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Highly recommended!

To all those spanking enthusiasts out there,I'd just like to recommend you checking out a website called 'spankingtube' it's crammed full of free clips of all types,from good old fashioned over the knee spankings,to canings and bondage.With M/f F/m F/f and M/m it has something for everyone.For members of 'spankingtube' I've posted a link to one of my favourite contributors,a spankee called Mercury,her videos are most enjoyable and well worth a look! I've posted a link for non members too,it's totally free to join so go check it out!!

I was intrigued to know more and Mercury was kind enough to answer my questions:-

I asked-I'm a huge spanking fan and really love your vids,and I just wondered,how do you feel before during and after your spankings? Do you get nervous or excited? Have you ever felt put off because a spanking was so hard,like this one with the hairbrush? Or do you just crave more?! :)

Mercury replied-Wow! Interesting questions. Before a spanking, I'm always nervous AND excited... usually I can't wait to get started! I can't wait for the first spank to make contact... somehow the first is very nerve-wracking, because I don't know where it will land and how hard it will be... Once in a rare while, I get put off by a spanking, and it usually happens when he's using hairbrushes or paddles. They really really hurt me - it's an intense kind of highly focused pain which I find almost unbearable ;). Mostly I can't wait for that kind of spanking to end, or for him to switch back to using his hand, which I like very much. With a belt or strap, however, I just want the spanking to go on and on... anything leather is alright with me. :)

Thanks Mercury,you're a spanking star! xxx

Happy spankings,Lori xx

A welcome contribution!


Other readers can’t have failed to notice that children these days take a surprisingly long time to fly the nest. Many students still live with their parents, and continue to do so after they start work. Sadly, having a child who is old enough to vote brings no guarantee of good behaviour! The wise father continues to provide the precious gift of discipline, as and when necessary. I myself have two girls, aged 19 and 21, still under my roof, and I am only too happy to give others the benefit of my experience.

Never forget the old saying: Wise men nor fools can work without tools. A good slipper is essential. I don’t recommend using one of the slippers you wear every day. You should keep another slipper for this purpose alone - your spanking slipper. A cheap imported slipper is unlikely to prove satisfactory. If funds permit, buy a quality slipper of sound construction, with a good, broad, supple sole. Buy the largest size you can get - at least a size 12, preferably a size 16. Hang the slipper on a hook in a prominent position in your home. It will serve as a constant reminder of the high standards you expect.

When it becomes necessary to administer punishment, there may be a certain reluctance on the part of the recipient. The older child is very good at coming up with reasons why they should not be punished, I’m too old now. I won’t do it again. Not in front of my friends. But you’ve punished me twice already this week. I always turn a deaf ear to such protests. I look the girl squarely in the eye, and in a firm, level tone I give her the first of the three commands:

“Fetch the slipper!”

At that point she realises that further protest is futile, and she leaves my study with her tail between her legs. By the time she returns with the slipper, she is a different girl altogether - quiet, respectful, subdued. There may be a pleading look in her eyes, but I ignore it, naturally. I never rush things. If I’m writing a letter at the time, I finish it first. If I’m reading a book, I continue to the end of the chapter. Standing there with the slipper in her hand, she has a wonderful opportunity to think about what she has done, and to anticipate the punishment to come.

In due course, I take the slipper from her, and give her the second of the three commands:

“Get ready!”

At this point, shoes are removed, along with certain other items of clothing. The rule is a simple one. Any garment which would, or could, impede the slipper’s approach must be discarded forthwith. And it matters not a jot what those garments may be. Jackets or jumpers, trousers or skirts, jeans or tights, nighties or pyjamas - all alike must be shed swiftly and efficiently, folded neatly, and placed on the small chair provided.

Even though you’re her father, the older child may be surprisingly reluctant to bare her bottom for punishment. In such cases the best policy is to apply the slipper to the seat of the knickers, adding a few extra strokes to compensate.
Once again, there is no need whatsoever for unseemly haste. Once she is stripped to her pants, the miscreant must stand to attention before me, with her face to the wall and her hands on her head. However long it takes, she must wait silently and patiently until I feel ready to give her that special form of fatherly attention which she is so badly in need of. Even at this late stage, she may attempt to gain my sympathy by crying, trembling or other ruses, but I pay her no heed. Only when I feel fully prepared for the arduous duty which lies ahead of me, do I give her the third and final command:

“Bend over!”

She knows what she must do, of course. She walks up to my leather armchair, and by bending over the back of it, she assumes a posture which will allow the punishment to be administered efficaciously. The importance of a good punishment position cannot be over-stated - the legs straight and slightly parted, the shoulders lower than the hips, the arms stretched out in front, the head hanging down submissively. Of all the parts of the body, the bottom should now be uppermost, with the buttocks presented unclenched for slippering.

It’s important to grip your slipper firmly. I recommend making a few practice strokes to re-familiarise yourself with its aerodynamic characteristics. I usually place the first stroke across the centre of the girl’s bottom. Don’t rush, take your time and aim the slipper carefully. Then, keeping your eye on the target, raise the slipper slowly and smoothly over your shoulder. Still keeping your eye on the target, apply the slipper in one smooth, swift movement. With the correct arm and shoulder action, it will acquire considerable velocity before making contact. The sole should strike firmly and squarely across both buttocks, making a loud and satisfying “thwack“. Allow time for its effects to be fully appreciated, then repeat.

