Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More Therapy!!

It had just started raining as the taxi pulled up, I got out and quickly paid the driver. Just then the heavens opened so I made a dash across the pavement and up the steps to the front door. I rang the bell and waited as the rain lashed down, within seconds I was dripping wet. As Michael opened the door he beamed a smile, then he saw the state I was in and immediately his face became apologetic.

"Oh, Amy, you poor thing, come on in."

I couldn't help smiling. "Hello, Michael. I think it's going to rain!"

"Oh you think?" He laughed and his face lit up. "It's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you too, how are you?"

"Oh I'm fine, honey, let me take your coat." He helped me out of my jacket and hung it up on the coat stand "So how are you?"

"Um, a bit soggy, but other than that I'm fine."

"I'll go get you a towel." Michael dashed off to his downstairs bathroom and returned moments later with a fluffy white towel. "Here you go."

"Thanks." I quickly set about drying my hair, my trousers were pretty wet too but I was sure they'd soon dry, his house was so lovely and warm.

"Come through to the kitchen and I'll put the kettle on, I'm sure you could do with a warm drink."

"Yes please, I can't believe how cold it's got, it was lovely earlier in the week."

"Well it is the summer don't forget, you should expect it to be cold and wet!"

I chuckled at that comment and followed Michael into his kitchen, I'd not been in there before and was taken aback by how lovely it was. There was an element of tradition with the wooden cupboards, copper pans and tiled floor, but the aga was modern, as was the dishwasher and other electrical appliances. The main colour was cream, but it was accented in a deep green that worked perfectly with the oak woodwork. "I love your kitchen!" I enthused."

"Oh, thank you." He looked around and although he tried to appear modest I could see the pride in his face. "It was hard work, but I'm pleased with the end result."

"I should think so too. I'd kill for a kitchen like this, I love cooking and entertaining but don't get the opportunity very often."

"Well, maybe you need to make the opportunity?"

I thought for a moment. "Yeah, I suppose you're right, I'd not thought of it that way."

"Well that's what I'm here for, to make you think." I watched him busy himself with a cafetiere.

There was a lovely view of the garden from the kitchen, and despite the rain I stood for a while admiring the flowers and trees, I also notice a huge pond. "It's so pretty."

"Thanks, I'd love to take the credit for it, but I have to admit I have a gardener who comes in two or three times a week to maintain it for me, the only thing I look after is the pond."

"Are there any fish in it?"

"Yep, quite a few, some of them are pretty big too. If it ever stops raining we can pop out and have a look if you like?"

I turned to look at him. "Yes please."

Michael gestured towards a kitchen chair. "Please, take a seat." He poured out our coffee's, then produced a plate of biscuits, I helped myself to a chocolate bourbon and nibbled it. "So, how have you been since Monday?" he asked.

I took a sip of coffee. "I've been really good thanks."

"That's good to hear. You know I didn't really know if you'd come."

"Neither did I, but after the week I've had I didn't know what else to do.


"Well as soon as I got offered that promotion I lost it, then there was the driving lessons and-"

"Woahh hold on there!" he interrupted.

"sorry, I was rambling wasn't I?"

"Just a bit." He smiled knowingly at me. "Okay, now start again and this time take it slow and tell me all about it!"

I let out a huge sigh. "Okay, well on Monday morning I went to work feeling really confident and ready for anything, but a while later my boss called me into his office and offered me a promotion to be his legal secretary. I wasn't sure if I'd be strong enough to cope with something like that, I mean it'll be really hard work. So I went straight away and phoned you."

"Okay." He nodded and sat back in his chair.

"Then I found out there'll be a lot of travelling involved but I'm going to qualify for a company car, so I need to learn to drive and the thought of that terrifies me!"

"Okay." He nodded again.

"And then I found out I'll have to do some courses which will mean having to stay away for a week or two at a time, and I got to the point where I wasn't sure even you could help me." Suddenly the drama of the week overwhelmed me and I started to cry, Michael immediately passed me some tissues and spoke softly to me.

"Okay, Amy, I want you to listen to me." I continued sniffing into my tissues. "Look at me," he said more firmly, I looked up into his eyes. "I can help you to deal with all this, trust me, it's not going to be easy, but I'll get you through it if you trust me and will do what I say?"

