Sunday, 5 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 2

The following morning!
In truth, I have very little to do, once the diet plans are drawn up, and the training programs dished out to the coaches, I have all too little to do from Monday to Thursday.
Then around 2.00pm, a knock on the door, and in walks John with Amy Barrowman, and Alesha Rush.
"Sorry to trouble you," John says. "but we have a slight problem, lack of effort on the Beeper tests. I know this is Amy's first session, but it isn't Alesha's, so at least she should realise the importance of getting a good idea of current aerobic fitness."
"Hold on, Mr McPharland," I interrupt. "I understand you sticking up for your girls, but surely Amy should be going out of her way to make an initial impact?" I look at both girls, Amy is standing open mouthed, not really knowing what is going on around her, Alesha looks worried, all to aware. "We both know," I continue. "both girls need a gee up, a focus session, it is just a case of how long do you think Mr McPharland?"
"Well, I suppose you're right." John replies, with a pretence of reluctance. "Two minutes would suffice, I would think."
"Two minutes!" Gasps Alesha.
Amy still not sure what we are talking about.
"If you're sure that's enough," I say. "Amy pop outside please, there are seats just next to the door, if you could sit there till you are called in."
As Amy leaves, Alesha looks close to tears, this is not her first focus session. It was good of John to fetch them both straight here from training, both still in their strips, with no time to discuss with one and another what will happen. Amy will realise soon enough. I take a chair and put it close to the door, so the proceedings for the most part will be audible from the outside. As I take my place on the seat, Alesha slowly makes her way towards me, and John finds a suitable vantage point, stop watch in hand.
"All right Alesha, you know what to do." I tell the shaking girl.
The leggy girl of West Indian descent quickly lowers her shorts, and panties, then almost throws herself across my lap, in a futile attempt to hide her nudity. I haul her a little further over my lap, so she can support herself with her hands on the floor, and more importantly bring those pink lips into view, so striking against the darkness of her bottom and her thighs.
"Two minutes please." I say to John, as I start spanking her glorious, dusky globes.
Each blow makes a resounding slap, followed by a little cry from Alesha. I wonder what Amy makes of the sounds coming from the office, sitting there all alone, knowing her turn will follow, as soon as the slapping noises stop, and the door opens.
I keep the pace up, probably a little too harshly, as I want the noise to impact on Amy, there is something about that girl. As I bring about a flurry of loud smacks to Alesha's bottom, causing even more wriggling, and cries, John says.
"Two minutes."
I stop straight away, then take the hem of Alesha's top, pull it up her back, and tuck it tightly behind her bra strap, then help her to her feet.
As I explain to her, how we want to see a noticeable improvement in her application. She takes the chance to rub her bottom, all previous modesty now totally gone. Her sex almost pushed into my face, with her frantic hand movements to her behind.
"Right, Alesha, fifteen minutes facing the wall in reflection." As Alesha takes up her place, I open the door, and call Amy in. As soon as she walks through the door, her jaw drops. The sight of Alesha, hands on head, shorts and knix down, and shirt raised, has her stunned, and all colour draining from her face. I sit back down on my chair,and say. "Well, I can see you know what to expect."
"But... I haven't done anything wrong, I don't deserved to be punished." She says, the look of incredulity on her face.
Such a picture. "I know you haven't broken any rules, least none that I am aware of, or you would indeed be getting punished, with either the strap, or the cane." I say to her in my reasoning voice. "We don't look upon this as a punishment, it is a focus session, and believe me next Sunday night when you look back upon today, you will go to bed extra early. Then on Monday morning, you will give the beeper test your all. Trust me, I know this works, my record speaks for itself."
"It just doesn't seem fair!" An almost child like voice answers me.
"Fair? Fair won't win gold. These days fair won't even win bronze." I say, keeping up the same low even tone. "So just pop your shorts down and we can begin."
"But sir I don't have anything on underneath." Her voice now whining, but the will caving in.
"Well that will be one less thing for you to lower, this will be a bare bottom spanking, anything else would be dangerous to you."