As the punishment progresses, make sure you achieve a thorough coverage of the entire bottom, paying particular attention to the lower areas. With an older child, there is more to cover, of course, that is why the larger size of slipper is such a boon. There can be no hard and fast rules as to what is the “correct” number of strokes. The only sensible approach to play it by ear. On no account should the punishment end before there is convincing evidence of a deep and heartfelt repentance. Afterwards, I expect the miscreant to thank me sincerely, then she is allowed to replace her clothes and return the slipper to its hook.

I realise some readers may feel uncertain about disciplining an older child with a slipper as I have described. It isn’t an easy task, obviously, but the reward is well worth the effort. I can’t guarantee that their behaviour will improve, but they will certainly be a lot more motivated to find a place of their own!

Yours,Alan Barr.


Alan Barr’s interest in spanking goes right back to very early childhood - in fact, he can’t remember a time when he wasn't interested. Back in the early 1960’s, corporal punishment was commonplace - even his weekly copy of the Beano was full of it. A number of other childhood experiences also fired his imagination. Aged nine or ten, he watched one of his classmates being soundly spanked over a desk by the headmaster. Though this was clearly intended to be an unpleasant experience, and to serve as a deterrent to the children who witnessed it, there was something strongly appealing about it too. Alan developed a strong desire to be spanked himself, but unfortunately for him he was an exceedingly timid and law-abiding child. In all the time he was growing up, it happened just once (face-down on his bed with a slipper - in case you were wondering.) The secret feelings continued into adult life, but it wasn’t until Alan was well into his thirties that he felt brave enough to share them with someone else. After that, he was finally able to turn fantasy into reality, and enjoy spanking (and being spanked) on a regular basis. And boy, did he enjoy it! This took place mostly in the context of a loving relationship. There was just one occasion when he sought help from a professional female disciplinarian. After confessing to a serious misdemeanour he’d got away with in his youth (he followed a group of sixth-form girls up a flight of stairs so he could look up their skirts) he was caned for the first time in his life - at the grand old age of 48. A fortnight later, the marks of the cane were still clearly visible, but Alan would be the first to admit that the punishment was well-deserved and long overdue - and he’s treated women with a lot more respect ever since! Nowadays, his main interest is in writing short stories about spanking. He draws heavily on his own feelings and experiences as a child and an adult, and prefers not to make the erotic aspects of spanking too explicit. The stories have led to interesting correspondence and new friendships. In his latest work "Teenage Licks" he goes right back to his roots. One of the stories is about a legendary character from the Beano - that most iconic of naughty girls, Minnie the Minx.

You can find Alan's stories available for download on please go and check them out,I know you won't be disappointed!

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Liar liar!

LIAR LIAR! A story by Lori.

Actions speak louder than words to those with selective hearing,at least that's what I discovered recently. My partner's an absolute darling for most of the time and I truly do love her with all my heart,but sometimes she really gets on my nerves and leaves me at my wits end. Sometimes she tests my patience to the limit and I can't handle her sassy,"So what?",attitude. There are two important things I've discovered over the past eighteen months since we've been living together,one thing is that Amy doesn't listen to me when it really matters,and worst of all she lies. Well she finally took it one step too far so I decided to teach her a valuable lesson,I spanked her! That was a week ago and she's already overdue another spanking as far as I'm concerned,and believe me she'll get one!

I can't even begin to remember how many times I've wanted to spank her,and last week when I decided enough was enough I put her across my knee and felt totally vindicated on every level. My God she was mad at me for doing it,I knew she could be feisty when she put her mind to it but oh boy it took me all my strength to hold her across my knee. She's tough but not that tough,so I won the battle and roasted her rear end,in fact I spanked her so hard that I doubt she could sit down at work the next day! The strange thing is how quickly she forgot what I'm capable of,and how much my hand can sting when lovingly but firmly applied to her naked buttocks,but after tonight she might think twice before ever lying to me again! If there's one thing I can't abide it's a bare faced lie,and if she thinks I was tough on her last week she's in for a shock later!

"Where are you off to honey?" I asked her at lunchtime.
"I'm off to see Jenny." Amy told me casually."She's got some new clothes and she wants to show them off to me." She smiled sweetly."I've just got to get a bottle of wine and we'll be all set for the afternoon!"
"Any idea when you'll be back?"
"Oh I'll be back by dinnertime."
"Okay sweetie,I'll cook us a pizza later then." I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a nice time before waving her off in the car,then I set about doing the chores in the garden that I've been putting off for weeks. I've never been one to keep Amy on a lead,I don't mind what she does or where she goes as long as I know she's safe,so when I discovered she'd left her mobile phone on the coffee table I decided to go after her,what if the car broke down,or there was an accident? She'd need her phone!

So imagine my shock when I get to Jenny's house only to find out that Amy's not there,and she was never planning to be,in fact Jenny was planning an evening out with her boyfriend and was about to get her glad-rags on! I got back in the car and spent the next hour or so driving around trying to find her,I eventually realised that was stupid so I headed back home and tried to calm down while I waited for my deceitful partner to return. I was worried sick of course,and angry too,but most of all I was hurt by the lies!

I was watching the second hand move oh so slowly around the clock when the telephone rang and almost made me jump out of my skin, Was it the Police calling to say she'd been in an accident? I answered it nervously and heard an unfamiliar female voice at the other end.
"Mr Matthews?"
My heart leapt into my chest."Yes?"
"Hello,my name's Helen and I'm calling from the Shepherd Hill Health Spa." The woman said politely.
My mind raced as I tried to understand the relevence."Okay?"
"I'm just phoning to confirm your credit card details."
I know I frowned deeply."I'm sorry I don't...."
"It's relating to a booking for a full treatment today in the name of Amy Matthews."
But we're not even married."Eh?" Then suddenly it all started to fit into place and I decided to make it work to my advantage."Oh I see. What was it you needed to know?"
"Just the expiry date on your card Mr Matthews."
Okay,hang on." I fished my card out of my wallet."Can you just tell me when the reservation was made?"
"Yes of course,it was made three days ago!"

