Wednesday, 13 October 2010

'Amelia's Victorian Adventure'- Part 2,Amelia on the steam ship!

The rocking of the railway carriage, had sent all three of the young ladies off to sleep, then Amelia awakes with a start. The events of the last five weeks had invaded her dreams. She looked across at her two travelling companions, and was amazed at the strong family resemblance. She studied Emma's aunt Georgina, the younger double of her Ladyship, taller at almost six feet but the same black hair, and angular features as Lady Wallingford. Amazing really that half sisters could look so alike, and with such an age difference too as Georgina was only twenty four, but a widow also like her half sister. Both of them paying the heavy price of imperialism, a reminder that empires are built on blood. For all her lack of years though, Emma held her aunt in awe, and had told Amelia that she would be pleased when they reached Cadiz then the two of them could continue their journey unencumbered by her aunt. Amelia then looked at the sleeping Emma, the same black hair, but much softer features not unlike those of the queen in her younger, and happier days, also Emma was not as tall as her aunt, though few people were, male or female. In fact the only person taller than Georgina at Lady Wallingford's house was Harrison the butler. Amelia shakes her head, she cannot seem to get him from her mind.

She tries to close her eyes to bring back sleep, but it is no good, all that happens is the return of yesterdays events. Was Harrison merely showing her his authority, or was it meant as some sort of going away present? She felt a slight smile cross her face, accompanied by a burning blush. After her first run in with the butler, that resulted in birching and sodomy. Harrison took every opportunity to have her over his knee for the most minor of indiscretions, each spanking ending with him "fetching" her, it was getting to the point that she was almost hoping for him to find fault with her work. Then the four weeks finished, and she was officially in her post as travelling companion to the young Emma. The days of the butlers summary punishments were over, or so she thought. Emma had decided that the clothes that Amelia had brought with her in her two carpetbags were no where near fine enough for their long journey, so the two of them went off to London to get a new wardrobe for Amelia, and it was these very clothes that brought about her farewell spanking from the butler.
Amelia was showing off her new finery to Rosy, the parlour maid in the room that the two of them shared, when there was a sharp knock on the door. Rosy opened the door and in walked Mr Harrison.
"Tut-tut-tut girls," he said upon on entering the room and surveying the dress strewn beds, "what a mess, you both know that all rooms are to be kept tidy, at all times."
"Sir it was just......" Amelia started to say, only to be waved away by Harrison.
"I think you will both have to have a visit to my pantry, in say half an hour?" he said, and then gave both girls a little bow.
Both girls stared at each other open mouthed, both knew what was coming their way, it was the fact that he wanted to see them together that had them bemused. Rather than give him excuse to punish her further, Amelia quickly changed into her maids uniform for her last time.
Standing in the large main pantry room, both girls hands on their heads and red-faced, waiting as the butler bolted the outer door to save their blushes.
Returning to the room Harrison dragged the big high backed chair into the middle of the floor. "Right girls prepare yourselves." He said, almost absent-mindedly.
Both girls pulled their black skirts high up above their cream drawers, and with shaking fingers tucked them into their broad black belts. Then waited.
"Rosy first I think," the butler finally said, "over you go my girl."
Amelia was transfixed as she watched her friend bend across the butler's lap, his hands deftly opening up the drawers at the back, baring her soft chubby white cheeks.
Then the spanking started, Rosy did not hold back her cries as his hand came down. She had learnt long ago that holding back the tears only prolonged the pain, and delayed the pleasure. Harrison though had also got wise to the ways of some of the girls, crocodile tears meant nothing to him, he went by the hue of the girls buttocks, not by their cry.
Amelia stared on, trying to control her breathing, she had seen Rosy naked on many occasions, though never from an angle such as this. Never had she seen her trying to dance the sting out of her bottom as she seemed to be doing now, each shake of her legs giving Amelia an even lewder view. She knew only to well that in a few minutes time it would be her that would be affording Rosy similar entertainment. Then as the spanking subsided, Harrison pulled Rosy further over his lap, the plump pink lips of her purse now clearly on display to her.
Harrison stared straight at Amelia as he started to fetch Rosy with his fingers. "Be patient, Amy," He said. "it will be your turn soon enough."

"AMELIA! AMELIA!" A voice called out, bringing her back to wakefulness. "Are you quite all right girl?"

"Y.. yes, Miss Georgina, I'm fine." Amelia stuttered out.
"You seemed to be fitting in your sleep," said the more than puzzled lady, "you were gasping for breath."
"No, Miss I'm fine," she struggled out, her face now burning, "truly I'm fine."
Georgina gave Amelia a quizzical look, then shrugged her shoulders.
"We are almost there now," Georgina continued, "so you had better collect up our belongings, I'll get a porter when we reach the station. Then we can get a hackney to the P&O dock."
"Yes, miss." Amelia replied after the sharp reminder of her station, she too would be happy to see the back of the bossy Georgina.
Emma awoke with a yawn and a stretch as the train came to a stop at the station.
"Get a move on sleepy head," her aunt chided the still yawning girl, "we set sail in less than an hours time."

