Monday, 30 August 2010

Going for Gold 2012 - Serial - part 1

A story by Tomas.

The best job in the world? I suppose it's all relative, does it pay well, is it easy, or conversely is it a challenge, or is it turning a pleasant pastime into money? Or perhaps turning a sexual kink, no I should maybe say peccadillo, into money? Imagine being paid by the government, to live out your sexual fantasies.

I'm so lucky, in that this is my third such post. The first though in my native country of England, previous to the Olympic panic currently underway ,my talents would never find employment on these shores.
How times change. My work with national teams in Korea, and central Europe, doesn't seem to have gone unnoticed in my motherland. My methods (though some may say extreme) have always proven fruitful.
So that brings us to where we are now, sitting in the boardroom of Reading FC, waiting to see two of Reading's Ladies star players. Amy Barrowman, and Maria Hurd. A holding midfielder, and a striker. Both quite talented, and both in dead-end jobs, and both quite easily (hopefully) lured away to the new sporting research facility in Barnard Castle.
I look at the files on the table in front of me, Barrowman, call centre operative. Hurd, sports centre receptionist, the carrot will prove large enough for these two I think. The stick, well that will follow later, I expect. I hope.
As they enter the room, I quickly look them both over, and stand to shake their hands, and offer them both a seat. Hurd, tall, long limbed, almost gangly, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Barrowman, shorter more compact, very light brown hair, and blue eyes. I wonder how they look under their tracksuits.
Soon find out.

"Well, ladies, let me introduce myself, I'm doctor Thomas Graham, though just call me Tom, I don't like the doctor title, far to medical for what we are doing." I say, firmly giving them the impression that my doctorate is in medicine. "In front of you both is a contract, basically it's a four year job offer at £40k a year," I notice the stunned look on their faces, I now have their full attention on the carrot. "the job is, training for the 2012 Olympics ladies football squad. Of course that's not what the contract says. On paper you will be working in the Sports Research centre. A new residential facility, where all aspects of your training, and diet will be controlled, and monitored with role specific programs." Both girls stare at me open mouthed, I continue. "As government employees, you both, should you accept the offer, be covered by the Official Secrets Act, and won't be allowed to discuss the training techniques used at the facility. The OSA also applies should you decide, for whatever reason to drop out of the program. I know you are probably wondering why a four year contract? This is for post games publicity, and touring, should as we expect, the squad delivers gold. Are you interested?"
"Yes defo, count me in. Where do I sign?" Answers the excited Hurd.
"Er.. I think so, but where is it, and when?" Answers the stunned Barrowman.
"It's in County Durham, actually its a converted young offenders unit," I notice both faces darken slightly at this information. "don't worry it's had a major conversion, and I think you will find it to your liking. When? Now that is a problem, next Sunday, so I'm afraid I need an answer ... Now actually. Before you commit yourselves one way or another, I really should tell you more about my role."
Both heads move forward slightly towards me, I have them.
"I will be in charge of diet, fitness training, and squad discipline and motivation. I won't have any control over team tactics, or team selection, that will be controlled by the GB Football Coach. So ladies is that a yes?"
Both heads nod, one with rapid enthusiasm, one not so sure. Interesting. Both girls quickly read through their contracts, and deliberately vaguely written information packs. I hand them each a pen. They both sign. It's that simple.
