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Taking a short break!

 Hi spanking fans, I just wanted to let you all know that we'll be taking a break from adding new posts for a couple of weeks, I'm going on holiday (hooray for me!), and Tomas the idiot (his words, not mine LOL) is no good when it comes to blogging! As soon a I get back I'll be posting lots of new spanking stories and letters, but in the meantime please continue enjoying our blog, and feel free to leave any comments.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 6

The next morning at nine o'clock Amy arrived at my office, I had told her to spend the day with me, so we could go over her diet and training regime, and also give her bottom and thighs recovery time. To my surprise she arrived wearing a black suit, consisting of a knee length skirt, and what to me looked like a black blazer, over a white blouse, with dark tights, and plain black shoes. Quite studious looking, quite schooley looking. "I'm sorry, Amy, I have a few things to deal with this morning, but I would like you to stay anyway, as you may find it all very informative." She nods slowly at me, none the wiser to what I'm referring to. Then on perfect cue there is a knock on the door, and Mandy and Julie walk in.
Julie is all smiles as she walks in, all she knows is that I wished to see her, and that she had to cancel all of today's physio sessions. The smile fades from her face as she sees the Booze-Buster carrier bag on my desk.
"I can see by your face you know why you've been called in here," I say to Julie, "so there is no need to beat about the bush. This is gross misconduct, and as such you give me no option but to terminate your contract." Julie looks shell-shocked. I decide to show her the carrot. "It's a shame really, as your cousin gets off with a belting, and then is allowed to stay. Such is the way the contracts have been drawn up."
"Could you not just.. you know..." Julie struggles to find the right words.
"I know what?" I ask.
"Could I not have a belting... and keep my job? I promise it will never happen again."
"I wish it was so simple, I can't even work out how many rules you have broken here. Rachel will receive three strokes, as that is the set tariff, but for you to stay it would have to be the maximum twelve."
"OK." She replies, though hardly audible.
I look at the expectant faces in the room, Amy excited though trying to hide it, Mandy a look of vindication on her face, and poor Julie, scared but hopeful. I turn from them and go to my cupboard, and retrieve the tawse, I can feel the tension in the room.
"Well if that's your decision," I say, "we had better get on with it, two lots of six. Please lower your jeans, and panties. No, on second thoughts remove them completely."
She bends down to loosen the laces on her trainers, all eyes on her as she fumbles at the laces.
Then she takes off her jeans, to reveal a black thong.
"Sir can I keep this on? It doesn't really cover..."
"I haven't got all day!" I tell her.
The thong then also comes off, she pulls down her academy polo shirt at the front. A pathetic attempt at modesty, as she of all people knows that once bent over the desk, exactly how exposed she will be.
"Mandy, can you go around the other side of the desk?" I ask. "You can hold Julie's hands for the first six strokes. We might as well get this over with as soon as possible."
Julie's nemesis takes up her position.
"OK, Julie when you are ready," Says Mandy, obviously enjoying the situation.
Julie bends over the desk, to reveal to my surprise very prominent genitalia, with her bottom cheeks so small, her pussy lips are almost rising out from her hamstrings. I think to myself that I'm going to have a very small target area, if I go too low I will be belting her sex, something that I must avoid at all costs. Six quick ones to start with. By the time she has a chance for the pain of the first stroke to register, the second stroke is upon her. To her credit she holds up well, as she takes all six with a minimum of fuss, but the next six will have to follow onto that same small area. There is a lot to be said for having big buttocks in this situation, poor Julie is going to be in some torment with the final six I note.
"Right, Mandy, can you release her please?" I ask.
Julie jumps up straight away clutching for her bum, she hops from foot to foot, to try and evacuate the pain, giving us all a clear view of her shaven sex.
I look over to the transfixed Amy, and say. "You can swap places with Mandy for the second batch."
My two assistants then swap over, Mandy taking up Amy's seat, the best view in the house as they say. Without any word from me Julie bends again, eager to draw this to a close no doubt. As I move back into position ,I can feel myself growing, and hardening. This six I decide will be at a more sedate pace, to let the pain of each individual stroke seep in, seep in deep into her tiny buns. By the third stroke, Julie is crying at full tilt, her legs flailing upwards, causing me concern about hitting her sex. Also each leg flail seems to be making me harder, my cock is now fully erect, and also quite visible under my fleecy track suit bottoms.
"Mandy," I call out "can you please come around here, if you could kneel down there, and hold Julie's legs in place for me please?"
She takes up this role with an almost indecent enthusiasm, kneeling there she has a great view of both Julie's sex, and my clothed erection.
"Brace yourself, Julie, these last three will really hurt," I say. I know it seems cruel, but what could I do, if it became common knowledge that all you had to do was cry and throw your legs about, and then I'd be easy on you, where would that leave me? All strokes have to have the same resonance.
"Hold on a second, sir!" Says Amy, as she lets go of Julies hands, she then fishes into her blazer pocket, and pulls out a hanky. She folds it into a tight wad, and says to Julie,
"Here bite down on this, don't worry it's clean." She adds with a reassuring smile.
The fourth stroke lands to a muffled moan, I decide to bring thing to a close with five and six in quick succession.