After the rush across town, and an almost scramble to get on board, the three young ladies were shown to their quarters. Amelia and Emma would be sharing a small cabin with twin beds, while Georgina had a cabin of her own. The two younger girls were happy to be free of Georgina's controlling influence, if only for their sleeping time. Then things took a turn for the better for the younger girls, Georgina was not made of sailing stock, no sooner had the ship entered the Solent than she took to her room, a victim of seasickness. Emma could not believe her luck that her aunt was lain up so quickly.
"With her out of the way we can have some fun, Amelia!" she said, the excitement making her voice quiver.
"Fun?" Asked Amelia in an unsure voice.
"Yes, fun. They have gambling tables below deck!" Emma's voice now almost breaking.
"I don't believe in gambling, it's... well it's ungodly." Said Amelia.
"Well you stay in the cabin and read your bible, I'm off to win some money." Emma said as she flounced off.
Emma did indeed win money, quite a girl with the cards and seemingly very lucky. A little too lucky as her time on the tables became a big talking point among the ships crew.
On one of her rare expeditions from her room, a rather pale faced Georgina was talking to one of the stewards.
"Some luck your niece had last night wasn't it, Miss?" Asked the jovial seaman.
"Luck? I'm sorry I'm not with you." Replied the nauseous Georgina.
"Yes at the tables," The steward replied with a broad grin. "quite a card sharp by all accounts."
"Yes indeed, a very lucky girl," she replied clicking on to what the steward meant. "it's to hope her luck does not run out." It just has, Georgina thought to her self. With anger spurring her on, making her sea sickness of secondary importance, she headed to her cabin. Quickly going through her bags she found what she needed, a bright pink silk hankie. Then a quick call to the bridge to verify the stewards statement, and to confirm a few other things. She then set about finding her niece, and Amelia.
Georgina saw her prey, sitting on the foredeck looking out to the sea, both girls the picture of health unlike herself. "Good afternoon, ladies." She said, announcing her presence and catching both girls by surprise.
"Good afternoon." They chorused back to her.
"Are you quite well now, aunt?" Asked a smiling Emma.
"On the mend my dear, on the mend. So how have you two young things been filling your time in while I have been indisposed?" Asked Georgina as she toyed idly with her handkerchief.
"Oh you know, reading, taking in the night skies, chatting about our upcoming adventure." Replied the still smiling Emma.
"Yes there is so little on these ships for young ladies like yourselves." Said Georgina, spinning her web. "For gentleman of course there is the gaming tables, even some females have been known to dabble with the cards."
"Really?" Said Emma in mock surprise, but Amelia knew deep down that the game was up.
"Yes really, as a matter of fact one young lady has had quite a run on the cards, though I think her luck may have just ran out." Georgina said, watching the smile disappear from her cherubic face. "You will both go along to your cabin, change into your nightdresses and await your punishments."
"But, aunt, Amelia had no part in this." Said Emma trying to save her companion.
"No part in stopping you!" Georgina interrupted her niece. "Amelia is supposed to be the sensible one of the two of you. The wiser and elder one, I'm going to make sure that this behaviour of yours does not recur. In future Amelia will know after today to be a more judicious influence on you."
The two girls headed back to their cabin in silence. Both girls changed into their long nightdresses, both knowing that no underwear would be needed for what was coming their way.
Emma knew too well the wrath of Georgina, and how hard a spanking she could deliver. Could deliver, that thought cheered her slightly, this would be a weak and ill Georgina giving them their chastisements.
The two girls sat in silence on their bunks, waiting.
The door opened and in walked Georgina with the steward that she had been talking to earlier, both girls gasped in horror as they saw him. "This is Robert," Said Georgina, still toying with the pink hankie. "I explained my predicament to the captain, that I had two stupid young girls in need of a good spanking, and that I was too under the weather to deliver a suitably harsh punishment. So I asked if I could borrow his fine young steward, he agreed with a certain amount of reluctance. Though I must say Robert took no persuading at all."
Georgina took in the looks on the girls faces, her spoilt niece, and her uppity companion, both already close to tears. She was going to enjoy this afternoon, and if Robert was half the man that he looked to be, this evening also. "I know that some men are sometimes, should we say, overly gentle with the fairer sex. So I brought this along," Georgina continued lifting up her hankie and giving it a little wave, "as way of a guide. He is under instruction to spank your bare bottoms till they are the colour of this silk. He is to ignore any protestations or tears till this colour is achieved."
"Aunt you cannot do this, it.. it is just not decent. What would mummy say?" Pleaded Emma already close to tears.
"I care not a jot," Replied the now angry Georgina. "I am in loco parentis, and till we reach Cadiz and part company I will decide what is decent. Robert is a married man, and no stranger to the shape of a woman. Is that not right Robert."
"That's right, ma'am." The up until now silent steward replied.
"Emma, stand over there." Georgina told her defeated a niece. "Watch carefully as the punishment you brought about lands on your companion."
As Emma moved across the cabin, Amelia sat resigned to her fate, it would seem that having a hot bottom is almost part of working for this family.
The steward sat on the bunk opposite her, a large grin on his face as he patted his lap. On jelly knees she rose from her bunk, and draped herself over his hard muscular thighs.
"Well let the dog see the rabbit." Said the steward as he leaned over to lift Amelia's nightdress.
"No, allow me." Interrupted Georgina, as she lifted the nightdress high up Amelia's back, all the time keeping eye contact with her dashing steward.
Looking down at the pale buttocks, the steward remarked. "I'm going to have my work cut out here, ma'am, she is pale like china."
"But not delicate like china," Georgina reminded him, "and I'm more than sure those big hands of yours will manage well enough."
Manage they did, his hand came down in staccato onto her pale cheeks, following no real pattern, sometimes one cheek would be treated to five or six blows in a row, then the other only one or two. Amelia bit at her lip trying to keep her cries down, not wanting anyone going past the cabin door to know what was taking place.
"So, ma'am what brings three such fine ladies to Cadiz?" Asked the steward, not breaking his onslaught on Amelia's bottom.
Georgina was almost taken aback, that he would wish to idly chat when carrying out such a task. "These two foolish girls are off on a trip of Europe. Myself, I am here on business, I have to go to Jerez to sort out some sherry import licences."
"Ah fino, I prefer a good red Rioja." He replied, giving Amelia another stinging barrage, causing her to wriggle even more on his lap.
Emma was agog watching the spanking, even though she knew she would be next she was still fascinated by her friends wriggling antics. Each flail of her legs was giving Emma a fleeting view of Amelia's coral lips. Amelia though was far from fascinated, this was much worse than any of the butler's spankings, and with no hope of the release afterwards. The heat in her bottom was so intense, with no sign of the steward letting up, the cabin floor she could see now only through a fog of tears.

