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Amy's Rabbit.

A story by Tomas.

An old man reminisces to a care worker,about how he met his wife.

How did we get together? I'll tell you,it all started from one september afternoon,I believe it was a tuesday.
I was outside the kitchen door having a sly fag with Jane,and Kate when Jane said.....

We have to stop now,to fill you in on all the back ground,how do yo say it these days?
Lets rewind.
The year is 1943,the place Roehamptons Young Ladies College,me,I'm Ronald Thomas,eighteen year old assistant cook.
I know,you must be puzzled,eighteen years old,and not in the services.
Well it's not through want of trying,I can tell you that much. In fact I couldn't wait to do my bit,for King and country.
So I joined the Royal Navy at the age of sixteen and a half,and it was deemed I would serve the King best as a cook.
But I did feel a bit of a fraud,having left home in such grand circumstances.

Quite a heroes send off,I got.
My mother worked for Sir John Milburn as a housekeeper,and we lived in one of his estates cottages.
My father ran off when I was a toddler,for reasons that were never really explained to me.
From my father leaving Sir John always took a keen interest in my welfare,and upbringing.
So when I left for war,he made sure that everyone got know about it.
At my leaving party,everyone had advice for the young sailor.

The funny thing is no-one gave me any advice about doodlebugs,worse luck.
I was heading across the parade ground,towards the mess hall,when I heard it.
The distinctive whooshing sound of its engine,I knew as long as I could hear the engine I was safe. So instead of taking cover in one of the nearby buildings,I ran towards the air raid shelter,at the other side of the square. I must have been less than thirty feet away from the sand-bagged entrance when I heard it.
Silence then blackness.
I awoke in hospital the next day,not in any pain,just feeling woozy,the pain,that came later. A ginger bearded doctor came to see me. In my doped up state he looked to me like a pirate,Cap'n Redbeard. As he spoke to me,my mind wandered,thinking up little pirate tales,then through it all I heard him say.
"Another few days in here,then its back home for you,I'm afraid your sailing days are over."
They had never began,eight months service and I'd never even been on board a ship.
Shrapnel,in my right shoulder and leg,and that's it the war is over for me.
When I got back home,I moped around the house and Sir Johns estate for a couple of months. Then Sir John told me he had found somewhere where I could continue my culinary training.
Thats how I ended up at Roehamptons as trainee chef,of course Miss "Hilda" Hildreth,the headmistress was not to happy,not very keen on having any male staff members in fact.
But Sir John is not without influence,and can be very persuasive.
So that's what led me to being outside the kitchen door with Jane and Kate.

When Jane said.
"We'd better be careful,Hilda's on the war path today."
"When isn't she?" Replied Kate
"Yeah well,I don't know about you,but its too hot today already without her warming our arses for smoking."
I looked at them both in puzzlement.
"What are you two bleating on about now?" I ask.
"Us out here smoking." Said Jane "If Hilda catches us,it's straight into her office,skirt up knicks down and four of the cane."
I knew,or at least thought I knew that this was a windup.
Both girls were seniors,over eighteen,and if it hadn't been for the war they would have both left by now,but they and three or so others stayed on to do typing and language courses,then off to plum jobs in the War Office,no land army or WRAC for these girls.
"Girls your age don't get caned."I say.
"They do here."Said Kate.
"You hit the nail on the head Ronnie." Said Jane."Girls our age,that's the problem with Hilda as far as she is concerned,until you hit twenty one you aren't an adult. Behave like a child."
"you get treated like a child." They both chorused.
"Just last year 'Maddy' Prior (the French,French teacher) got it,"Continued Kate."for being cross-eyed,on a school trip."
"For what?" I asked,in disbelief,and confusion.
"Couldn't control her pupils,two of them started fighting on the charra,so Hilda hauled the three of them in and they all got a whacking. See last term she was only twenty."
"What about poor Amy?" Said Jane,at the mention of the school secretary my eyes must have lit up."She's only nineteen so has another two years of it to go through if she stays here."

