Saturday, 11 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 4

I have to tread carefully here, charges of impropriety are always high on my radar, but this would be such a strange experience, a genuine-even if she doesn't realise it herself, submissive. I can't let this slip. "You see, Amy, most therapies are reliant on the subjects belief in them working, if you believe that a focus session will help you, it will." Amy gives me a thin smile, and slowly nods. Obviously still not totally convinced in what we are discussing. "I'll go and make sure we aren't disturbed." I say before she has a chance to change her mind. I get up and leave my office, and go down the corridor to the outer office, where Mandy my PA has her desk. I tell her I can't be disturbed for the rest of the day, and anybody coming in will just have to either leave a message, or make an appointment to see me tomorrow.
Mandy looks puzzled but says nothing ,she just nods.
I think deep down Mandy is a little afraid, that somehow the disciplinary measures used upon the athletes, may at some point be transferred onto her. This makes for a very efficient,and quiet secretary.
As I re-enter the room, Amy is still seated, though now with her head rested in her hands. I take up my seat in front of her. "OK, Amy, we should begin." I say to her, as I reach forward, and gently tug at her left forearm. She nods, and slowly stands up before me.
"Do you want me to... ?" She says, not finishing her sentence, only pointing at her trackie bottoms.
"Yes, Amy that is always the way of it."
Her shaking hands work at the drawstring of her bottoms, she sighs heavily, and looks at me. The knot has somehow tangled, and she can't loosen it, she looks on the edge of real tears now. "Come here, I'll help you." I say softly. With a little bit of fiddling about I manage to release the knot. Taking this as a perfect chance, I put my hands in her waistband, and pull her bottoms down to her ankles ,revealing a pair of plain white cotton knickers.
Amy lets out a noise best described as a squeak.
With no complaint at that move, I decide to be bold, and take hold of the waistband of her knickers. She looks up at the ceiling, in shame, as her knickers join her trackies at her ankles. "OK, over you go." She slowly lowers herself onto my lap, her bottom now pointing up towards me, back to it's previous pale glory ,all signs of her spanking now gone.
I start. A spanking has to be a spanking. I quickly bring my palm down ,not bothering that much about which cheek receives the most punishment. My hand hits down sometimes five times on one cheek, followed by only two on the other .I know by the time we finish both cheeks will be about the same red hue.
After a couple of minutes or so, like before, I notice a change in her. Her cries change tone, and her movements on my lap now seem to have a purpose. Is she aware of this?
I really don't thinks so. I think it is some almost automatic reaction hard wired into her, a kink she is not really consciously aware of.
I seem to have been spanking her for ages, her bottom is now a uniform bright red, she is crying in full force. No plea's for me to stop though. She seems to be hovering on the edge of orgasm, but somehow her movements on my lap are just not quite doing it for her.
I realise now, that for full fulfilment, she is going to have to have some more direct stimulation, other than the sort she is getting from my thigh.
I stop spanking her, and help her to her feet, then I stand also, to my surprise she grabs me in a hug. Burying her head into my chest. I can feel her tears through my shirt.
"Th.. th.. thank you, sir." She manages to say between sobs.
I know though that she has not actually orgasmed, only just hung there on the periphery of pleasure, I do something I have never done before, in any of my previous positions.
I reach down with my right hand, and make my way to her sex, my fingers just come to rest on her downy pubes, when she pushes her bottom back away from me, taking her self out of my touch.
"SIR! Nobody has ever... touched me down there!
It takes a few seconds for that information, and the implications to sink in. With my right hand I lift Amy's chin, so we are both now looking at each other eye to eye.
My left hand cradles her bottom, I am shocked to find it's like touching someone's sunburn, in my endeavours to bring her off, I seemed to have overdone the spanking, and overdone her buttocks.
With a little pressure from my left hand, I pull her back in towards me, I smile and say. "Don't worry, trust me I'm a doctor." I know it's corny, but like I've said before, a doctorate is a doctorate.
Seemingly reassured, Amy relaxes a little, as my right hand takes up it's previous place.
Gently my middle finger traces the front of her sex, probing gently at the light downy covering. Amy's head falls back down onto my chest, nuzzling into my pecs.
I tap her feet slightly wider apart with my left foot, her legs still encumbered by the clothing around her ankles. Not that it really matters for the access I am requiring- for today at least- my finger probes deeper, dallying around her fleshy folds, the tip entering, to a gasp from Amy, now shaking in my arms. My finger moves higher, searching out the button she herself was trying to stimulate earlier. I feel the hard little rosebud, hidden in its damp petals. Amy's breathing becomes harder, more erratic, my finger starts massaging the little nubbin.
"Whoah... what.. what are you doing?" Asks the bewildered Amy.
"A happy ending." I reply, my finger now moving at a faster rate. I can feel this won't take long, thanks to her bun burning spanking, she has been on the brink, but not quite jumped.
Her body now shakes in my arms, then I feel the pain, as she reaches climax, her head burrows deeper at my chest, and her teeth clamp around the upper part of my left pectoral, biting down hard, I clench my eyes together, but continue working her with my finger.
Then a sudden release of her teeth, and her body goes limp against me as her peak declines. Petit mort, though she doesn't lose her balance, her legs are wobbly, as she sways in my arms.
"I.. I.. I'm so sorry, sir.. I.. I.." She sobs.
"Sorry, what for?" I ask.
"For.. for biting you, sir."
I smile at her, and run my fingers through her hair. "It's all right, no harm done." I tell her. I then stoop down in front of her, my eyes level to her pussy, I want to lean forward and kiss those down covered folds, but I hold myself back. All in good time, I tell myself. I lean forward, and start pulling up her white cotton knix, I look up, her head is moving, looking all around the room, looking everywhere, except at my face. As I reach the top of her thighs, I carefully pull the panties back over her bruised buttocks. I then give her now cotton covered pussy a little pat. "OK?" I ask, but to no reply. Then I pull up her trackie bottoms, again careful of her bottom, and re-tie her troublesome drawstring. "Right, we will have to see Mandy about tomorrow, I don't think you should be doing any training today, or tomorrow." Amy looks puzzled at this statement. "Your bottom is in a bit of a state."
Her face reddens again, at the idea of me having seen her naked charms.
As we leave my office, I notice a look of contentment on Amy's face, replacing her previous look of shame.
"Mandy, can you type me out an exemption note for Amy for today and tomorrows classes."
She starts to type at her usual breakneck speed.
"Tomorrow, Amy, just come along to my office after breakfast, we can discuss your program further."
Upon being given her exemption note Amy leaves.
"Sir," Says the usual silent Mandy. "I need to speak to you about something."