"OK, ladies," I say. "as I have already told you I will be in charge of your dietary needs. So to hit the ground running next week, I need to have some sort of guidelines. When in the facility you will be checked for your body fat ratios by being water- weighed, but for today however I need to use the old fashioned callipers." This is where my fun starts. "So if you could both please remove your sweatshirts, and lower your tracksuit bottoms, I can make a few readings as a rough guideline."
Hurd stands up straight away and takes off her top, Amy on the other hand is a little slower to follow. To no surprise, they are both wearing large white sports bras. Hurd stands there straight backed, and quite proud looking, Amy on the other hand, stands shoulders forward almost trying to hide herself, it looks like we have a bashful one here. I pick up my fat callipers from the table. Hurd is already untying the drawstring on her bottoms, while Amy just stands, biting on her lower lip. "Come along, Amy." I say in encouragement, as Hurd lowers her trousers to her knees, displaying full cut peppermint green panties.
"Please, sir... do I have to? It's just.. I er."
Amy mumbles, she called me sir, I like that, submissive already.
"Yes, dear but only for a minute or two."
She fumbles at her drawstring, finally managing to loosen the knot, she lowers her bottoms, and I see why all the fuss. She is wearing full cut white lacy knickers, the lace pattern so large as to make them transparent, rather than a shaver she is a trimmer, as I can clearly see her light fuzz of pubic hair, and also make out the sex lips below it.
She closes her legs tight together, to try to save herself further embarrassment.
"OK, Amy, we will check you first, If you could just put your hands behind your head, fingers interlocked, and feet shoulders width apart please."
Her face reddens. I make my start, taking the callipers, I make a quick reading of Amy's arms, nipping and measuring the little fat to be found there. "Mmm, very good." I say, reassuringly. I then move a little lower, to get the waist measurement, spending a little longer, so not as to draw attention to the next four readings. "OK, Amy, you obviously take good care of yourself, very little fat here. If you could just turn around, and I'll check your hamstrings."
She slowly turns, her tracksuit bottoms hampering her, her white laced bottom slowly coming into my view. I take my reading, I wonder can she feel my breath on the back of her thighs, as I take my second hamstring reading, I feel a shudder run through her body, as if she is reading my mind.
"That's fine, actually better than fine." I tell her. "Now if you could just turn back again, I'll check your inner thighs, and then you can pop your trousers back up." I remind her. As if she needed reminding, of her current state of undress.
"Yes, sir." She barely whispers to me.
My face is now level with her lace covered sex, and what's more, she is more than aware of the fact. As my hands go between her legs, I let the top of my right hand brush lightly against her sex, remembering my first aid training, the top of the hand is a touch, the palm a grope. You always have to be so careful about these things. At least at the beginning. She is now actually shaking, embarrassment? Who knows, but I have a feeling Miss Barrowman could be an entertaining prospect.
After spending as long as I could, without making it too obvious that I was dilly-dallying, I finally allow Amy to pull up her trousers, and put her top back on. I notice her eyes are sparkly, and damp, as if she is close to tears.
I rush through Maria's readings, and allow her also to dress.
"All right ladies, that will be all for today, and I look forward to seeing more of you next week."
As I say the last part, I stare directly into Amy's eyes, making sure the double meaning sinks through to her.