All day long in the kitchen,mental images of Amy and Miss Hildreth,have been flashing through my head,in consequence twice Mrs McAndrews the cook,had to warn me about daydreaming.
At last four o'clock came around,and it was time to go home. As usual I waited at the gates for Amy,it has been my habit of late to walk Amy down the drive to her bus stop,and then wait with her till the Stanhope bus comes.
Today we walked in an awkward silence,I was dying to ask her if what I had heard was true,but I didn't know how to broach the subject.
Instead I just listened,as she told me how her mother was ill at the moment,and that her sister had been having to take time off school to look after her,as it was impossible for Amy to take time off work,with the money situation being what it was.
So I just stood nodding,and half listening till the bus arrived,then waved her off as it left. I felt like kicking myself over my shyness,I'm never going to get anywhere with her at this rate I thought to myself.

The following day was raining heavy,so I was stuck inside the kitchen,when I heard a tap on the door. I opened it and there stood Kate.
"Be a darling Ron,and lend us three gaspers till tomorrow,could you,pleeeease."
"Well it's one each for Jane and I,and one for Belinda,Belinda is going into town tonight and she be getting some ciggies then,so we will give you them back tomorrow."
I sigh and hand her the three cigarettes.

Later in the afternoon,there is another tap at the door,this time Mrs McAndrews answers it. She is handed a note by one of the junior girls.
"Ron,you been up to something?" She asks me,I just shake my head in puzzlement."Well Miss Hildreth wants to see you immediately."
I shrug my shoulders,not having any idea why I am being called to the heads office. When I get to the outer office Amy is sitting at her desk.
"Ron you have to go straight in,and I better warn you now she is in a foul mood."

I enter the office,Miss Hildreth is standing behind her desk,miss is used as a courtesy title for all female members of staff at the school,but in Miss Hildreth's case she really isn't married.
What was she like you ask yourself?
Well I would guess around forty or so,quite tall for a lady,dark brown hair and hazel eyed. Her hair she always wears short,trim figure and quite striking for someone her age,even to my,then young eyes.

"I suppose Ronald,you wonder why I have called you here."She asks me as she start moving items around on her desk. My initial thoughts were that she needed something heavy moved in her office. I was wrong.
"I had call earlier on today to chastise three girls for smoking,"
I can feel my face starting to burn,and I sigh and nod at her.
"Ah,good you aren't going to start denying anything."She says as she moves from behind her desk to a small leather armchair.
"I asked the girls for the rest of their cigarettes,but they said they had no more,so I asked to see the empty packet,but they couldn't provide one."Saying this she picks up the cushion off the seat and heads back to her desk.
"So I told them,it's four strokes of the cane each unless they told me where the cigarettes had come from. Kate and Jane took their caning rather than give you up. Belinda on the other hand decided,to as they would say,dob you in. So she received six strokes,these days loyalty should be prized highly,and snitching discouraged. That however brings us to you."
Having said that she placed the cushion on her desk,and I finally realised what was about to happen.

"I take it your socialising with the girls,has not gone any further than smoking and chatting?"
I shake my head.
"Good,make sure you keep it that way. I also take it you have been caned before?"
I nod my head,I almost want to say,never by a good looking woman like yourself,but of course I didn't.
Miss Hildreth,then goes to a large cupboard,and takes out a thin three foot long cane,and flexes it.
I realise now that this is really going to happen,and the odd thing is I'm finding it both scary and exciting in equal amounts.

"You will receive the same punishment as Kate and Jane,that will be four strokes. So if you could lower your trousers,and underwear,and bend over the cushion please we can get it over with."
I'm now totally stunned.
"Er,miss you can't"
"As I said you will receive the same punishment,and that is four strokes on the bare bottom,now hurry up or you'll get what Belinda got."
I struggle at my belt with shaking fingers,no female apart from the nurses,has seen me naked down below since I was a young kid,least of all a good looking mature lady.
As I lower my trousers and underpants in one movement,my cock flicks up pointing straight at the ceiling.
Miss Hildreth looks at my erection and shakes her head.
"Typical male,you are all like beasts of the field. Bend over then."
I bend across the cushion on the table.
"No not like that,right over so your bottom is pointing up over."
I adjust myself,and feel the cold leather against my fully hard cock.
"Thats better,a much easier target."