"Well...I just don't think its right." Says my taciturn assistant, as I look at her in silence. "Those four girls getting a belting, on Julie Munroe's say so. It's just not right. There I've said it."
I'm astonished by this outburst, but also more than a little amused, I decide to play out the whole conversation that Mandy obviously wants.
"Firstly, Mandy, Amy was here to see me on a different matter to the other three girls, and nobody got a belting, as you put it, on Julie's say so. They were punished for breaking rules."
"Huh," Retorted Mandy. "but it's OK for her and her cousin to break the rules?"
"Her cousin?"
"Rachel Munroe, she's Julie's cousin, didn't you know that?"
It hadn't actually occurred to me that they were related, why would it? Then it is quite common for sports to run in families. Football alone, has the Millburn's, and Charlton's, the Lampard's, and Redknap's, so I should have at least questioned the fact they both had the same surname, and were from the same town.
"What about the rule breaking?" I ask, now not finding the conversation quite so amusing.
"Yesterday morning, in the staff car park, I saw Julie hand Rachel a Booze-Busters carrier bag."
"Right, we will see about that." I tell Mandy, as I leave to the security office. It was quite handy that the facility was already fitted with CCTV, from it's previous usage. Sure enough, Mandy was correct, a little raid by two female security officers on Rachel's room bagged us quite a haul. Two small bottles of white wine, one large bottle of lemonade, and one half eaten packet of chocolate digestives. Rachel was told to report to me at 11.15 the next morning, well aware of her fate. Julie on the other hand, well that would be a different matter.

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