Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Liar liar!

LIAR LIAR! A story by Lori.

Actions speak louder than words to those with selective hearing,at least that's what I discovered recently. My partner's an absolute darling for most of the time and I truly do love her with all my heart,but sometimes she really gets on my nerves and leaves me at my wits end. Sometimes she tests my patience to the limit and I can't handle her sassy,"So what?",attitude. There are two important things I've discovered over the past eighteen months since we've been living together,one thing is that Amy doesn't listen to me when it really matters,and worst of all she lies. Well she finally took it one step too far so I decided to teach her a valuable lesson,I spanked her! That was a week ago and she's already overdue another spanking as far as I'm concerned,and believe me she'll get one!

I can't even begin to remember how many times I've wanted to spank her,and last week when I decided enough was enough I put her across my knee and felt totally vindicated on every level. My God she was mad at me for doing it,I knew she could be feisty when she put her mind to it but oh boy it took me all my strength to hold her across my knee. She's tough but not that tough,so I won the battle and roasted her rear end,in fact I spanked her so hard that I doubt she could sit down at work the next day! The strange thing is how quickly she forgot what I'm capable of,and how much my hand can sting when lovingly but firmly applied to her naked buttocks,but after tonight she might think twice before ever lying to me again! If there's one thing I can't abide it's a bare faced lie,and if she thinks I was tough on her last week she's in for a shock later!

"Where are you off to honey?" I asked her at lunchtime.
"I'm off to see Jenny." Amy told me casually."She's got some new clothes and she wants to show them off to me." She smiled sweetly."I've just got to get a bottle of wine and we'll be all set for the afternoon!"
"Any idea when you'll be back?"
"Oh I'll be back by dinnertime."
"Okay sweetie,I'll cook us a pizza later then." I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a nice time before waving her off in the car,then I set about doing the chores in the garden that I've been putting off for weeks. I've never been one to keep Amy on a lead,I don't mind what she does or where she goes as long as I know she's safe,so when I discovered she'd left her mobile phone on the coffee table I decided to go after her,what if the car broke down,or there was an accident? She'd need her phone!

So imagine my shock when I get to Jenny's house only to find out that Amy's not there,and she was never planning to be,in fact Jenny was planning an evening out with her boyfriend and was about to get her glad-rags on! I got back in the car and spent the next hour or so driving around trying to find her,I eventually realised that was stupid so I headed back home and tried to calm down while I waited for my deceitful partner to return. I was worried sick of course,and angry too,but most of all I was hurt by the lies!

I was watching the second hand move oh so slowly around the clock when the telephone rang and almost made me jump out of my skin, Was it the Police calling to say she'd been in an accident? I answered it nervously and heard an unfamiliar female voice at the other end.
"Mr Matthews?"
My heart leapt into my chest."Yes?"
"Hello,my name's Helen and I'm calling from the Shepherd Hill Health Spa." The woman said politely.
My mind raced as I tried to understand the relevence."Okay?"
"I'm just phoning to confirm your credit card details."
I know I frowned deeply."I'm sorry I don't...."
"It's relating to a booking for a full treatment today in the name of Amy Matthews."
But we're not even married."Eh?" Then suddenly it all started to fit into place and I decided to make it work to my advantage."Oh I see. What was it you needed to know?"
"Just the expiry date on your card Mr Matthews."
Okay,hang on." I fished my card out of my wallet."Can you just tell me when the reservation was made?"
"Yes of course,it was made three days ago!"