The first stroke slices down onto me.
I was taken by surprise at the amount of power she managed to generate,I had been caned before at school,though always by a male teacher,so was expecting this to be much lighter.
Of course for my other canings I always had the protection of clothing,and the unusual angle meant that she was bringing the cane down in a vertical,rather than horizontal plane,so gravity added extra power to her stroke.
No wonder the girls were so afraid of her.

She continued berating me,and the male species in general,between strokes.
The second stroke seemed worse than the first,causing me to move my hips alot to try and get the sting out.
What with the slow pace of her caning,and her quiet,low even voice reminding me how males can't control their urges,and the movement of my hips on the now warm leather.I was becoming more,and more sexualy excited.

As the third stroke landed,I could feel it rising up in me,and before the fourth came down,I could feel the gooey wetness on my stomach. With the fourth stroke,I gasped out loud in pain,pleasure,and embarrassment.
"Stand up."She commanded.
As I stood,and turned to face her,and tried to speak.
"Miss I,er,well..."
"I absolutely don't believe this," She said looking at her semen stained cushion,and my still dripping semi-erect member."you totally disgust me,to find sexual gratification in this."
She shook her head then went to a drawer in her desk,and pulled out a hand towel.
"Here,clean up your mess."
I sharply grabbed the hand towel from her,I could feel my face burning up. I wiped my belly,and then my cock. Putting down the hand towel,I made a move to pull up my trousers.
"No leave them where they are,finish wiping up your seed. In fact no,as a reminder to you as you are doing it,I think a little pain in the hands should be in order. Put out your right hand please. Now."
I held my right hand out,holding my arm at shoulder height.
"Put it lower,you don't really think I was going to fall for that old school trick do you."
She pushed my hand with her cane,till it came to what was for her the optimum height.

"Two strokes each hand,and no jumping about please,I won't stand for theatrics from the girls and I won't from you."
The first stroke slashed across my fingers rather than the palm,the pain was incredible,much worse than the bottom caning I had just received. The second stroke also went across my fingers,I then realised she was aiming for my fingers,and that the first stroke was not badly aimed. After the second stroke,I put my left hand out straight away to get it over with,I wanted to be dressed,and out of here as quickly as possible.
The two on my left hand were of similar fashion,and ferocity.

I quickly picked up the towel and started wiping the cushion,then I saw what she meant about a reminder,every little movement of my fingers caused extra pain. I looked at them and all eight were purple and swollen,she had used just the right amount of swing to cause maximum pain,without breaking any of them.
After I had finished wiping up the mess I had made,I pulled up my underwear and trousers,fastening my trousers and my belt was hard and very painful,my fingers didn't seem to want to do what my brain was telling them. Finally dressed,I offered the hand towel back to Miss Hildreth.
"Are you totally stupid boy,I don't want that,covered in your...your issue. Take it away with you and bring it back after you have boiled washed it. Now go on run along,I don't expect to see you back in here."

As I was about to leave the office,I remembered something,Kate said she could hear the caning from the outer office,when Amy got caned. So that would mean Amy would have heard me being caned,two separate lots of four. Would Amy have been listening at the door did she hear all that went on. I left the office and walked past Amy's desk shamefaced,and hurried back to the safety of the kitchen.

