Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The language student!

A story by Tomas (This story is loosely based on a conversation read on an open forum)

It wasn't that hard a decision really,since the stock market 'Big Bang' of 1986,I had been working as a trader on the stock floors. I always had an eye though to pastures new. I also realised I couldn't continue working at that pace,at twenty five,I felt old,and burnt out by 1989.
So I sat back one evening,and thought about my options. China. The worlds biggest consumer market,and with Hong Kong,and all it's financial trade about to be handed back to the Peoples Republic,it looked like an ideal place to ply my trade. One problem,language,I didn't speak a single word of Chinese. Though I thought,not an insurmountable problem,I have always had an ear for languages.
I also had a tidy sum stashed away,no Porsche,or riverside apartment for me,simple,well in truth cheap living had been my motto,all the time on the floor. Who would know how long the gravy train would run for?
So I looked into things,there were courses available in London,but then I heard of a college in the far-east,that sounded ideal.I won't name names,or places,but many of you will work out where,as it is quite well known. This account deals with some of the lesser known,but often rumoured about,aspects of the education offered.
The prospectus arrived,and it struck me as odd,in oh so many ways. Firstly there was the financial side,as well as the fees,I had to prove that I could support myself for the duration of my two year course(most normal course were nowhere near this long,but I was learning Chinese,and Japanese from scratch.).
The second thing was the visa,or should I say lack of a visa. I would be for two years on a students card,which carried with it,many draconian limitations. No visiting pubs,or nightclubs,which for me would probably be a good thing,three year of excess in The City had left it's mark. Also the college would seem to have an almost intrusive power over your private,non school life.
That brings me to the rules,there was a college dress code,which seemed odd for an adult education establishment.
Males,no hair past collar length,blue short sleeved shirts,cream chinos,and plain black shoes. Earrings a big no-no.
Females,no dyed outrageous hairstyles,white short sleeved blouses,plain dark grey knee length skirts,and black low heeled shoes.
The next part,made me laugh out loud,as it obviously had been a misprint,and should only have been in the affiliated schools prospectus. Students,are subject to corporal punishment for persistent rule breaking,lateness,or lack of attention to work projects.
So without further consideration,I filled out the many forms,and sent them off to enrol,for Chinese,Japanese,and a business law course. The latter as it turned out,would prove to be a course to far,due to my,how should we say,over egging,some of my current abilities.

So having arrived,I was met at the airport,by a car supplied by the school,and driven to the campus for the reception meeting.
At the meeting,the college structure was explained to me,and around forty other students,who mad up the intake. We had been split into groups of ten,in relation to the courses that we were doing,and also our currently held language abilities. Each group was given a "home teacher",more or less the equivalent to a form teacher in an English secondary school. The home teacher,would be your tutor for the most of your course,and also be responsible for your general welfare,and discipline.
Our little groups home teacher was Ms Yan,who at twenty three,was two years my junior,and this was actually her first year as a home teacher. Ms Yan explained to us the college timetable,and briefed us about our accommodation at the halls of residence.
She also went on to remind us about the strictures of our students pass,and that we had to appreciate that we were living in a culture that had many traditions different to our own,but in the time that we would be here,we would be expected to abide by their traditions,and rules. If we did not accept the strictures put upon us we would have our passes rescinded,and deported,with the loss of all college fees.
She said all this though with a happy,and almost carefree manner,as she gave out our college handbooks,so I found none of her introductory speech at all off putting.
We all then left to our dormitories,I have to admit the rooms were much better than I expected,they were actually self contained one bedroom flats,complete with TV and radios,all the books required for our course work were also in our rooms,as were our college uniforms. I don't know about the girls,but we received five shirts,three pairs of trousers,and two pairs of the black shoes. Underwear we had to provide ourselves,bit there was a warning about garish socks,the whole uniform thing had me a bit bemused,but when in Rome.
So after a quick look around my little flat,I sat back with a coffee,and read my handbook.
The first thing I noticed was the rules,there were loads of them,the college were trying to micro-manage your whole life,not just your academic work. Breaking of any of the rules would lead to a demerit. These rules covered,uniform,lateness to classes,late handing in of work,lack of attention,lack of respect to tutors,and also not keeping your flat in a neat and tidy order to minimise the work for the maids.
After acquiring,five or more demerits,your home teacher would see you for proper corrective action. Proper corrective action,that phrase had me scratching my head,the constant repetition of the same offences could-at the home teachers discretion-lead to expulsion from the college,and deportation from the state!
"Tread carefully Paul!"I thought to myself.

So the classes started. At first I felt odd wearing a college uniform at my age,but it did actually make me feel more studious,in an odd way. The make up of our class,was two males,me and a German guy. Eight females,two French,two North Americans,two Austrians,and one Swedish,and one New Zealander.
All the class were much younger than me,and apart from the two French girls,they all kept themselves to themselves,everyone spoke good English,so English became our default language. My classes were,Monday nine till four,Wednesday nine till four,and Friday nine till six. The what looked like free days,were spent studying and doing work assignments,these were two very intense courses. All these classes were taken by Ms. Yan,with the occasional guest speaker. It was for the first two weeks,all very much,all work and no play.
As I said earlier,we all concentrated on our work,the only ones interested in even talking to me after class were the two French girls,both of whom were called Nicole.
Both of them having the same name,led me to calling them "my little pair of Nics" I know,a really lame joke,but it went over everyone's head,so I found it amusing.
Nicole A,as I shall refer to her was from southern France,but wanted to work in the Japanese tourist industry. Nicole B's,parents were in the diplomatic service,so she was the only one of us that didn't stay in the halls of residence,as she lived in the French embassy compound. The three of us struck up a friendship almost immediately.

The Thursday of my first week,I was in the common room reading when Ms.Yan came in looking for me.
"Ah Paul,do you have your College Book with you?"She asked me,the College Book,was a small hard backed note book,given to each of us with the instructions to carry at all times,but not to write in in anyway.We were all puzzled as to it's point.
"Yes Ms.Yan,"I said cheerfully handing it to her."so now we find out what the mystery is?"
She looked at me oddly.
"It's no big mystery,if you read your handbook in full,you will see that it is for writing up demerits."
"Uh?"I grunted in dismay,as I knew I had done nothing wrong.
"We have received a complaint from one of the maids about the state of your rooms,so you will receive one demerit."She said as she quickly filled out my book,in English so I could read it with ease. She handed the book back to me,and said."This is only your first week Paul,try to be more careful. Please."
So already twenty percent on my way,on my way to what though?