After giving Helen my details I hung up and went out into the garden to quietly mull things over,so not only had Amy deliberately lied to me,she'd spent money we were supposed to be saving on a day at a health spa,and to top it all she'd charged it to my credit card. "Just wait 'til you get home Missy!" I muttered under my breath. I wasn't sure what time she'd get home but she'd told me she'd be here for dinner so I kept an eye on the clock as I plotted what I'd do to her bare bottom when she got home,then,at 5.47,I heard her car pull up onto the driveway. Minutes later she strolled in looking more beautiful and radiant than I'd ever seen her,but despite her amazing looks I had to keep firm and stick to my plan.
"Hey sweetheart,did you and Jenny have a nice time?"
Amy flopped down beside me on the sofa."Oh yeah we had a great time thanks."
I smiled at her."Oh that's good. Did you enjoy the wine?"
There was a flicker of a frown."The what?.....Oh yes the wine,yeah it was.....nice." She smiled unconvincingly at me.
I nodded."Oh by the way you left your mobile behind."
"Oh did I?"
I handed Amy her phone."Yeah you did,so I took it around to Jenny's!"
Amy swallowed hard and her face turned crimson,I couldn't help thinking that her bottom would soon be the same colour and I felt my cock twitch in my pants.
"You......you went to Jenny's house?"
"Yep." I raised my eyebrows."Funny thing is you weren't there,and according to her you were never planning to be."
I could see the desperation in her face as she tried to come up with a convincing reply,then she let out a huge sigh and seemed to deflate beside me.
"So where were you?" I already knew of course,but I wanted to give her the opportunity to redeem herself. The tears were welling up in her eyes now,genuine or not they weren't going to save her."Well?" I asked firmly,her face was a picture of panic now.

Suddenly Amy shook her head."I'm sorry Harry,I...I lied to you."
"Yes I know you did!" I replied matter-of-factly."So how was the Health Spa?"
Her eyes were wide suddenly and she shifted awkwardly in her seat."What? How....how did you know."
I shrugged."I had a courtesy call from the Spa asking me to confirm MY credit card details."
"Oh shit!" She replied under her breath.
She started to edge away from me and I felt my right hand start to itch with anticipation."I told you before that I won't put up with you lying to me,Amy." The look on her face was priceless,but I couldn't help noticing the glint in her eye as I took her by the left arm and started to pull pull her across my knee.
"No!" she yelled."No you can't!"
"oh yes I can." I told her calmly as I manoeuvred her into prime spanking position.

She struggled against me but as always I was too strong for her,I wrapped my left arm across the small of her back to hold her in place,then I felt her tense up as I lifted the hem of her grey,knee length skirt to reveal shapely thighs and a pert bottom clad in sheer white panties."They'll have to go." I said firmly as I gripped the waistband and began to ease down the flimsy garment,she reached back to stop me,but I simply gripped her wrist and held her hand out of the way as I continued to bare her bottom. Suddenly I felt my cock twitch and stiffen slightly as her naked buttocks were revealed to me,she went still briefly and I could sense her anticipation and feel her breath becoming more rapid. I couldn't help but caress her cheeks for a moment as I scolded her."I don't like doing this Amy,but it's for your own good. You know that don't you?"
She let out a sigh,then nodded her head and quietly muttered."Yes I do."
"Right then,let's hope this teaches you to be honest with me in future!" With that I brought my hand down across her right bottom cheek,not that hard,but firm enough to make my point,it elicited a gasp from my wayward partner which was quickly followed by another as my hand made contact with her left cheek,moments later I was getting into a rhythm and spanking her briskly as she squirmed and struggled across my lap.

After only a dozen or so smacks Amy's bottom was already a warm shade of pink and her protestations were mounting,I paused briefly to caress her spanked rear-end."I know it hurts sweetheart,but it needs to if it's going to do you any good." I said softly.
My hand squeezed and fondled her warm cheeks,but strangely it prompted low moans from the lady draped across my knee,I didn't stop to consider this for long,but instead continued with her corrective punishment.
After another dozen or so steady smacks I changed tempo and began to spank her soundly,alternating from left to right cheek then concentrating on the under curve were bottom meets thigh,all the while Amy was squealing and squirming frantically across my knee.,not only did this demonstrate how effective the spanking was,but it also added to the pressure building up in my pants,I could feel my cock becoming more and more rampant with each slap to Amy's bare cheeks.

Despite her protests and struggles I spanked Amy for a full five minutes,her bottom turned from pale pink to a deep shade of red before my eyes,the contrast against the pale skin of her back and thighs was quite a beautiful sight. Although I didn't like the thought of hurting my darling I was actually enjoying the feeling of her bottom bouncing under my palm,but then I noticed something else,with each smack her bottom seemed to be rising to meet my hand,her yelps and squeals had turned to gasps and moans,and her crotch was grinding against my right thigh.

Oh my God,she was actually masturbating while I was spanking her!