As usual at the end of the day,I met up with Amy to walk her down to her bus stop.
Today was terrible for me,I couldn't think of any thing to say to her,how could I.
For months now I had been clumsily flirting with her,making myself out to be the big man,the war hero.
Today though,she knew our boss had got me into her office and caned me like a little schoolboy.
For what?
For lending cigarettes to girls,not even girls,young women,who in normal circumstances would have left school months ago.
Stuck really for anything to say,to just break the silence,as Amy to was embarrassed by the situation,I asked how her mother was. She then told me all was the same at home if not worse,because of her working hours,and the fact her sister was in the house all day,neither of them had been able to get to the shops,and food was now a major problem for them.
Even though they still had their meat rations in the book,they couldn't get to the butchers early enough to catch anything.
It was then I made a life defining decision. A couple of days earlier,Sir Johns gamekeeper had dropped three rabbits off for the school,I had them hanging in the kitchen ready to pie up tomorrow.
"Just wait here,I won't be long,"I said to Amy."if your bus comes before I get back just let it go and catch the next one OK."
I ran back up the drive,the best I could with my still niggling wounds. I thought to myself,I could still pie up two rabbits tomorrow morning,before Mrs McAndrews came in,and pad the pies out with mushrooms and a bit black pudding,and no-one would be any the wiser.
I quickly unlocked the kitchen door,grabbed one of the hanging rabbits,an onion and a couple of large carrots,putting them all in a hessian bag I relocked the door and rushed back down the drive to the patient and puzzled Amy.
"Here take these,just don't tell anybody where you got them from,or I'll be in bigger trouble."
Amy smiled and nodded,just then her bus arrived,and as usual I waved her off like a lovesick puppy.
I know what you are thinking,not the most romantic present to give a young lady,but in those days there wasn't many a lass in the dales,who didn't know how to dress and prepare game for the pot. As I waved her away,I thought to myself."I'm in there."

As things turned out,I was right,but not in the smooth way I had hoped for.

The following morning,to my horror Mrs.McAndrews was in early,and already in a tizz.
"Ronnie,was there anyone in the kitchen last night before you locked up? I can't believe it but there is a rabbit missing."
What could I say?I didn't want to involve Amy,and the kitchen was locked up overnight.
"I took it."I replied,to the now shocked cook.
"What on earth for?"This was a fair question as it was common knowledge that my mother and I had most of our meals at Sir Johns house.
"I really can't tell you."
"Well Miss Hildreth knows about it being missing,so I think you had better go and tell her about it,before she gets the police involved."

I made the long walk down to her office again,Amy was sitting at her desk as usual,but today looking very flustered,I took it she also knew of the impending rabbit trouble. I gave her a reassuring smile,then knocked on the door.
"Enter."My knees started shaking at the sound of her voice.
"Miss Hildreth,I've come about the rabbit,I took it,and I didn't think anyone would notice."
She stared at me,with a rather quizzical look on her face.
"Really,and for what reason Ronald?"
"I can't say miss."
"Ah,well at least you have been honest about your dishonesty,"She said in her low even voice."of course this means that you will no longer be employed here. Out of respect to Sir John the police will not be involved,but I feel I must inform him of the incident. Go back to the kitchen,and I will send for you later."

I left the room smartish,what could I tell my mother and Sir John,the truth would get Amy into trouble?
I noticed Amy was missing from her desk,hiding perhaps?
When I got back to the kitchen,Amy was talking in whispered tones to Mrs.McAndrews,on seeing me she became very red-faced,and left in a hurry.
I sat down next to the big table,feeling dejected and rejected,Amy couldn't even look me in the eye. Mrs McAndrews brought me over a cup of tea.
"Don't worry lad,things are rarely as bad as they seem. You have this cuppa,and I'll go and see Miss Hildreth,and try and sort this mess out."
She then ruffled my hair and left the room. What had been said while I was away?
About half an hour later Mrs.McAndrews came back into the kitchen.
"Right lad up and at 'em,we've got food to cook,the young ladies can't live on tea and toast."
She said smiling and ruffling my hair,for the second time.
"Five o'clock you have to go and see Miss Hildreth,but I've swung it so you'll both keep your jobs,mind you she's not happy with either you or Miss Amy."
I was stunned,Amy must have told Mrs.McAndrews everything about the rabbit and her mother.

Five o'clock seemed to come around very quickly that day,and before I knew it I was knocking on Hilda's door,Amy was no where to be seen.
As I walked into the office,I saw Amy standing by the side of the desk,fidgeting with her skirt.
Then I noticed the leather cushion already in place on the desk,and the cane beside it,not again surely,but it would be better than the alternatives I envisaged earlier,a police record and family disgrace.