After giving Helen my details I hung up and went out into the garden to quietly mull things over,so not only had Amy deliberately lied to me,she'd spent money we were supposed to be saving on a day at a health spa,and to top it all she'd charged it to my credit card. "Just wait 'til you get home Missy!" I muttered under my breath. I wasn't sure what time she'd get home but she'd told me she'd be here for dinner so I kept an eye on the clock as I plotted what I'd do to her bare bottom when she got home,then,at 5.47,I heard her car pull up onto the driveway. Minutes later she strolled in looking more beautiful and radiant than I'd ever seen her,but despite her amazing looks I had to keep firm and stick to my plan.
"Hey sweetheart,did you and Jenny have a nice time?"
Amy flopped down beside me on the sofa."Oh yeah we had a great time thanks."
I smiled at her."Oh that's good. Did you enjoy the wine?"
There was a flicker of a frown."The what?.....Oh yes the wine,yeah it was.....nice." She smiled unconvincingly at me.
I nodded."Oh by the way you left your mobile behind."
"Oh did I?"
I handed Amy her phone."Yeah you did,so I took it around to Jenny's!"
Amy swallowed hard and her face turned crimson,I couldn't help thinking that her bottom would soon be the same colour and I felt my cock twitch in my pants.
" went to Jenny's house?"
"Yep." I raised my eyebrows."Funny thing is you weren't there,and according to her you were never planning to be."
I could see the desperation in her face as she tried to come up with a convincing reply,then she let out a huge sigh and seemed to deflate beside me.
"So where were you?" I already knew of course,but I wanted to give her the opportunity to redeem herself. The tears were welling up in her eyes now,genuine or not they weren't going to save her."Well?" I asked firmly,her face was a picture of panic now.

Suddenly Amy shook her head."I'm sorry Harry,I...I lied to you."
"Yes I know you did!" I replied matter-of-factly."So how was the Health Spa?"
Her eyes were wide suddenly and she shifted awkwardly in her seat."What? did you know."
I shrugged."I had a courtesy call from the Spa asking me to confirm MY credit card details."
"Oh shit!" She replied under her breath.
She started to edge away from me and I felt my right hand start to itch with anticipation."I told you before that I won't put up with you lying to me,Amy." The look on her face was priceless,but I couldn't help noticing the glint in her eye as I took her by the left arm and started to pull pull her across my knee.
"No!" she yelled."No you can't!"
"oh yes I can." I told her calmly as I manoeuvred her into prime spanking position.

She struggled against me but as always I was too strong for her,I wrapped my left arm across the small of her back to hold her in place,then I felt her tense up as I lifted the hem of her grey,knee length skirt to reveal shapely thighs and a pert bottom clad in sheer white panties."They'll have to go." I said firmly as I gripped the waistband and began to ease down the flimsy garment,she reached back to stop me,but I simply gripped her wrist and held her hand out of the way as I continued to bare her bottom. Suddenly I felt my cock twitch and stiffen slightly as her naked buttocks were revealed to me,she went still briefly and I could sense her anticipation and feel her breath becoming more rapid. I couldn't help but caress her cheeks for a moment as I scolded her."I don't like doing this Amy,but it's for your own good. You know that don't you?"
She let out a sigh,then nodded her head and quietly muttered."Yes I do."
"Right then,let's hope this teaches you to be honest with me in future!" With that I brought my hand down across her right bottom cheek,not that hard,but firm enough to make my point,it elicited a gasp from my wayward partner which was quickly followed by another as my hand made contact with her left cheek,moments later I was getting into a rhythm and spanking her briskly as she squirmed and struggled across my lap.

After only a dozen or so smacks Amy's bottom was already a warm shade of pink and her protestations were mounting,I paused briefly to caress her spanked rear-end."I know it hurts sweetheart,but it needs to if it's going to do you any good." I said softly.
My hand squeezed and fondled her warm cheeks,but strangely it prompted low moans from the lady draped across my knee,I didn't stop to consider this for long,but instead continued with her corrective punishment.
After another dozen or so steady smacks I changed tempo and began to spank her soundly,alternating from left to right cheek then concentrating on the under curve were bottom meets thigh,all the while Amy was squealing and squirming frantically across my knee.,not only did this demonstrate how effective the spanking was,but it also added to the pressure building up in my pants,I could feel my cock becoming more and more rampant with each slap to Amy's bare cheeks.

Despite her protests and struggles I spanked Amy for a full five minutes,her bottom turned from pale pink to a deep shade of red before my eyes,the contrast against the pale skin of her back and thighs was quite a beautiful sight. Although I didn't like the thought of hurting my darling I was actually enjoying the feeling of her bottom bouncing under my palm,but then I noticed something else,with each smack her bottom seemed to be rising to meet my hand,her yelps and squeals had turned to gasps and moans,and her crotch was grinding against my right thigh.

Oh my God,she was actually masturbating while I was spanking her!

