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Other readers can’t have failed to notice that children these days take a surprisingly long time to fly the nest. Many students still live with their parents, and continue to do so after they start work. Sadly, having a child who is old enough to vote brings no guarantee of good behaviour! The wise father continues to provide the precious gift of discipline, as and when necessary. I myself have two girls, aged 19 and 21, still under my roof, and I am only too happy to give others the benefit of my experience.

Never forget the old saying: Wise men nor fools can work without tools. A good slipper is essential. I don’t recommend using one of the slippers you wear every day. You should keep another slipper for this purpose alone - your spanking slipper. A cheap imported slipper is unlikely to prove satisfactory. If funds permit, buy a quality slipper of sound construction, with a good, broad, supple sole. Buy the largest size you can get - at least a size 12, preferably a size 16. Hang the slipper on a hook in a prominent position in your home. It will serve as a constant reminder of the high standards you expect.

When it becomes necessary to administer punishment, there may be a certain reluctance on the part of the recipient. The older child is very good at coming up with reasons why they should not be punished, I’m too old now. I won’t do it again. Not in front of my friends. But you’ve punished me twice already this week. I always turn a deaf ear to such protests. I look the girl squarely in the eye, and in a firm, level tone I give her the first of the three commands:

“Fetch the slipper!”

At that point she realises that further protest is futile, and she leaves my study with her tail between her legs. By the time she returns with the slipper, she is a different girl altogether - quiet, respectful, subdued. There may be a pleading look in her eyes, but I ignore it, naturally. I never rush things. If I’m writing a letter at the time, I finish it first. If I’m reading a book, I continue to the end of the chapter. Standing there with the slipper in her hand, she has a wonderful opportunity to think about what she has done, and to anticipate the punishment to come.

In due course, I take the slipper from her, and give her the second of the three commands:

“Get ready!”

At this point, shoes are removed, along with certain other items of clothing. The rule is a simple one. Any garment which would, or could, impede the slipper’s approach must be discarded forthwith. And it matters not a jot what those garments may be. Jackets or jumpers, trousers or skirts, jeans or tights, nighties or pyjamas - all alike must be shed swiftly and efficiently, folded neatly, and placed on the small chair provided.

Even though you’re her father, the older child may be surprisingly reluctant to bare her bottom for punishment. In such cases the best policy is to apply the slipper to the seat of the knickers, adding a few extra strokes to compensate.
Once again, there is no need whatsoever for unseemly haste. Once she is stripped to her pants, the miscreant must stand to attention before me, with her face to the wall and her hands on her head. However long it takes, she must wait silently and patiently until I feel ready to give her that special form of fatherly attention which she is so badly in need of. Even at this late stage, she may attempt to gain my sympathy by crying, trembling or other ruses, but I pay her no heed. Only when I feel fully prepared for the arduous duty which lies ahead of me, do I give her the third and final command:

“Bend over!”

She knows what she must do, of course. She walks up to my leather armchair, and by bending over the back of it, she assumes a posture which will allow the punishment to be administered efficaciously. The importance of a good punishment position cannot be over-stated - the legs straight and slightly parted, the shoulders lower than the hips, the arms stretched out in front, the head hanging down submissively. Of all the parts of the body, the bottom should now be uppermost, with the buttocks presented unclenched for slippering.

It’s important to grip your slipper firmly. I recommend making a few practice strokes to re-familiarise yourself with its aerodynamic characteristics. I usually place the first stroke across the centre of the girl’s bottom. Don’t rush, take your time and aim the slipper carefully. Then, keeping your eye on the target, raise the slipper slowly and smoothly over your shoulder. Still keeping your eye on the target, apply the slipper in one smooth, swift movement. With the correct arm and shoulder action, it will acquire considerable velocity before making contact. The sole should strike firmly and squarely across both buttocks, making a loud and satisfying “thwack“. Allow time for its effects to be fully appreciated, then repeat.

As the punishment progresses, make sure you achieve a thorough coverage of the entire bottom, paying particular attention to the lower areas. With an older child, there is more to cover, of course, that is why the larger size of slipper is such a boon. There can be no hard and fast rules as to what is the “correct” number of strokes. The only sensible approach to play it by ear. On no account should the punishment end before there is convincing evidence of a deep and heartfelt repentance. Afterwards, I expect the miscreant to thank me sincerely, then she is allowed to replace her clothes and return the slipper to its hook.

I realise some readers may feel uncertain about disciplining an older child with a slipper as I have described. It isn’t an easy task, obviously, but the reward is well worth the effort. I can’t guarantee that their behaviour will improve, but they will certainly be a lot more motivated to find a place of their own!

Yours,Alan Barr.


Alan Barr’s interest in spanking goes right back to very early childhood - in fact, he can’t remember a time when he wasn't interested. Back in the early 1960’s, corporal punishment was commonplace - even his weekly copy of the Beano was full of it. A number of other childhood experiences also fired his imagination. Aged nine or ten, he watched one of his classmates being soundly spanked over a desk by the headmaster. Though this was clearly intended to be an unpleasant experience, and to serve as a deterrent to the children who witnessed it, there was something strongly appealing about it too. Alan developed a strong desire to be spanked himself, but unfortunately for him he was an exceedingly timid and law-abiding child. In all the time he was growing up, it happened just once (face-down on his bed with a slipper - in case you were wondering.) The secret feelings continued into adult life, but it wasn’t until Alan was well into his thirties that he felt brave enough to share them with someone else. After that, he was finally able to turn fantasy into reality, and enjoy spanking (and being spanked) on a regular basis. And boy, did he enjoy it! This took place mostly in the context of a loving relationship. There was just one occasion when he sought help from a professional female disciplinarian. After confessing to a serious misdemeanour he’d got away with in his youth (he followed a group of sixth-form girls up a flight of stairs so he could look up their skirts) he was caned for the first time in his life - at the grand old age of 48. A fortnight later, the marks of the cane were still clearly visible, but Alan would be the first to admit that the punishment was well-deserved and long overdue - and he’s treated women with a lot more respect ever since! Nowadays, his main interest is in writing short stories about spanking. He draws heavily on his own feelings and experiences as a child and an adult, and prefers not to make the erotic aspects of spanking too explicit. The stories have led to interesting correspondence and new friendships. In his latest work "Teenage Licks" he goes right back to his roots. One of the stories is about a legendary character from the Beano - that most iconic of naughty girls, Minnie the Minx.

You can find Alan's stories available for download on please go and check them out,I know you won't be disappointed!

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