Thursday, 14 October 2010

Letter to the editor!

Paddled For Parking
Ref the letter- 'wrongly paddled?',in my own experience as a trainee teacher, I doubt if mentioning that she was a member of staff would have saved her from being paddled.

The high school that I did my final year at treated the trainee teachers as little more than an annoyance, we had no privileges that the students didn't have, apart from access to the staff only lounge, and restrooms. The first week I was there I was warned about parking in the staff car park, which surprised me as I considered myself staff, but I was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn't. A couple of weeks later I was running late, so I parked in the forbidden staff area as it was nearer to the assembly hall. I fully intended to move my vehicle at recess. During my first class of the morning one of the students came in to see me and said. "Miss I have a note for you from the admin office, I've been told to tell you it is very urgent."
I opened the letter and it said that I had to go to see Mr Bains at 15.30.
I had been at the school long enough to learn that Mr Bains, who oddly enough was not a teacher, was in charge of dealing with school disciplinary problems. This being the deep south meant he was the allotted school paddler, even though his post was head of admin. I was puzzled as I hadn't pink slipped any students down to see him, so couldn't think why he would want to see me. As I reached his office there was a girl standing outside, no doubt in trouble for some misdemeanour, as it didn't take much to earn a paddling at this school, the girl looked rightfully worried as I said hi to her.
"I'm early," she said to me, almost in tears. "I don't have to see him till 15:40, so you can just go in he has no one in there at the moment."
I gave the girl a little smile, then knocked,and entered the room.
"Hi, Mr Bains," I said smiling at the stern looking forty year old behind the desk. "I'm Johanna Litchman, I got a note to pop in and see you."
"Pop in and see me? Yes well that's not quite how the note was meant to read, or how it was written." He said unsmiling. "You see we have a problem, you keep parking in the staff area, even though you are not yet staff."
"Well this morning..." I started to say, but was cut off by a wave of his hand.
"You have been told not to park there, have you not?"
I nodded glumly, a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach told me where this was leading.
"So you chose to ignore the rules, and park there anyway. This brings us to a problem, what to do about it, I have decided to give you an option."
I swallowed hard.
"You can take five pops with the paddle, or I can put a note on your training record,saying that Ms Litchman,had problems following the rules set by this school during her time here."
My mind was a muddle, five pops! That was a lot, but a note like that on my permanent record, I would have major problems getting a job, the wording sounded so bad.
"I'll take the pops." I replied glumly.
Mr Bains then buzzed his secretary, a girl who was most likely younger than me entered the room, as all paddling's of the opposite sex required a witness, though I would have preferred the privacy. Rules are rules though.
"Right bend over and grab your ankles," he said flatly, "no hold on, take off your shoes, those heels are too high, I don't want you twisting your ankle then suing the school board."
As I bent over, now bare footed, I was glad I was wearing slacks as it was not unheard of for girls to have to lift their skirts for a paddling. It was the shame of having to show my panties that I was thinking of, not the extra protection that the clothing gave. As my trousers were of a very thin material, and my underwear was a thong style cut, neither offering much protection.
He delivered each pop with conviction, leaving a good fifteen seconds between each one, allowing the pain to spread out from the impact area. By the third stroke I was crying.
After the final stroke I stood upright, and through the tears could see the smug look on Mr.Bains' secretary's face, obviously a girl who loved her work.
I left the room after quickly putting my shoes back on, my eyes still blurred with tears. I made my way down to the female staff restroom, not really believing what had just happened to me at the age of twenty four!

Jo Arkansas

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