Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Markham Girls.

'story by Lori'

"Okay, Miss Briars, I'll be there. Thank you." I placed the telephone back on the receiver and took a deep, calming breath. I really couldn't believe this was happening! I called up the stairs. "Jenny, can you come here please?"
My eighteen year old daughter Jennifer, Jenny for short, came bouncing energetically down the stairs, she'd been home for about an hour and had changed out of her uniform and into cropped jeans and a red hoodie, the height of fashion of course and she looked adorable it it. "What's up, mum?"
I couldn't help frowning at her. "I've just had a phone call from the secretary of your school." Jennifer's face immediately turned red. "It seems they think you've been involved in bullying?"
She swallowed hard and began to fidget."It wasn't me exactly."
"Uh, what's that supposed to mean?"
"Well.. some of my friends were picking on this other girl because she was wearing really awful shoes."
"And did you join in?"
"No I didn't pick on her, mum."
She looked shiftily down at the floor."Well, I suppose I did join in a little bit."
I gave her an admonishing stare."Oh Jenny, I can't believe you'd do something like that!"
"I know, I'm really sorry mum, I just sort of got caught up in it."
I shook my head. "Well as a result of you 'just getting caught up in it' I have to go and see your year head tomorrow morning and try to sort it out!"
She looked at me wide eyed. "Mr Ryan?"
"Yes, Jenny, Mr Ryan." Just saying his name sent a shiver down my spine. "And God only knows how I'm going to convince him not to punish you."
Jennifer became tearful. "I really am sorry, mum, I never meant to cause any trouble. It was Paula again, you know what she's like for stirring things up"
My heart melted, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms tightly around her. "I know, sweetie." I kissed the top of her head. "Don't worry, I'll sort it out, everything will be okay."
I watched her go back upstairs and let out a huge sigh, I had tried to sound confident and reassuring, but deep inside I was a wreck.
Jenny was a sixth former at St Catherine's girls school and sixth form college, she was a happy student who did well in her studies, and was heading towards a very bright future, so she didn't want anything affecting her school records.
The school itself was a lovely old building set in spacious grounds, and had a reputation for hard work and discipline. Despite having modern technology like computers and scanners it was still old fashioned inside, numerous antique paintings adorned the wood panelled walls, ornate lamp lit the hallways, and apart from the carpeted staff rooms and studies, and the marble floor in the entrance hall, it had wooden floors throughout. Each classroom was much smaller than at modern schools, housing no more than twenty pupils, so the teacher to pupil ratio was outstanding, this of course led to better exam results and performance. All in all it was a brilliant school, I knew this only too well, as I had also been a student there.

My mind wondered back to when I was doing my A levels, it was 1985, I was one of John Ryan's pupils and I had a terrible crush on him. I worked hard at my studies, but was always doing things to try and get his attention, unfortunately for me this was seen as bad behaviour and one day, when I pushed him too far, he sent me to see my year head Miss Cathcart, that was a painful experience in more ways than one, and the memory of it had always haunted me, but until now I'd been able to push it to the back of my mind. Suddenly I was re-living it all over again and it made me sick to my stomach.
I just wished my husband William was there to help me deal with it,but he'd passed away eighteen months ago and since then I'd had to deal with everything. My eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Bill, I really need you right now."


That evening Jenny and I carried on as usual, after she'd done her homework we had dinner, and settled down in front of the television to watch our favourite soaps, then I put on a rom-com DVD and we shared a huge bag of Maltesers. Neither of us said very much, and the chocolates lasted a lot longer than usual, but I tried not to let my anxiety about the following morning affect things for Jennifer's sake. She was my pride and joy and I'd do anything to protect her, even if it meant crawling to John Ryan, but the thought of that made my stomach do somersaults!!

Before she went to bed I asked her. "You okay honey?"
"Yeah, a bit worried I guess." she shrugged.