I gazed down at Amy and watched her for a moment,it was like poetry in motion across my lap as she rubbed her sex against my leg,then she stopped abruptly and turned her head to look at me,there was a frown on her face and it suddenly dawned on me that I'd stopped spanking her. I grinned and brought my hand down smartly across the lower part of her bottom cleft and she immediately moaned and began to grind against my thigh again,I concentrated the slaps on this most sensitive area,as close to her sex as I could get,then increased the rhythm and force until she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm. I stopped spanking her as she came,then she lay limply across my knee,breathless and panting,I caressed her sore cheeks for a while,then my hand slipped between her thighs and delved into her sopping wet sex folds,I immediately felt my cock stiffen and twitch and couldn't hold back a second longer.
I scooped Amy up off my lap,carried her up the stairs in my arms,then placed her gently on the bed before hastily undressing her. She lay naked and beautiful on the duvet and I didn't take my eyes off her while I peeled off my shirt and trousers,my cock was straining in my pants and stood to attention as soon as it was released from it confines,Amy gazed at it and smiled,and moments later I was sitting astride her,taking her to sexual heights of ecstasy with my rampant erection.

It was much later when we finally curled up together under the duvet in post-coital bliss,both of us had smiles of satisfaction on our faces,but Amy had a look of what could only be described as smugness.
"I don't know why you're looking so pleased with yourself." I said,trying to sound stern."You obviously haven't learnt your lesson!" Amy tried to look sincere,but suddenly broke into a giggle,I reached my hand around and gave her bottom a sharp smack."I'm serious,young lady,not only did you lie to me,but you wasted a lot of money today!" Despite her best efforts Amy couldn't stop grinning and I tried to look cross."Okay,so are you going to tell me what's so funny?"
She shrugged."Well,the thing is,I didn't really go to the Health Spa today."
I raised my eyebrows at her."Oh? So how do you explain the phone call asking me about my credit card details then?"
"You mean the call from Helen asking when your expiry date was?" smiled Amy.
"Yes that's right." I nodded,then it hit me and I frowned."How did you know her name,and what she'd asked me?"
Amy leaned close and whispered in my ear."Because it was Jenny who called you."
"But she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend,it can't have been her."
"That was the only lie sweetheart." She said softly.
"Eh? I don't....." My mind raced for a moment,then slowly but surely the pieces began to fit together."This whole thing was a set up wasn't it? Just to get me to spank you!"
Amy nodded,she smiled sweetly at me and her pretty eyes sparkled."Yep,it was. I didn't want to actually do anything to warrant it,so I came up with this plan and got Jenny to help me with it!"
I felt confused."But...if you wanted me to spank you why didn't you just say so?"
"I didn't think it would work that way."
I shook my head."I don't get it."
Amy snuggled close to me and wrapped her arm across my chest."The thing is,after you spanked me last week I felt more aroused than I ever have in my entire life,we had the most fantastic sex afterwards and I thought that the only way to enjoy it again would be for you to spank me like you did before."
I couldn't help laughing."Well it certainly did the trick,I haven't felt like this since I was a randy teenager."
"There you go then!"
"But why put yourself through all that just for sex."
"You mean just for fantastic sex!"
"Yes fantastic sex,but even so,your bum must really sting now."
She shrugged,"Yeah but it was worth it."
I frowned at her."Really?"
"Uh huh,it's actually quite a nice feeling."
"I bet you wouldn't say that if I'd moved on to the next stage!"
"Why,what was the next stage?"
"I was going to attack your bum with the clothes brush."
Amy's eyes widened suddenly."You wouldn't have."
"Oh yes I would,seeing as I thought you'd blown a couple of hundred pounds on beauty treatments I was going to roast your behind!"
"Oh!" she looked sheepish for a moment,obviously realising her clever plan could have seriously backfired."Lucky you got distracted then isn't it?"
"Lucky for you yes." I grinned at the memory."Lucky for me too!" I gave Amy a long and passionate kiss."Do me a favour though honey?"
"The next time you want your bum smacked just say so,I promise I'll make it as real as it was tonight,but at least it won't give me all the worry to go with it."
"Okay." smiled Amy."I promise I'll just say so next time,and I'm sorry I scared you earlier."
"I forgive you." I told her gently."I'm just glad we got to the bottom of it in the end!"


Monday, 12 July 2010


THERAPY! a story by Lori

I sipped my drink slowly as I gazed around the crowded room, Susan had invited everyone from work to her birthday party, as well as lots of friends and some of her relatives, she'd hired out a room at the Hilton hotel and they'd done a grand job worthy of the huge expense she'd forked out for it. Susan was a really good friend of mine and had been ever since she started working for the same firm as me, being free and single we'd spent many an evening around at each others houses watching television and sharing a pizza and bottle of wine, neither of us were ones for going to clubs or socialising much, but over the last few months I'd noticed a change in her, she'd suddenly become much more confident and outgoing. I couldn't help wondering what her secret was, little did I know I was soon to find out!