I didn't have long to wait to find out exactly what the corrective action was. Nicole B,with not living on campus,seemed to find getting to the morning classes on time a real problem,whether that was through laziness,or bad traffic,I'm not sure,but by the second Friday she had collected the magic five demerits from Ms.Yan.
At the beginning of our last class on the Friday evening,I saw Ms Yan deep in conversation with Nicole,then saw a look of disbelief on Nicole's face. I had to find out what it was all about. As class finished everyone left,I hung back to talk to the two Nicole's,which was normal. What was not normal,was Ms.Yan unlocking the door behind her desk,which I had assumed was a stationary cupboard,and then inviting Nicole B to join her in there.
"What's going on?"I asked Nicole A.
"I don't know,but Nicole is in trouble for being late all the time,and she looks very worried."
Then we heard it,a swishing noise,followed by a cry of pain. It didn't take long for us both to realise what corrective action was. We both stood in silence,and counted out the strokes.
Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.Each stroke,ten or fifteen seconds apart,so with each stroke we thought it would be the last. Then a minute or two after the sixth stroke,we heard the door being unlocked again from the inside. Out stepped a tearful Nicole,clutching at her bottom,so it wasn't a hand caning I thought to myself. Then the thought of the young little French girl bending over for the cane,gave me a guilty erection,whilst we both tried to console our punished friend.
I couldn't get the idea of Ms.Yan caning Nicole out of my head. When we asked Nicole what had happened,all she would say was.
"She hit me with a stick,just for being late!"
The idea of the young teacher taking a cane to Nicole had me fascinated. Ms.Yan,as I have already said,is a couple of years my junior,but that is only half the tale. I stand at six foot two,Ms.Yan would probably only be pushing five feet. Very pretty,but like many oriental girls not looking anywhere near her age. She would be pushed to get served a drink in a bar in Britain,even in Newcastle,or Cardiff. Though that would not bother her,as she had,well still has even,an abhorrence of alcohol. Her eyes unsurprisingly are brown,but a dark brown,like that of the chocolate,on chocolate brazils,brown with a translucent shine. When she gets impassioned about a subject,she goes wide eyed,the black centres growing,and looking like wet tar pools,truly eyes to die for.
The image of her wide eyed,caning Nicole's bottom pervaded on me for days.

As I have said,under our pass conditions,bars were out of bounds to us,and no alcohol was allowed on campus. We could however,visit restaurants,and have wine with our meals,but getting blitzed was not really feasible. Least ways not till Nicole B,invited Nicole A,and I to a party at the French embassy. I went over the top on free wine,and beer,to the point I don't remember getting the taxi back to campus.
I either forgot to set my alarm,or I just switched it of in a hung-over daze. Either way,I slept in. In my vain rush to get to my class in time,I skipped shaving,but was still ten minutes late.
As the first morning class finished,and we were clearing our books away,Ms.Yan said to me.
"Paul can I have your notebook please,"My heart sank as I handed it to her,week three,and another demerit I thought to myself."being late is a demerit."She said filling in the entry.
I don't know if she smelled my breath or not,but her face suddenly changed.
"Also there is a demerit,for slovenly appearance,get shaved every morning,before you come to my class."She said brusquely handing my book back to me.
Three down two to go,I thought to myself,and gave a heavy sigh as I packed my books away.

Then in week four it really started to wrong for me.
The original form that we had to fill out,had a question about current language ability,I filled in-fluent in Spanish-,a big mistake.
The business law course that I had signed up for,started on the Tuesday of week four. There had been little uptake in it,and what uptake there had been,had all been from South,and Central American students,so it was deemed that the default language for their course would be Spanish.
The tutor was,a Ms.Moore,an Australian with a Spanish mother so it was no problem for her to conduct the course in Spanish. It was however,a huge problem for me.
Half an hour into the first session,and I was lost. To make matters worse her attitude was.
"Find someway to deal with it,I'm not teaching the class twice just because you lied on your form. Also tell your home teacher I need to speak to her."

So on the Wednesday morning,Ms.Yan asked for my notebook again.
"I'm afraid you have earned two demerits from Ms.Moore,"She said filling in my book."one for inattention in class,and one for giving her incorrect information about your level of Spanish. I'm sorry Paul,but I will have to cane you after the last class today,as that is five demerits."

The day dragged,the idea of this young girl caning me was on my mind all day.
Then the hour was here,I hung back,packing away my books,as oddly did Nicole B.
Ms.Yan unlocked the door to the back room,and said.
"Paul,Nicole this way please."

As we both rather red-faced,entered. I was surprised at the size of the room,it was about half the size of the classroom,to the left was a small writing desk with a large A4 diary on it. Next to the desk was a large almost wardrobe like cupboard,and at the back wall was an old fashioned wooden school desk,angled higher at the back than the front,with the back facing into the room.
Ms.Yan locked the door,and motioned us both over to the writing desk,handing Nicole a pen she said.
"Please read this,and sign it,then if Paul could do the same,we can make a start."
I watched as Nicole signed the book with shaking fingers,then handed me the pen.
I read the page,only our names were on it,both lines read-accumulated demerits six strokes of the cane to the clothed bottom-,so now we knew what was coming to us.
"Paul,could you turn around and face the wall while I deal with Nicole please."Ms.Yan said,matter of factly,as if she was asking me the time of day.
I turn around,a gamut of mixed emotions,dread,and a strange excitement,in equal amounts.

