Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A lesson in responsibility.

A story by Tomas & Lori

Mr Thompson stood at the window and gazed pensively out at the grounds of Westwood secondary school for girls,he was the Headmaster,a position of authority and respect,and today he would need to assert his authority to the utmost degree. He was used to disciplining students of course,but today he had an altogether more different task,he had to deal with one of his teachers! Amy Roberts was a pretty,twenty two year old student teacher,as well as being slim and attractive she was keen and hard working,but not always the most responsible of teachers,and the day before,during a field trip to Durham Cathedral,she'd allowed two of her fifteen year old pupils to wander off on their own. After several hours and a lengthy search they were eventfully found in the Market Tavern public house,they were both drunk and surrounded by young men,all of whom were trying their best to seduce the young ladies.

Mr Thompson had called for Amy to come to his study,just as the clock struck nine am there was a tap at the door.

"Come in."

Amy slowly entered the room,she was clearly nervous and with good reason,she knew Mr Thompson's reputation for discipline."You wanted to see me,Sir."

"Yes I do,and you know why don't you!"

She hung her head in shame."Yes,Sir."

He took a deep breath."Amy I can't believe how you allowed this to come about!" Amy stood in front of his desk fidgeting like a first year."it would have been bad enough for the girls to have been found wandering the streets,but in a public house drinking cider! Luckily the police aren't pressing charges but their parents are fuming." Amy nodded but stared at the floor."I will obviously have to report this to your college,and I just can't see how you will be able to pass your final training after this. For that matter I don't know if you have what it takes to be a teacher,you have to show discipline, and have control over your charges. Have you anything to say for yourself before I ring your course supervisor?"

She finally managed to look him in the eye."I um......well I'm sorry,Sir,I really am,I had no idea the girls were going to head to the pub otherwise I wouldn't have allowed it,please Sir,don't ring my course supervisor,I really want this job and I'll do anything if you'll just give me another chance,anything at all,Sir."

Mr Thompson shook his head."I really don't see what can be done,the two girls are obviously in deep trouble as well,Miss Evans will be giving both of them six of the best for bringing the school's good name into disrepute,and no doubt they will both be facing more when they get home. You on the other hand,I'm afraid will be failing your course,and the last three years work will have been a waste. A very bad day for everyone concerned."

Amy stepped closer to him and pleaded."Oh but please,Mr Thompson I beg you,don't let all that good work go to waste,I'm sure I can make it up to you if you'll only let me. Perhaps.....perhaps you could punish me in some way for my appalling behaviour,Sir?"

"Do I take it," he said,trying to hide his excitement."that you are proposing that I give you corporal punishment? As I have already told you Miss Evans is giving Joan and Veronica six of the best each,both of their mothers have been on the the phone and said,as they put it,give them both the whack on their bare arses,as that is where their dad's belt will be landing. So in fairness as you were in charge of the girls you should receive the same punishment. As you know that is two girls
so that will be twelve strokes for you." Amy's eyes filled with tears as he spoke."Also,in the name of fairness,those twelve strokes will also be on your bare behind. If that is acceptable then I'll expect you to be here tomorrow night after six o'clock when the caretaker has gone. The least people know about this the better it is for me to smooth over this whole mess for you. What do you say to this,yea or nay? After all you know what the alternative is."

Amy blushed madly and wiped her eyes."I......I have to agree to your corporal punishment,Sir,the alternative is unthinkable. I really do appreciate your covering for me,and I will accept a caning from you,but please don't make it too severe," She gazed at him pleadingly,hoping he'd take pity on her."I...I've never been caned before,Sir. All I ever had as a child were spankings from my father,but if you feel it is the only way to deal with this then I will meet you at the arranged time."

"This will be a real punishment Amy,to give you a token punishment would be totally wrong,and would not instill in you the importance of being ever vigilant when you are out of school premises. However as you have never been caned before,I propose that as a special favour to you that I give you a light hand spanking to warm up your bottom before the main caning."

Amy swallowed hard."Thank you,Sir." Although she was hardly grateful for an addition to her punishment.

Mr Thompson nodded."Right then,I'll see you tomorrow at six,dress appropriately."

"Yes,Sir,thank you."

He escorted her to the door and she left as quickly as possible,heading straight for the staff bathroom to try and compose herself for morning classes.