"Well try and get some sleep," I smoothed her hair, "I'll be coming in with you in the morning and hopefully I'll soon get it all sorted out with Mr Ryan."
"Okay, thanks, mum." she kissed me on the cheek. "Night."
"Night, sweet pea." I watched her go and hoped she would have a night full of sweet dreams, but I knew I'd be lucky to get a wink of sleep. My stomach did another somersault, so I busied myself tidying up and dusting, anything to keep my mind off tomorrow morning.

I eventually went to bed, but tossed and turned all night. Every time I closed my eyes I had visions of wooden desks and blackboards, then the image of an old fashioned room flashed before me, it was small with wooden panelling on the walls, a huge fireplace with paintings above it, red carpet on the floor, a sofa, and an old armchair. Then suddenly, I sat bolt upright as the vision of a cane rushed towards me. I could even hear the swishing sound it made and my blood ran cold. Then I realised, the room in my vision was Miss Cathcart's room, the room where I was caned!

I tried to get the memory out of my mind, I told myself that even if John Ryan used the same room it wouldn't look anything like that, but still it plagued me all night.

I got up at six am and went through my wardrobe, trying to focus on what to wear, I chose my outfit then headed into the bathroom hoping a long soak would help me relax. While the bath was filling I took off my silk pyjamas and placed them in the laundry hamper, I then chose a lavender bath creme from my collection and added it to the water, watching as the bubbles formed and swirled around. Lavender was relaxing so maybe it would help me, I certainly needed something right now. Once the bath was full I turned off the taps and slid into the water, it was heavenly as the hot soapy water rose up over me, I was enveloped in the relaxing scent and for a moment felt quite calm, then thoughts came flooding back and I began to feel anxious again. I spent about twenty minutes washing, exfoliating and where necessary shaving until I was scrubbed and preened, I then allowed myself a few moments to lay back and enjoy the warmth, but before long I was out and drying myself. I wrapped my hair in a towel, put on a robe and went down to the kitchen to make myself a much needed coffee, it wasn't long before Jenny sloped in, all bleary eyed and yawning. I went over and gave her a hug. "Did you sleep okay sweet pea?"
"Yeah, not too bad thanks. How about you?"
"Yeah slept like a log." I lied, hoping the dark circles weren't too much of a give away. "What do you fancy for breakfast?"
"Oh um, just toast please, have we got any honey?"
I smiled at her. Jenny loved honey, we always joked she was like Winnie the Pooh and we always had at least two jars in the cupboard. "When do we ever not have any honey for your breakfast?"
She smiled back. "Okay, good point." I turned to get the bread and felt arms around my waist, I turned to face my beautiful daughter and could see the worry in her eyes, I smoothed her hair. "Everything'll be okay you know."
"I know." Her eyes started to water. "I.. I love you,Mum."
I smiled and choked back the tears. "I love you too sweetheart, now sit yourself down and I'll sort out your breakfast, then we'll have to get going."
I made Jenny some toast and honey, and sat with her while she ate, all I could manage was a coffee and that was with some difficulty as my heart was in my throat. We quickly did the washing up, then headed upstairs to get dressed. After drying and fixing my hair I double checked my clothes to make sure they were spotless and perfectly pressed, then put them on. I'd chosen matching white bra and panties, one of my favourite sets with sheer material and a lace trim, then smart black trousers, a white blouse and smart black court shoes, this was finished off with some gold earrings and my black leather jacket and bag. I studied myself in the mirror and felt quite pleased with myself. I might be forty three, but I still had a good figure, and I was definitely going to make a good impression on Mr Ryan. I wanted him to know I meant business and was a woman to be taken seriously, and looking like this I didn't think I could fail. I just wished my confidence matched my outfit!