"You are a valuable athlete, an asset to the squad, I need to be able to see that I am not doing anything that could give you any long term damage." I always like that little bit, so reasonable, I'm doing the girl a favour. "So just pop them down, and we can start your two minutes." I look evenly at her blue eyes, sparkling blue eyes, but not teary. Then with a resigned sigh, and shaking fingers, she pulls down her shorts, allowing them to fall to her ankles. Then unlike Alesha before her, she slowly makes her way to me, and folds herself over my lap, as I make a move to haul her a little higher, she makes the change herself, putting her bottom high up, and almost snuggling into me for her chastisement.
This difference in the two girls will be all but lost on John, in truth I don't think the spankings are really any turn on for him. It's just the chance to see the girls naked charms that interest him, he'd probably be just as happy in the changing rooms, watching the girls shower.
Julie on the other hand, seems to find some vicarious thrill from the punishments, whether that be seeing in her minds eye herself punishing, or being punished, I don't know, but I'm sure she would have noticed the different attitudes of today's girls had she been here.
Now to the job in hand.
"Two minutes please." I say, and John starts his stopwatch. Like Alesha, Amy is treated to a quick barrage of quite hard smacks, alternating from cheek to cheek. Unlike Alesha, the results show almost straight away, her pale skin pinking at the first few touches, then reddening seconds later.
Amy is obviously not used to such handling, screeching, and bucking her body from the outset, no doubt giving John the view he was wishing for, as her legs fly akimbo with each impact of my palm.
Something changes, almost imperceptible, screeches give way to guttural moans, her movements more economic,a lmost deliberate, not shying from the smacks, more meeting them, then following down with her hips.
Like a parody of girl on top sex?
Then it dawns on me.
The shy little girl is getting off on her spanking.
"Two minutes."
The male voice says, damn you John. I think to myself, as my hand comes to rest on Amy's red soft left cheek. As before with Alesha, I lift Amy's top, and tuck it in behind the strap of her sports bra, then help her onto her feet. Like Alesha before her, Amy is also too busy rubbing her bottom to take any notice of her nakedness. Unlike Alesha though, her face tells a different story, not a face full of pained anguish, Amy seems almost reflective as she rubs her behind, a quizzical look on her face, like she is trying to decide exactly what emotions she is feeling.
As I launch into my usual post spanking speech, John interrupts.
"I think I should get along now." He says.
The show is over as far as he is concerned, and no doubt he has something urgent to see to. I nod to him, then as he leaves the room, I inform Amy that she has fifteen minutes corner time to help her get her head together.
She lifts her face from staring at the floor, and smiles at me, and slowly nods, then takes her place alongside Alesha. I sit watching the clock, and shuffling pointless paperwork around my desk, all the time thinking of that strange smile.
I remember reading once, that about ten percent of adults would class themselves as sexually submissive. For most though, just being below for sex, or being lightly restrained, would fill out their needs. Others a scolding from a perceived authority figure would float their boats.
Some, the feeling after CP, the afterglow, if you like is what they require, not liking the pain, but suffering through it, purely as a means to an end. Then though there is the real rarity, a person who actually gets off on the whole thing, embracing it all, the pain itself bringing about orgasm, or at least preparing the body to be a hair trigger away from orgasm. CP as foreplay. Could this be Amy?
Alesha's fifteen minutes finally come to an end, I wonder if it felt as long for her as it did for me. I quickly tell her to re-adjust her clothing, and leave for her room, needless to say she doesn't have to be told twice.
Amy's time too eventually comes to an end. I ask her too, to re-adjust her clothing, but rather than dismiss her I ask her to come over to my desk.
"Amy, I hope today has the desired effect," I say to her. "I would hate to think that we have both been wasting our time here today." She bites her lower lip, and nods. "Also if you feel that you need, for whatever reason, some help in focussing on your training or diet, my door is always open. OK?" She nods eagerly, and leaves the room happy. Happy in the knowledge, that someone cares enough about her, to give her a spanking.

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