Wednesday, 6 October 2010


A story by Tomas

I sit in the ante room to the odd building, not at all what I was expecting it to be like. What was I expecting?
I don't know really, but not this large new building, all steel, and tinted glass. The door opens, and in you walk, at last we meet! I'm about to stand to greet you, when the woman behind you says, "Sit down there please, Lori," pointing at the chair opposite me, "and no talking." She leaves the two of us and goes down the corridor to my back. We both look at each other, I shake my head and shrug my shoulders. So often I had thought of what our first meeting would be like, never had anything like this crossed my mind.
We both hear the clip-clop of returning footsteps down the hall. Two sets of footfalls, one the distinctive sound of female high heels, the other the sound of male feet. They both enter the foyer area, the male speaks.
"You both know why you have been called in here," he says, his voice slow and even, looking us both in our eyes, "this is the only way we can restore our integrity, and your reputations. You both agree to accept your punishment from us?" We both nod slowly, but in unison. "I want you to be aware," he continues, "this will be a real punishment session. No safe words." Again we both nod, I notice you swallow hard at his words. The male turns to his female partner, and says. "You are more than capable of handling this on your own, so I will leave these two in your charge." He then leaves the three of us, the woman motions for us to follow her. Again the corridor echoes with the sound of footsteps, each footfall bouncing off the the glass and steel walls, the sound is cacophonic. I wonder to myself, if a footstep make this much noise, what will the sound of a falling cane, or a cry of pain sound like in this odd building? I know I won't have long to wait to find out. We follow the woman through a door, into a very large bare room. Bare except for a chair, and a massage table, the type with the head hole in, so you can lie face down in comfort. I don't expect much comfort for either of us over the next hour or so. The wall on the far side of the room consisted of eight large panes of tinted glass.
The roof lighting turning the panes effectively into mirrors. I wonder to myself if people going past can see in through the glass? Then I notice the rack on the wall nearest to us, an assorted collection of canes, paddles, and tawses. I wonder how many we will taste before being released from here. The woman sits down on the seat. "We will start with a little reflective corner time for the two of you," she says. "first though, I need to get you both prepared. Lori you first please." Her hand beckons you toward her. "Hands on the top of your head please." she instructs, as you stand in front of her. Her fingers go to the hem of you black skirt, she starts lifting you skirt upwards, not for the first time since arriving here I feel a stirring in my loins. Your skirt finishes its upward journey, and she tucks it into it's waistband, your blue lace panties now on show above your black hold ups, on show not for long though, as her fingers now go to the waistband of your knickers.
You make a startled noise, and you look as if you are about to protest. "Silence, Lori!" she warns you, "you will have plenty of time to make a noise soon enough." Your knickers are soon at your ankles. Then she motions me over, I slowly walk across to your side. Her hands reach across to the top of my trousers, they undo the button, then the zipper. Soon enough my trousers like your knickers, are now mere ankle warmers, with no sign of embarrassment or apprehension she then pulls down my boxers. My semi erect cock now at her eye level. "OK, the two of you can now go and stand in that corner," she orders us, "noses to the glass."
Standing there, knowing that you are practically naked from the waist down only inches away from me has the undesired effect. My cock now hardens completely, I can feel it bob up and down slowly in front of me.
The torment of not being able to move my hands from the top of my head to rub it is awful. Though I know we will have much more awful torments ahead of us. The five minutes finish, though they felt like five hours.
Her voice seems to boom across the room. "I think it will be ladies first, Lori, we will start with a brisk over the knee spanking. Tomas stay where you are, nose to the glass." I hear you walk across the room. I hear the scraping of the chair legs on the tiled floor as she moves you into the ideal position. I hear the first few slaps of your spanking echo through the room.
My cock cries a little tear of sympathy for you.

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