"All right, Julie, into the corner, you know the routine," I tell her, "now we just wait for your cousin."
Mandy leaves the room to go back to her desk in the outer office. As Amy and I go over various diet plans, I notice her eyes are constantly wandering over to the semi-naked Julie behind me. After half an hour or so the door opens and in walks Mandy, with Rachel in tow behind her. As Rachel sees the state of her cousin's bottom she bursts into tears. Guilt?
Or self pity at what is to come? Who knows.
I stand up, and looking evenly at the crying girl I say, "Lets not mess about," I pick up the tawse. "we all know why you are here, and what is going to happen. First offence, three strokes, so just lower your jeans and knickers, and we can get it over with."
The crying Rachel quickly pulls down her trousers, and underwear, and steps towards the desk.
I feel like an amusing change to proceedings. "Julie!" I call out. "Could you be so good as to hold your cousins hands for me."
The red faced physio turns around, and walks behind the desk, her cousin bends over, her face directly in front of Julie's shaven lips. I quickly deliver the three strokes, causing even more tears from the crying Rachel. It's over.
I tell the two miscreants to get dressed, and that Rachel should go for lunch, and Julie to have the afternoon off. Mandy I dispatch back to her desk, to do what ever it is she does all day. Alone again. Amy and I alone again.
"Do you feel in need of some tension relief?" I ask my little protege.
In silence, and red faced, she nods slowly.
I wave her to come to the side of my chair, having read through her file, I have more of an idea about her. Her convent school education explains so much. "Can you lift your skirt for me please, Amy?" I ask, and she obeys. As her skirt goes on in it's upward journey, a pair of mint green lacy panties come into view under her dark tights. I reach up to the top of her tights, and slowly peel them down, bringing them down to her knees, I notice her legs are shaking. Once her tights are at her knees I press the intercom button. "Mandy, if you would like to take your lunch now, lock the outer door as you leave."
"OK, sir." She replies to my request, always unquestioning, the perfect PA.
Now back to the job in hand, as I start to lower Amy's panties, she lets out a little moan, no doubt knowing that I would see the slightly stained gusset, her reaction to this morning's earlier activities. "Don't worry," I tell her. "it's only natural, despite what the sisters may have told you at school. I suppose they told you it was dirty, and evil to touch yourself here?"
I ask as my fingers make there first little foray into her sex. I look up,and she nods, with a sad look on her face. "So because you thought it dirty, you would punish yourself like sister Luke in the Nuns Story?"
"How... how could you know that? I've never told anyone." She says in amazement.
"Just a guess," I say, now working at her faster with my fingers and thumb, teasing at her clit, and only shallowly entering her sex. "so you would spank your bottom when aroused?"
"Ye.. yes." She struggles out.
"with your hand, or maybe a slipper?"
"God..." She gasps. "not a slipper, a flip-flop." Then she manages a little giggle.
"Lets see I bet," I continue, my voice just over a whisper. "you would bend yourself over, a pillow between your legs, pressing yourself, your sex, your pussy, hard into the pillow. Rubbing between each blow, rising but not quite peaking." My fingers are now running wet, a faint slushy noise emitting from Amy's lower groin. I look up she nods again, shamefaced, but on the urge of orgasm. "Let me bet again," I continue. "when alone in the house, you would do this looking into a mirror, watching your bottom get redder, with each little swipe?"
"Yes.. yes.. God yes!" As Amy cums ,I wonder if one of those yes's was a reply to my question.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 5

A Short Interlude.

I suppose, I should rewind things a little, and explain my fascination with CP. What started it off, or became the epiphany for me?
It was the early eighties, I was studying at university, I won't say which one, but suffice to say the town is home to a majestic stadium.
My course on sports psychology, also involved sports nutrition, then very much a field in it's infancy, and something I cared little about. Our tutor in sports nutrition, was a young lady called Miss Caroline Littlewood, quite slight and pretty, high on the male students wish list of female tutors and professors. She always had an affable nature, and a ready smile for everyone. A soft touch. So we thought.
I had an assignment to write about the benefits, and disadvantages of carbohydrate loading. To be honest I couldn't be arsed to do it, but my friend Debs had done hers way before time to hand them in, so I asked a favour of her. I wanted to look at her notes. As it happened Debs had one of those new fangled word processors (we are talking early eighties), so it was all to easy for me to just change the date, and the names at the beginning and end.
All to easy, so that's what I did.
The day after handing in  "my"  paper, Miss Littlewood came up to me as I was leaving the canteen. Today there was no smile on her heart shaped face, and her blue eyes seemed to have fiery anger to them.
"I need to discuss your paper with you," She said abruptly. "tonight in my classroom, seven fifteen. Be there. If you aren't there, I will take it you are packing your bags, because you will be off this course."
She then walked off leaving me no time to answer, or make up an excuse, of course I knew what it all was about. I just didn't expect this kind of reaction.
I made my way into the deserted block, when I say deserted, I mean empty of classes, the only person I passed was Dominica, a young eastern european who was working her way through uni, by doing cleaning work in the faculty. I reached the classroom, knocked and entered. Miss Littlewood sat her desk, with papers out in front of her.