"OK,Nicole please make yourself comfortable over the desk,like the last time."As Ms.Yan says this,I hear her open the cupboard,then I hear the rattle of the cane against the cupboard door.
"Are you ready,Nicole?"
"I'm sorry,miss...please."
"I'm sorry to. I get no pleasure from this."She replied,though her voice lacked any emotion,she could just as easy have been dictating our work assignment.
Then I heard the swish of the cane,followed by a gasp from Nicole,followed seconds later by a gentle sob.
One. I counted out in silence in my head.
After about another ten seconds,I hear another swish,followed by a shout of pain.
"Please,Nicole,back over the desk please,bottom right up."
"B..b..but it's the traffic,miss!"
"Well surely it would be better to leave the embassy earlier,and risk being half an hour early some days than go through this every two weeks."
Another swish,another shout.
"That's much better,Nicole,we are half way there."
"Y..yes miss." my friend sobbed.
Another swish. Nicole is crying in full force.
The penultimate swish,brings forth another cry of pain.
"We are nearly there."Ms.Yan says in the same flat voice.
Another swish,this time a sigh of relief.
"OK,Nicole,you and Paul can now trade places."

As I turned,the first thing I noticed was the cupboard,with the doors open I could see a selection of canes,and also what appeared to be leather straps not unlike dog collars. The second thing that caught my eye was Ms.Yan,handing Nicole a box of paper tissues.
As we swapped over places,Nicole gave me a look that was either pity,or regret.
"Paul,bend across the desk please,no over the higher end,bottom right up for me please." Ms.Yan said in her detached manner,she might as well have been reading out the morning register,for all the emotion she was showing. Feeling foolish at being given such instructions by a girl who looked like she should be still at school herself,I complied.
"Six strokes,Paul,hold the table tight to stay in position,if you keep jumping up,you may be awarded extra strokes."
"Yes,miss."I replied,and waited.
I did not have to wait long,as I felt the initial impact across my bottom. The sharp pain was replaced by a burning sensation that spread out from the impact area. I gritted my teeth,not wanting to show myself up.
After about ten seconds or so the second swipe landed,this time higher up,still I did not shout out. The third and fourth both raised a grunt from me,and my eyes were starting to water,not tears,more like when you walk into a stinging cold wind.
My bottom felt like it was aflame,still two more to go.
The fifth,caught me by surprise,and I shouted out in pain,it landed in the crease top of my thighs,and the base of my bottom,but I still held on.
"Good you are doing well,Paul,one more to go."
The sixth,cut across my bottom at an angle,a method I was soon to learn was called gating. This stroke overlapped the first four strokes,and hurt all the worse for that.
And that was that,my first college caning.

"All right,Paul,Nicole,you can both go now."Ms.Yan said unlocking the door.
As we emerged back into the classroom to collect our books,I put my arm around Nicole,and pulled her close to me,and kissed the top of her head. It was not a sexual gesture,just a friendly consolement,though I was indeed worked up,but the target of my ardour was the enigmatic Ms.Yan.
As we walked down the corridor towards the exit of the college,Nicole complained of how cruel Ms.Yan was,I found myself sticking up for her,and saying she was only doing her job.

Getting back to my rooms,I followed the age old tradition,of going to the bathroom,and pulling down my chinos,and underwear to check out my battle scars in the mirror.
Three faintish red lines,one purple,running parallel,and a purple diagonal line,the one at the top of my thighs was a faint pink,even though it hurt the second most.
Then I thought back to what was written in the punishment book,'clothed'.The thought of the unclothed option,reinforced my excitement,I grabbed some toilet paper,and made my way to my bed.

For all the pent up sexual tension I felt at hearing Nicole's caning,and receiving mine,it was not something that I wanted to repeat in a hurry. So I kept my head down.
My only problem was Ms.Moore,her class was turning into a living nightmare for me.
I was having to record the class on a dicta phone,and then translate to English,as I couldn't keep up otherwise. This meant my Spanish was improving greatly,but I didn't come here to learn Spanish!
On the face of it Spanish should be an easy language,as compared to English it has fewer words. The trouble is,it is a contextual language full of nuances. For example,one word may carry many meanings,and you have to follow the context. For example "tapa" can be a hat,a cover,an oil cap on a car,or even a small meal. It is this problem that would be my next undoing.

Ms.Pilar Moore,my other tutor,was a girl of many parts. At first I thought wrongly that she had something personal against me,but I was wrong. It's just how she is. In class austere distant,and professional. Outside of class,friendly,outgoing,flirtatious,and in comparison to Ms.Yan,available.
She looked like the stereotypical Ozzie girl,tall,blonde,and tanned,really into sports. You could nearly always find her in the campus sports centre,either in the gym,or on the squash courts.
One night chatting to her,I happened to mention my course work problems,and she told me she couldn't help me,as it would look like extra tuition,and not be fair on the other students.
Laughingly she said it would all help my tourist Spanish,I could see what she meant,but it wasn't the result I was looking for.
Because of all the translating I was having to do,I could feel myself slipping behind in all three courses. So I started to prioritise,the Chinese,and the Japanese,over the business course. This led to a couple of mistakes,but Ms.Moore seemed to be giving me some leeway. As I said seemed to.

One sunday afternoon,I was in the gym with the two Nic's,when we bumped into Ms.Moore. She suggested that we all go for coffee after our workouts. As we sat down in the canteen,she was as we say in the north of England,'in the chair' she dominated the conversation in an entertaining,and fun way. She told us all about living and working in Oz,and about how she came to the college,then she said something odd.
"My fave perk here,is punishing naughty bottoms. I love it!"
Nicole B,and I both looked at each other,as if to say,glad she isn't our home teacher. Then she continued.
"While we are on the subject,let's see your College Books,so I can see what the scores are."
The girls fished into their sports bags for the little notebooks,I pulled mine out from my pocket and handed it to her. Looking first at mine she said.
"Ah,who's been a good boy after a session with Ms.Yan,one down,and no fresh demerits,very good. Next it was Nicole B's. "Deary me,two sessions,and on three demerits."
She then,tapped Nicole on the head in a playful way with the notebook,saying.
"Get up in the morning,Ms.Yan has better things to do you know."
Nicole blushed like a Belisha Beacon,and giggled putting the book back in her bag,"girly crush" I thought to myself. Next was Nicole A's book.
"Very good Nicole,only two demerits!"
Then we all said our goodbyes,and headed off to our rooms.

The following tuesday's class was same as normal,me taping the class,and trying to understand what I could,and me handing in my sub-standard homework. At the end of the class Ms.Moore said.
"Paul,can you tell Ms.Yan I would like to see her ASAP."
Ah well,I knew I couldn't go forever without a demerit from her,I'd had a good run with shoddy work.