The rest of the day passed painfully slowly,Amy found it hard to concentrate,she kept thinking about her impending punishment,and was also sure that the other staff were talking about her. By the end of the day she was also convinced that all the students knew as well. Mr Thompson on the other hand was feeling quite pleased with himself,he'd decided he'd handled the situation well,and had to admit he relished the thought of chastising the pretty,young student,even if it was a serious matter.

The following day was just as bad for Amy,she struggled to cope with her classes,and despite her best efforts to avoid him seemed to keep coming face to face with Mr Thompson throughout the day. She watched the clock and was dismayed at how quickly five o'clock arrived,her heart was racing and she couldn't eat all day,even drinking was becoming more and more difficult as her stomach knotted and churned with anxiety. At five thirty she headed into the staff bathroom and checked herself over,making sure she was well turned out,then eventually Amy made her way slowly to the headmasters study. Her legs were like jelly as she reached his door,then,just before six o'clock she tapped it lightly.

"Come in." came the reply.

Amy tentatively opened the door and entered."I'm....reporting as ordered Sir," her voice was faint and strained. She closed the door firmly behind her and approached the desk,Mr Thompson rose from his chair and studied her closely."I....hope my dress is satisfactory." said Amy. She was wearing a long black skirt,white high neck blouse,black stockings and high heeled shoes,Mr Thompson walked around her,scrutinising her carefully."Yes,that's acceptable." He said eventually."OK,Amy if you would be so good as to strip from the waist down please,and we can get this over with as quickly as possible."
Amy hadn't expected that,she was about to protest but the look on his face stopped her in her tracks. Her fingers shook as you unzipped your skirt,she removed it and placed it neatly on a chair in the corner of the room."Actually,Amy there is no need for you to completely strip from the waist," her face lit up in relief to hear that."If you just remove your knickers,as you are wearing stockings,that will leave the target area clear so to speak." Her faced suddenly darkened again. She complied with his request,and her hands quickly fell to cover the thick triangular thatch between her legs."Arms by your sides please Amy,and shoulders back,I know its humiliating but you will find as your teaching career progresses,that sometimes humiliation is a great tool of discipline." Amy's eyes started to moisten. Mr Thompson pulled his chair from behind his desk and sit down,he then patted his lap."Right over you go then." Amy approached him with trepidation,her heart was racing and her legs could barely hold her upright,she then laid herself over his knee. What a lovely sight her pale bottom made framed in her black suspenders. He got her into position,then started to spank her lightly,but at a brisk pace. Amy's bottom pinked very quickly. After about 30 or so slaps she started to wriggle on his lap causing him a little discomfort,so he asked her to stand as he didn't want to peak too soon. She then watched him intently as he went to his cupboard and produced a long,thin whippy cane,as she stared at it she bit her lower lip in anticipation of what was to come.

"Are.....are you really going to cane me,Mr Thompson? My bottom's very sore already,couldn't you just leave it at that,Sir?" She quickly covered my modesty with her hands again,then gazed behind her at the door,considering whether or not to grab her skirt and make a run for it.

"Amy,your bottom is not sore,I only spanked you as a favour so that the cane would be landing on a warmed up area,your punishment has not even started yet." This was all too much for Amy and tears were now falling freely from her downcast eyes."You will receive 12 strokes,in 2 groups of 6,if that is not to your liking,you know what your option is. So what is it to be girl?"

Amy rubbed her tender bottom with her hands,and trembled with anticipation and fear as she considered her limited options. Eventually she look over at him,but found it hard to speak."W..w..well, Sir,I um.....I think I'd...better let you cane me."

"I think that's a very wise decision." he said,nodding.

"What..do you want me to do now,Sir?" She sniffled quietly and wiped the tears from her face as she awaited his instructions.

"I want you to turn around and touch your toes please."

Reluctantly Amy bent over with her thighs held tightly together,she reached down and touched her toes,then held her breath and waited. He brought down the first stroke,it felt like white hot fire against her already stinging cheeks and she cried out in pain,but managed to hole her position. Mr Thompson watched the white line appear across her red cheeks,then disappear,and return again as a deeper hued welt. He raised the cane high into the air again,but the second stroke caused her to jump up in pain.
"I'm sorry,Amy but this won't do," he said firmly."you must hold your position,widen the stance of your feet that will help you." He said as he tapped her ankles to make her spread her legs apart."Now if you could hold your ankles please?" She did as ordered and what a view she now afforded him.