As soon as we were both ready we headed out to the car, it was a twenty minute drive to Jenny's school, but this morning it seemed like a thousand miles, I put the radio on to try and break the tension. I would normally drop her at the gate, but this morning I drove on though and up the long driveway. The school was set in pretty grounds and the flowers and trees gave a warm welcome, but this did little to lighten the mood in the car as we approached the building, I'd always thought of the school as attractive, but this morning it seemed to loom before me like a great foreboding temple of doom!
I parked the car in one of the visitors spaces and turned to look at Jenny. "You okay?"
"Uh huh." she replied. "I hope, well you know."
"Yeah, I know." I nodded. "Don't worry, I can handle Mr Ryan, you just go and see your friends and have a good day."
"Okay, mum, thanks."
"I'll pick you up usual time."
"But, what if he-?"
"We'll cross that bridge if we come to it." I interrupted. "Let's be positive!" I caressed her cheek and smiled reassuringly at her.
She smiled at me. "Right, girl power!"
I laughed. "Yes, girl power."
We both got out of the car and I gave Jenny a big hug before she dashed off to catch up with her friends, I then stared at the school before taking a deep calming breath and heading towards the entrance, but as I stepped inside more memories came flooding back, I suddenly felt like I was eighteen again.
It wasn't as though I hadn't been in the school recently, I was there quite a lot for parent teacher evenings, presentations, plays and music evenings etc, in fact I'd been coming back to this school ever since we'd enrolled Jenny when she was twelve, but after all those memories resurfaced last night it all felt so different somehow.
I walked across the marble floored hallway and knocked on the secretary's door, she soon opened it and gazed at me over the top of her spectacles. "Ohh, Mrs Markham. Do come in." she smiled.
"Thank you." I stepped inside her office. The school secretary, Miss Felicity Briars, was a kind, efficient, and well organised woman, she'd been the secretary for over thirty years so we knew each other well, I'd been to her many times when I had to hand in a sick note or permission slip. She ran the place light a well oiled ship and if there was something she didn't know about St Catherine's it wasn't worth knowing. Her office was immaculate with everything in it's proper place, though goodness knows how she could find anything as there were hundreds of lever arch files and cabinets in the room. Despite her stern looks she was a very caring and compassionate woman and hated any upset or controversy regarding the pupils, her 'little poppets' as she called them.
"Have a seat." she gestured to the chair nearest to me and I sat down. "I'm so glad you could come in at such short notice, I just hope this situation can be resolved quickly."
"Oh so do I." I frowned. "Can you tell me what happened yesterday?"
"I'm afraid I don't know any specific details other than what I told you on the phone, Mr Ryan just asked me to get in touch with you to arrange a meeting."
I sighed. "Right, I see." I gazed at the clock, it was eight forty five and my meeting was scheduled for nine. "Do I wait here then?"
"Yes dear," she smiled. "Mr Ryan will call down when he's ready to see you."
"Okay thank you." I nodded. Miss Briars was soon embroiled in more paperwork and phone calls, so I sat nervously and waited for the clock to tick around, it seemed to be hardly moving. Every time the phone rang my heart leapt out of my chest, there must have been a dozen false alarms, but eventually Miss Briars said. "Yes of course, I'll send her right up." and I knew my time had come.
"He's ready to see you know." she confirmed, "You know which room it is don't you?"
I shook my head. "I've never been to see him before so no."
"She gave me a sympathetic smile. "Its the room Miss Cathcart used to have."
A shudder went through me at the mention of her name. "Oh, well in that case I know exactly where it is!"

I left Miss Briars to her paperwork and made my way along the hall and up the sweeping wooden staircase, as I went I couldn't help thinking that all of the paintings on the wall were the same as when I was a pupil, I'd not noticed that up until now. After reaching the top of the second flight of stairs I turned right and made my way along a narrow corridor, at the far end was a solid wooden door, it seemed to be beckoning at me as I approached. The plaque on the door soon confirmed I was at the right place and I was about to knock, but my body didn't want to co-operate. I was just trying to calm myself down when the door suddenly swung open and there in front of me was the man himself. I hadn't seen him for a long time, and hadn't actually spoken to him since I was his student. I wondered if he would remember me?
