Monday, 9 August 2010

Queen Of The Halls!

A story by Tomas.

I remember it,like it was yesterday. Senior high school 1988,I was eighteen,and just been made hall monitor. It was the end of my second week,last week had been a huge disappointment,Mr Greaves was serving as A.P.,and Mr Greaves was not a paddler.
Five fresh eighteen/nineteen year old girls served up for him,and what does he do,Saturday detentions that's what. As hall monitor,I have to witness the punishments so I end up wasting a Saturday morning,babysitting girls my age and older. Greaves sucks.
This week though it's Mr Harold,a confirmed paddler,as I know through personal experience.
Two years ago,fighting with Rosaleen Murphy in the yard,along comes Harold,and its straight into the hall,grabbing the backs of our knees for two pops each,with other students walking past us going back to classes.
I don't know about Rosaleen,but it was an epiphany for me,it wasn't just my eyes that were wet,I've never looked at Harold in the same light since.
Today for the Friday afternoon judgement we have four girls lined up,one for repeated tardies,two smokers,and my special little surprise for "Old Harold",Miksuni our Japanese exchange student who doesn't have much luck with parking cars,and fire hydrants.
Enough daydreaming,time to get dressed,the severe look I think,black slacks,white shirt with a masculine cut to it,I toy with the idea of wearing a necktie,but I don't want to look like I'm in fancy dress,I go for the black jacket. Underwear,I bet Old Harold is a white cotton pantie man,no bra as its cool enough to wear the jacket all day in class,I think he may appreciate a little nipple on show later.
Roll on 3:45pm.

The day seems to drag for me,I can't concentrate on work,all I think of is this afternoons last period. Thursdays and Fridays last periods are General Studies for all the school. All your class is gathered together,nominally it's for private study,in reality its for school discipline,Thursday's boys day. Legend has it Old Harold has two paddles,the normal one for the girls,and a double handled one for the guys,so he can go at their butts like Babe Ruth looking for a home run.
I say legend has it,but I think that's just the guys being macho,and trying to explain away their red faces when they come back to class,I never got to find out the truth of the matter.
Fridays,that's the day for me,that's girls day.
At last it's 3:40,I put up my hand.
"Miss,can I be excused please? I have an appointment with the Assistant Principle."
Normally a remark like that would elicit giggling from my classmates,but they know today I'm going as witness,and not for a paddling,a couple of sets of eyes look at me.
"Yes run along,dear."Replies Mrs Stanford.

Finally I'm out,and on my way. As I walk along the hall,I feel the excitement mounting,my erect nipples,rubbing against the hard cotton fabric of my shirt,the weight of my jacket forcing the fabric down on to them. Glorious discomfort.
As I walk along,my head seems to be getting higher,my neck straighter,a cockiness is coming over me. I am Amy Fraser,the Queen of the Halls.
I turn down towards the A.P. office,there they are,the condemned,waiting on paddle row,I force myself not to smile,at the providers of this afternoons entertainment.

I look along the line,late girl,I don't know her name yet,wearing a soccer outfit! Who the hell gets changed for an after school sports session before a paddling,unless she doesn't want anyone to see her bruised ass in the changing rooms,ah bless.
Next to her my erstwhile sparring partner,Miss Murphy,two years older,and about thirty pounds heavier,not in my weight class now,and going by the Goth look she's adopted lately,I'd say she's probably watched pretty in pink one too many times.
Next in line,one of my best friends,Johanna Reagan,I would have let her off with smoking in the girls room,if it hadn't meant that to do that I would have to let off Miss Murphy as well,and that was never going to happen. Still seeing Johanna in jeans,at school it's a first,no pretty thin dress today,eh?
Then my little surprise,my little gift to Old Harold,Miksuni.

I now do my first official act of the procedure.
"Afternoon,ladies,before I go in to see Mr Harold,as your student body witness,I have to ask if there is any medical reason why any of you cannot be paddled today?"
A question that meets with no reply,from the glum faces in front of me. I knock on the door,and enter the office,Mr Harold looks up,and smiles at me.
"Good afternoon,Amy,"
He has one of those faces that seems in a permanent frown,apart from when he is actually smiling or laughing,he seems in a bad temper,dangerous almost. Middle aged,shaven headed,and around two hundred and thirty pounds,not your average figure of teenage lust,but then I'm not your average teenager.
"just three today,I think."
"No actually there are four,there is another girl,parking in front of a fire hydrant,two weeks running."
I reply trying to conceal my excitement.
"Well bang goes our early finish,we will start with Miss Myers,then Reagan and Murphy together,so I don't have to go through the smoking speech twice,then the parking girl.
Well wheel them in,Amy."
"Before we start,Sir,I believe we should enforce the only one layer of clothing rule,"
I say tentatively,I notice his eyes arch.
"after all I'm here as a representative of the student body,to make sure the rules regarding punishment are carried out,and that is one of the rules."
Mr Harold smiles.
"OK,but you aren't going to win any popularity contests with that one."
I smile back at him,and shrug my shoulders slightly.