With the next searing stroke of the cane she struggled to keep in position and couldn't help leaping up and reaching around to rub her poor bottom,after the next two strokes she turned and gazed pleadingly at him through tear filled eyes."P...p...please,Sir,no more,I can't take any more!"

"Assume the position please,Amy,this is the last stroke of the first set,then you may have a rest." She reluctantly complied and as he laid on the sixth stroke she was crying freely."Right,I want you to go and stand over there facing the corner for ten minutes,hands on your head please and total silence,if you move or talk you'll fine yourself straight back over my knee again,is that understood."

Amy sobbed loudly and nodded,managing to blurt."Yes,Sir." before hobbling over to the corner. Ten minutes seemed like hours and all she could focus on was the searing pain in her bottom,but eventually the time was up and she was called over to the desk.

"Right,Amy,as you'll find it impossible to keep in position,for the final 6 strokes could you lie back on my desk,,grab your knees,and pull them back towards your chest?"

She was clearly shocked at his proposal and struggled to find the words to express it."Oh...oh,but...you can't ask me to do that,Sir,that..that would be too humiliating for me. Surely...isn't there some other way? Please,Mr Thompson,I beg you to have mercy on me!" At this she gave him her most pleading expression,her face was wet with tears and her eyes red and puffy,but this did nothing to soften his resolve.

"No Amy,six more strokes is has to be,otherwise you know too well the other option."

Sobbing uncontrollably she managed to struggle into position,trying not to agitate her sore bottom. She was now shaking with each sob,and could almost feel his eyes boring down on her sex. She felt totally exposed and shamed. He looked down on her coral lips,and noticed they now had a glistening sheen,could it be that she found,at some level,this experience sexually exciting? He thought to himself two more strokes and he would find out. He slashed the cane across her red and purple striped buttocks,she cried out again and more sobbing ensued. The next stroke,he brought down in an arc,but not onto her punished bottom,instead it landed onto the tops of her thighs. She screamed out in pain."Please,no!" He realised his cruelty and gave her a moment to calm and steady herself."Let me know when you're ready." He said softly,suddenly pitying her and seeing her in a different way

She sobbed for a while and took some deep calming breaths."I..I'm ready now,Sir." Amy said quietly,she held the position as best as she could,but suddenly she could feel herself getting aroused as she exposed her sex to his penetrating stare. She eagerly awaited the next stroke,but in truth she longed to feel something other than the cane against her delicate skin.

There was a long pause,but instead of laying the cane against her bottom again Mr Thompson spoke."You know,Amy,seeing you in such a wanton position has brought about feelings in me that I'm not sure I should act upon." He was lying of course,he very much wanted to ct upon it. His right hand traced up her pale bottom cleft,which looked so strange with all the blazing colour around it. Then his middle finger gently pushed at her slick lips,then slid up further until it found her firm little bud."We could always stop this now." He said as his finger circled her firm clitoris."if you know what I mean...I'll be very careful."

Amy's heart skipped a beat as she understood his intentions,she tried not to smile but I couldn't help it as she imagined him inside her."Oh yes,Mr Thompson,I know exactly what you mean,Sir!" She gazed longingly into his eyes and waited for him to make the next move.

He gently pulled her hips towards him,so she was now at the end of the desk,then he quickly dropped his trousers and underwear. He was already fully erect,so he pushed himself into her so that only the head of his penis had entered. Suddenly the pain in Amy's bottom seemed to disappear,she threw her head back and let out a low moan of pleasure as she felt him pushing against her,he felt so hard and powerful that she wanted him to completely lose himself inside her.

"Oh...oh please,Mr Thompson,take me...TAKE ME!"

He thrusted deeper and harder into her,and felt her tighten around his member as she started to reach climax. He struggled as he felt himself about to cum,but he was a man of his word ad withdraw from her just as she peaked. He then hit his climax,spurting a thick warm jet across the bottom of her white blouse and into her pubic hair.

"See,Amy,now do you see the importance of firm discipline?"

Amy had reached a most wonderful climax,she let out a loud groan of delight as wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her."Oh yes,Sir." she murmured "I understand completely now!"


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