voice almost a childish whine.

"Because of the way you go on with people," I said to her softly, "you don't show any of the other cast any respect. We are the only ones being paid to do this show, all the others are amateurs doing this for fun. Sometimes, Lori, you just take the fun away with your little strops and tantrums."

"You mean... the others don't like me. I'm unpopular?" She asked almost in a whisper.

"I'm sorry, Lori, but that is what I mean."

She shook her head slowly, I realised that her whole self perception relied on being popular, that is the only reason for her current fame. Fame that she could see in her minds eye evaporating with each of my words.

"But why a spanking?" She asked with confusion passing over her face.

"Well according to Carol that is what June Blackwood used to do to her when she was about your age."


"Well that's what she says." I answer, the images running in my minds eye again.

"Did it do any good?"

"Yes, it kept her focused and grounded." I told Lori, not believing the way this conversation was going.

Lori took a deep breath closing her eyes, then said. "OK, where, how?"

It is going to happen, I'm going to get to smack the famous O'Caine bottom that had blessed the tabloid pages for nine weeks in the previous summer. I pull a chair into the middle of the stage and sit down, and point wordlessly at my lap. She comes over to my side, and drapes herself over my knees. Slowly I lift her blue raggedy dress up, waiting for some voice of complaint, but there is none. Her matching blue knickers come into view under her pale transparent tights. "Tights and knickers around your ankles waiting for her slipper on your arse. It focuses the mind alright." Carol's words rang through my head. Slipper? Well maybe later, but first I wanted to feel her flesh on flesh. I find the waistband of her tights, and start to slowly tug them and her knickers down together.

"Please, Tom, must you?" Lori asked in a half-hearted protest.

I did not reply to her question, as her underwear continued their downwards journey. My hand gently caresses her soft, but toned cheeks. Then I slap! Tentatively at first, but then firmer moving from cheek to cheek. As the slaps grow in intensity, Lori starts to grunt a little at each spank. I watch as my work takes it's effect on the colouring of her behind.

The original pale pinkness being soon replaced by a crimson coating. The grunts turn to squeaks and squeals of pain. Still though she doesn't ask me to stop. Then after about two glorious minutes, she starts to sob gently, with a barrage of apologies between sobs. I stop, then again gently caress her bottom. I feel it, hot to the touch.

"Well that will do to begin with." I tell her.

"Th.. th.. thank you Tom." She struggles out.

I run my middle finger down the cleft of her bottom. I feel her shudder at my touch. My finger slides gently over her warm and surprisingly wet sex. She was enjoying this? Lori backed her hips up, as if trying to entrap my probing finger. I withdraw my hand. Then and idea hits me. Cinderella's glass slipper. Or in this case, Cinderella's plastic see through slipper.

"I think for making those two little girls cry the other day, you deserve a taste of one of your glass slippers. What do you think?" I ask her.

"Yes, sir." She replies meekly.

She forces herself up from my lap, then still holding up her dress, she went to the props trunk and got a slipper. On her return journey across the stage she did something really odd.

Unbidden she lifted her dress at the front as well, giving me a perfect view of her lush almost black pubic triangle. Silently she handed me the slipper, and again got herself comfortable across my knees. Now though her bare pudenda was in contact with the rough cloth of my jeans. As soon as I started, her slippering seemed to have an immediate effect. She was gasping and writhing at the first stroke, I knew she wouldn't be able to take many slaps at this rate. I was easing off and about to stop when she said.

"Please, Tom I deserve this, I have been awful, please punish me!"

So I continued, egged on by her to my shame, I increased the force and speed of her slippering. Now her movements were becoming even more erratic, she was violently bucking against my leg with each blow. Then gasping out loud she went limp across me. At first I thought she had fainted, in a panic I dropped the slipper to the floor. I was about to lift her up to make sure she was OK, when I heard her whisper.

"Thank you, Tom, God I needed that. Carol was right, you would really get into this."

Now I was the confused one. Then I heard a lone person clapping from the back of the hall. There was Carol smiling from ear to ear.

"Well done, " She called out. " see what a great matchmaker I am, I really am like a fairy godmother."

As I said at the outset, Carol Hershey has a wicked sense of humour.