"Well, ma'am I think this ones done. Well heated she is." The steward said, as if referring to a pie in the oven.
Georgina moved to his side, the fingers on her left hand trailing through his thick brown hair, as she leaned forward with the silk in her right hand, resting in on the cleft of Amelia's buttocks. "A perfect match, Robert, well done." Said Georgina as she eyed her niece. "Don't you think so Emma?"
Emma was now not so happy about the situation, the time for her turn was here.
"I SAID DON'T YOU THINK SO?" Georgina repeated.
"Y.. y.. yes, aunt, if you say so. Please, I promise I'll......" Emma stuttered out.
"Silence, girl, you know what is coming so just accept it." Georgina said cutting off any further pleading. "Amelia, get up and change places with Emma, and mark my words girl you had better keep that nightdress high up. I want to be able to see Robert's handiwork."
The tearful girl arose from the stewards lap, holding her night dress high knowing too well that her pudenda would be on display to both Georgina and the steward.
Georgina smiled looking at Amelia's lush pubic covering, that should gee Robert up a little more. By the time the steward left this cabin he would be needing release, and Georgina planned to be the one to give him it. The girls traded places. As Georgina lifted Emma's nightdress clear, the girl burst into a flood of tears before the stewards hand had even fallen onto her bottom. As Amelia's eyes started to clear, she could see Emma doing the same horizontal dance that she herself had done over the stewards lap just moments earlier.
As when watching Rosy's spanking just a few days ago she felt the same strange feeling in her stomach. The room, and no doubt the whole deck was ringing with Emma's cries, as the steward did Georgina's bidding. Bringing the colour to Emma's cheeks though was a much longer and harder job. Emma's chubby bottom was darker skinned than Amelia's and so did not colour to red quite as easily, or quickly.
Eventually Georgina was satisfied that they had a match for her silk, and Emma too was now standing, nightdress up and her black forest of pubic hair on clear display.
"Right, girls," Georgina told her two repentant charges, "you will both now go to bed, and stay there till tomorrow morning. You have both been punished like little girls, and now you are going to be treated like little girls. Robert, I believe you said that you like Rioja, by way of appreciation from the three of us I would like you to join me in my cabin a little later and we can share a bottle, if that is all right with you?"
Robert didn't have to be asked twice, and he nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, ma'am, that would be fine, fine indeed."
Robert and Georgina left the two girls, Emma still in floods of tears flopped onto her bunk.
"Please, Amelia, comfort me." She pleaded to her friend.
Amelia lay down by her friend, the smallness of the bunk forcing the two girls close together. Without thinking Amelia started to rub Emma's bottom for her.
"Thank you, Amelia, I don't really deserve your friendship, if it wasn't for my foolishness we wouldn't be in this situation."
Without thinking Amelia silenced Emma with a kiss to her lips, then another longer lingering kiss. Amelia felt Emma's hand go to her hand, she redirected it from her bottom to place it at the mouth of her sex. They continued kissing, the innocent girl of five weeks ago seemed to Amelia to have been another life, as she fetched Emma. Then as a manner of payback Emma fetched Amelia with her tongue on Amelia's rosebud clitoris.
Around the same time, in the opposite cabin, Georgina found that Roberts attentions were a more than adequate cure for sea sickness!