I reopen the door.
"Miss Myers please."
I call out,and our little soccer star gets up and walks into the office.
Mr Harold is already standing by the desk paddle in hand,I look at it,and a shiver runs down my spine,my mouth is drying up. I start to speak,probably sounding a little to eager.
"OK,if you could lower your shorts and put your hands on the desk please."
"No way! I'm not doing any such thing."
Was the rather quick and indignant reply.
"We are following the one layer of clothing rule,so if you please."
"This is one layer,I've nothing on underneath."
I can't believe she would only wear thin nylon shorts for this appointment.
"I'm going to have to check,"
I say to her,as I approach her I see a look of hatred flash through her eyes. I pull the elasticated waistband as far from her as I can,and peer at her crotch. Her clean shaven crotch. Now it is not only my nipples that are getting fired up,but I'm feeling tingly down below,not through any lesbian feelings,just the feeling of power.
"Yes,Sir she is completely bare down there."
I let go of the waistband,and smile at her now red face.
The paddling itself was rather perfunctory,and unexciting,three pops on someone who is a regular visitor to the office,I found out later that apart from sports she had no interest in school whatsoever,and looked upon paddling as better than detention.

As Myers left,red faced and no doubt red bottomed,I call out for Miss's Murphy and Reagan to enter the office. They both dart their eyes at each other,in the realisation that they will be going in together.
I say in an all to cheerful voice.
On them entering the room,Mr Harold starts to speak.
"I know this is crazy,spanking eighteen year olds bottoms for smoking,and in half an hours time,when you are driving your cars home you will probably be as mad as hell about it. The fact of the matter is that smoking is against school rules,and without rules we would be in a pretty bad place,and it's my duty to enforce the rules,even the ones I don't fully agree with. As you both know by now,it's an automatic five popper for smoking."
Both girls let out audible sighs.
"What you will not be aware of however,is that due to a representation from the student body,the one layer of clothing rule is now being strictly enforced,and Miss Fraser will be doing the needed checks,and adjustments to your attire."
Thankfully he didn't say,that it was me that decided to re-enforce the rule. Rosaleen looked distraught,Johanna didn't seem to understand what was being said.
"Miss Murphy first,I think,Amy."
I fish inside my pockets,and pull out a little chain of four safety pins. I then motion with my finger for Rosaleen to approach,I lift up and start pinning her black skirt and underskirts to her t-shirt,the girl obviously likes layering,I notice a VPL on her thick black pantyhose.
"Sorry,Rosa,these will have to come down."
I say as I reach up to find the waistband of her pantyhose,I see tears already forming in her eyes. This is going to be fun.
As I finally locate the waistband,and tug down,I'm greeted with the view of the largest pair of blue panties I have ever seen. Surely these aren't really panties,maybe they are a pair of her brothers underpants,or they are her special paddling panties,extra wide and thick for added protection,as she turns around to bend over the table,I notice the reason for her tears,there is a huge hole on the left cheek of her underpants,about an inch across. Today just gets better by the minute.
"OK,Rosa over the desk please,"
I tell her.
"make that bottom nice and big."
As if she needed to be told that.

The first two swats she handled quite well,the third elicited a huge cry,the fourth the same,I had by now noticed that the little piece of ass peeking through the blue cotton had changed colour from pale pink to bright red.
The fifth swat caught at least me by surprise,it landed so hard,and sounded like a firecracker going off.
Rosa jumped up clutching at her cheeks,screaming out.
As she hops about the room,I think to myself,most satisfactory.
Mr Harold motions to Rosa with his paddle,for her to stand next to me,I decide to leave her skirt up a little longer,as she is frantically rubbing,and clenching her cheeks,her hips are being thrown forward,pushing her pubic mound hard against the cloth of her panties.
Quite a big camel toe you've got going on there Rosa,I think to myself.