"How stupid do you think I am? Or did you think I wasn't going to read the work handed in? I have already spoken with, and dealt with your friend Deborah." She said to me barely looking up from her desk. This isn't the happy smiling tutor that I was used to. I cough to clear my throat, but before I could answer, she continued talking/scolding. "This could get you thrown out, do you realise that. This is cheating, this is showing me disrespect, this is not going unpunished." If I thought she looked fiery earlier today, she was now incandescent. "Deborah decided to take my punishment, rather than being sent home," She said rising from her chair, and going over to a cupboard, and to my shock pulling out a cane. The thought of Debs getting a caning, started a stirring in my groin, I was still not taking in the full implications of what she was saying. "Have you ever been caned?" She asks me, flexing the the rattan rod in her hands.
"Well yes, I.. I.. was caned at school, a couple of times." I struggle out.
"How many did you receive?"
"F.. f.. four, miss." To my amazement, this berating was making me harder.
"Four! No wonder it did no good. Deborah received six from me half an hour ago, and you have the choice of twelve, or going home. Don't look at me like that, that is the only option available to you. I will not be made a fool of."
What could I do, I knew it would hurt, but then it would be over. Twelve though, four used sting like mad. But what could I do? So I nodded.
"Right prepare yourself." She said.
So I bent over,fingers on toes.
"What are you doing boy? I don't know about you, but when I was at school the cane was always on the bare behind."
An image of her bent over, and bottom up flashed through my mind, my cock was now throbbing in full. "You can't be serious?" I asked trying not to sound like John McEnroe.
"Never more so, now trousers and underpants around your ankles, or get out and start packing."
I start slowly fumbling with my belt.
"Hurry up, or I'll loosen it for you, and if I do I'll take it off, and you'll feel it across the back of your legs."
This threat spurred me on, and in no time my trousers, and underpants were indeed around my ankles. I stood there in front of her, my hands covering my erect cock, and now high, and tight balls.
"Move your hands." She said matter of factly. I reluctantly moved them.
"Get rid of that." She said.
"That." She said again, giving the underside of my erection a sharp hit with her cane.
"You mean you want me to... ?" I asked, stuck for the correct wording.
"Yes, do you realise how disrespectful, and annoying it is, to have you standing there, your body saying to me that you are expecting to have sex with me?" She replied, handing me a box of paper hankies, no doubt left out on her desk for Deb's tears.
Feeling defeated, I clutch at my cock, and start rubbing it slowly, standing there shamed, no one had ever watched me do this, lets face it as things go, nothing else could be much more private.
"Oh, hurry up boy I haven't got all night." She said.
I tried to bring to terms with myself, that this was the same tutor who would always laugh, and joke her way through all her classes. I look at her, and there seemed to be a change about her. Gone was the temper in her eyes, replaced by what could only be called a confident look. The look of someone in complete control. I came. Harder than I expected, shooting sperm clear of my catching tissues, and wetting the tiled floor at my feet. As I wiped myself clean, and milking out the remaining drops, I heard her voice through my mental fog.
"And clean up that mess on the floor, then we can get this over with."
Her words pricked me, as I bent down and cleared up my semen trail, I felt on the brink of tears ,but I tried hard not to let it show. I had decided I was going to take this like a man.
"We'll start with six strokes, and then you can have a little break." She told me as I returned to my standing position, now deflated, and shrunken down below.
I quickly bent over, my bottom towards her, I wanted out of here as quickly as possible. The first stroke landed, catching me by surprise. Surprised at how hard such a slight female could deliver a stroke. As the pain started to radiate outward, the second fell, then the others came in fast succession. The pain was incredible, I seemed to be looking out through a mist, as I felt my eyes start to water ,but I held back the tears.
"Right stand up, hands on head." Miss Littlewood, barked out.
As I stood up, I thought to myself, halfway I won't be here much longer. How wrong I was.
The door opened, and in walked Dominica.
I turned, red faced, to face the door. She looked shocked at what she saw before her.
"I'm sorry, miss, I thought all rooms empty, I come back later maybe." She said in her broken english.
"No, no need for that," Replied Miss Littlewood, to my further horror. "come up here, Dominica."
The girl approached the front of the classroom, the look of curiosity on her face, was beyond words.
"You wish to be a teacher when you return to Poland don't you?" Asked Miss Littlewood.
The girl nodded, making no attempt to hide the fact that she was staring at my genitals. She actually looked at my deflated, and limp cock, then looked me directly in the eyes, before looking back down at my now rapidly shrinking manhood.
"Well, Dominica, this would be a good opportunity for you to learn how to deal with an incredibly bad boy." As Miss Littlewood said this, I realised that my final six would have an audience.
"Back over you go as before, fingers on toes." I bent again, tears running down my face, not from the pain, but the humiliation causing the most part of my discomfort. "Now watch, the trick is in the wrist movement, not in the actual swing of the cane..."
The stroke hit me, and I gasped in pain ,gritting myself for the next, but it didn't come.
"See, It's the little flick at the end of the movement that does it, watch again.."
This time I shout out as the stroke hits home.
"Sometimes,j ust for a little surprise, well shock really you could do this...."