"Hi Amy!" boomed a voice over the chorus of Duran Duran's 'The Reflex'.
I turned to see Susan thrusting a another drink at me.
"Going well isn't it!" She smiled.
"Yes......yes it is." I grinned at her. "So how does it feel to be thirty nine and one year old?" I knew she absolutely hated the thought of being forty.
Susan poked her tongue out playfully. "Oh very funny. Well to be honest I don't feel any older than last year ,but they say life begins at for... well at my age, so bring it on!"
"Good for you!" I laughed.
"Hey another few years and you'll find out for yourself."
"Don't remind me!" I was thirty seven and not happy with the idea of become middle aged. I pointed to the table over by the window. "You're doing well for presents I see."
"Hmm I know, great isn't it." she winked at me. "Thanks for yours, I opened it earlier and I love it!" She kissed me on the cheek.
"Oh you're welcome, I'm glad you like it." I'd given her a Swarovski crystal to hang in her window, I knew she collected them so it seemed the perfect gift.
"So, you enjoying yourself?"
"Yeah it's great." I lied, in truth I'd rather be at home curled up on the sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing, but she was one of my closest friends so I had to be there for her. "I'm loving the music!" That much was certainly true, I loved eighties stuff.
"Well it reminds me of my teenage years, you know, Top of the pops and parties, it was a fun time back then."
I nodded and smiled. "Yeah, it sure was."
Suddenly Susan's eyes widened. "Oooh I'll be right back." She dashed over to a rather attractive looking man as he made his way through the throng of guests. I watched her as she approached him, her movements seemed to change somehow, he handed her a pretty gift bag, then placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed her on each cheek. She gestured towards the food and drink and as he went he patted her quite firmly on her bottom, Susan then sauntered back to me with a huge smile on her face. When she got close I could see her eyes were sparkling and her face was flushed.
"So... are you going to tell me who he is?" I asked.
"Oh um... that's Michael!"
Susan seemed so timid and girlish all of a sudden, she chewed her upper lip and gazed down at the gift bag.
"And what?"
"Well is he a friend, relative?"
"Oh... he's... a good friend of mine."
"Oh I see, are you two... you know, an item?"
She quickly shook her head. "Oh no, nothing like that, he just, well we're good friends!" She glanced into the bag and turned a deep shade of pink. "I'd better mingle!"
And with that she was off.

I chatted to most of my work mates as we danced the night away and got merry on mixers and Asti Spumanti, it was a great party despite my reservations, but before I knew it it was time to head home. I looked around for Susan and found her talking to Michael, I tapped her on the shoulder and she spun around, almost looking as though she'd been caught with her hands in the sweety jar. "I'm heading off now hun." I smiled at her. "but thanks for a fab evening!"
"Ahhh I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for coming."
We hugged and kissed each other, then I smiled at Michael and raised my eyebrows at Susan waiting for an introduction.
"Oh sorry, this is my friend Michael, Michael this is Amy, she's a really good mate of mine."
He reached out and we shook hands.
"Nice to meet you!" I smiled.
I was immediately taken by how strong his hand seemed, and the twinkle in his eye, and found myself feeling quite timid and shy for some bizarre reason.
"Susan's told me all about you."
"Has she?" I couldn't help frowning. "All good I hope."
"Oh yes, very good."
He flashed a smile at me and almost took my breath away. There was a long silence, then I swallowed hard. "Well I'd better be heading off, Tina's giving me a lift."
Susan smiled almost sadly and nodded. "Right, well I'll see you on Monday then!"
We said our goodbyes and I left, turning once on the way out to have another look at Michael, while pretending of course I'd turned to wave at Susan.

Sunday passed in a bit of a haze, I'm not used to drinking so much and I hate admitting to having a hangover, but I definitely had one that day! But even in the fog of a hangover my mind kept wondering back to Michael, what was it about him that set the butterflies fluttering in my tummy? Why did I feel timid and submissive around him?
I decided to stop thinking about it and concentrate on getting myself sorted for being back to work on Monday, but that was easier said than done!

Monday morning soon arrived and I got into the office, I worked for a firm of solicitors as a secretary, it was mundane at times but very well paid with a lot of fringe benefits ,and I got on well with my colleagues and bosses. Susan worked in the same department as me and arrived shortly after I did.
"How are you?" I asked, she looked fragile.
"I'm still recovering." She managed a smile. "How about you?"
"Yeah I'm okay this morning thanks," I laughed softly. "but yesterday was a bit of a blur."
Susan tentatively sat down and sorted through her paperwork. "Um... do you fancy going out for lunch?"
"Sure, I'd like that." We often did lunch together, but this time I planned to interrogate her about the mysterious Michael. "One o'clock?"
"Yeah perfect!"

By ten past one we were sitting outside 'Romano's, a little bistro on Queen street, sipping cappuccino's. It was always busy there, but we were regulars and never had any trouble getting a seat thanks to Pedro, he liked the ladies and always flirted with us, we loved it of course and used to chat him up until he got flustered.
I took a bit out of my ham filled ciabatta and studied Susan, she seemed miles away in a world of her own. "Penny for them." I said quietly.
"Hmm?" She smiled at me. "Oh I was just thinking."
"Oh you know, the party the other night,and... things." She shifted in her seat.
I grinned, "Talking of the party, I've been dying to know more about Michael, how did you two meet?"
"It's a long story."
"Well we've got at least half an hour."
Susan laughed then took a deep breath. "Well,he's my... I suppose you could call him my therapist."
"Oh." I frowned. "I um, I didn't know you were seeing a therapist." I was unsure of what to say next, not wanting to be tactless.
"Well I started seeing him a while ago when I was having problems."
I smiled sympathetically. "Did he help?"
"Oh yes, I've felt so much better since I've been seeing him."
"Do you still have sessions now?" I asked.
Susan began to giggle and her face turned pink. "Yes... yes I see him a couple of times a week."
I failed to see what was so funny of course. "So... no never mind."
I shook my head. "No it's none of my business and I don't want to pry."
Susan put her hand on my arm. "It's okay, I don't mind telling you." She took a large sip of coffee. "Like I said it's a long story, but a few months ago I was having trouble with my self esteem, I split up from my boyfriend and as you know he was pretty nasty, it really knocked my confidence and I got depressed, so I went to my doctor and he referred me to a psychotherapist. I went to see her a few times and she suggested Michael as he has a unique method of helping people feel better about themselves. At first I was sceptical, but after a few sessions I began to feel like I could cope with anything, so I kept it up and still go now."
I was shocked and flattered all at the same time. "Crikey, I knew about you and your boyfriend of course, but I had no idea you'd gone through all that. I'm really chuffed you told me though."
"I should have told you before but... well you know."
"Yeah I know, it's a really personal thing, I understand that. Mind you I must admit I've noticed a huge change in you, you're so much more outgoing than you were, and so confident now."
"Does it really show." She beamed.
"Yeah very much so, in fact I'd been wondering what your secret was," I laughed softly. "and now I know. I just wish I was as confident as you sometimes, one of the guys at work asked me out the other day, but I was too nervous to accept, I'm kicking myself now of course."
"Maybe you should see Michael, he'd soon whip you into shape." Susan giggled at her own comment.
I shook my head. "Thanks, but no, besides he'd only sees proper medical cases, he'd not be interested in helping me.
"Oh I think you'd be surprised." she smiled.
"Really?" I frowned at her. "Do you really think he could help me with my confidence?"
"I'm sure he could." She rummaged in her bag. "I tell you what, I'll give him a call and get him to meet you if you like?"
I hesitated for a moment, then made one of the most important decisions of my life, though I didn't know it at the time. "Yes, okay thanks."
Susan took out her mobile and after a quick call to Michael it was all set up, I was going to meet him at his consultation rooms at seven o'clock that evening, I was more nervous than ever!