He gave me a superior smile as he held out his hand. "Mrs Markham, thank you for coming, do come in."
"Thank you." I replied timidly. I shook his hand, noting how strong it felt. Then I stepped into the room and immediately felt faint with shock, it was exactly as I remembered it, every detail, the wood pannelling, the paintings on the wall, the two seater sofa and the armchair by the fireplace were all the same, it even had a red carpet although it was obviously fairly new. I gazed around in disbelief and felt a tingling in my bottom, I was totally stunned, this room hadn't altered since I'd been caned twenty five years ago.
I heard the door close behind me, then felt a hand in the small of my back which made me jump. "Please take a seat."
I sat down but was bolt upright, my heart was racing and I felt sick, but I took a deep breath and tried to hold it together. John Ryan was looking through some forms, presumably Jenny's school reports, and had a stern look on his face.
I studied him more closely, I'd had a crush on him all those years ago, and as I looked at him it was easy to see why, he was still very handsome. John Ryan was slim but muscular with strong looking arms and must have been about six foot tall. I noted his hair, it used to be much longer back then, but now it was much shorter but still jet black, his blue eyes still sparkled and his full lips looked more kissable than ever. Then I thought about what he was wearing, I'd been imagining him in a tweed suit with a loud tie, I couldn't have been more wrong as he had on black trousers and a black polo neck top, quite casual compared to what I was expecting. I was lost in thoughts and day dreams, but then he suddenly looked up at me and my heart leapt into my throat, I dreaded what he was about to say.
"Well, Mrs Markham, it seems to me that your daughter seriously lacks some discipline in her life!"
I was stunned, how cold he possibly justify saying that? "What?"
"According to these reports there have many incidents where her behaviour has been less that acceptable."
He'd got my hackles up now and all feelings of trepidation washed away, he was talking about my little girl and I wasn't about to take it lightly. "Such as when?"
"Well there was the incident yesterday when she was involved in bullying."
"Yes but-"
"And there was another incident last week when she failed to hand in an assignment on time."
"Oh now hang on a minute, she-"
"She was found to have her mobile phone switched on during a lesson."
I was still fuming from the accusations, let alone the fact he kept interrupting me. "Yes I know about that but-"
"Then there was the incident when she was late for registration."
That one took me off guard. "Late for registration?"
"Yes, Mrs Markham."
"When was this?"
He rifled through the papers. "Tuesday."
That was the day before yesterday, I wracked my brain, trying to think of what might have caused her to be late, but I came up with nothing. Suddenly timidity and fear swept through me again. "I.. I didn't know about that."
Mr Ryan raised his eyebrows. "And did you know she'd been answering back to some of her teachers?"
I swallowed hard. "No?"
"Hmmm." He sat back in his chair and pressed his fingers together, then stared at me. "Does Jennifer get any discipline at home?"
I felt totally intimidated, I shifted awkwardly in my seat and fiddled with the buttons on my jacket. "I um.. I punish her if I think it's appropriate, which isn't very often."
"And exactly what form do these punishments take, do you ever spank her?"
"No never, she either gets grounded, or I make her do extra chores. It depends what she's done. But she's usually such a good girl I don't need to punish her."
He smiled at me. "Well, it seems she's not as good a girl as you thought, doesn't it?"
I looked down at the floor, hardly knowing what to say.
"Perhaps if the circumstances allowed the same punishments as when you were a student, she'd behave better? After all, the cane certainly seemed to do you the world of good!"
I looked up at him and felt my face turn crimson, so he did remember me. I didn't know what to say, my heart began to race and my bottom was tingling.
"It must feel quite strange for you, being back in this room?"
I nodded. "Yes, it does."
"Well if I had my way Jennifer would be in here tasting the cane across her bottom too!"
My face was burning now, but I kept my composure. "I'd never agree to any such thing, not for my daughter."