I gazed down at Amy and watched her for a moment,it was like poetry in motion across my lap as she rubbed her sex against my leg,then she stopped abruptly and turned her head to look at me,there was a frown on her face and it suddenly dawned on me that I'd stopped spanking her. I grinned and brought my hand down smartly across the lower part of her bottom cleft and she immediately moaned and began to grind against my thigh again,I concentrated the slaps on this most sensitive area,as close to her sex as I could get,then increased the rhythm and force until she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm. I stopped spanking her as she came,then she lay limply across my knee,breathless and panting,I caressed her sore cheeks for a while,then my hand slipped between her thighs and delved into her sopping wet sex folds,I immediately felt my cock stiffen and twitch and couldn't hold back a second longer.
I scooped Amy up off my lap,carried her up the stairs in my arms,then placed her gently on the bed before hastily undressing her. She lay naked and beautiful on the duvet and I didn't take my eyes off her while I peeled off my shirt and trousers,my cock was straining in my pants and stood to attention as soon as it was released from it confines,Amy gazed at it and smiled,and moments later I was sitting astride her,taking her to sexual heights of ecstasy with my rampant erection.

It was much later when we finally curled up together under the duvet in post-coital bliss,both of us had smiles of satisfaction on our faces,but Amy had a look of what could only be described as smugness.
"I don't know why you're looking so pleased with yourself." I said,trying to sound stern."You obviously haven't learnt your lesson!" Amy tried to look sincere,but suddenly broke into a giggle,I reached my hand around and gave her bottom a sharp smack."I'm serious,young lady,not only did you lie to me,but you wasted a lot of money today!" Despite her best efforts Amy couldn't stop grinning and I tried to look cross."Okay,so are you going to tell me what's so funny?"
She shrugged."Well,the thing is,I didn't really go to the Health Spa today."
I raised my eyebrows at her."Oh? So how do you explain the phone call asking me about my credit card details then?"
"You mean the call from Helen asking when your expiry date was?" smiled Amy.
"Yes that's right." I nodded,then it hit me and I frowned."How did you know her name,and what she'd asked me?"
Amy leaned close and whispered in my ear."Because it was Jenny who called you."
"But she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend,it can't have been her."
"That was the only lie sweetheart." She said softly.
"Eh? I don't....." My mind raced for a moment,then slowly but surely the pieces began to fit together."This whole thing was a set up wasn't it? Just to get me to spank you!"
Amy nodded,she smiled sweetly at me and her pretty eyes sparkled."Yep,it was. I didn't want to actually do anything to warrant it,so I came up with this plan and got Jenny to help me with it!"
I felt confused."But...if you wanted me to spank you why didn't you just say so?"
"I didn't think it would work that way."
I shook my head."I don't get it."
Amy snuggled close to me and wrapped her arm across my chest."The thing is,after you spanked me last week I felt more aroused than I ever have in my entire life,we had the most fantastic sex afterwards and I thought that the only way to enjoy it again would be for you to spank me like you did before."
I couldn't help laughing."Well it certainly did the trick,I haven't felt like this since I was a randy teenager."
"There you go then!"
"But why put yourself through all that just for sex."
"You mean just for fantastic sex!"
"Yes fantastic sex,but even so,your bum must really sting now."
She shrugged,"Yeah but it was worth it."
I frowned at her."Really?"
"Uh huh,it's actually quite a nice feeling."
"I bet you wouldn't say that if I'd moved on to the next stage!"
"Why,what was the next stage?"
"I was going to attack your bum with the clothes brush."
Amy's eyes widened suddenly."You wouldn't have."
"Oh yes I would,seeing as I thought you'd blown a couple of hundred pounds on beauty treatments I was going to roast your behind!"
"Oh!" she looked sheepish for a moment,obviously realising her clever plan could have seriously backfired."Lucky you got distracted then isn't it?"
"Lucky for you yes." I grinned at the memory."Lucky for me too!" I gave Amy a long and passionate kiss."Do me a favour though honey?"
"The next time you want your bum smacked just say so,I promise I'll make it as real as it was tonight,but at least it won't give me all the worry to go with it."
"Okay." smiled Amy."I promise I'll just say so next time,and I'm sorry I scared you earlier."
"I forgive you." I told her gently."I'm just glad we got to the bottom of it in the end!"