Saturday, 16 October 2010

Letter to the editor!

Ref. HS paddling of trainee teachers.

I have read some previous letters on here, ref. trainee teachers who have received the paddle whilst undergoing their teaching practice. One letter relates to what she perceived as mistaken identity, even though she had broken the school rules, and seemed to think that her status as a trainee teacher would allow her to do so. The other letter, the young lady decided it was OK for her to park in a restricted area even after being warned once already about it. Personally I think both punishments were warranted, as they were both direct rule breaks, in my opinion trainee teachers are indeed students, as they are here to learn. I know many would disagree with me on this point, but as I say that is my opinion.
The real matter that I am writing about though is about trainee teachers and paddling, but not in that context.

It was decided many years ago by the schools board of directors, that to avoid any alleged sexual connotations in the paddling of students, that all punishments would be dealt with by female members of staff irrespective of the sex of the student. As the girl's track and field coach, I was asked if I would like to be one of the assigned paddlers, seeing the logic in this reasoning I agreed. Our school is not one of the paddle happy schools like some that I could mention, and corporal punishment is used as a last resort deterrent, after student counselling and other sanctions have failed. So in an average week I would only expect to see maybe seven or eight students in my office for "the board". Punishments are not decided by me, but by the student counsellors, they write out a punishment form which only tells me or any other designated paddler the amount of pops being awarded. It is felt that the actual rule break that has brought them to the office is an irrelevance for us to know. This works fine as it stops the paddler from being overly harsh, or lenient, depending on their personal views of the offence, so all paddling's are given on a level playing field so to speak.
The last two years or so though has seen a rather odd tradition arrive. It now seems to be some sort of odd tradition, for trainee teachers here on their final year of teaching practice, to request the paddle. Yes you did read that right, I get trainees of both sexes turning up at my office to actually ask for a paddling! The reasons given vary slightly, but usually work along the strand of, "I don't think it would be fair to send a student for the paddle without knowing how it felt myself."
I find this reasoning a bit baffling, and think that it could be some sort initiation that they have dreamed up, similar to Sorority and Fraternity hazings. So my own experiences would throw a shadow of doubt over the "innocence" of the girls in these letters. However last week marked a turn in events. Two trainees came into my office one male one female, and gave me the standard speech about sending students for corporal punishment. As always I sat and listened as if it was the first time I had heard such a suggestion, and told them both, "yes I am prepared to give you a taste of the paddle, but I must warn you both that these will not be token taps, but a full punishment as anything else would be of no point."
As always I received an unsure nod from both of them. I was now though in a slight predicament, as in the past I only received these requests in private, never two at a time.
Do I send one out to wait while I deal with other? Or do I allow them to watch each others punishment? Neither of these options really appealed to me, so I decided to paddle them both at the same time, my room was ample enough to have them both bend next to each other, and it was a simple case of paddling them alternatively one pop at a time. "I would like you both to bend over here, side by side, and grasp the backs of your knees." I told them. Then the turn in events took place. Whether they had been misinformed, or if this shows an upping of the ante by the trainees I don't know. The girl, ( I won't give any names to save blushes.) lifted her skirt high and started to lower her pantyhose, while the male loosened his trousers and lowered them along with his boxers. Now when I got up this morning I wasn't expecting to be seeing a twenty three year olds semi hard dick in my office this afternoon. Nor for that matter a twenty four year olds shaven snatch either. Not knowing whether to laugh, or to shout at the two of them, I decided to make this a paddling that they wouldn't forget. Normally I would dish out three hard pops, over a clothed behind, three being the minimum punishment at our school. I decided these two for their cheek would both receive the maximum eight. "Right bend over then," I said, not passing comment on their nakedness, "you will receive eight pops each, alternating between you." Both of them gasped out aloud at my announcement, but both bent over in my required position. I then set to work on the bared behinds in front of me, I pride myself on the fact that I can hand out a consistent paddling, no variance on the force used regardless of sex. By the fourth pop, the girl was sobbing, by the sixth the male to was shouting out in pain, by the end both sets of buttocks were well bruised and wishing they hadn't came in here. As they stood after I had finished, it was comical watching the girl struggle her pantyhose back up over her painful buns. The males previous tumescence had now dissipated, leaving him with a rather flaccid, unimpressive member. After pulling themselves together they both left my office.

So in future when reading these letters of mistaken identity, or the unfairness of high schools take them with a pinch of salt.

Julie Florida.
(PS I have a quite handsome trainee Phys Ed at the school at the moment, I'm just waiting for the knock on my door.)

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