I scream out in agony, as the rattan crosses the back of my thighs.
"Would you like to try?" Miss Littlewood asks to my disbelief, and to my horror Dominica says.
"Yes please, miss, that would be very good."
Dominica delivered the next three strokes with enthusiastic relish, painful as they were they weren't as bad as the previous nine.
"Right, make yourself decent, and get out," Miss Littlewood said to my relief. "and don't forget to take those hankies with you."

I never missed another assignment set by Miss Littlewood, in fact she never mentioned the episode again. I learnt many things from her. So much so, that sports nutrition went on to become my forte. The most important thing she taught me though, was how to deliver a good caning.
A lesson I learnt very well.

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 4

I have to tread carefully here, charges of impropriety are always high on my radar, but this would be such a strange experience, a genuine-even if she doesn't realise it herself, submissive. I can't let this slip. "You see, Amy, most therapies are reliant on the subjects belief in them working, if you believe that a focus session will help you, it will." Amy gives me a thin smile, and slowly nods. Obviously still not totally convinced in what we are discussing. "I'll go and make sure we aren't disturbed." I say before she has a chance to change her mind. I get up and leave my office, and go down the corridor to the outer office, where Mandy my PA has her desk. I tell her I can't be disturbed for the rest of the day, and anybody coming in will just have to either leave a message, or make an appointment to see me tomorrow.
Mandy looks puzzled but says nothing ,she just nods.
I think deep down Mandy is a little afraid, that somehow the disciplinary measures used upon the athletes, may at some point be transferred onto her. This makes for a very efficient,and quiet secretary.
As I re-enter the room, Amy is still seated, though now with her head rested in her hands. I take up my seat in front of her. "OK, Amy, we should begin." I say to her, as I reach forward, and gently tug at her left forearm. She nods, and slowly stands up before me.
"Do you want me to... ?" She says, not finishing her sentence, only pointing at her trackie bottoms.
"Yes, Amy that is always the way of it."
Her shaking hands work at the drawstring of her bottoms, she sighs heavily, and looks at me. The knot has somehow tangled, and she can't loosen it, she looks on the edge of real tears now. "Come here, I'll help you." I say softly. With a little bit of fiddling about I manage to release the knot. Taking this as a perfect chance, I put my hands in her waistband, and pull her bottoms down to her ankles ,revealing a pair of plain white cotton knickers.
Amy lets out a noise best described as a squeak.
With no complaint at that move, I decide to be bold, and take hold of the waistband of her knickers. She looks up at the ceiling, in shame, as her knickers join her trackies at her ankles. "OK, over you go." She slowly lowers herself onto my lap, her bottom now pointing up towards me, back to it's previous pale glory ,all signs of her spanking now gone.
I start. A spanking has to be a spanking. I quickly bring my palm down ,not bothering that much about which cheek receives the most punishment. My hand hits down sometimes five times on one cheek, followed by only two on the other .I know by the time we finish both cheeks will be about the same red hue.
After a couple of minutes or so, like before, I notice a change in her. Her cries change tone, and her movements on my lap now seem to have a purpose. Is she aware of this?
I really don't thinks so. I think it is some almost automatic reaction hard wired into her, a kink she is not really consciously aware of.
I seem to have been spanking her for ages, her bottom is now a uniform bright red, she is crying in full force. No plea's for me to stop though. She seems to be hovering on the edge of orgasm, but somehow her movements on my lap are just not quite doing it for her.
I realise now, that for full fulfilment, she is going to have to have some more direct stimulation, other than the sort she is getting from my thigh.
I stop spanking her, and help her to her feet, then I stand also, to my surprise she grabs me in a hug. Burying her head into my chest. I can feel her tears through my shirt.
"Th.. th.. thank you, sir." She manages to say between sobs.
I know though that she has not actually orgasmed, only just hung there on the periphery of pleasure, I do something I have never done before, in any of my previous positions.
I reach down with my right hand, and make my way to her sex, my fingers just come to rest on her downy pubes, when she pushes her bottom back away from me, taking her self out of my touch.
"SIR! Nobody has ever... touched me down there!
It takes a few seconds for that information, and the implications to sink in. With my right hand I lift Amy's chin, so we are both now looking at each other eye to eye.
My left hand cradles her bottom, I am shocked to find it's like touching someone's sunburn, in my endeavours to bring her off, I seemed to have overdone the spanking, and overdone her buttocks.
With a little pressure from my left hand, I pull her back in towards me, I smile and say. "Don't worry, trust me I'm a doctor." I know it's corny, but like I've said before, a doctorate is a doctorate.
Seemingly reassured, Amy relaxes a little, as my right hand takes up it's previous place.
Gently my middle finger traces the front of her sex, probing gently at the light downy covering. Amy's head falls back down onto my chest, nuzzling into my pecs.
I tap her feet slightly wider apart with my left foot, her legs still encumbered by the clothing around her ankles. Not that it really matters for the access I am requiring- for today at least- my finger probes deeper, dallying around her fleshy folds, the tip entering, to a gasp from Amy, now shaking in my arms. My finger moves higher, searching out the button she herself was trying to stimulate earlier. I feel the hard little rosebud, hidden in its damp petals. Amy's breathing becomes harder, more erratic, my finger starts massaging the little nubbin.