This has been such a long week, finally though the fresh intake has arrived, four new girls, the two from Reading, and one each from Arsenal, and Sunderland.
I look into the meeting room through the two way mirror, a relic from the buildings previous usage, as the visiting area for the young offenders.
Nine young ladies sitting there ,and one standing over to the left.
Interesting I think to myself. I quickly look into the in tray on the desk at the front of the room. Wonderful, a pink slip, just the way to start the time off for our new intake.
Watching the four new girls reading through their introduction packs is an entertainment in it's self. You know when they reach the rules and discipline section, just by the looks on their faces. The other five girls have a look of expectancy on their faces, as they too have noticed the pink slip, and they are all so aware of why Theresa, or Terry as she is known to them is standing there.
I wait until the newbie's have finished reading, then enter the room.
"Good afternoon ladies," They all stand as I enter, the newbie's following suit with the others. "please sit down," They all sit apart from the forlorn looking Terry. "I would like to welcome our four new girls to our happy establishment," I hear Terry snort, not a wise thing for her to do.
I look across at her, and her eyes fall quickly to the floor, a couple of the girls smile broadly, no doubt waiting for the entertainment to begin.
"I know everybody here will make every effort, to help new girls to settle into our regime as quickly,and as painlessly as possible." I say smiling broadly at the faces in front of me. "Which unfortunately," I say picking up the pink slip and quickly reading it. "brings me to Terry here, caught again drinking alcohol on the academy premises," I notice she is now close to tears, as do all of her audience, four staring at her in puzzlement, five in rapt expectation. "So, Terry,if you could possibly pop along to my office, and bring back what we require?" She looks at me, her whole body shaking, and tears know tracing their way down her cheeks.
"Sir.. could we not just go to your office. Please?"
All eyes now fall on me, to agree would only be perceived as weakness on my part, a sign of weakness these girls would exploit to the full.
"No you know the rules, the first infraction is dealt with in private, the next two for repeated offences are dealt with in the meeting hall, a fourth and your contract is rescinded. Now run along, don't dither on the way back. Or it will be extra."
Terry quickly leaves the room, with more than a spring in her step.
As I start to explain in more detail to the new girls about how their contracts and diet regimes work, the door opens, all the heads turn in unison. In walks John McPharland, the head coach, and Julie, the physio.
Both obviously here for the mornings entertainment, John always makes a point of getting in on as many disciplinary procedures as he can. Of course the lovely Julie also takes more then a professional interest in the procedures, such a shame she isn't bound by the same contracts as the athletes.
Just as I finish my welcoming speech, almost on perfect cue, the door opens again, and Terry re-enters the room. I hear an audible gasp, no doubt from one of our newbie's, at the sight of the rattan cane in Terry's hand. I pick up a cushion off one of the chairs by the side wall, and place it in the middle of the table at the front of the room, out of the corner of my eye I notice John, and Julie moving more to the centre of the back of the room, and Julie putting on her glasses for an enhanced view.
Terry with shaking hands passes me the cane.
"Thank you, now if you would like to get yourself ready."
"Please,.. Sir.. Can't we just.."
"Now, Terry, or its extra."
She quickly attacks the buttons on her jeans, loosening them at lightning speed, then pulls down her jeans and knickers in one fast movement, and rushes to get herself over the cushion. No doubt thinking the quicker she get in position the quicker her pain, and humiliation will be over.How wrong she is.
I look at Terry's audience, all expectant faces, lustful, inquisitive, and some just glad it's not them bent over the table, but all eyes staring, apart from one. Amy is looking at the floor in front of her, but having quick furtive looks at Terry. Hmm, interesting, she wants to look, but not be seen to be looking. I take the cane and put it between Terry's calf's, and tap her legs wider apart.
"A little further apart, Terry, we want you nice and stable. I don't want you twisting an ankle." Or spoiling the view, I think to myself, as I give her, her final instructions. Again turning to the audience, I say. "As you know, or will know when you read the rest of your welcome packs in your rooms, we have quite a few methods of discipline, depending upon the rule infringement. The most severe is the cane. For a first offence warranting the cane, it is three strokes in the privacy of my office. Second repeat offence, in here, in public, to whosoever wants to watch, and it is six strokes. Are you ready, Terry?"
"Ye- yes, sir." Replies the quivering voice.
I stand back from her, and raise the cane, the expectation in the room is palpable. The cane comes down, Terry screeches in pain, and I watch the thin white line across her arse cheeks turn pink, then a darker hue of red.
"Well done, Terry, keep position like that, only five more to go. I bet you won't be bringing alcohol onto the academy grounds again. Will you?"
"No- no, sir I wo... aaargh!"
She cries out again, as the second stroke catches her by surprise, cutting her off mid-sentence. I stand away from her, admiring my handiwork, two straight red line across her rounded athletic buttocks.
"Now for the newcomers," I say readdressing the audience, and also dragging out Terry's torment. "this kind of punishment, is the exception rather than the rule. Knuckle down, follow the rules, and most of all show willingness, and you should never find yourself in this situation."
The room is now silent, apart from Terry's gentle sobbing, how much is from pain, or from the humiliation of being lewdly exposed, and punished in front of her peers, I don't know.
I bring her punishment to a close, with four fast strokes, the last laid across the tops of her hamstrings, bringing a scream from her, and a gasp from the audience.
"Terry, up you get please." I request the sobbing girl. "go over to the whiteboard, hands on the top of your head for fifteen minutes."
We all watch, as she struggles, jeans and underwear still around her knees, each step causing her clothing to drop a little lower, till eventually reaching her ankles.
"Right ladies that is all for now, Julie will show the new girls around the academy, and I should see you all in the dining hall for evening meals. Thank you for your time."
As everyone gets up to leave the room, I call out.
"Mr. McPharland, can you spare a couple of minutes?" I take John to one side, and whisper so that Terry cannot hear. "John, Amy Barrowman, one of your newbie's, keep a close eye on her will you?" I wink.
He smiles, and nods.
The rest of the day followed with no further excitement. Julie showed the new girls around the playing fields, the medical room, the gym, and the dining room. All brand new fittings from it's previous usage. Their rooms, two old cells knocked through to provide a luxury studio apartment, small but well fitted and en suite. The lap of luxury? Well laps will take up a lot of some of the girls time!

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