Early on the thursday morning there was a knock at my door. I was more than surprised to see Ms.Yan standing in the corridor,I asked her in,but she said.
"No Paul that will not look right,I have come here for your College Book,and to tell you Ms.Moore needs to see you at four o'clock for a caning."
"What?,Ms.Moore!"I said almost stunned.
"Yes she has five demerits for you,going back over a couple of weeks. All dated. She said she didn't see the point in putting them in one at a time. So she waited till she had five. As all of them relate to her class,she would prefer to as she said,give you the personal touch."
She could see the look on my face,as she filled out the notebook.
"It's within her rights,unusual for most tutors,but not her. As your home teacher,I will witness the punishment."
Then she handed the book back to me,and left,leaving me dumbfounded standing in my doorway.

The conniving bitch! I thought to myself,was that why she wanted to see our College Books?
It made no difference to the two Nics,as she wasn't their tutor for any classes,or maybe I'm just being paranoid?

What to wear? It's not a class day for me,so maybe I could get away with some thick jeans? I'd seen her in the gym,and on the squash court,she is definitely stronger than Ms.Yan.
Then again she might look upon any deviating from the uniform as another demerit. I decided to play it safe,and go for a clean uniform.
The afternoon seemed interminable,I couldn't concentrate on any work,with the imminent caning hanging over me. Finally three forty five arrived,and I made my way down to the classroom.
Entering the classroom,I saw Ms.Yan standing looking out of the window,towards the playing fields,I also noticed the door to the punishment room was already open.
"Hi,Paul," Ms.Yan said,as she turned to face me."we may as well go straight through,and get this over with."
I seemed to sense a weariness in Ms.Yan,that she would rather not be here.

As we both entered the room,there was Ms.Moore,and two girls already in there. I didn't recognise either girls,so assumed that they were part of Ms.Moore's home class.
"Hello Paul,Ms.Yan,"Ms.Moore greeted the two of us."if you could read,and sign your entry in the book,we can begin."
As I made my way to the book,it gave me the chance to check out the two girls. Both around the eighteen/nineteen mark. The taller of the two girls,was wearing as myself the full college uniform,the shorter girl was wearing,black slacks,and a green blouse.
I looked at the book,and realised that Ms.Moores home class default language was English.
My line read-accumulated demerits five strokes of the cane,clothed bottom.
Well at least it was one less than the last time. I quickly checked out the other lines,one was the same as mine,the other was the same,with one extra stroke for inappropriate clothing. Good choice Paul,I thought to myself.

"OK,today I think we will be ladies first,Marie please take position."
The taller girl stepped forward at Ms.Moores instruction.
I turned,and was about to close the still open door over,when Ms.Moore said.
"No,Paul,leave the door open,and let some air in,also turn around,I believe that it is a more effective punishment if you see what is coming."
I turned,a mixture of surprise,and the same odd excitement from the last time,only amplified. I glanced over at Ms.Yan,and could see she was less than happy with the situation that was unfolding.
Then to my utter surprise,the tall girl reached her hands to the hem of her skirt,and pulled it up clear of her pale blue knickers before bending across the desk.
The look of shock on my face must have been noticeable,as Ms.Moore said.
"Ah,Paul this is your first visit to me,I'm a great believer in equality of the sexes,"
SWISH the cane fell across her knickered behind.
"I've never thought it fair,that the girls only wear a thin skirt."
SWISH the cane comes down again,followed by a cry of pain.
"The boys here,all wear thick chinos,so at least doing the punishment over the underwear,"
SWISH,now the girl is in tears.
"levels the playing field a little."
My eyes are glued to the swaying bottom in front of me. I can make out the tramlines now, starting to appear on the bare flesh where her knickers have ridden up her bottom. Though I feel empathy with the girl,I can't help but be turned on by the sights,and sounds in the room.
SWISH,another cry of pain,as I thought,Ms.Moores caning is much more ferocious then Ms.Yan's. The relief at one less stroke has now been negated by her strength,and of course the lack of protection given by my trousers. That was to worry about later,for now I just wanted to enjoy the proceedings.
SWISH,more sobbing this time of relief,her ordeal was over.
"Very good,Marie,you took that well," Ms.Moore said to the girl,as she tucked her skirt into it's waistband,to stop it falling as she stood up. She then gave the girl a box of tissues,so she could blow her nose and dry her tears."If you could now trade places with Anna."

This was so,so different from my first caning. While Ms.Yan caned the girl,and I could only hear what was going on,I found myself getting sexually aroused. This situation,was as if Ms.Moore was trying to inject sexual tension into the room. The open door,so anyone could just walk in. Caning the girl on her knickers,then having her stand there,skirt tucked up,hands on head still crying. Though I felt sorry for the quiet Marie (who had not spoken a single word since I had came into the room.),I was turned on by her distress,and looking forward to witnessing Anna's punishment.

"Right,Anna,six for you,tut tut,you should have worn the uniform." Ms.Moore said flexing her bamboo rod.
"I..I just thought...." Said the girl,as she undid her trousers.
"Don't think,Anna,just obey the rules,and please hurry up. I have things to do tonight."

As Anna lowered her trousers to her knees,her tight white Sloggi knickers came into view,a cut that I think is now called boyshorts. She bent herself over the little desk,and gripped hard at the sides,her knuckles whitening,and her knees shaking.
Ms.Moore put the cane under her arm,and leant forward,grabbing the waist band of Anna's knickers.
She is going to cane her bare. I thought to myself,my cock now throbbing in my pants,I gulped hard. Waiting.
"Just going to check you haven't layered up." said Ms.Moore,as she peeled the white cotton back,giving me a brief glimpse of Anna's alabaster buttocks."you wouldn't be the first girl to try and trick me like that."
Then turning,and looking at me archly,she added.
"Or boy for that matter."