"I must say,"Said Hilda,in her usual calm even voice."I am shocked by you both,you Ronald for perpetrating this crime-no matter how well intentioned-and you Amy for allowing him to. Am I really such an ogress,that neither of you could have come forward to me,and said about Amy's situation at home?"
No reply from either of us on that one.
"Still though the crime has been committed,and I hold you both equally responsible. So you will both get the same punishment,eight strokes of the cane."
I heard Amy gasp,I was later to find out that until today the maximum she had ever had was four.
"Ladies first,I think,Amy prepare yourself for your punishment."
"What!"Amy screeched."You,you can't mean to cane me in front of Ronnie,its,its just not decent."
"You did the crime together,you will be punished together,as for decency I don't give a jot,you should have thought about how decent it is to steal. So I want to see that skirt up,and your knickers down. While we are about it Ronald you might as well lower your clothing also in preparation.

I couldn't believe what was happening,in an almost trance like state I started unbuttoning my trousers,all the while watching,the now tearful Amy,lifting up her skirt and tucking it into the waistband at her back. I was surprised to see she was wearing bottle green school issue knickers -I was later to find out this was another of Hilda's foibles - which she then lowered to her knees,and quickly took her place over the cushion.
Directly in front of me.
I lowered my underpants,and to my dismay I was already semi-erect,Hilda looked at my hardening cock in disgust and shook her head.
"Come on Amy,right over the cushion you know the drill."
"But miss Ronnie's behind me,he will thing."
"Should have thought of that before you became a thief."

As Amy moves further over the cushion,I am treated to a glimpse of her fanny lips before she clamps her legs tight together again.
"Right eight strokes,and I warn you both now they will be hard ones."
The first stroke came whistling down onto Amy's uncovered bottom,bringing out a cry of pain from her.
I watch on in fascination as the white line left by the cane disappears,then a reddy pink line emerges out of the paleness of her skin.

Stroke two more of the same. Stroke three,the pain now getting to Amy as she forgets about preserving her modesty,and is more concerned about moving her hips to gain some sort of relief from the pain.
So there in front of me,Amy's pink little purse,a slash of vibrant colour between her pale thighs,the object of so many a sleepless night for me.
I want so badly to rub my now throbbing cock,but I know that is out of the question. So I stand at ease,feet shoulder width apart,hands behind my back.
As I stand at ease my cock stands to attention.

The fourth stroke Hilda brings across the buttocks in a diagonal motion,bringing about a more anguished cry. She then changes sides,and repeats the process from Amy's right. Each swipe bringing about more cries and tears,till the eighth one lands.

"Right Amy you may rise,"Amy stands up sobbing."look at your so called friend. I've told you before men are no better than beasts in the field. Look at the state of him,all through you punishment all he could think off was putting that thing inside you."
Amy did indeed look,her sobbing seemed to abate a little,standing in front of me rubbing her bottom,staring at my erect penis.

Hilda went to her desk and pulled something from one of the drawers.
"Here Ronald,"She said to me passing me a couple of old hankies."get rid of that."
She said pointing at my erection with her cane. I didn't know what she meant.
"I don't want a mess all over my desk like the last time."
I then realised what she meant. Taking a hankie in my right hand,staring deep into Amy's eyes I started to bring my self off,slowly rubbing the shaft,bringing my foreskin over my glans and then off again,watching Amy,watching me,feeling there was only the two of us in the room.
"Hurry up boy I haven't got all day,and I,unlike little Amy here do not find this little show,in anyway entertaining."
I put more urgency in my action,then I cum,the thick white liquid just caught in time in the hankie.
"Make sure you get it all out,then get over that cushion."
I obey milking every drop,till my cock returned to its flaccid state,then I took my turn over the cushion.
My punishment?
In truth,other than it hurt I don't recall much about,it my mind still focussed on what preceded it.
When I stood again after my eight strokes,I was again erect,and I noticed a trace of a smile on Amy's tear strewn cheeks.

"I'll say this for you Ronald,you are if nothing else,predictable. Now both of you get dressed,and get home and we'll say no more about this. Oh! By the way there is a box Mrs McAndrew's should have put on your desk it is for you to take home with you Amy."
We quickly readjusted our clothing and left Hilda's office. Sure enough there was a box there,in it was sausages,mushrooms,carrots and tomatos.
Waiting in the darkness of the bus stop,I came for a second time that evening,this time at Amy's hand not mine.

"You asked me how we got together,and that is how."


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