Thursday, 7 October 2010

Going for gold 2012-serial part 7

After a minute or so to collect herself, Amy, rather red-faced, looks at me with a slight smile on her face.
"Thank you, sir, I feel much better now." She says while quickly scooping her knickers and tights back up her legs.
I wonder if she is trying to wind me up, or is she really so naive to look upon this a just another sports therapy. Does she think all the other girls come in here for tension relief?
That thought throws even more mental images into my head.
"Can I go for lunch now please, sir?" She asks me, no hint of sarcasm in her voice, she is that naive!
"Yes run along, and I'll see you later." As she leaves me alone sitting like an over wound up alarm clock waiting to go off. I think back on the morning events. In normal circumstances I would have seen the morning as being a good result, two punished girls, and a little sexual fumble with another. The trouble is Amy is starting to get to me, I never let work interfere on a personal level, but this girl is getting to me. Also I now have the rest of the afternoon ahead of me with her, and I'm going to have to find something productive on the sporting level to do with her. I'm going to have to do my job, and I hate it when work encroaches on my time here!

We spend the rest of the afternoon discussing why it is that so often in cup ties, a lower league team will so often dominate a match against a higher ranking team. Then towards the end of the tie the lower league team would most times implode and get beaten by the "better" side. Amy put it down to the saying, "class will out." My argument was that the higher ranking team were professionals, they only played football, no day jobs to drain their physical resources. It was for the most part the factor of fitness that pulled the top teams through. It was a pointless debate, but filled the afternoon in to a reasonable time for me to call it a day. Amy left the office quite happy in the knowledge that she had a productive day of doing basically nothing. Me? I left feeling tired, and frustrated. I made my way to the gatehouse for my walk home, I don't bother with cars. Part of my contract stipulated that I needed a detached house, close to, but not in the complex. In fairness that is exactly what they supplied, but a small two bedroomed bungalow was not really what I had had in mind.
Still it is well within walking distance so I shouldn't complain. On a good day it is a pleasant twenty minute walk, a walk through beautiful countryside, beautiful when you can see it.
On too many days, such as today you can't see much more than about fifty yards due to an odd mixture of fog and persistent drizzle, the fog seems to seep into you and freeze your bones, but still like I said earlier, I shouldn't complain. Just as I have resigned myself to a cold, wet walk home, I hear the tooting of a car horn. I turn around only to see Julie sitting behind the wheel of her car waving me over.
"Curiouser and curiouser." I think to myself as I head across the yard to where she is parked.
"Would you like a lift, sir?" She asks me as I reach her side of the car.
Odd, she never calls me sir, it's always "doc" or "Tom", never "sir".
"Well if it's not taking you out of your way," I reply a little warily. "yes please, Julie."
"Oh no, I'm going your way today." she said with a slightly flirty tone to her voice. Getting into the car I see she has got changed, she is now wearing a long thin floral summer dress, obviously not warm enough as I can see her nipples straining against the cloth. "I'm really sorry about today," she continued. "I know what I did was wrong, and that I deserved the punishment. The only thing is the state you left my bum in! I'm going to be out of bounds to my boyfriend for a few days. Too much explaining to do, easier to just put him off." For someone that had just had the punishment that she'd had, Julie seemed remarkably chirpy. "Only thing is, sir," She said as we passed the gatehouse, and went onto the main road. "It's left me with a itch, that I can't quite scratch."
"Julie, you should have turned right there." I tell her, as we start going in the wrong direction.
"Not in a hurry are you, sir?" She says, her eyes glinting.
"No, not at all." I say sitting back in my seat, wondering how this is all going to turn out.     
"Good," she says with a large smile, "I was wondering if after today, it means that I will be falling under your... how do you say it? Focus session rules."
So now I know the way the conversation is going, if not the car.
"Julie, the focus sessions are to help the athletes, rather than punish them. The idea is it sharpens their minds, and spurs on further efforts," I reply quite amused by the way the talk is panning out, "what you had today was punishment pure and simple. I can't think of any way that a focus session would be needed, or indeed of use to you. Can you?"
I notice her cheeks start to redden slightly, and her tongue darts out of her mouth to moisten her lips. "Well perhaps.... I don't know, if maybe I was late?"
"I'd dock your wages." I reply now really getting into her little role-play.
"What about... If I started coming to work... smelling of alcohol?"
"I'd send you home, and dock your wages." I tell her, with a little chuckle in my voice. "Really I can't see any reason, why you would be called into my office, to lower your pants and underwear, then go over my knee for a spanking."
I watch her swallow hard, then speak with a little quiver in her voice. "Lower my pants and underwear, just for a focus session?"
"Of course, I always need to see the area that is being attended to, it's academic anyway because it is not going to happen."
"What if I was caught again with contraband?" She says as she turns off down a road I'm not familiar with.
"Well that would be different," I say seeing her face light up in hope, "that would be a repeat offence. You know the rules for that, it would be a strapping. This time though in the meeting hall, can you imagine that?"
I look at her and see she is indeed imagining that, as she pulls the car off the road, and drives up a small track leading to a disused quarry, and brings the car to a halt.
"Yes all your girls will be there," I continue, staring at her face, now eye to eye, as we hold each others gaze, "all the ones you have seen caned or strapped, waiting to watch you. Of course they won't be the only ones, no doubt John McPharland won't miss the chance to see you stripped down. I dare bet he has often wondered what you would look like, bare from the waist down bent over the table. Your hips lifted high by the cushion under your belly." The look of intensity on Julie's face increases, she nods as if to egg me on further. "Your tiny bare buttocks there for all to see," I continue, not wishing to disappoint her, "the full lips of your sex clearly on view. Perhaps I might even give your knees a little tap so you will spread your legs a little wider, opening up the shell of your sex that smidgen more." She nods enthusiastically waiting for more details. "Possibly this particular day, we might have visitors here, male members of the Olympic committee perhaps, wanting to see our discipline regime first hand?"
"Yes... yes there might be, mightn't there?" She replies almost gasping.
"After your public punishment, and humiliation" I say, hoping I've read this right, "you would need more than corner time?"
"YES! Much more." She almost shrieks, undoing her seat belt and getting out of the car.
By the time I have got out of the car and moved to her side, she is already bent over the still warm bonnet. I get behind her and lift up the thin dress, she is knickerless beneath her tights, I make to grab the waistband of her opaque tights.
"NO! Just rip them open." She commands, rather pushily for a sub.
I nip at the thin nylon with the long fingernails on my right hand, tearing them wide open. I can see the sheen on her prominent labia, no need for foreplay. Quickly dropping my trackie bottoms and boxers, I enter her from behind deeply thrusting, my thighs hitting her small bruised buttocks.
"FASTER, FASTER" She calls out, very pushy indeed for a sub.
So I slow down, alternating my strokes from shallow to deep.
"You will get what you will get," I tell her than add, "I hope you're on the pill, because I'm in here for the duration."
"Yes, sir." Is the meek reply.

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