"Whoah... what.. what are you doing?" Asks the bewildered Amy.
"A happy ending." I reply, my finger now moving at a faster rate. I can feel this won't take long, thanks to her bun burning spanking, she has been on the brink, but not quite jumped.
Her body now shakes in my arms, then I feel the pain, as she reaches climax, her head burrows deeper at my chest, and her teeth clamp around the upper part of my left pectoral, biting down hard, I clench my eyes together, but continue working her with my finger.
Then a sudden release of her teeth, and her body goes limp against me as her peak declines. Petit mort, though she doesn't lose her balance, her legs are wobbly, as she sways in my arms.
"I.. I.. I'm so sorry, sir.. I.. I.." She sobs.
"Sorry, what for?" I ask.
"For.. for biting you, sir."
I smile at her, and run my fingers through her hair. "It's all right, no harm done." I tell her. I then stoop down in front of her, my eyes level to her pussy, I want to lean forward and kiss those down covered folds, but I hold myself back. All in good time, I tell myself. I lean forward, and start pulling up her white cotton knix, I look up, her head is moving, looking all around the room, looking everywhere, except at my face. As I reach the top of her thighs, I carefully pull the panties back over her bruised buttocks. I then give her now cotton covered pussy a little pat. "OK?" I ask, but to no reply. Then I pull up her trackie bottoms, again careful of her bottom, and re-tie her troublesome drawstring. "Right, we will have to see Mandy about tomorrow, I don't think you should be doing any training today, or tomorrow." Amy looks puzzled at this statement. "Your bottom is in a bit of a state."
Her face reddens again, at the idea of me having seen her naked charms.
As we leave my office, I notice a look of contentment on Amy's face, replacing her previous look of shame.
"Mandy, can you type me out an exemption note for Amy for today and tomorrows classes."
She starts to type at her usual breakneck speed.
"Tomorrow, Amy, just come along to my office after breakfast, we can discuss your program further."
Upon being given her exemption note Amy leaves.
"Sir," Says the usual silent Mandy. "I need to speak to you about something."

"Well...I just don't think its right." Says my taciturn assistant, as I look at her in silence. "Those four girls getting a belting, on Julie Munroe's say so. It's just not right. There I've said it."
I'm astonished by this outburst, but also more than a little amused, I decide to play out the whole conversation that Mandy obviously wants.
"Firstly, Mandy, Amy was here to see me on a different matter to the other three girls, and nobody got a belting, as you put it, on Julie's say so. They were punished for breaking rules."
"Huh," Retorted Mandy. "but it's OK for her and her cousin to break the rules?"
"Her cousin?"
"Rachel Munroe, she's Julie's cousin, didn't you know that?"
It hadn't actually occurred to me that they were related, why would it? Then it is quite common for sports to run in families. Football alone, has the Millburn's, and Charlton's, the Lampard's, and Redknap's, so I should have at least questioned the fact they both had the same surname, and were from the same town.
"What about the rule breaking?" I ask, now not finding the conversation quite so amusing.
"Yesterday morning, in the staff car park, I saw Julie hand Rachel a Booze-Busters carrier bag."
"Right, we will see about that." I tell Mandy, as I leave to the security office. It was quite handy that the facility was already fitted with CCTV, from it's previous usage. Sure enough, Mandy was correct, a little raid by two female security officers on Rachel's room bagged us quite a haul. Two small bottles of white wine, one large bottle of lemonade, and one half eaten packet of chocolate digestives. Rachel was told to report to me at 11.15 the next morning, well aware of her fate. Julie on the other hand, well that would be a different matter.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 3

Vending machines.

When I came up with the idea, of three vending machines, I thought they may cause trouble, and at last they are coming to fruition. I had better explain how they work. Each girl is given a key that allows three items per day, from their allocated machine, hoarding is strictly forbidden, all items must be consumed that day. Exchanging items is also strictly forbidden. The machine keys are: Bronze - flavoured water, low calorie fruit, and rice cakes. Silver - fruit juices, fruit, and breakfast granola bars plus bronze key items. Gold -cans of pop, small chocolate bars, crisps, and bronze and silver key items. Keys are allocated by the girls BMI, which is tested every week, along with their aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
Julie, whilst in the process of treating two girls, both of whom are silver key holders, noticed that they had cans of coke, stashed in their gym bags. How she came to be rutting through their bags, in the first place is anyone's business. Julie being Julie, decided that she would confront both girls about where the cans came from, making it very obvious how much trouble they were both in. They both caved in, and grassed up Maria Hurd.
So here we are, three contrite girls, standing in front of my desk, Julie standing at my shoulder, all four waiting for my verdict, three in terror, one in, well whatever state Julie is usually in prior to witnessing a punishment. The three in terror pale, then redden with the realisation of what is to come to them.
"As you are all guilty together, you shall all be punished together, Julie has been good enough to offer to stay as a witness, so that no impropriety can take place." The three of them look over at Julie, not exactly a look of thanks, more one of accusation, that she broke some sisterly code by reporting them in the first place. "So all that remains is who shall be first. Any volunteers?" Before any of them could reply there is a knock on the door. "Enter." I say rather gruffly at the interruption. In walks Amy Barrowman. She looks around the room, and stands like a rabbit caught in car headlamps.
