Friday, 23 July 2010

Highly recommended!

To all those spanking enthusiasts out there,I'd just like to recommend you checking out a website called 'spankingtube' it's crammed full of free clips of all types,from good old fashioned over the knee spankings,to canings and bondage.With M/f F/m F/f and M/m it has something for everyone.For members of 'spankingtube' I've posted a link to one of my favourite contributors,a spankee called Mercury,her videos are most enjoyable and well worth a look! I've posted a link for non members too,it's totally free to join so go check it out!!

I was intrigued to know more and Mercury was kind enough to answer my questions:-

I asked-I'm a huge spanking fan and really love your vids,and I just wondered,how do you feel before during and after your spankings? Do you get nervous or excited? Have you ever felt put off because a spanking was so hard,like this one with the hairbrush? Or do you just crave more?! :)

Mercury replied-Wow! Interesting questions. Before a spanking, I'm always nervous AND excited... usually I can't wait to get started! I can't wait for the first spank to make contact... somehow the first is very nerve-wracking, because I don't know where it will land and how hard it will be... Once in a rare while, I get put off by a spanking, and it usually happens when he's using hairbrushes or paddles. They really really hurt me - it's an intense kind of highly focused pain which I find almost unbearable ;). Mostly I can't wait for that kind of spanking to end, or for him to switch back to using his hand, which I like very much. With a belt or strap, however, I just want the spanking to go on and on... anything leather is alright with me. :)

Thanks Mercury,you're a spanking star! xxx

Happy spankings,Lori xx

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