Monday, 20 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 6

The next morning at nine o'clock Amy arrived at my office, I had told her to spend the day with me, so we could go over her diet and training regime, and also give her bottom and thighs recovery time. To my surprise she arrived wearing a black suit, consisting of a knee length skirt, and what to me looked like a black blazer, over a white blouse, with dark tights, and plain black shoes. Quite studious looking, quite schooley looking. "I'm sorry, Amy, I have a few things to deal with this morning, but I would like you to stay anyway, as you may find it all very informative." She nods slowly at me, none the wiser to what I'm referring to. Then on perfect cue there is a knock on the door, and Mandy and Julie walk in.
Julie is all smiles as she walks in, all she knows is that I wished to see her, and that she had to cancel all of today's physio sessions. The smile fades from her face as she sees the Booze-Buster carrier bag on my desk.
"I can see by your face you know why you've been called in here," I say to Julie, "so there is no need to beat about the bush. This is gross misconduct, and as such you give me no option but to terminate your contract." Julie looks shell-shocked. I decide to show her the carrot. "It's a shame really, as your cousin gets off with a belting, and then is allowed to stay. Such is the way the contracts have been drawn up."
"Could you not just.. you know..." Julie struggles to find the right words.
"I know what?" I ask.
"Could I not have a belting... and keep my job? I promise it will never happen again."
"I wish it was so simple, I can't even work out how many rules you have broken here. Rachel will receive three strokes, as that is the set tariff, but for you to stay it would have to be the maximum twelve."
"OK." She replies, though hardly audible.
I look at the expectant faces in the room, Amy excited though trying to hide it, Mandy a look of vindication on her face, and poor Julie, scared but hopeful. I turn from them and go to my cupboard, and retrieve the tawse, I can feel the tension in the room.
"Well if that's your decision," I say, "we had better get on with it, two lots of six. Please lower your jeans, and panties. No, on second thoughts remove them completely."
She bends down to loosen the laces on her trainers, all eyes on her as she fumbles at the laces.
Then she takes off her jeans, to reveal a black thong.
"Sir can I keep this on? It doesn't really cover..."
"I haven't got all day!" I tell her.
The thong then also comes off, she pulls down her academy polo shirt at the front. A pathetic attempt at modesty, as she of all people knows that once bent over the desk, exactly how exposed she will be.
"Mandy, can you go around the other side of the desk?" I ask. "You can hold Julie's hands for the first six strokes. We might as well get this over with as soon as possible."
Julie's nemesis takes up her position.
"OK, Julie when you are ready," Says Mandy, obviously enjoying the situation.
Julie bends over the desk, to reveal to my surprise very prominent genitalia, with her bottom cheeks so small, her pussy lips are almost rising out from her hamstrings. I think to myself that I'm going to have a very small target area, if I go too low I will be belting her sex, something that I must avoid at all costs. Six quick ones to start with. By the time she has a chance for the pain of the first stroke to register, the second stroke is upon her. To her credit she holds up well, as she takes all six with a minimum of fuss, but the next six will have to follow onto that same small area. There is a lot to be said for having big buttocks in this situation, poor Julie is going to be in some torment with the final six I note.
"Right, Mandy, can you release her please?" I ask.
Julie jumps up straight away clutching for her bum, she hops from foot to foot, to try and evacuate the pain, giving us all a clear view of her shaven sex.
I look over to the transfixed Amy, and say. "You can swap places with Mandy for the second batch."
My two assistants then swap over, Mandy taking up Amy's seat, the best view in the house as they say. Without any word from me Julie bends again, eager to draw this to a close no doubt. As I move back into position ,I can feel myself growing, and hardening. This six I decide will be at a more sedate pace, to let the pain of each individual stroke seep in, seep in deep into her tiny buns. By the third stroke, Julie is crying at full tilt, her legs flailing upwards, causing me concern about hitting her sex. Also each leg flail seems to be making me harder, my cock is now fully erect, and also quite visible under my fleecy track suit bottoms.
"Mandy," I call out "can you please come around here, if you could kneel down there, and hold Julie's legs in place for me please?"