Satisfied that Anna was only wearing one pair of knickers,Ms.Moore took a step back her cane in hand.
"First of six." She said,with a almost cheery voice.
Swish,the cane came down on Anna's bottom,eliciting a almost muffled cry from her.
Swish,it fell again,another muffled cry. She was taking this well,I could see by the look on Ms.Moores face,she was expecting more of a reaction.
Swish,this time the cane hit low across her bottom,the area where thighs and buttocks meet. Now she cried out in pain.
"Ahh that one caught you by surprise did it."
Swish. Swish,two in rapid succession,she had broke her,Anna was holding onto the desk in floods of tears.
"I'll let those last two sink in. You should be thinking to yourself,that if you'd worn your uniform today,like you should have,it would all be over now,instead,"
Swish,the final cut landed,diagonal across both buttocks,crossing over the previous cuts.
In my minds eye,I could see how the pattern would look.
"of having to get that last one. Now stand up,and swop places with Paul."

As Anna stood,and turned around,it sank in that it was my turn now. As the young American hobbled towards me,rubbing frantically at her bottom,causing the material of her already tight knickers to pull back,giving me a perfect camel toe view of her sex.
As I moved forward towards the desk,shaking fingers working at the button fly of my chinos,I knew that once I lowered my trousers,my erection would be obvious to Ms.Moore standing in front of me.
I finally undid all the buttons,and let the trousers fall to my knees. Ms.Moore looked at me archly,her eyes centring first on my crotch-my cock straining at the confines of my boxer shorts-then staring straight into my eyes.
"Right,Paul,bend over the desk please," She said,walking behind me,the cane rested in her left armpit."as I said before to Anna,you wouldn't be the first little boy to come in here with extra layers."
I felt her fingers at the elastic waistband of my boxers,as she peeled them down at the back.

"Ah,good boy! No extra little pants." She said releasing the material,and giving my bottom a little pat with her hand.
"Now as you know I'm in a bit of a hurry,so this will be a quick caning,so you better hold on tight."
No sooner had the words left her mouth than the first stroke came crashing down.
The pain was awful,it streaked across me like a branding iron,all the time spent on the squash courts,and in the gym had paid off for her.
I gripped harder at the corners of the desk,aware that my bottom was high in the air, waiting for another five blistering strokes,from my so-called friend.
They all followed in quick succession,but the fact she was caning me quickly,didn't mean any lack of power,each slashing stroke landed with the same almost mechanical force.
Before the final stroke,I heard her heels click on the wooden floor,as she moved to the other side of me,then the stoke fell,diagonal like the previous one,over lapping her meticulous work.
I could feel my eyes misting over,as liquid started to blur my vision,I gritted my teeth,so as not to call out in pain.

"Right,Paul,up you get," She said after the final stroke."you can join the girls,hands on your head."
I slowly raised myself from the desk,aware that my still hard cock,was now leaking copious amounts of pre-ejaculate,I dare not look down to see if the staining showed on my light blue boxers. I made my way back to the side of the two punished girls,shame faced by both my punishment,and my obvious arousal.

"Ms.Moore,can we go now?" Asked Ms.Yan,standing arms folded tight,and looking very annoyed.
"Of course,Ms.Yan,all I have to do is a little paperwork,so I'm letting these little miscreants stand for a couple of minutes,to fully appreciate their punishment. You can go though." Ms.Moore replied dismissively.
Ms.Yan shook her head and stormed out of the room.

After what seemed like an age,Ms.Moore put her pen down,and said.
"Right boys,and girls you can adjust your clothing,and be on your way. Paul I'll see you later don't forget."
I had forgotten,that's why she was in a hurry. Her and Nicole B,were playing squash tonight,and we were all meeting up for coffee later. Some night this is going to be I thought to myself.

Getting back to my room,I followed the time-honoured tradition,and checked myself in the mirror.
Three already purple parallel stripes,overlapped by two diagonal stripes forming an X.
Wincing at the sight I shook my head,then prepared for what was sure to be,a very awkward night.

As it happened,the night was like any other one. As per normal Pilar,was doing most of the talking,in her funny,and entertaining way. For once there was no mention of naughty bottoms needing to be punished,she spoke mainly about Australia,and her journey out here.
At the end of the night,she gave both Nicole's the standard air kiss on each cheek to say goodbye.
Then to my surprise,she gave me a kiss on the lips.
"Thats the one I owe you."She whispered.

X=Kiss,I finally realised.

The next few days were a confused blur,every waking moment seemed to centre on thinking about Pilar Moore. Even the night time was no different,I would dream a mad jumble of images. Her spanking me,me spanking her,Ms.Yan caning both of us. The most vivid,and recurring scene,was Pilar bent over the punishment desk,her bronzed naked bottom raised up to me,Ms.Yan standing,stony faced,arms folded,watching,as I go to enter Ms.Moores hot slick sex,then waking with a start,just as my cock is about to break through her sexual folds.

Then to compound matters,the air-con in the halls of residence goes off. Even with the window open,my room is like a hotbox, lying on top of the bed,naked in a sweaty heap,sleep almost impossible.
Then when I do finally get to sleep,my light dozing is haunted by images of corporal punishment,and frustrated sex.
By the third air-con free night,I have had enough,I decide to go into town for a walk.
Calling in at an air-conditioned Starbucks,I bump into a tourist couple from the U.S.
We start chatting,and they suggest going to a club for a couple of drinks. What am I to do?
Say no I can't,because I'm basically treat like a school kid?
Or risk it?
I could do with a couple of cold ones,so I agree.

We sit and chat over a couple of beers,then they say that they have to go back to their hotel,we say our goodbyes,swop e-mails,and promise to keep in touch.
Time for another beer,I think to myself,and call the waiter over.
He looks at me oddly,but takes my order,two minutes later the drink arrives,four minutes later the police arrive,ten minutes later I'm sitting handcuffed in the police station for breaking the conditions of my pass.

As I sit wondering what will happen next,the door opens,and Ms.Yan storms into the room,in a long red silky dress,her face like thunder.
She glares at me,and shakes her head.
She then has a very animated conversation with one of the arresting officers,she looks to be pleading my cause,after a couple of minutes,he nods,and comes over to me and releases the cuffs.