Next it's poor Jo,I have mixed feelings about this,part of me feels sorry for my friend having to go through this. Another part of me,is so excited at the thought of her jeans coming down,and that lovely pale white ass of hers getting reddened,I am now actually getting wet in anticipation.
"OK,Miss Reagan you're next over."
Says Mr Harold.
As if everything she had just heard and seen hadn't happened,Jo walks over to the desk,puts her hands down,and bends over.
"Jo,sweetheart you have to drop your jeans."
I remind her.
"No its OK,Amy,I've only got a T-back on."
Er,no it's not OK I think to myself,T-back it will be like a bare paddling,all the more reason to have those jeans down.
"I'm sorry,Miss Reagan,your choice of underwear is irrelevant,one layer only,is that not right Miss Fraser."
Jo turns around and stares at me all wild eyed,I do my best sympathetic look and shrug my shoulders.
"I'm afraid Mr Harold is right Jo."
Jo then stands up,lets out a huge sigh and starts unbuttoning the flies of her 501's,all the while shaking her head in disbelief.
Having lowered her jeans to her knees,she goes back into place over the desk,still shaking her head.
The material of her black panties,had all but disappeared in her bottom cleft,leaving the two shapely orbs unprotected.I almost hold my breath in anticipation.
The paddle lands with a hard thwap,causing Jo to shout out in pain,but she hold position well.
"Jo,I want you to stay in position throughout this paddling,OK?I want no moving or jumping around."
I couldn't understand why Mr Harold suddenly started this speech,as Jo hadn't moved at all,then he caught my eye,and motioned down at Jo's bottom with his head.The bare flesh had already taken on a red hue,and inside the redness was the distinct circular shape of the paddles air holes. He was stalling for time to let this natural bruising take place.
For me to see it.
He was on my side,enjoying this as much as me.
"to make this quick for you the next four strokes will be rapid fire,no need for you to count them off."
They were indeed rapid,rapid and hard,with his signature firecracker pop for the last one. Upon the final stroke,Jo did a similar dance to Rosa's,clutching at her buttocks and hopping around the floor.
As I unpinned Rosa's skirts,and Jo gingerly pulled up her jeans,Mr Harold kindly offered the girls some tissues,and thanked them for their time and dismissed them back to class.

Miksuni was still sat in the corridor,now looking more worried than ever as the two tearful girls walked past her.
God what does she look like I thought to myself,nineteen years old and wearing today,like every other day since she came here,what must be her school uniform at home. Black shoes,white ankle socks,blue plaid skirt,blue blouse and a funny white necktie of some sort. Someone really should tell her,that for it to be a uniform everyone has to wear it,she just looks like she is going to a fetish club,not attending school.
I wave her into the office,and without further ado start pinning up her skirt,to reveal blue and white checked panties.
"I have already explained to Miksuni,"
I start saying to Mr Harold,hoping I've judged him right.
"that as this is the second time in two weeks she has been found parking in front of a fire hydrant,and causing a safety risk,she has now lost the privilege of retaining her underwear."
With this and before Mr Harold can say anything,I quickly whip down her panties to her ankles and get her to step out of them,I place them on the desk,so she will see them throughout her punishment,as a reminder,if one was needed,of her nakedness.
Her hands are now coyly covering her thick black bush. I give the front of her thighs a little slap,I'm now soaking down below,and my pulse is racing.
"Hands on your head please." I order the terrified girl.
"No it is too shaming."She sobs.
"Ashamed? You have a good right to be ashamed,you are invited into our country,and how do you repay our hospitality,by breaking our rules,and placing lives at risk."
Her hands slowly move to her head. Once I had made sure Old Harold had a good look at her front aspect,I led her over to the table and asked her to bend over for five swats,feet well apart. As she spread her legs,her sex opened up like a coral clam,a slash of pink between her tanned legs.
By the time the fifth pop landed,poor Miksuni was racked with sobbing,her whole body shaking. I felt a wave of pity wash over me,as she stood up I went over to her and gave her a cuddle,and tried to sooth her.
Even then though,with her salty tears running down my neck,even then,with my fingers running through her hair and my words of sympathy echoing in her ears.I still looked at Mr Harold and winked.
After Miksuni calmed down,and I unpinned her skirt,and handed back her panties,which she chose not to put back on,she gave us both a little bow,and thanked us both for showing her the error of her ways,then headed back to class,leaving me and Mr Harold alone in the office. He picked up the paddle again and said.
"Amy,you know what you deserve,for that display?"
"I thought you were never going to ask."
I replied as I started to undo my slacks.


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