She takes up this role with an almost indecent enthusiasm, kneeling there she has a great view of both Julie's sex, and my clothed erection.
"Brace yourself, Julie, these last three will really hurt," I say. I know it seems cruel, but what could I do, if it became common knowledge that all you had to do was cry and throw your legs about, and then I'd be easy on you, where would that leave me? All strokes have to have the same resonance.
"Hold on a second, sir!" Says Amy, as she lets go of Julies hands, she then fishes into her blazer pocket, and pulls out a hanky. She folds it into a tight wad, and says to Julie,
"Here bite down on this, don't worry it's clean." She adds with a reassuring smile.
The fourth stroke lands to a muffled moan, I decide to bring thing to a close with five and six in quick succession.
"All right, Julie, into the corner, you know the routine," I tell her, "now we just wait for your cousin."
Mandy leaves the room to go back to her desk in the outer office. As Amy and I go over various diet plans, I notice her eyes are constantly wandering over to the semi-naked Julie behind me. After half an hour or so the door opens and in walks Mandy, with Rachel in tow behind her. As Rachel sees the state of her cousin's bottom she bursts into tears. Guilt?
Or self pity at what is to come? Who knows.
I stand up, and looking evenly at the crying girl I say, "Lets not mess about," I pick up the tawse. "we all know why you are here, and what is going to happen. First offence, three strokes, so just lower your jeans and knickers, and we can get it over with."
The crying Rachel quickly pulls down her trousers, and underwear, and steps towards the desk.
I feel like an amusing change to proceedings. "Julie!" I call out. "Could you be so good as to hold your cousins hands for me."
The red faced physio turns around, and walks behind the desk, her cousin bends over, her face directly in front of Julie's shaven lips. I quickly deliver the three strokes, causing even more tears from the crying Rachel. It's over.
I tell the two miscreants to get dressed, and that Rachel should go for lunch, and Julie to have the afternoon off. Mandy I dispatch back to her desk, to do what ever it is she does all day. Alone again. Amy and I alone again.
"Do you feel in need of some tension relief?" I ask my little protege.
In silence, and red faced, she nods slowly.
I wave her to come to the side of my chair, having read through her file, I have more of an idea about her. Her convent school education explains so much. "Can you lift your skirt for me please, Amy?" I ask, and she obeys. As her skirt goes on in it's upward journey, a pair of mint green lacy panties come into view under her dark tights. I reach up to the top of her tights, and slowly peel them down, bringing them down to her knees, I notice her legs are shaking. Once her tights are at her knees I press the intercom button. "Mandy, if you would like to take your lunch now, lock the outer door as you leave."
"OK, sir." She replies to my request, always unquestioning, the perfect PA.
Now back to the job in hand, as I start to lower Amy's panties, she lets out a little moan, no doubt knowing that I would see the slightly stained gusset, her reaction to this morning's earlier activities. "Don't worry," I tell her. "it's only natural, despite what the sisters may have told you at school. I suppose they told you it was dirty, and evil to touch yourself here?"
I ask as my fingers make there first little foray into her sex. I look up,and she nods, with a sad look on her face. "So because you thought it dirty, you would punish yourself like sister Luke in the Nuns Story?"
"How... how could you know that? I've never told anyone." She says in amazement.
"Just a guess," I say, now working at her faster with my fingers and thumb, teasing at her clit, and only shallowly entering her sex. "so you would spank your bottom when aroused?"
"Ye.. yes." She struggles out.
"with your hand, or maybe a slipper?"
"God..." She gasps. "not a slipper, a flip-flop." Then she manages a little giggle.
"Lets see I bet," I continue, my voice just over a whisper. "you would bend yourself over, a pillow between your legs, pressing yourself, your sex, your pussy, hard into the pillow. Rubbing between each blow, rising but not quite peaking." My fingers are now running wet, a faint slushy noise emitting from Amy's lower groin. I look up she nods again, shamefaced, but on the urge of orgasm. "Let me bet again," I continue. "when alone in the house, you would do this looking into a mirror, watching your bottom get redder, with each little swipe?"
"Yes.. yes.. God yes!" As Amy cums ,I wonder if one of those yes's was a reply to my question.

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