I finished work at four thirty that day and rushed home, all the way on the bus I was thinking about what would happen later, would he probe into the darkest places of my mind, would he hypnotise me?
I got home and showered, then I tried to have something to eat but was too worked up, so had a coffee instead while trying to decide what to wear. I opted for smart trousers, a t-shirt and jacket, trousers seemed appropriate for laying on the therapists couch and talking about my problems.
The taxi arrived on the dot of seven and off I went clutching the piece of paper with Michael's address written on it, it didn't take very long and we soon pulled up outside number seven Magnolia drive. The taxi driver commented how fancy it looked, then flashed me a wink as I handed him the fare with a generous tip.

I stood on the pavement for a while and studied the house, it was an Edwardian terrace, full of character with stone steps leading up to it. I was expecting to see some sort of plaque on the wall explaining it was a medical practitioners' residence, but instead it just looked like an ordinary house. I checked my piece of paper again thinking I might have made a mistake, but it was definitely correct.

After taking a calming breath I approached the front door and rang the bell, I was expecting a stranger to answer, maybe a secretary or nurse, so I was shocked when Michael opened the door.
"Amy!" He reached out his hand. "So nice to see you again, do come in."
"Thank you." I smiled timidly and took his hand, it was strong, but soft and warm. He led me into the hallway and I couldn't help admiring the decor. "This is gorgeous." I said quietly. And it was, the floor was polished grey marble, a wooden staircase swept up in front of me, and the walls were a deep shade of red adorned with numerous paintings set in elaborate gold frames. I couldn't help thinking all the rumours were true, therapists really did earn a fortune!

Michael led the way into a lavish sitting room, decorated in cream and beige it was very light and airy. I looked around for the typical psychiatrists couch but couldn't see one, then assumed it must be in another room, this was probably just a waiting room. But then I noticed other things, personal things, like photographs and a pair of slippers.
"Please, take a seat." Michael gestured towards the sofa and I sat down nervously. "Can I get you a drink, tea, coffee, or a glass of wine perhaps?"
I frowned at him, this is not what I was expecting at all. "Um... well I..." I was lost for words.
"It's okay." said Michael. He poured out two glasses of white wine and handed one to me. "This might help settle your nerves." he smiled.
I took the glass and clutched it tightly as my hands were shaking, I could also feel my face burning. "Sorry, this just isn't..."
"It's not what you were expecting is it?"
"Not really no." I gave a nervous laugh.
"Don't tell me, you were expecting consultation rooms, ladies in white tunics looking serious, and a psychiatrists couch in a dark room?"
"Yes, exactly!" I nodded
Michael smiled and nodded knowingly. "Everyone expects that when they come here, but the truth is this is my home, it just happens to be where I work as well." He sat down in the arm chair opposite. "I like to keep a relaxed atmosphere, I think it's better for my clients that way, a sort of home away from home so to speak."
I nodded took a sip of wine, it was delicious. "So you don't have any staff then?"
"Nope, just me, nice and simple is how I like it, plus I don't have the worry or aggro of staff and wages to deal with."
"That makes sense, if you can handle it all by yourself."
He grinned at me. "Well I've managed so far." he put his drink on the coffee table and sat back. "So did Susan tell you anything about my methods?"
"No, nothing at all. I just assumed it would be like you see on the TV, you know, laying on a couch telling you all about my problems while you wrote it all down."
"Well that would be the orthodox way of doing it yes." nodded Michael. "But I take a rather different approach to my clients."
I raised my eyebrows, intrigued. "Oh, do you?"
"Yes, I do."
I was sure I knew the answer would be hypnosis, but I had to ask. "So... what do you do to your clients?"
"I spank them." he said matter of factly.
I was stunned to say the least and couldn't believe he'd just said that, my eyes were wide now and I could feel my face turning crimson. "You... you... spank them?"
He nodded gently. "Yes, Amy, I spank them, and by the end of this first session I'll have spanked you too!"