"I.. I'm sorry, sir it's nothing important, I'll come back later."
My day just gets better, see I told you, I love this job. "No it's all right, Amy, I told you my door is always open, and today shall be no exception. If you could just take a seat over there," I say pointing at a chair by the far wall. "I will have this business sorted out in no time."
I get up from behind my seat, go to the wall cabinet, and take out an eighteen inch two tailed leather tawse. I turn to the three miscreants.
"Right girls you know I can't let this go unnoticed," I say with my reasonable reluctant voice. "this is a major rule break, and all three of you will have to be strapped." The six eyes in front of me widen, and the three faces. "As I said before, any volunteers?"
Andrea steps forward. A small dark haired girl, latina looking in both face and build, olive skinned, and an ample behind. "It will be three strokes, If you could bend over the desk, and Julie can hold you hands to help you stay in position." I thought that could be like a finders bonus for Julie, she can stare straight into the girls eyes as they are being punished. For moral support of course. Andrea takes up her position.
"No not yet, Andrea, you are forgetting something, jeans and knickers down." I tell her matter of factly. Tears start flowing.
Andrea turns her back to me, and slowly peels down her jeans, revealing a pair of green boy shorts, bearing the legend "Naughty Girl" across her ample cheeks. No doubt when she put them on this morning after training, her, and everyone else in the changing rooms would have found them hilarious. Now I would think she is finding them not quite so funny.
Soon the shorts to are around her knees, and she takes up her position across the table, Julie holding her hands tightly. I glance at Amy, sitting there chewing her lip, trying her hardest not to be seen to be looking, her eyes darting from the floor to Andreas bottom, almost chameleon like.
I take a step back, and without warning, I fetch the tawse across her bottom, the tip curling around onto her hips. Andrea wails out, more in shock than in pain. Julie leans forward, and whispers something into Andrea's ear, no doubt some form of consolation, or encouragement.
I let Julie play out her little role, still trying to work out where her tendencies lie. I look over at Amy, her face reddening with embarrassment, or excitement, but at least I know where her tastes lie, even if she herself is not that sure.
Julie stands back up, still holding Andrea's hands, and gives me an almost imperceptible nod. Stroke two is laid across her, followed my a much more controlled cry of pain.
"Don't worry, only one more, you can manage that no probs!" Julie says to the crying girl.
I wait, and let the fire sink in, two clear red lines are now visible on her olive skinned bottom. Stroke three, catches her by surprise, and she gasps out in pain. Julie lets go of her hands, and Andrea jumps up clasping at her now very hot bot.
"Andrea stand next to Maria please, no, no need to pull them up yet." I say, and Andrea makes a comical waddling walk over to Marias side, hampered by the clothing around her knees. I look along the line of three girls. "Niamh, If you would like to come forward please." The tall red headed girl swallows hard at my request, but starts loosening her jeans as she walks towards the table. No doubt thinking to herself, at least I know what to expect. She pulls down her jeans, and black panties in one movement, and bends over clasping Julies hands. The three strokes, I deliver one after another, no respite between strokes, catching all in the room by surprise, no sooner had Julie took Niamh's hands than she had to let them go, no whispered words on this occasion.
I look at Amy, who now looks fit to burst into tears herself as she looks at her friend Maria, who will be next over the desk.
"Right, Niamh, you can get up, and join Andrea." I tell the stunned girl, who makes her way unsteadily to her fellow team mates, the pain still sinking in to her, and each step seeming more laboured than the last.
"Now we come to Maria, this I find a two fold disappointment, firstly Maria breaking the rules in the first place. Worse still though the speed at which your fellow team members give you up, rather than facing the music themselves." As I say this Niamh and Andrea's eyes both fall to the floor. "Unfortunately I cannot let this go unnoticed, even though all she was trying to do was to help two so called friends. As it happens though, a real friend of hers is here, Amy popped in on an administrative matter. So I think she should take Julie's place, and hold Marias hands by way of friendly encouragement. So, Amy if you would like to swop places with Julie."
The flustered looking Amy blushingly rises and walks behind the desk, and Julie takes up Amy's seat. I thought the change of view would be appreciated by my little bounty hunter, and also it would give Amy more the feeling of involment in the proceedings.
I look at Maria, she is a strange one, all the girls during the week wear either trackie bottoms, or jeans, but Maria always wears either a skirt or a dress. Perhaps it's her way of holding on to her femininity, or maybe she just likes to be different. Without a word from me, she reaches up under her pale blue knee length dress, and pulls down her tights, and underwear in one movement, she then steps forward, and bends across the desk, lifting her dress up at the back in one seamless movement. Amy clutches at her hands. We are ready.
"I am really sorry to do this, Maria." I say bringing the belt hard across her naked posterior.
Amy winces, as if she and not her friend, was the one being punished.
I am impressed, Maria lets out not so much as a gasp. She takes the next two swats with equal stoicism.
"OK, all done now, Maria, join your two friends, though I say that with some reluctance."
