Friday, 5 November 2010

S.P.A.N.K.S. (call centre motivation) Part 1

Caroline awoke after a fitful night of sleep, she lay there for a few moments deciding. She had to decide whether to go to work or not, and if she was to go, what to wear?

Skirt or trousers, tights or stockings, flat shoes or heels. She wished now that the call centre had some sort of uniform, or even just a dress code, but they haven't so she will have to decide on her own. On her own she was this morning, she had made excuses to her boyfriend to put him off coming around to her flat last night. Some nights you just need to be alone, and after yesterdays news at work, last night was one of those days. When the new company motivational plans were put in place she wasn't in the least bit bothered. She was one of the stars of the sales floor, her lead-to-sale conversion rate was the third highest in the call centre. Sales Planning And New Kinesis Scheme, they all laughed when they read the title of the memo.

"It's called SPANKS, and no one can understand what it means?" Caroline said to the floor manager.

"Ah you mean the kinesis bit?" He replied with a large grin. "Kinesis is the reacting to external stimulus, you're right it does spell spanks and that is roughly what the stimulus will be... you know, to egg on the lower sellers on the sales team."

Caroline laughed at the idea of spankings for poor sales figures, not a bad idea she thought to herself, though totally impractical.

As the full details of the new scheme came out it caused much consternation among the staff. Cutbacks from the parent company in Singapore were being called for. Anyone who didn't want to take up the new contracts, and enlist to the SPANKS bonus scheme, would be moved out to the non sales side of the company, or just let go of completely in new job restructuring. It was a complicated document full of "legalese", the gist of it was that the highest closers of leads got a new improved bonus. The lowest received corporal punishment in front of their peers, as way of a warning to them to buck up their ideas, and also a reminder to the others to keep on selling. Of course if there was a one hundred percent hitting of all targets, there would be no need for any corporal punishment and an enhanced group bonus would be paid to all sales staff. All the staff took the whole thing as a joke, it could not be legal could it? Well with good enough lawyers, and complicated enough confidentiality wavers written into contracts almost anything is legal. There would be no point to it would there? The parent company had operated similar schemes in the Far East, and had proven a huge success in both raising sales, and improving team morale. It would only really have an impact on the same few people each month? Yes that would be correct, and that was the mistake that the English office made, at least for the first six months anyway.

For Caroline the first six months were great, she was getting better than ever bonuses partly due to the amount of staff that left when the company brought in the SPANKS contracts.

The new staff that came in were keen, but inexperienced so came no where near her figures. As for the CP side of the contracts, Caroline looked upon it as an entertaining diversion to bring the month to the end. It was carried out in an almost clinical way, there were three designated executors of the punishments, all female. It was rumoured that the company preferred to use women in this role to avoid any form of sexual harassment charges being raised against them. Also the majority of the sales staff were women, of the hundred working on the sales floor only sixteen were male. The talk in the canteen was all about how did they get the training, did they have to practise on each other? It was even put about that the company had hired people in for them to practise on. Either way trained they were, and they were raring to go on the last working day of the first month.

All that day there was a palpable tension in the air, a form of excitement at what was to come. Caroline thought this must be similar to how Rome must have felt on the first day of "The Games". Everyone waiting for another's humiliating downfall. Then four forty finally came along, for the first month there were two victims, both had only reached sixty percent of their target. Against the odds it was one female, and one male. The girl Caroline did not know, she had seen her about the offices but they had never spoken. A little bit inside Caroline was disappointed that it what not someone she knew well, don't judge her too harshly though, because we all have that hint of schadenfreude in our personality, no matter how hard we try to hide it. The male, now that made her smile broadly, Jack Danvers she new only to well, Jack-the-lad as he liked to be called. Jack was the self appointed male chauvinist pig, no doubt there would be more than a few of the girls looking forward to seeing him get a whacking. Caroline made sure that she had cleared her desk early, so she could get a good front seat. The office building had a conference room that had been modified, a small, two foot high podium with a school type desk placed on it at the front of the room. Small rigs of lamps had been fitted to the ceiling to flood the podium with white light. The point of this was twofold, it gave the audience a better view of events, it also made it hard for the victims to see their audience. The audience were seated in seven rows arranged in a semi circle and fanning outwards from the podium. (The following months the seats were numbered, and allocated in order of sales results, of course Caroline still got a front seat.)

The show started, Jane Murray took to the stage and thanked everyone for being there. She praised the efforts of her sales teams, she knew they were going through tough times, money was scarce but they had all, well almost all, pulled through. Then her mood seemed to change, as she said. "I'm sorry to say though, we didn't hit our hundred percent target. I know there are a few people sitting in front of me now who didn't come close to it. Some who only managed sixty five percent, it's to those people that what follows next should be taken as a firm warning of what might be to come. You people who are only sitting on sixty five or seventy percent ratios should realise that should things stay the same for you, while the ones around you increase their sales, that it is one stroke of the paddle for each five percent under performance."

There was an audible intake of breath from the whole room, they all knew that the ones being punished had only made sixty percent. A ripple of whispers then went through the room, each whisper said "that's eight strokes!" Jane then stepped down from the podium. Then in what could only be called a step into the over theatrical, the executor then took to the stage, complete with a white face mask, the type so popular in old Venetian masked balls. The mask was supposed to ensure her anonymity, but everyone knew it was Claire, as the other two appointed punishers were sitting amongst the audience, but it all added to the drama. This was the first time that Caroline saw the paddle, and pretty innocuous it looked too, at first glance it seemed to be made of see through plastic, she was later to find that the material was Lexan. No one in the audience was aware that a few implements were mooted, and tested before this paddle was chosen as the ideal adjustment tool. In the Far East almost without exception the cane was the chosen implement, but the lawyers had decided that due to propensity of canes breaking the skin, to avoid any lawsuits it was decided to use other methods in the Western countries. After a great deal of product testing, the three punishers decided that the Lexan paddle was the quickest way to bring heat to the seat.

