Monday, 8 November 2010

'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'-Part 4,Emma's Penance!

After returning to the hotel, Amelia and Georgina made their way to their respective rooms. Amelia was not that surprised to find her room empty of Emma, shaking her head she lay down on the bed flat on her stomach, and tried to get some sleep. The events of the afternoon kept replaying in her mind though, so the seeking of sleep seemed a pointless exercise. Then eventually the door opened and in breezed Emma, the two girls eyes locked upon each other, but not a single word was said. Amelia returned to her pointless search for sleep, as Emma picked up George Sand's, Un Hiver a Majorque for probably about the twentieth time fitfully flicking through the pages of French prose. Twice Emma made to speak of their coming journey to Mallorca, both times she stopped herself, not really knowing how to broach the subject.

Both girls got ready for their farewell dinner with Georgina in total silence, as Amelia stripped to get changed to go down to the dining room, Emma managed to sneak a peek at her friends bruised and lashed buttocks. Again she made to say something but couldn't think what to say, so stayed silent. Amelia pulled on a thin white dress, deciding for the sake of comfort to continue the night less stays and drawers. Again Emma thought to speak, again she could not find the words. So they made their way downstairs, still not a word spoken between them.
Georgina was already at the small circular table set for three, she pointed to the chair to her right. "Amelia," She said, with a sad smile, "I asked the waiter for a cushion, I told him you had been out horse riding all afternoon."
"Thank you, Miss Georgina." Amelia replied in a whisper.
"Please drop the miss, just call me Georgina."
The two girls sat, Emma, particularly wary of her aunt tonight, had already decided only to speak when spoken to.
"I have already ordered the wine," Georgina said, then turned to Amelia. "are you still determined to continue with this journey?"
Emma gasped at the question and looked at Amelia her face panic stricken, Amelia merely nodded.
"You know," Georgina continued. "you could come and work for me. I appreciate hard working loyal staff, unlike my sister and her idiot offspring."
Emma could feel the redness flush across her face, but stayed silent.
"When this trip of yours finally comes to grief. Rest assured it will." Georgina said, staring at Amelia still ignoring her niece to her left. "Get in touch with me, and I will have a place for you, plenty of travelling and I can assure you a lot higher salary then my sister is paying you."
Amelia managed a little smile.
"Thank you Georgina but I'm not that knowledgeable of wines and spirits."
"It can all be learnt my dear," replied Georgina, handing Amelia a business card.
Taking the card Amelia thought to herself, what would it be like to work for this woman? A woman running a large business in a mans world? The idea more than intrigued her, and she placed the card in her clutch bag.

As always when the three of them were together, Georgina led the conversation, but tonight Amelia realised for the first time just how entertaining Georgina could be. She regaled them both with tales of her time in India, and all the adventures she had had since returning to England, and having to run her family business herself. Unlike Lady Wallingford she seemed to be more involved in her business, and did not give off the same air of self importance as her half sister.
Sitting there with the free flowing wine going to her head, Amelia felt quite decadent knowing that she was naked under her skirts. Each time the waiter came over with a dish, or even more wine, she could feel herself flush with excitement. As Georgina's conversation became more risque, instead of her usual reaction of shocked indignation Amelia found herself giggling at Georgina's comments.
Emma on the other hand felt like a gooseberry to her aunt and her friend, she knew things had taken place earlier today that gave them a bond that she was not a party to. In fact she felt jealous of their new found closeness, even though it was Emma's actions that had thrown the two of them together in the first place. "Aunt Georgina," Emma said finally breaking her silence, "I think I may retire now, as we all have long journey's ahead of us tomorrow."
"Run along then." Georgina replied, not even looking at her niece. "Amelia and I have some fino to try before we retire."
Emma arose from her seat, trying hard not to show that she was close to tears, and left for their room. As she lay in her bed, wondering what Amelia and her aunt were talking about for so long the door opened and Amelia entered. Emma feigned sleep, too scared to ask Amelia anything in case the answer she received was not the one she was hoping for. In almost no time at all, Emma heard gentle snoring coming from Amelia's bed, alcohol induced sleep sweeping over Amelia. Emma though knew no amount of wine would drive her to sleep tonight, as she lay there quietly weeping.