I nodded and wiped my eyes. "You really think I can do all this?"

"Yes," he smiled. "Now, finish your coffee and we'll get started. Okay?"

"Okay." I returned his smile and finished my coffee.

Once he was sure I'd composed myself Michael pushed his chair back. "Come here," he said firmly. I got up and nervously stood next to him, expecting him to put me across his lap, but instead he looked at his watch. "Right, Young lady, you've got thirty seconds to select an implement from this kitchen, whatever you choose will be used by me to spank your bottom. Your time starts now!"

I was confused and shook my head. "What, but I-"

"Twenty five seconds!"

I gazed around, feeling panicky, and looked for something suitable.

"Twenty seconds!"

I wandered around, trying to think straight.

"Fifteen seconds!"

I began opening draws, desperately looking.

"Ten seconds!"

Then I spotted a utensil jar on the worktop, I rushed over and pulled out a large wooden spoon.

"Five, four, three, two, one!"

By the time the thirty seconds was up I was standing in front of Michael clutching the wooden spoon, he gestured towards the table, so I placed it down then waited nervously, I had butterflies in my stomach and my legs were already trembling.

He stared up at me. "Shoes and trousers off please."

My eyes widened, he certainly wasn't hanging about this time. I struggled to speak. "C... couldn't I leave them on for now?"

"No, take them off."

I swallowed hard and shook my head.

He gave me a reprimanding look. "Do as you're told!"

I realised this was all part of my therapy so I reluctantly did as instructed, I slipped off my shoes, then with shaking hands I undid my trousers and let them side to the floor. After stepping out of them I picked them up and draped them over the back of my chair, I turned to face Michael and he raised his eyebrows, then patted his lap.

"Over my knee!"

I was breathing fast now, but knew this was all for my own good, so I eased myself across his lap. He got me into position and rested his arms across my back, then he gave me a sharp smack across my bottom with his hand.

"Ow!" I yelped.

"That was for arguing with me," he said sternly, you need to learn to follow instruction without question, otherwise you'll never get this promotion. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I squeaked.

"Good, now let's begin."

I gripped the chair rung and held my breath, waiting for the next stinging blow, I didn't have to wait long. His hand came down firmly on my right cheek, swiftly followed by a smack to my left cheek, then this was repeated until I'd had six smacks on each buttock. I gasped and squirmed but managed to handle it well.

Michael then caressed my bottom gently, before slipping his fingers into the waist band of my panties. "Time these were out of the way," he said calmly.

I took in a sharp breath as he eased my lacy panties down over my bottom and pulled them down to my knees, the air of the kitchen suddenly felt cold against my skin and I felt totally exposed and vulnerable. I wondered what was in store for me. I also wondered if my panties had a tell tale damp patch.

Michael tightened his grip around my waist, then began spanking me soundly, I kicked my legs and was soon bereft of my panties. I also squirmed across his lap and protested, but despite this his rhythm was steady and there was no getting away from his strong hand. I lost count of the smacks after fifty, and was relieved when at last he stopped. I was panting now and my bottom was stinging as he caressed my back and smoothed my hair. He then ran his hand gently over my bottom, then ran it down between my thighs. My eyes widened at this touch and for a second I felt nervous, then he gently eased my legs apart, just slightly.

"Good girl," he said softly.

I took in a few deep calming breaths, aware of a heat building in a far more personal place, then out of the corner of my eye I saw him pick up the wooden spoon and my heart began to race like crazy. The first smack from the wooden implement felt like a bee sting and I squealed out, a second smack was swiftly delivered so that both my cheeks were equally stinging. There was a pause, as though Michael was allowing the feeling to sink it, or maybe he was waiting for some sort of reaction from me, but instead I lay there waiting for him to continue, and he did. I knew Michael's hand hurt, but that was nothing compared to the wooden spoon, he spanked me fast and hard with it, covering my entire bottom and the tops of my thighs with stinging blows, I knew now why Michael had moved my legs slightly apart as the wooden spoon was aimed on my inner thighs. Within seconds my bottom was on fire and I was kicking and yelping madly. I could feel tears welling up and I instinctively reached back with my right hand to try to protect my stinging cheeks, the spanking abruptly stopped.