"Miss Maureen Corrigan please," spoke the ridiculously masked Claire, "you shall be first."

Then the red-faced girl came out of the shadows, and stepped up onto the podium. Caroline could feel her heartbeat rate rise, and her hands started to get sticky and sweaty in excitement. All the audience had been told what would take place, but few really believed it. Claire approached the girl, who was now visibly shaking. This Corrigan girl towered over the five foot two Claire, she must have been approaching the six foot mark, her slim build making her seem even taller. Claire was whispering into her ear, as she had to bend down to hear her instructions. The girl nodded, her face now gone from red to ashen as her shaking fingers tried to undo her jeans. Again Claire whispered something, and again the girl nodded. Claire then put down the paddle and undid Maureen's jeans for her, lowering them well past her knees. She then lifted the poor girl's t-shirt high up her back, revealing white ladybug patterned knickers. The t-shirt was then secured by tucking it into her bra strap. Caroline swallowed hard in anticipation. Then Claire's fingers went to the waistband of Maureen's knickers, the girl didn't know where to put herself, chewing on her bottom lip, staring at the ceiling. Soon enough her knickers to where around her knees, giving all in the room a perfect view of her surprisingly full pale buttocks. She quickly took her place over the desk, bent across resting on her elbows. From Caroline's prime seat she had a view of the girls bottom, and the hint of her underlying sex. Claire then moved to the girls left, and applied the first stroke. The paddle came down with a light popping noise, followed quickly by a shriek of pain. Claire stood back, and waited. A band of red started to emerge on the girls behind, a band of red with a couple of pale spots left by the air holes in the polycarbonate implement. Claire was in no hurry at all to finish her practised display, she waited till Maureen's wriggling had totally subsided before bringing down the second popping stroke. The second stroke was also greeted with an audible shriek of pain, again Claire waited for the pain to seep through the girls bottom before continuing. By the fifth stroke the room was full with the sound of the girls sobs, each stroke was now also eliciting a little bent over dance from Maureen as she tried to stamp the pain out from her bottom. This dance had forced her jeans and underwear down to her ankles, also as she wiggled and wriggled over the desk more than a peek of her dark pink labia was being afforded to all in the room. Caroline now felt a heat growing in herself, a heat she could do nothing to quench. After landing the eighth stroke, Claire waited for the girl to calm herself, before again whispering to her victim. Claire then helped the girl to her feet, and led her to the side of the desk. To all the audience's surprise she then placed her hands onto the top of her head and stood there, tearfully staring ahead into the darkness of the room. Now all the audience was given the front view of the girls not so private privates.

"Jonathon Danvers, please step forward." Called out Claire.

Then on to the brightly lit podium stepped forward Jack-the-lad. Caroline smiled at Jack being given his Sunday name of Jonathon, this was the part of proceedings that she, and many others in the audience had been waiting for. Standing in the bright lights like a stunned rabbit, he didn't look half as cocky as normal. In a vain effort to speed up proceedings he quickly undid his trousers, and pulled both them and his underwear down in one movement, and almost hurled himself over the desk. Yes, Caroline thought as she caught a fleeting glimpse of his limp genitalia, not half as cocky! Claire took up her place as before, Lexan paddle in hand, and brought it across he rather hairy arse. Unlike the earlier popping noise this blow gave off a solid thwack, whether she was harsher because he was male, or because like almost every other female on the sales floor at some point she had received from him a remark about the size of her tits, arse or legs? Caroline didn't know, what she did know however was that Claire was certainly hitting harder. As before she waited to let him savour the stroke before continuing any further. She followed the whole punishment like this, allowing each stroke to seep in before delivering the next one. Caroline noticed the muscles of his hamstrings tightening and shaking as he tried to keep position and not give away the amount of pain he was in. Claire also noticed his resilience, upon the sixth stroke he was still unmoved. So she changed tack a little, the seventh stroke she delivered with gusto to the top of his thighs. It worked as he called out in both pain and shock, a ripple of snigger's wafted around the audience, the eighth then fell almost straight after, giving him no time to prepare himself. Another scream of pain left his lungs. Claire then helped him to his feet, whispering her instructions to him. Like Maureen before him, Jack moved to the side of the desk hands on head, his eyes closed tight in pain and shame. All eyes were on his limp, tiny cock, Caroline felt a mixture of triumph and pity for him. She was one of the few people in the room to know that Jack's tiny state was mainly the result of nerves. Of course over the next few days, as all the girls talked about Jack-the-lad being only an inch or two away from being Jane-the-girl, she did nothing to correct or enlighten them.

Jane Murray then returned to the stage, and thanked the audience for their time. Wished them all a good weekend, but reminded them to keep closing sales, or it could be them next month up there on the podium.

Then the main room light came on and everyone filed out, leaving the half naked Jack and Maureen still standing on the podium.

Caroline thought back on the last six months, thought back on how she had enjoyed that afternoon, and all the others like them. Remembering how she used to think to herself, "I wonder how it feels up there?" In about eight hours time, she was about to find out.

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