He raised his eyebrows. "Under the circumstances I'd have thought it would be a much more appealing option."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, Mrs Markham, that you daughter is facing suspension."
I felt tears begin to well in my eyes and I shook my head. "No, no that can't happen, it'll ruin her chances."
"I'm not sure that there's much I can do to prevent that." He shrugged.
"But, surely you could punish her in some other way?"
"Well I was planning to give her a week of detention for being late, but after yesterday-"
"Please don't suspend her." I interrupted, "I promise I'll talk to her and make sure this doesn't happen again."
He screwed up his mouth. "And I can trust you to take her punishment into your own hands?"
"Yes of course." I nodded.
"So what do you plan to do?"
"Well, I'll ground her, and give her a good talking to, hopefully that will do the trick."
"I wish I could believe that." He leant forward and rested his elbows on he desk. "I'll forego the suspension on one condition."
"What's that?" I asked nervously.
"That you begin a regime of corporal punishments."
I shook my head. "I.. I couldn't do that."
He suddenly looked sympathetic. "Look, I know it can't have been easy for you since your husband passed away, but you really need to take control of this situation for Jennifer's sake."
"I thought I had." I became tearful and he handed me some tissues.
"She just needs some guidance and discipline to help her know her boundaries, I'm sure if you give it a try you'll find it very beneficial. Like I said it used to be very effective here before the law changed, now we have to rely on other punishments and hope the parents take matters seriously as well."
I thought about this for a while. "But, I don't even know how to, you know, spank her."
He smiled reassuringly at me. "Well there's one way of correcting that."
"I'll gladly give you a demo."
I shook my head. "No, I don't want you spanking my daughter."
"That's not what I meant."
"So what did you-?" Suddenly the penny dropped. "You mean?"
He nodded. "Yes, I mean I'll give you a spanking!"
My heart was in my throat, and it was going like a racehorse. I felt myself blush deeply and my bottom tingled, but I also had a strange tingling in my groin. "Oh I don't think-" My voice trailed off.
"Well it's up to you of course, but if you don't want Jennifer to be suspended than-"
"Okay, okay." I took a deep breath. "I'll.. I'll do it. I'll let you spank me."
There was a positive glint in his eye as he heard those words, and a strong tingling between my legs. As I watched him stand up my heart was hammering in my chest, and there were a million butterflies in my stomach. I must have been mad, but I had to do it for Jennifer.
"I think you've made a wise choice," he smiled. "after all, it'll be the best thing for your daughter, and we want her to have a prosperous future don't we?"
I nodded. "Yes..." I muttered, almost adding Sir!
Mr Ryan walked over to the sofa by the fire place and sat down, then he shifted position until he was sitting on he edge of it. "Come here please." he beckoned.
I swallowed hard then stood up, my legs were shaking and I could hardly put one foot in front of he other. I took off my jacket and draped it over the chair, then I walked over to him, but before I had a chance to think he'd grabbed my left wrist and pulled me down across his lap. I let out a gasp as I landed on his thighs, he tipped me so far forward that my face was only inches from the red carpet, and I placed my hands on the floor to steady myself.
"This is exactly how I expect you to deal with your unruly daughter!" he exclaimed, right before he landed a sharp smack across my bottom. It didn't really hurt that much, but my ego was already bruised by the indignity of it all. "You will teach her respect!" Another sharp smack. "You will make her work hard!" And another smack. "And above all you will make it clear that she will be disciplined every time she deserves it!" He then proceeded to land a fast volley of stinging smacks across my poor behind that had me squealing and squirming. By the time he stopped the carpet was a blur and I was out of breath, I lay there limp as he rubbed his hand over my bottom. "Is that understood, Elizabeth?"
He'd used my first name, suddenly I felt subservient and juvenile, I instinctively responded. "Yes, Sir."
"Good girl!" He patted my bottom. "Up you get."