"Come on,Paul,the car is outside." Ms.Yan says walking towards the door,I follow her like a little puppy.
We both get into the car,and she starts punching at the steering wheel,shouting words I haven't yet learned,but can guess their meaning.
She turns to me,eyes wide and coaly black.
"You have no idea the trouble you are in," I make to speak,but she cuts me off."shut up and listen. As luck would have it,my cousin's friend was one of the policemen that caught you,so on the strength of me going out to dinner with him next week he is willing to turn a blind eye. I had to promise him that I would make sure this will not happen again,rest assured I'm going to do that. You have a choice,take my punishment,or leave tomorrow. You have till we get back to the college to decide."

Ah well,I thought to myself,another caning,It won't be that bad.

"I'll take your punishment."I tell her.

As we arrive at the college,instead of going to the halls of residence we pull up outside the admin block. Ms.Yan goes in,and speaks to the security guard,then comes back out and waves me over. We head down towards the classroom,I thought she would wait till tomorrow,but obviously she had other plans.
As we get into the room she opens the punishment log,and says.
"I can only give a maximum of fifteen strokes for one offence,so we will start with this."
She hands me the log to sign.

Drinking alcohol in public,thereby breaking the terms of his pass. 15 strokes of the cane,bare bottom.

With shaking fingers I sign the book,fifteen strokes!
Ms.Yan takes the book from me,turns over the page and starts writing again.
"Hurry up,trousers,and underwear off completely," She almost snarls at me,my hands hover at the waist of my trousers."hurry up,I said,it's quarter to twelve already."

I kick of my slip on loafers,and quickly strip of my trousers,and underpants.
I feel foolish standing there,my hands over my genitals,naked from the waist down,apart from my Simpson's cartoon socks.
"Here sign this." She said pointing at the book.
I move forward and read.

Shaming the name of the college,15 strokes,bare bottom.

The date was for the following day,the following day was less than fifteen minutes away.
Thirty strokes,in basically one go,that was what she had in store for me.
As I sign the book my cock is almost resting on the writing desk,but she is taking no notice of that,she is more interested in selecting a cane from her cupboard.
I notice for the first time,that the canes are not all the same,the one she has chosen this time,is smoother,thinner,and lighter in colour. Her fingers dally at the dog lead like straps.
"Will you need to be strapped down?" She asks,I shake my head vigorously."are you sure,if you stand up during the punishment,I will give you extra strokes. If you put your hands back to protect yourself,I will cane your hands. OK?"
I nod silently.
"Over you go then,grip tight."

The first stroke,destroyed the notion I had that this cane would be easier because of its thinness. It was actually much worse,it was faster,and more whip like. It felt like it was actually cutting my skin. Fourteen more to go!
She caned me,with her normal rate off one stroke every ten or fifteen seconds.
Though tonight,she was talking all the time. Berating me,for how I had let the college,and her down. I realised that it was the loss of face for her that had hurt the most. Having to go cap in hand and plead for me. To those at the police station,she had failed in keeping her charges in order. I had,not deliberately made her look foolish,and now I was going to pay for it.
By the seventh stroke,I gave up trying to keep count,I just concentrated on gripping the sides of desk,and not letting her down further.

"Paul stand up please," She finally said,marking the halfway point of my ordeal."and face the wall,hands on the top of your head."
I rose slowly,my bottom in agony,as I walked to the wall,the tops of my thighs stung with each step,a couple of strokes had veered off target,hitting the backs of my thighs. Deliberate,or accidental? I still don't know.
"Wait there,don't move,and don't rub your bottom,I will be back in a couple of minutes."
She said leaving the room.

As I stood there shaking,I felt a wave rush over me,I wanted to cry. Not because of the pain,that had already made my eyes water. I wanted to cry,to sob,because I had let her down so badly.
Ms Yan came back into the room,and said.
"Here Paul,drink this."
As she handed me a cup of ice cold water. I burst into tears.

Ms.Yan handed me a box of paper hankies,saying.
"It's all right,Paul,I know how much it hurts."
Her tone was that of a person,who was not a stranger to the canes kiss.
I struggled to try and tell her that it wasn't the pain,but deep regret at letting her down.
Deep regret that I had angered her so much,that she felt the need for such punishment.
A smile quickly flicked across her face,only to be replaced by a frown.

"You know I have to give you the rest of the punishment? I promised at the police station. I cannot go back on my word." She asked,looking deep into my eyes.
"Yes I know." I replied,heading towards the desk,each step causing massive discomfort. You don't realise how much your buttocks are involved in almost every movement that your body makes,until a moment like this.

I bend forward slowly,and I notice Ms.Yan searching in a drawer in her writing desk.
She comes to me with a linen hankie folded into a tight wad,and places it in my mouth.
"Bite on this,it will help."

She takes up her place behind me,cane in hand,but this time to my right.

The caning begins,just as the air conditioning whirs into life,the cause of my dilemma,I close my eyes at the irony of it,and bite down hard on the linen bullet.

This time there is no berating,the room is in silence apart from.


Till the ninth stroke,which must have landed over another weal,this caused me to shout out,and almost stand,but I manage to hold on through the next six strokes.

Finally she asks me to stand,and get dressed.
I grab my underpants,and stuff them into a trouser pocket,not being able to even think about dragging the tight elastic over my wealed bottom. Gingerly I pull on my trousers,wincing at every movement,crouching down to put on my loafers was agony.
Then standing,in the great British tradition,I thanked her for my caning,and hobbled back to my room.

As per normal I checked myself in my bathroom mirror. This time not driven by erotic curiosity,I just needed to see how badly broken the skin was.
To my surprise,she had not broken the skin,my arse was a jumble of criss-crossing red,and purple welts.
Apart from two little crescent marks on my right cheek,no doubt caused by the cane tip.
My skin was intact,in massive pain,but intact.

I lay down on my bed,naked,and face down,and tried to get some sleep,listening to the air conditioning's mocking whirr.

The next morning,I awoke early,and made my way to the bathroom. Walking was a lot easier than I thought it would be,not like last night/this morning,when I had to hobble back from the classroom.
I checked myself in the mirror,apart from five purple welts,one of which was almost twice the thickness of the others,(I took that to have been the twenty fourth stroke.) the rest of the strokes were just light red lines now. Of course the two crescent cane tip cuts were still evident,but all in all,it didn't look as bad as I had expected.
I got dressed and made my way to class,I certainly did not want to collect any more demerits for a good while.

