Monday, 12 July 2010

Letter to the editor!

Wrongly Paddled?

A few years ago,when I was doing my last year as a trainee teacher at the age of twenty two.I was sent to a large high school just outside of Dallas.As the final year of training was nearly all teaching practice.
The school I was sent to was very large,with fantastic sports facilities.I made use of the swimming pool as often as I could,early on in mornings before classes started,was my favourite time as this was when the pool was at it's most quite.
All around the changing rooms,were signs telling you to use the small clothes baskets provided.This particular day though was very quiet,and I was the only one making use of the facility,so I decided for quickness not to bother with the baskets.
After my swim,I went back into the still empty changing room.I quickly stripped off my one piece swimming suit,and dried myself down,and hurriedly put on my panties.I don't know why but I've always had a shyness about not wearing anything down below,even in an all girl environment like this.I know some girls will happily stand chatting for ages completely bare ass,but I always want to cover up straightaway.My bare breasts though I'm not so bothered about,so once I got my panties on,I headed to the wall mounted hairdryer around the corner from the changing benches.
As I was drying my hair,one of the female swimming coaches came into the room,she said a quick hi,as she passed me.
Then almost in a blink of an eye she was by my side.
"Miss can you walk with me for a second."She said rather tersely.
Puzzled I followed her back to the benches.
"Is all this mess yours?"She asked,pointing at my clothing,and wet towels strewn all around two of the benches.
I nodded slowly,not realising how much of a mess I had left the bench,and floor in.
"Baskets are provided,not only to keep the place tidy,but also for health,and safety in keeping the floors dry."
"Sorry miss."
"You will be,this is a straight paddling offence come with me."
I leant forward to gather my clothing.
"No you won't need those,I have a paddle in my office."
I gulped,she was going to paddle me over just my panties.It never even occurred to me to tell her I was staff.
Heavy footed I followed her to her office in the changing rooms.The office was glass walled from about waist height,up to the ceiling.So I knew that any students,or other staff members coming in would see me get my ass warmed.
We got in the office,and she pulled a lexan paddle from her desk,and said.
"Right touch your toes.Three blisterrers coming up."
Shaking I bent forward.
"What are you doing?Drop your panties first girl."
I was stunned.
"S..sorry miss,I don't understand."
"You were bare ass when you made the mess,so you can get popped bare ass."
Almost in tears I lowered my powder blue panties to the tops of my thighs,and bent over.
Dreading anyone walking past the glass walled office.
Then after what seemed like an age the first pop hit home.
Whether it was the fact I'd never been paddled bare before,or because it was a lexan,rather then a wooden paddle,I'm not sure,but the pain was incredible.Not just the impact,but it seemed to burn up both buttocks,like a thousand bee stings.
By the time she was finished,I was in floods of tears,but received no sympathy from her.
"Right,get out there,and tidy up your clothes,and towels.Then get a mop,and dry the floor,"She ordered me."if it's not done in the next five minutes,you'll get another three.I've got better things to be doing at eight o'clock in the morning than paddling lazy kids butts."
As I left the office,I wondered if it would have made any difference me telling her that I was staff,anyways from that day on I always used the plastic baskets.


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