I hastily scrambled to my feet, glad it was over and I could get out of here, I turned to walk away.
"Uh, just a minute, young lady, we haven't finished yet."
I turned and looked at him, wide eyed. "What... do you mean?"
"That was only the warm up."
I shook my head. "You're kidding me."
"No, I'm not!" His face confirmed he wasn't, he looked so stern I almost crumpled to my knees. I gazed down and and chewed my bottom lip. "Now, you need to realise that discipline isn't just about physical pain, humiliation is a big part of it too, to be effective the culprit must learn to obey and submit to authority. Do you understand that?"
I had to be honest. "No, not really Sir."
"Well, remember how you felt when you were caned? You were made to bend over the desk with your skirt raised."
I remembered only too well, it was embarrassing and humiliating to say the least. "Yes, I remember."
"Well that was just as much a part of your punishment as the actual caning."
I swallowed hard, knowing where this was leading.
"So I want you to take off your shoes please."
I frowned at him and slipped my shoes off.
"Now your trousers please."
I shook my head. "Oh no please, I understand what I have to do to Jennifer, you don't need to-"
"Take them off!" He demanded. "We had an agreement, I show you how to handle your daughter and she doesn't get suspended."
My instinct was to run, I'd go and find Jennifer then we'd get out of this school as quickly as possible and never come back, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.
I sighed deeply, then with shaky fingers I unzipped my trousers and slowly slipped out of them, I folded and placed them with my jacket, then turned around but couldn't look Mr Ryan in the eye. I folded my hands in front of me, wishing I'd worn more substantial panties rather than these sheer ones that left little to the imagination. My hands were placed to cover my modesty and I just hoped he'd get on with it.
"Look at me." He said a little more softly.
I eventually managed to look at him.
"That's better. Now, please take off your blouse."
I felt a shiver run though me and my face burned, he couldn't possibly be serious. "No." I replied firmly.
"I don't like having to ask twice."
"Well tough, I'm not taking my blouse off in front of you, what are you, some sort of pervert or something?"
"No, I'm a disciplinarian and this is to be done properly or not at all, now take if off."
His voice was firm but calm, but I was anything but calm and felt my legs begin to shake. It was all so surreal that I couldn't believe it was happening, but I wanted it to end so I reluctantly began to undo the buttons. I finally took off my blouse and placed it with my other things, then I turned to look at him. I tried to hold my head high but I felt so exposed wearing only my bra and panties, suddenly my breasts and labia felt huge, and I could swear my bottom was swelling to twice it's usual size, but the worse thing was the way my sex betrayed me, I didn't like it one bit, but I was getting aroused.
My heart was still racing so fast that I felt faint, Mr Ryan looked me up and down, but there was no real expression on his face, only that of a stern man.
"Turn around please."
I did as he asked, slowly, feeling extremely self conscious.
"Good, now, I'm going to put you back over my knee and spank you again, is that understood?"
I had such a strong tingling sensation in my sex at those words that I felt sure it was going to explode. John Ryan had always excited and aroused me as a teenager, but I really could have done without those feelings right now. "Yes, Sir, I understand." I muttered.
"Right then, get over my knee!"
I bent across his lap, and once I was draped there he manoeuvred me into the desired position, my face only inches away from the floor again, only this time he shifted his right leg higher so my bottom was pushed out and much more vulnerable to his firm hand. I felt so exposed and helpless, and I shuddered as I suddenly felt his hand on my bare back. He held me tightly in place and I stopped breathing, waiting for it to begin. "There are three reasons for making a naughty girl strip to her underwear." he explained calmly, "One is to cause her humiliation, another is to make the sting more effective, and the last is a practical one, if the bottom is covered the spanker can't see if they're having any effect, or indeed overdoing it and causing injury."
I had to admit there was a lot of sense in what he'd just said, but I wasn't about to tell him that!
"I hope you'll learn from this experience and take away all the lessons I've taught you today." He exclaimed, and with that he begin to soundly spank me.
