Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 3

Vending machines.

When I came up with the idea, of three vending machines, I thought they may cause trouble, and at last they are coming to fruition. I had better explain how they work. Each girl is given a key that allows three items per day, from their allocated machine, hoarding is strictly forbidden, all items must be consumed that day. Exchanging items is also strictly forbidden. The machine keys are: Bronze - flavoured water, low calorie fruit, and rice cakes. Silver - fruit juices, fruit, and breakfast granola bars plus bronze key items. Gold -cans of pop, small chocolate bars, crisps, and bronze and silver key items. Keys are allocated by the girls BMI, which is tested every week, along with their aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
Julie, whilst in the process of treating two girls, both of whom are silver key holders, noticed that they had cans of coke, stashed in their gym bags. How she came to be rutting through their bags, in the first place is anyone's business. Julie being Julie, decided that she would confront both girls about where the cans came from, making it very obvious how much trouble they were both in. They both caved in, and grassed up Maria Hurd.
So here we are, three contrite girls, standing in front of my desk, Julie standing at my shoulder, all four waiting for my verdict, three in terror, one in, well whatever state Julie is usually in prior to witnessing a punishment. The three in terror pale, then redden with the realisation of what is to come to them.
"As you are all guilty together, you shall all be punished together, Julie has been good enough to offer to stay as a witness, so that no impropriety can take place." The three of them look over at Julie, not exactly a look of thanks, more one of accusation, that she broke some sisterly code by reporting them in the first place. "So all that remains is who shall be first. Any volunteers?" Before any of them could reply there is a knock on the door. "Enter." I say rather gruffly at the interruption. In walks Amy Barrowman. She looks around the room, and stands like a rabbit caught in car headlamps.
"I.. I'm sorry, sir it's nothing important, I'll come back later."
My day just gets better, see I told you, I love this job. "No it's all right, Amy, I told you my door is always open, and today shall be no exception. If you could just take a seat over there," I say pointing at a chair by the far wall. "I will have this business sorted out in no time."
I get up from behind my seat, go to the wall cabinet, and take out an eighteen inch two tailed leather tawse. I turn to the three miscreants.
"Right girls you know I can't let this go unnoticed," I say with my reasonable reluctant voice. "this is a major rule break, and all three of you will have to be strapped." The six eyes in front of me widen, and the three faces. "As I said before, any volunteers?"
Andrea steps forward. A small dark haired girl, latina looking in both face and build, olive skinned, and an ample behind. "It will be three strokes, If you could bend over the desk, and Julie can hold you hands to help you stay in position." I thought that could be like a finders bonus for Julie, she can stare straight into the girls eyes as they are being punished. For moral support of course. Andrea takes up her position.
"No not yet, Andrea, you are forgetting something, jeans and knickers down." I tell her matter of factly. Tears start flowing.
Andrea turns her back to me, and slowly peels down her jeans, revealing a pair of green boy shorts, bearing the legend "Naughty Girl" across her ample cheeks. No doubt when she put them on this morning after training, her, and everyone else in the changing rooms would have found them hilarious. Now I would think she is finding them not quite so funny.
Soon the shorts to are around her knees, and she takes up her position across the table, Julie holding her hands tightly. I glance at Amy, sitting there chewing her lip, trying her hardest not to be seen to be looking, her eyes darting from the floor to Andreas bottom, almost chameleon like.
I take a step back, and without warning, I fetch the tawse across her bottom, the tip curling around onto her hips. Andrea wails out, more in shock than in pain. Julie leans forward, and whispers something into Andrea's ear, no doubt some form of consolation, or encouragement.
I let Julie play out her little role, still trying to work out where her tendencies lie. I look over at Amy, her face reddening with embarrassment, or excitement, but at least I know where her tastes lie, even if she herself is not that sure.
Julie stands back up, still holding Andrea's hands, and gives me an almost imperceptible nod. Stroke two is laid across her, followed my a much more controlled cry of pain.
"Don't worry, only one more, you can manage that no probs!" Julie says to the crying girl.
I wait, and let the fire sink in, two clear red lines are now visible on her olive skinned bottom. Stroke three, catches her by surprise, and she gasps out in pain. Julie lets go of her hands, and Andrea jumps up clasping at her now very hot bot.