The light streaming into the room awoke a rather drowsy Amelia, as she went to pull a pillow over her face to block out the bright Spanish sun, she started at the sight of Emma sitting on her bed staring down at her.
"Wha.. what's wrong?" Asked the still sleep grogged Amelia.
"Nothing, I just like to watch you sleep." Said Emma, a weak, almost hopeful smile on her face. "Was yesterday afternoon really terrible?"
"Yes it was truly awful."
"What... you know... what exactly happened?"
"When we got there that horrid Belmont was there, to protect my interests as an Englishwoman abroad." Amelia said propping herself up in the bed on one elbow. "Then your aunt was forced to strip me. Strip me naked mind you, then whip me. Made to whip me very hard."
Emma burst into tears. "I'm so sorry, it was all my fault. I know that." Emma said as she arose from the bed and walked over to the door an slipped the bolt over.
Puzzled by her friends actions, Amelia swept back her thin bed covers and swung her legs around and made to stand.
"Please stay where you are, Amelia." Emma said as she made her way back across the room, as she walked towards Amelia she bent down, taking the hem of her nightdress in her fingers lifting it up high clear of her hips. Amelia sat there now stunned at her friends actions, watching in silence as the crudely exposed girl made her way to her side. Emma then bent across Amelia's lap. "Please, Amelia give me the punishment that I deserve. Please." Pleaded the distraught Emma.
The hung-over Amelia looked down at the chubby olive cheeks on her lap, her immediate reaction was to give them a little pat, feeling the springy softness in her hand. Then all the things that had taken place over the last seven weeks sprang to her mind. The actions of the butler, birching, sodomy and spankings. The steward on board the steamship spanking her bottom to the colour of the red silk hanky. Yesterdays naked whipping. All these indignities piled on her, just so she could accompany this spoilt child of a woman. The gentle pats turned to slaps, slaps that rebounded of the walls of the room. Normally when getting a rare punishment from her mother, Emma would breakdown into a mess of wailing and tears, to reduce her chastisement. Not this morning though. This morning she wanted to feel and savour every blow. She wanted to show her friend that she could take her justly deserved punishment without complaint. No playing to the gallery today, today she was resolute that she could take whatever Amelia deemed fit to give her.
Outside in the hallway Georgina was passing by the door on her way to the dining room for breakfast, when she heard the noises coming from the room. Smiling to herself she stopped to listen.
Amelia was now going to town on not only the upturned buttocks on her lap, but also the back of Emma's thighs. As the slaps rained down on her she grabbed tightly at the bed sheets to stop her hands flying back to protect herself, for Emma knew she deserved all that was coming her way. Amelia looked as the target wriggled around on her lap, so she brought a few slaps down onto the outside of Emma's hips to try and control the girls continuous wriggling. Now though her hand was starting to hurt her, but she felt that Emma was still in need of more punishment. She looked about the room, her eyes fell upon a rubber plant in the corner of the suite. Helping the tearful Emma to her feet, Amelia said, "Emma bring me that cane over from the plant pot."
Emma nodded slowly, as she rubbed vigorously at her bottom now knowing her punishment was no where near finished.
At the door the eavesdropping Georgina smiled.
Emma scurried over to the plant pot , her night dress still held high her red bottom cheeks jiggling as she went. She cleaned the soil off the cane with her nightdress then handed it to Amelia.
Amelia had already grabbed the pillows off both beds, and piled them up at the bottom of Emma's bed, she then motioned to Emma and said, "put your tummy over them please, six of the best should bring this to a close." Amelia told her tearful friend.
"Please can I have something to bite down on? I don't want to call out." Whimpered Emma.
Georgina, her ear now unashamedly pressed to the door, giggled.
In the room Amelia nodded to Emma's request, and gave her friend a dry face cloth from the toiletry set on the dressing table. She watched in silence as Emma folded it into a tight wad, a hopeful look crossed Emma's face as she smiled weakly at Amelia. Then knowing there would be no reprieve she popped it into her mouth, laid her tummy across the pillows and bit down hard. Then waited. Amelia now had the problem of delivering her "six of the best" to Emma, she had never caned anyone before. How hard to hit? How long between strokes? She thought back to the style use by her last class mistress at school, that seemed to have the desired effect on a clothed behind, so would be more than adequate across Emma's naked posterior. Amelia bent the bamboo slightly, testing it's springiness then took two paces to the rear of Emma's rear. Then with an almost hopping movement, she took one full fast step towards Emma, then when halfway through the second step she brought the cane flashing across Emma's naked behind. The forward motion of her mini run up, gave the cane the added velocity that would have been missing through her lack of experience. The effect was immediate, Emma's whole upper body flew upwards in protest at the stroke. Emma quickly returned to position.

Georgina was now not giggling at the door, she was now swallowing hard, her tongue tracing the outside of her mouth trying to bring some moisture to her dry lips. She could hear the whistle of the cane, and the impact of the wood onto the bare flesh of her niece. Then silence, followed by the same whistle and crack. Georgina stood now counting each of the strokes, her mind throwing up a mental picture of what was going on in the room. She could feel the heat between her legs rise, gaining in intensity with the noise of each stroke, till finally the sixth arrived. Silence. Then she could her the wailing of her now well chastened niece, between the sobs she could hear Emma give out a garbled apology, and plead with Amelia for her not to leave her, then plead for comfort. "Perhaps there may be some hope for these two." Georgina thought to herself as she turned around and headed back to her room, after all breakfast could wait.