The slaps alternated from one cheek to the other and back again, and then across both cheeks, but all were hard and stinging. It was unpredictable and relentless, and before long I was squirming and squealing uncontrollably. Despite my protests he continued, so I began reasoning with him, telling him I'd learnt my lesson and would do my best to deal with Jennifer, and to my surprise and relief he stopped. I took a deep breath, but then gasped as I felt him begin to unceremoniously pull my panties down.
"We'll have these out of the way!"
I reached back and cried out. "Noooo!" But within seconds my pretty, sheer panties were around my knees and I lay there, bare bottomed and stunned. I struggled to get up but he pulled me close to him and held me so tightly I felt scared of what was to come. I was right to be scared. The next few minutes were a blur, he began to soundly spank me again but this time it was on my bare bottom and thighs, it felt like I was on fire, I squealed and kicked but couldn't free myself from his vice like grip. John Ryan was roasting my poor defenceless behind and there was nothing I could do about it. Within moments he had me sobbing like a child.
I think the spanking had stopped long before I realised it, but by then I was in a dream state, I lay there, sobbing and struggling to breath, then something unexpected happened, Mr Ryan began gently caressing my bottom. He tenderly ran his hands down over each sore cheek, and then on down the backs of my thighs, it sent a shiver through me, but this time it was a pleasant one. As he brought his hands back up my thighs they slipped ever so slightly between them, I felt him brush lightly against my sex lips and arousal overwhelmed me. I could already feel the wetness and was sure it must have been evident from his viewpoint, maybe that was was why he was being so tender with me? He rubbed my back while continuing to caress my bottom, his hand slipped around and just brushed against the edge of my right breast, I felt my nipples harden at his touch and I gasped. I was actually starting to relax, enjoying the sensations that were building inside me, shamefully I wanted it to develop, I wanted him to touch me, hold me, kiss me and most of all, make love to me right there and then. I longed to feel him inside me, I began to fantasise all over again, just as I had all those years ago.
Then John Ryan broke the spell!
"Right then, Young lady, I think some corner time is in order for you!"
I felt like I'd been floored, corner time? He made me sound like an eight year old.
He patted my bottom. "Up you get." He helped me to my feet and my panties dropped down to my ankles. "Best take those off." he suggested bluntly. I stepped out of them and suddenly became aware of my nakedness, my hands flew to cover my pubis. "Hands on head please." I stared at him with a mixture of hatred and admiration, oh boy he was good at this. I reluctantly placed my hands on my head and felt completely exposed, my pubic mound almost eye level wuth him. "Thats better," he pointed to the far side of the room. "now I want you to go over to that corner and stand still, with your hands on your head, until I tell you to come out. Is that understood?"
This could not be happening to me, a forty three year old mother of one. But it was happening so I meekly obeyed. I wandered over to the corner wearing only my bra, my bottom stinging at every step, and faced the wall. My hands were resting on the top of my head and I felt totally humiliated. There was no way I'd put Jennifer through anything like this, but I wasn't about to tell John Ryan that.
I stared at the wood panelling, seeing every detail in the grain, then occasionally my eyes would flit up to look at the portrait hanging nearby, it was an old painting of a wealthy looking man, and his eyes seemed to be staring accusingly at me. I felt like I'd been standing there for hours when it had really only been a few minutes, my bottom burned and I fidgeted to try and ease it, but I could sense Mr Ryan staring at me. I didn't want any more punishment so I did my best to keep still, but this was made difficult by the fact my sex was also burning and desperately needed some attention! Oh how I longed to get out of his office and attend to my urgency.
My head buzzed and was full of thoughts and feelings.
How had all this happened?
Why had it all aroused me so much?
How much longer would he make me stand there?
Would he expect some sort of evidence that I'd chastised Jennifer?
And, more importantly, how easy would it be to persuade him to give me more lessons in the fine art of discipline?