As Amy releases her grip, Maria stands upright, her dress falling back into place as she stands. Like those before her, she walks unsteadily to her place. I look at the three of them, Niamh, and Andrea standing there, their sexes openly on display, Maria tights at her ankles, and blue knickers caught on her calf's. I would liked to have asked her to lift her dress at the front, but that would be looked upon as an abuse of power.
Some other day perhaps.
I lecture the three of them about the importance of teamwork, and about the importance of following our diet regimes, before dismissing them, and also Julie. As the girls readjust their clothing, and wipe their eyes, tissues provided by the ever efficient Julie, they then all four leave the office. I turn to Amy and say. "So how can I help you?" Amy looks unsure about my question, so I motion to the chair again, and as she retakes her seat, I get mine from behind my desk, and sit down opposite her.
Open relaxed posture, leaning ever so slightly towards her, maintaining eye contact. "So, Amy, what does bring you here today?" I ask her.
"Well, sir.. I.. I really don't feel like I'm fitting in here." The flustered girl finally replies.
"That's strange, apart from your little blip on Monday, all the coaching staff are very happy with your progress." I tell her reassuringly. "You also seem to be fitting in well with all the other girls, so I can't see what the problem could be." Silence hangs in the room, as I wait for her to continue, I try to keep eye contact with her darting blue eyes.
Strangely she looks like she is on the verge of tears.
"I just feel that when footie was just a hobby... I... I... sort of enjoyed it more, but now it's like.. it's like a job, and I'm having trouble with.. I don't know if this is the right phrase, self motivation?"
Interesting, I think to myself.
"That's very interesting, Amy, but not that rare, for someone first time away from home to feel a little disorientated." I say in my best soothing voice. "So you think you may have to leave us. Or maybe you just need some help in focussing?" I watch as her face reddens, at the hearing of the word focus.
"Maybe, sir ,but.. well after Monday, I did feel sort of more concentrated, but now I feel all uninspired... It's not the academy, it's me. I think."
Tears are now starting to form in those sweet eyes. I decide to grasp the nettle. "Perhaps, another focus session, a longer more vigourous one, will put back some oomph in your outlook. I am after all only here to help you?"
The now familiar lip biting starts, and I can see she is thinking hard of how to reply to my generous offer.
"It just feels so.. odd.. wierd even," She says struggling over every word. "to come in here.. and basically ask you to..." Her face reddens even more. "spank me."

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 2

The following morning!
In truth, I have very little to do, once the diet plans are drawn up, and the training programs dished out to the coaches, I have all too little to do from Monday to Thursday.
Then around 2.00pm, a knock on the door, and in walks John with Amy Barrowman, and Alesha Rush.
"Sorry to trouble you," John says. "but we have a slight problem, lack of effort on the Beeper tests. I know this is Amy's first session, but it isn't Alesha's, so at least she should realise the importance of getting a good idea of current aerobic fitness."
"Hold on, Mr McPharland," I interrupt. "I understand you sticking up for your girls, but surely Amy should be going out of her way to make an initial impact?" I look at both girls, Amy is standing open mouthed, not really knowing what is going on around her, Alesha looks worried, all to aware. "We both know," I continue. "both girls need a gee up, a focus session, it is just a case of how long do you think Mr McPharland?"
"Well, I suppose you're right." John replies, with a pretence of reluctance. "Two minutes would suffice, I would think."
"Two minutes!" Gasps Alesha.
Amy still not sure what we are talking about.
"If you're sure that's enough," I say. "Amy pop outside please, there are seats just next to the door, if you could sit there till you are called in."
As Amy leaves, Alesha looks close to tears, this is not her first focus session. It was good of John to fetch them both straight here from training, both still in their strips, with no time to discuss with one and another what will happen. Amy will realise soon enough. I take a chair and put it close to the door, so the proceedings for the most part will be audible from the outside. As I take my place on the seat, Alesha slowly makes her way towards me, and John finds a suitable vantage point, stop watch in hand.
"All right Alesha, you know what to do." I tell the shaking girl.
The leggy girl of West Indian descent quickly lowers her shorts, and panties, then almost throws herself across my lap, in a futile attempt to hide her nudity. I haul her a little further over my lap, so she can support herself with her hands on the floor, and more importantly bring those pink lips into view, so striking against the darkness of her bottom and her thighs.
"Two minutes please." I say to John, as I start spanking her glorious, dusky globes.
Each blow makes a resounding slap, followed by a little cry from Alesha. I wonder what Amy makes of the sounds coming from the office, sitting there all alone, knowing her turn will follow, as soon as the slapping noises stop, and the door opens.
I keep the pace up, probably a little too harshly, as I want the noise to impact on Amy, there is something about that girl. As I bring about a flurry of loud smacks to Alesha's bottom, causing even more wriggling, and cries, John says.
"Two minutes."
I stop straight away, then take the hem of Alesha's top, pull it up her back, and tuck it tightly behind her bra strap, then help her to her feet.
As I explain to her, how we want to see a noticeable improvement in her application. She takes the chance to rub her bottom, all previous modesty now totally gone. Her sex almost pushed into my face, with her frantic hand movements to her behind.