My heart was racing, did he really just say that? I swallowed hard and tried to compose myself. Michael was as cool as a cucumber, he looked quite casually at me as if his comment was nothing out of the ordinary. What could I say? Maybe I should just run for the door? No, that would be silly, besides he couldn't do anything to me without my consent. Wait a minute, that made it sound as though I was willing to let him do it! I wasn't, was I?
"I um... I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding." I managed eventually. I placed my glass on the coffee table and stood up. "I didn't come here to be... well for anything like that."
"Oh I know what you came here for." Michael replied calmly. "You came here because you need help building your confidence, you want to take hold of your life, not be afraid to try new things and go for what you want."
I nodded, slightly surprised that he knew me so well. "Yes....yes that's right, but..."
He smiled knowingly and gestured for me to sit down again, I did so and took a deep breath.
Michael sat forward and dropped his gaze. "I've seen many people like you, Amy, they come to me for therapy and help, and every single one has doubted my technique, but every single one has gone away from here feeling better about themselves, some have even gone on to do things they never dreamed themselves capable of. Trust me, it works."
I thought for a moment, still struggling to take it all on board. "So, you... you know, you did that to Susan?"
He grinned and nodded. "Did it, and still am doing it, yes."
"Uh huh, in fact she was here on Sunday getting her bottom warmed.
I could feel my face burning again, I suddenly realised why she'd been so tentative every time she sat down on Monday. This was all so strange and hard to take in, but I was getting curious now. "So, how does it work, I mean, how do you.. well you know?"
I nodded. "Yes,that."
"You can't even bring yourself to say the word can you?"
I looked away from him, feeling even more shy and awkward. "Well, it's a bit embarrassing."
"It needn't be, in fact with my help you'll be so confident you'll be able to shout the word from the rooftops!"
Now he had my attention. "You really think so, I mean truly, you could help me just by..." I took a deep breath. "Just by smacking my bottom?"
"I promise you, within a few sessions I'll have you ready to rule the world."
I wasn't at all sure about this, part of me wanted to try it just to see if it really could help, but the other part wondered if Michael wasn't some sort of deviant who got off on smacking girls bottoms. Michael obviously sensed my reservations.
"Why don't you give Susan a call and ask her for yourself, now you know her secret I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you about it."
"Yeah thanks, that's a good idea, I will."
Michael stood up. "I'll give you some privacy, just shout when you're done okay?"
I nodded. "Okay thanks."
I waited for him to leave the room and close the door behind him, then I got out my mobile phone and dialled Susan's number. It didn't take long for her to confirm everything that Michael had told me, and by the time I'd hung up I'd made my decision. "I'm done now." I called. Michael soon came back into the room and closed to door again, he said nothing, but stood calmly in front of me and waited. I stared timidly up into his pale blue eyes. "I'd like to try it." I said quietly."I'd... I'd like you to spank me!"

Michael smiled at me, but it was a kind, reassuring smile. "Right then, the first thing I need you to do is sign a consent form." He went over to a side table and took a piece of paper from a drawer, then handed to me with a pen.
I studied it carefully. "This isn't giving you a free reign to do whatever you like to me is it?" I asked, half joking and half worried.
He laughed softly and his eyes sparkled. "No, not at all, it's just confirming that you gave me permission to touch you, I'm going to be smacking your bottom and it could be construed as sexual assault, so I need to cover myself against people who might see it as an excuse to sue me for millions of pounds."
"Has anyone ever done that?"
"Oh yes, one lady did, she said I'd sexually abused her, then the consent form which she had signed was brought out and she quickly dropped her law suit." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Just imagine if that had ever got to court, she'd have had fun explaining what I'd done to her!"
"And you wouldn't have been bothered by that?" I asked, frowning.
"No, why should I? I have no problem with what I do, it's therapy pure and simple, just like hypnosis or meditation, only a little more painful!" Now I laughed, and at the same time felt a huge release of tension. I signed the form and handed it back to Michael, then after placing it back in the drawer he came and reached his hand out to me. "Stand up." I took his hand and he pulled me effortlessly to my feet, crikey he was strong. He sat down on the middle of the sofa and stared up at me, still holding on firmly to my hand, suddenly I felt all shy and timid again. "Are you ready, Amy?"
My heart was racing again and I took a deep breath to try and calm myself. "As ready as I'll ever be." I replied quietly.
"Right then." He smiled. "Over my knee!" He tugged gently on my hand, but despite my intentions I instinctively pulled back, muttering a faint protest, but Michael simply took a firm grip on my upper arms and pulled me down across his knee so that my feet were on the floor and my upper body was resting on the sofa. He held me tightly and spoke softly to me. "I know this is all a bit scary, Amy, but that's the point, you'll feel stronger and braver if you can endure all this."
I lay there across his lap, my arms out in front of me and my face resting on the beige seat cushion. At this proximity I could see every detail in the weave of the sofas' fabric, I'd not noticed the pattern before as it was so subtle, but now I could see it clearly. It was almost like I was dreaming, laying there on Michaels' thighs as he held me tightly. I felt nervous, but also safe and secure somehow. He rubbed my back soothingly with his left hand, his right hand was still on my waist, but then I felt it move down until it was resting on my bottom. I immediately tensed up with anticipation, wondering when it would happen, then it came, the first smack!