"Move your hand!" Michael instructed

"No, it's too much." I retorted as I rubbed my burning bottom.

"Move your hand or I'll move it for you," he said firmly, "You've got five seconds!"

"I can't handle any more."


I continued rubbing my bottom.


I wasn't going to give in.


My defiance was building.


I was determined not to give in.


I moved my hand back around in front of me again and lay there. I was resigned to my fate, and braced for the further onslaught of the dreadful wooden spoon when Michael patted my bottom.

"Up you get," he said gently.

I was puzzled and lay there until Michael began lifting me off his lap.

"Come on, Amy, up you get."

I struggled to my feet and immediately started rubbing my bottom.

"Hands by your side." he said, pulling my arms.

I stood there, naked from the waist down with my charms on view, but confusion meant I didn't care about my state of undress. Michael angled his head to one side, I knew he was waiting for me to say something.

"I... I don't understand," I said, tears suddenly flowing freely again, "did I... did I do something wrong?"

He frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you stopped and I.."

"That's because you'd passed the test," he interrupted. I shook my head and he smiled, laughing softly. "I'll explain in a moment, but firstly I want you to fetch the cold cream from over there." he pointed to a dresser and I saw the jar of cream, I retrieved it and handed it to him. "Right, now back over my knee and I'll take care of your red bottom!"

I eagerly laid myself back across his lap and relaxed while he applied the soothing cream to my sore skin, I couldn't help letting out little moans of pleasure as it cooled and eased the sting. His soft hands worked wonders rubbing it in, it was hard to believe those same hands could inflict pain. After about five minutes Michael helped me to my feet again.

"I'm sure you'd like to go and freshen up," he said as he handed me my panties.

I felt embarrassed, aware again of the wetness between my legs, I nodded but found it hard to look him in the eye.

He stroked my arm. "It's okay, Amy, I'm aware of the affect it can have on ladies."

He winked knowingly and I felt my face flush, but I couldn't help grinning. "And I thought it was just me." I picked up my trousers and shoes and headed out to the bathroom, after washing and dressing I went back into the kitchen to find Michael pouring out fresh coffee.

"All better?" he asked, smiling.

"Yes thanks, I needed that!" He gestured towards the chair and I immediately noted a thick padded cushion was now on the seat, I couldn't help laughing.

"I thought you might appreciate that!"

I tentatively sat down and took a few sips of coffee. "So, are you going to explain it all to me now? Only I'm really confused by what just happened.

Michael looked me deep in the eye. "Well, the first part was to see how you reacted under pressure, I gave you a set amount of time and rather than you just going to pieces or panicking you went straight to work on solving the problem."

I nodded, that all made sense.

"Then, when I reprimanded you for arguing you didn't retaliate or try to excuse your behaviour, you merely accepted it instead."

I nodded again.

"And for the last part I was able to remove your panties and part your legs without protest. I took you well outside your comfort zone and you handled it all extremely well, and, even when you'd reached your limit, you still did as you were told even though it went against everything your head was telling you. All of that shows courage and determination not to quit." He leaned forward. "I would say that means you'll cope brilliantly with all the challenges you have coming your way, wouldn't you?

The penny dropped, suddenly it all became clear and I smiled broadly. "Yeah," I nodded, "I think you're right. Thank you!"

"My pleasure, that's what I'm here for."

We finished our coffee and chatted for a while, it was almost nine o'clock when I decided it was time to make a move.

Michael walked me to the door. "Remember I'm here any time you need a bit more therapy."

"I know, and thanks," I thought for a moment. "I have a feeling I might need some more therapy before I gain my qualifications."

"Well if you do just give me a call," he smiled, "it's always a pleasure spanking your bottom."

I grinned and blushed furiously, then did something spontaneous and most out of character for me. "What are you doing Friday night?"


"Well, I was thinking of putting my cooking skills to good use and wondered if you'd like to join me?"

Michael beamed a smile. "I'd love to, thank you."

I returned his smile and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, then I headed out into the cool summer evening with a head full of happy thoughts and a sore bottom!