As I carefully took my seat,the other students were filing in,closely followed by Ms.Yan.
She put her large shoulder bag on the desk,and started rummaging,then pulled out a small plastic bag,and said.
"Paul,I need to see you in the other office."
She turned and opened the door,my face was burning,aware of the whole class staring at me as I followed her into the punishment room. What now? I thought to myself.
She closed,and locked the door behind me,then pulled a white jar from the bag.

"Please lower your trousers,and underwear again for me." She said flatly.
"Wha..?"I stumbled out.
"It's all right,I'm not going to punish you," She said smiling at me."I think I was maybe to harsh last night,and I know this cream helps. It is a cooling herbal mixture."
My fingers shaking again,this time with a strange excitement,I unfastened my chinos,and lowered both them,and my boxers in one movement. Without telling I bent myself over the punishment desk,feeling my cock hardening in the cool air.

"Yes I was too harsh,I'm sorry,I should not loose my temper like that," She said,applying the cold oil to my bottom,her finger tracing the length of the large welt,making me wince slightly."too harsh,way too harsh."
Her gentle soothing voice was making me more,and more excited.
"Ah two little half moon shaped,how would you say....war wounds?"
I nodded,and grunted in agreement.
"Still that should help."She said giving by bottom a little tap,to tell me she had finished.

As I stood,my erection was obvious,before I had a chance to hide it,she pushed my hands away to the side.
Smiling,and shaking her head in mock disapproval,she moved towards me,and grabbed the rampant shaft of my cock,and gave it three or four little tugs.
"I think I should maybe excuse you from class today," She said,an impish look on her face."so you can deal with this bad swelling. A good idea yes?"
"Yes please,miss." I replied,like the little schoolboy I was reverting back to.

As Ms.Yan,told the class that I was not very well,I collected my books from my desk,and left for my room,my cock straining against the front of my chinos. Walking back to my room was again a hobble,but for oh so different reasons.

After my thrashing,and the cream application the following day,for some reason my dreams stopped,and normal sleep patterns were returned.
Did the caning have some cathartic effect?
I couldn't say,but I did feel better about myself.
The next two weeks went without incident,I tried to make sure of that,but then events beyond my control took over.

Ms.Moore came into class,and announced we were going to have a little "pop test",as she put it,to see how we were all coping with the course.
Twenty questions,and half an hour to do them in.
Twenty questions,with no prep,one girl took out a reference book,and we were told to clear our desks of notebooks,and text books. This was a memory test,all but two of us failed miserably.

Ms.Moore didn't seem too surprised,and started having a light hearted moan about her wasting her time. Light hearted till one girl raised her hand,and said it wasn't our fault,as we had been given no time to revise,I put my head in my hands,waiting for the volcano to erupt.
Erupt it did.
Ms.Moore went from friendly Ozzie,to raving Latina,in a blink of an eye.
The words were coming out too quick,for me to understand all of them,but I got the gist of it.
On saturday morning,we all had to come in for a forty question test,covering all that we were supposed to have learnt.
The pass mark would be eighty percent,anyone falling below that mark,would receive six strokes of the cane,anyone falling below sixty percent would receive eight strokes of the cane.
Silence fell across the class,the rest of the day you could feel the nervousness in the air,as all we wanted to do was get back to our rooms to hit the books,and in my case the tapes as well.

Saturday morning came around too quick for me,I knew I was totally ill prepared for a test,and made my way glumly to the classroom.
I was one of the first to arrive,no one made the mistake of coming along in casual clothing,we were all decked out in our full uniforms. Word spreads quickly,I thought to myself.
Ms.Moore,and Ms.Yan both entered the room.
"Ms.Yan has kindly offered to help with the test marking," Ms.Moore said,whether this was to make me more,or less confident I don't know."the test is twenty simple,one word answers,and twenty that require more information. Ms.Yan will mark the first sheet,and I will assess the second longer answers. You have thirty minutes to complete the test,it should take much less."
She then handed out the sheets of doom.

I was a fish out of water,the questions were all in Spanish,so I had to translate before answering,and that ate up all my time. Thirty minutes came and went,and I had only answered thirty four questions,and I wasn't overly confident about them. So bringing Ms.Yan along would turn out handy for Ms.Moore.
I watched Ms.Moore closely,she seemed happy with the results,as she was doing her marking,whether that was a good thing or a bad thing you could never know with her.

She stood,and cleared her throat.
"That was much better than I had expected," She said."I will only have to keep three of you a little longer." She opened the punishment room door,and returned with her log in hand,and started to fill it in.
After what seemed like an age she finally spoke.
"Eva,six strokes,Maria Duarte,six strokes. Paul you barely managed fifty eight percent,eight strokes,please come and sign by your names,and we can get it over with."
The three of us trooped to her desk,and quickly signed our names,then followed her into the room,she pointed for us to line up by the still open door.
"Right ladies,and gentleman,please prepare yourselves."

As the girls pulled up their skirts,and tucked them into the waistbands,and I lowered my chinos,the three of us were well aware that the rest of the class could see us,as they slowly left the classroom.
"Today," Ms.Moore said."I think it will be boys first," I made my way towards the desk.
Then she spoke again,this time in English.
"Paul,I said for you to prepare yourself. Did you not read what you signed for?"
I looked at her in confusion.
"Trasero desnudar,bare bottom for you,I've heard it works best,cane on flesh in your case."
My head spun to look at Ms.Yan,she shrugged her shoulders,as if to say, "what can I do?"

I would be lying,if I didn't say that I felt a burning resentment for Ms.Yan,as I thumbed down my underpants,feeling the eight eyes burning into me. The truth of the matter was,that all tutors had access to the punishment logs,where there was an overlap of students,Ms.Moore took a particular interest in her students,where punishments were concerned.
I quickly placed myself over the desk,in an attempt to hide my genitals from the two tutors.