"Andrea stand next to Maria please, no, no need to pull them up yet." I say, and Andrea makes a comical waddling walk over to Marias side, hampered by the clothing around her knees. I look along the line of three girls. "Niamh, If you would like to come forward please." The tall red headed girl swallows hard at my request, but starts loosening her jeans as she walks towards the table. No doubt thinking to herself, at least I know what to expect. She pulls down her jeans, and black panties in one movement, and bends over clasping Julies hands. The three strokes, I deliver one after another, no respite between strokes, catching all in the room by surprise, no sooner had Julie took Niamh's hands than she had to let them go, no whispered words on this occasion.
I look at Amy, who now looks fit to burst into tears herself as she looks at her friend Maria, who will be next over the desk.
"Right, Niamh, you can get up, and join Andrea." I tell the stunned girl, who makes her way unsteadily to her fellow team mates, the pain still sinking in to her, and each step seeming more laboured than the last.
"Now we come to Maria, this I find a two fold disappointment, firstly Maria breaking the rules in the first place. Worse still though the speed at which your fellow team members give you up, rather than facing the music themselves." As I say this Niamh and Andrea's eyes both fall to the floor. "Unfortunately I cannot let this go unnoticed, even though all she was trying to do was to help two so called friends. As it happens though, a real friend of hers is here, Amy popped in on an administrative matter. So I think she should take Julie's place, and hold Marias hands by way of friendly encouragement. So, Amy if you would like to swop places with Julie."
The flustered looking Amy blushingly rises and walks behind the desk, and Julie takes up Amy's seat. I thought the change of view would be appreciated by my little bounty hunter, and also it would give Amy more the feeling of involment in the proceedings.
I look at Maria, she is a strange one, all the girls during the week wear either trackie bottoms, or jeans, but Maria always wears either a skirt or a dress. Perhaps it's her way of holding on to her femininity, or maybe she just likes to be different. Without a word from me, she reaches up under her pale blue knee length dress, and pulls down her tights, and underwear in one movement, she then steps forward, and bends across the desk, lifting her dress up at the back in one seamless movement. Amy clutches at her hands. We are ready.
"I am really sorry to do this, Maria." I say bringing the belt hard across her naked posterior.
Amy winces, as if she and not her friend, was the one being punished.
I am impressed, Maria lets out not so much as a gasp. She takes the next two swats with equal stoicism.
"OK, all done now, Maria, join your two friends, though I say that with some reluctance."
As Amy releases her grip, Maria stands upright, her dress falling back into place as she stands. Like those before her, she walks unsteadily to her place. I look at the three of them, Niamh, and Andrea standing there, their sexes openly on display, Maria tights at her ankles, and blue knickers caught on her calf's. I would liked to have asked her to lift her dress at the front, but that would be looked upon as an abuse of power.
Some other day perhaps.
I lecture the three of them about the importance of teamwork, and about the importance of following our diet regimes, before dismissing them, and also Julie. As the girls readjust their clothing, and wipe their eyes, tissues provided by the ever efficient Julie, they then all four leave the office. I turn to Amy and say. "So how can I help you?" Amy looks unsure about my question, so I motion to the chair again, and as she retakes her seat, I get mine from behind my desk, and sit down opposite her.
Open relaxed posture, leaning ever so slightly towards her, maintaining eye contact. "So, Amy, what does bring you here today?" I ask her.
"Well, sir.. I.. I really don't feel like I'm fitting in here." The flustered girl finally replies.
"That's strange, apart from your little blip on Monday, all the coaching staff are very happy with your progress." I tell her reassuringly. "You also seem to be fitting in well with all the other girls, so I can't see what the problem could be." Silence hangs in the room, as I wait for her to continue, I try to keep eye contact with her darting blue eyes.
Strangely she looks like she is on the verge of tears.
"I just feel that when footie was just a hobby... I... I... sort of enjoyed it more, but now it's like.. it's like a job, and I'm having trouble with.. I don't know if this is the right phrase, self motivation?"
Interesting, I think to myself.
"That's very interesting, Amy, but not that rare, for someone first time away from home to feel a little disorientated." I say in my best soothing voice. "So you think you may have to leave us. Or maybe you just need some help in focussing?" I watch as her face reddens, at the hearing of the word focus.
"Maybe, sir ,but.. well after Monday, I did feel sort of more concentrated, but now I feel all uninspired... It's not the academy, it's me. I think."
Tears are now starting to form in those sweet eyes. I decide to grasp the nettle. "Perhaps, another focus session, a longer more vigourous one, will put back some oomph in your outlook. I am after all only here to help you?"
The now familiar lip biting starts, and I can see she is thinking hard of how to reply to my generous offer.
"It just feels so.. odd.. wierd even," She says struggling over every word. "to come in here.. and basically ask you to..." Her face reddens even more. "spank me."

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