"Right, Alesha, fifteen minutes facing the wall in reflection." As Alesha takes up her place, I open the door, and call Amy in. As soon as she walks through the door, her jaw drops. The sight of Alesha, hands on head, shorts and knix down, and shirt raised, has her stunned, and all colour draining from her face. I sit back down on my chair,and say. "Well, I can see you know what to expect."
"But... I haven't done anything wrong, I don't deserved to be punished." She says, the look of incredulity on her face.
Such a picture. "I know you haven't broken any rules, least none that I am aware of, or you would indeed be getting punished, with either the strap, or the cane." I say to her in my reasoning voice. "We don't look upon this as a punishment, it is a focus session, and believe me next Sunday night when you look back upon today, you will go to bed extra early. Then on Monday morning, you will give the beeper test your all. Trust me, I know this works, my record speaks for itself."
"It just doesn't seem fair!" An almost child like voice answers me.
"Fair? Fair won't win gold. These days fair won't even win bronze." I say, keeping up the same low even tone. "So just pop your shorts down and we can begin."
"But sir I don't have anything on underneath." Her voice now whining, but the will caving in.
"Well that will be one less thing for you to lower, this will be a bare bottom spanking, anything else would be dangerous to you."
"You are a valuable athlete, an asset to the squad, I need to be able to see that I am not doing anything that could give you any long term damage." I always like that little bit, so reasonable, I'm doing the girl a favour. "So just pop them down, and we can start your two minutes." I look evenly at her blue eyes, sparkling blue eyes, but not teary. Then with a resigned sigh, and shaking fingers, she pulls down her shorts, allowing them to fall to her ankles. Then unlike Alesha before her, she slowly makes her way to me, and folds herself over my lap, as I make a move to haul her a little higher, she makes the change herself, putting her bottom high up, and almost snuggling into me for her chastisement.
This difference in the two girls will be all but lost on John, in truth I don't think the spankings are really any turn on for him. It's just the chance to see the girls naked charms that interest him, he'd probably be just as happy in the changing rooms, watching the girls shower.
Julie on the other hand, seems to find some vicarious thrill from the punishments, whether that be seeing in her minds eye herself punishing, or being punished, I don't know, but I'm sure she would have noticed the different attitudes of today's girls had she been here.
Now to the job in hand.
"Two minutes please." I say, and John starts his stopwatch. Like Alesha, Amy is treated to a quick barrage of quite hard smacks, alternating from cheek to cheek. Unlike Alesha, the results show almost straight away, her pale skin pinking at the first few touches, then reddening seconds later.
Amy is obviously not used to such handling, screeching, and bucking her body from the outset, no doubt giving John the view he was wishing for, as her legs fly akimbo with each impact of my palm.
Something changes, almost imperceptible, screeches give way to guttural moans, her movements more economic,a lmost deliberate, not shying from the smacks, more meeting them, then following down with her hips.
Like a parody of girl on top sex?
Then it dawns on me.
The shy little girl is getting off on her spanking.
"Two minutes."
The male voice says, damn you John. I think to myself, as my hand comes to rest on Amy's red soft left cheek. As before with Alesha, I lift Amy's top, and tuck it in behind the strap of her sports bra, then help her onto her feet. Like Alesha before her, Amy is also too busy rubbing her bottom to take any notice of her nakedness. Unlike Alesha though, her face tells a different story, not a face full of pained anguish, Amy seems almost reflective as she rubs her behind, a quizzical look on her face, like she is trying to decide exactly what emotions she is feeling.
As I launch into my usual post spanking speech, John interrupts.
"I think I should get along now." He says.
The show is over as far as he is concerned, and no doubt he has something urgent to see to. I nod to him, then as he leaves the room, I inform Amy that she has fifteen minutes corner time to help her get her head together.
She lifts her face from staring at the floor, and smiles at me, and slowly nods, then takes her place alongside Alesha. I sit watching the clock, and shuffling pointless paperwork around my desk, all the time thinking of that strange smile.
I remember reading once, that about ten percent of adults would class themselves as sexually submissive. For most though, just being below for sex, or being lightly restrained, would fill out their needs. Others a scolding from a perceived authority figure would float their boats.
Some, the feeling after CP, the afterglow, if you like is what they require, not liking the pain, but suffering through it, purely as a means to an end. Then though there is the real rarity, a person who actually gets off on the whole thing, embracing it all, the pain itself bringing about orgasm, or at least preparing the body to be a hair trigger away from orgasm. CP as foreplay. Could this be Amy?
Alesha's fifteen minutes finally come to an end, I wonder if it felt as long for her as it did for me. I quickly tell her to re-adjust her clothing, and leave for her room, needless to say she doesn't have to be told twice.
Amy's time too eventually comes to an end. I ask her too, to re-adjust her clothing, but rather than dismiss her I ask her to come over to my desk.
"Amy, I hope today has the desired effect," I say to her. "I would hate to think that we have both been wasting our time here today." She bites her lower lip, and nods. "Also if you feel that you need, for whatever reason, some help in focussing on your training or diet, my door is always open. OK?" She nods eagerly, and leaves the room happy. Happy in the knowledge, that someone cares enough about her, to give her a spanking.