"Mira chicas," She said then continued in Spanish "You are about to see the effect of the cane on a naughty bottom. This bottom is very naughty indeed,as you can see the marks still here from a punishment almost three weeks ago."
I could feel the cane on me,as she pointed out the now fading marks.
"It is rare for a student to receive...."
Then I felt the cane slash across me without warning,taking my breath away in shock.
"such a harsh punishment. See how the cane leaves a white mark on his pale pink buttocks,now watch as it disappears. Keep watching,see it is coming back,dark pink,now.."
Again she catches me mid sentence,and I grunt out loud in pain.
"red. Watch as this line follows the same way,disappears,then flowers again,like a ....."
The cane slices at me for the third time,and I jerk upwards in shock and pain.
"rose. Now if Paul had finished his test,he may well have been half way through his punishment,but he only...."
For the fourth time she slashes at me,this time a diagonal stroke,as I wince in pain I think to myself,half a kiss.
"got part of it done. So now he is halfway."
I hear her move behind me,then feel the cane moving down the length of by bottom crack,
the tip gently nudges at my balls. Then I hear her move to the other side of me.
"For the sake of aesthetics,I shall continue the caning from this side,so as to..."
Again another slash,this time I'm gripping tight,but it still comes without warning.
"leave a nice..."
Another one,another bolt from the blue.
"even pattern."
Then two in quick succession,the second one diagonal,another kiss she owes me.

"OK,Paul," She says,returning to English."you can get up,swop with Eva,pants and trousers down though,and hands on your head. You know the drill,"
As I stood,and turned to her I could see a slight smile move across her face,then our eyes locked,and she made a pantomime look with her eyes down to my engorged semi-erect penis.
"I want you standing nice and straight."

As I stood there hands on my head,my eyes glued to Eva's bottom,as she made her way forward,her small mint green knickers riding up her rounded buttocks with each step.
Eva,was the ideal Latina figure,slim waist,wide hipped,with large rounded orb like buttocks.
As I watched on in a trance like state,Ms.Yan's voice brought me back to reality.
"Ms.Moore,I take it,I am no longer needed here?"
All heads turned to face Ms.Yan,standing stony faced,obviously annoyed at how Ms.Moore tried to turn every punishment session into some kind of dark cabaret.
"Yes thank you Ms.Yan,"Replied Ms.Moore" I can take it all from here. Both myself,and my students,are appreciative of your contribution today."

Ms.Yan left the room,glancing at my now full erection,and shaking her head in disgust,at the pantomime being acted out.
Eva bent over the desk,her knickers riding up a little higher,no need to check for extra layers,as the way her underwear had risen,this would be bare bottom in all but name.
"Now Eva,I don't have time...."
Swish the cane fell upon her.
"to hang about in..."
Swish again.
"here for..."
Swish again,this time Eva calls out in pain and jumps up,from the desk,clutching at her bottom.
"long. Eva get back into position,jump up like that again with your hands in the way,and I will cane your hands,and repeat the stroke. Understand?"

The poor tearful girl nodded,and draped herself back over the desk,gripping hard at the sides of the desk.
The final three strokes landed,in very quick succession,but as always speed did not detract from Ms.Moores power,on the final stroke Eva let out an.
Of pain,but made no attempt to rise up from the desk,she just lay there sobbing,awaiting instruction from her tormentor.

Ms.Moore put down the cane onto the writing desk,and handed Eva a box of tissues to wipe her eyes.
Picking up the cane again,she instructed the two girls to swap places.
As Eva moved to my side,I was aware of the looks both girls were giving to my current state of obvious excitement,Ms.Moore on the other hand wasn't even giving me a second glance.

Like Eva before her,it was clear that Maria hadn't tried to layer up on underwear. Maria had opted for lacy white knickers,her thick pubic bush clear to see under the thin material.
She wasted no time in getting into position,and gripping hard in waiting.
The poor girl had not long to wait.
The room echoed to the sound of six rapid cane strokes,and Maria's screams of anguish.
As before,Ms.Moore handed the chastised girl the tissue box for her tears.
Maria tried to dry her tears,as Eva,and I looked on,hands on the top of our heads,I was throbbing from both the front,and rear.
My cock swaying up and down,like a fleshy metronome,and my bottom throbbing in striped pain.

"Vamos chicas!" Ms.Moore said,dismissing both the girls. They didn't have to be told twice,they left the room still adjusting their skirts,eager to leave Ms.Moore's sway.

Ms.Moore looked me up,and down,then finally spoke.
"I'm impressed sport,your little fellows been standing to attention for quite a while now."
She leant forward,and dabbed her middle finger on the eye of my cock. Showing me the clear sticky liquid on her finger she said.
"I'm used to seeing tears in this room,but non quite like this before. Go on,pull up your pants,and get going. Remember we are playing pool tonight,so don't dally about in your rooms for too long."

That's it really,I could go on longer,but I would only be repeating myself. In the remaining time at the college I had five more canings.
Three from Ms.Yan,all clothed,for demerits accumulating.
Two from Ms.Moore,both bare. One with only Ms.Yan as witness,another with a female student,and another male student,oddly that one was the most embarrassing,having to bare up in front of another guy.

Did the caning's work?
I'm not sure,but I never did go to a club again during my time there,so at least one caning had the desired effect.
I passed all my courses,and went to work in Japan,and married a Japanese girl,who is now close friends with Ms.Yan,who comes to visit us in the college breaks. No mention is ever made of the canings,or her tentative little tugs on my erect penis,after the cold oil treatment.

As for Ms.Pilar Moore,I was right in assuming that she was available,after the first bare bottom caning by her,we embarked upon an affair that lasted the rest of my time at the college. Ever the professional though she did not let our closeness effect the college discipline.
Now I know you will be thinking did corporal punishment feature in our sex life?
It did,but not in the way you would think.
Away from college,and alone in her flat,Pilar became Ms.Subby. She loved being on the receiving end of a good spanking. Whether this was as a release from her work life I'm not sure.
Some nights she would just come in and say."I've been a real bitch today,and deserve a botty warming."
We didn't act out role-plays or anything,but she did have her own little punishment uniform,a grey pleated skirt,white blouse,and wonderful white cotton knickers with a tiny blue check pattern on them.
The first couple of times I spanked her,I was amazed that she could come to orgasm across my lap,then she told me how she did it,she would try to contract her inner thigh muscles,in time to the rhythm of my hand descending on her bottom,all that time at the gym not wasted then.

After I left the college we kept in touch for about six months by phone,till she went back to Oz,and then we lost touch.

So that's it,my time as a mature Language Student!

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