Michael had slapped my right buttock, I'm not sure if I heard it first then felt it, or felt it first then heard it, but either way it made me flinch and clench my cheeks. It didn't hurt though, even through the thin fabric of my trousers, in fact it felt more like a pat, so I quickly relaxed, deciding this was no where near as bad a I'd anticipated. The next slap landed on my left cheek and was equally mild, I felt the tension drain out of me and Michael clearly sensed this too.
"See, it's not so bad is it?"
"No." I turned my head to look at him and found him smiling at me. "It's not like I thought it would be at all."
"Well, I am breaking you in gently, I wouldn't want to put you off before we've even started."
This had me a little worried, but I still felt safe across his knee. The next four smacks came quick quickly, alternating from left to right cheek and a little firmer than before, but still not painful.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yes, I'm fine thanks." I replied sincerely.
"Okay good, I'm going to up the pace a little now." And with that Michael gave me six,fast and firm smacks on my bottom that made me squirm and yelp, I suddenly wished I'd worn my jeans. He rubbed my bottom gently. "How did that feel?"
"They stung!" I said with a pout.
"Well that is the point of a spanking don't forget."
"Yeah I guess so, but I thought maybe they'd all be like the first ones."
He laughed loudly at my comment. "There wouldn't be much point in that now would there?"
I couldn't believe I'd said something so stupid. "No, no of course there wouldn't." I lay there for a while as Michael continued to caress my bottom. "Is it over now?" I asked.
"If you want it to be." he replied calmly. I was surprised by this. "But if you want it to work you need to trust me to know when it's over."
I looked back at him again and frowned. "I... I don't follow."
He dropped his gaze and looked serious. "I'll decide when you've been spanked enough, then I'll stop, but you need to trust me and do as I say."
I didn't hesitate. "I do trust you."
"Truly?" he angled his head to one side, clearly not convinced. "It has to be one hundred percent."
I nodded. "Yes, I trust you, don't ask me why or how but I do."
"Right, in that case stand up please." With his help I clambered to my feet, he pointed to the floor directly in front of him. "Stand there." I did as instructed, wondering what on earth was coming next. "Now, take off your trousers!"

I was in shock, my eyes were wide and my jaw dropped. "Take... my trousers off?"
"Uh huh." Michael nodded, he was totally serious.
"But... why?"
"Because I asked you to."
I swallowed hard, my heart was pounding and I was breathing so fast I thought I might hyperventilate."But... I..."
"You just said you trust me." He interrupted
"Yeah I know, but this is different."
"Because it is," I shook my head. "I can't take my trousers off, not in front of you!"
"Oh?" He frowned at me. "And why's that?"
"It's too... embarrassing, you seeing my... my panties." I was fidgeting awkwardly now, like a timid child.
Michael gazed up at me. "It won't embarrass me."
"Well I'll be embarrassed." I muttered.
"That's one of the reasons I want you to take them off." He replied calmly.
I stared at him, not knowing what to think. "Why do you want to embarrass me?"
"Because it will make you stronger and more confident."
I shook my head, not understanding what he meant.
He smiled now, sympathetically. "I need to take you outside of your comfort zone, Amy, getting you to do things that you don't like will help your confidence. Now, do you trust me or not?"
I didn't believe for a moment that taking off my trousers was going to improve my confidence, if anything it would make me feel even worse. But I did trust him. I reached around and undid the button on the side of my trousers, then I slowly lowered the zip and eased them down to my ankles.
"Good girl." He nodded, "Now take them off and place them on the chair over there.
I kicked off my shoes, then took off my trousers, folded them neatly and placed them on the armchair, then I turned to face him again but rested my hands over my pubic area. I was wearing white panties, but they were quite brief and sheer so left very little to the imagination. Why hadn't I worn proper knickers? I thought to myself.
"Hands by your sides please."
I chewed my lower lip nervously, but did as I was told and reluctantly placed my hands by my sides. I felt uncomfortable, but not as bad as I'd imagined I'd feel.
"That's better." He patted his lap again. "Now, back over my knee!" He took my arm and got me into position across his lap, then he rested his arms across my back again. "You're doing really well." He said softly. "It might not seem like it to you but you are."
I took a deep breath, not convinced but flattered by the compliment. "Can I ask you something?"
"Of course."
"Is this how you did it to Susan?"
"How I did what?"
I knew he was getting me to say the word. "How you spanked her?"
"Yes, just like this." He replied.
"Ohhh, I see." I suddenly imagined her laying here, with her panties on show, no wonder she hadn't mentioned any of it before!

"Ready for the next stage now?" he asked.
I nodded, my mind back in the moment again ."I guess so."
"Right then, I'm going to spank you again, but as you're not as well protected without your trousers I'm going to start with a dozen smacks." Without waiting for a response he began to smack me quite firmly, alternating between cheeks again. I was suddenly aware of how much protection my thin trousers had afforded me and couldn't help squirming a little, both cheeks were soon stinging, but it was soon over. "How was that?"
"It wasn't too bad." I told him, "It stings more of course but was bearable."
"Good, now I'm going to give you two dozen!"
I twisted my head around to look at him. "Two dozen?"
"Yep." He nodded, with that he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on my right cheek, I yelled out and looked ahead of me again, not wanting to watch as well as feel my bottom get roasted. Twenty four smacks was tough to endure, I was kicking my legs and squealing long before it was over ,but another sensation had added to my discomfort, and this one was something altogether more personal, I was becoming sexually aroused!

Michael rubbed and soothed my bottom. "Okay one more set." he said gently. "Then you can have a rest."
A rest before what? I wondered to myself.
"This one's going to be a bit longer, three dozen."
I started to tremble, I was about to protest when he said-
"I know it'll be hard to take, but you can do it."
I took a deep calming breath and nodded, then rested my head on my arms and closed my eyes. Michael's hand landed firmly on my left cheek, then my right, and continued at a fast pace, within moments my bottom was on fire, I almost lost count of the smacks and all I could hear were my squeals and the slapping sound. I kicked and struggled but Michael held me firmly in place, and when it was finally over I lay there panting and gasping while he rubbed my sore cheeks.
"See, I knew you could do it." He said as he levered me upright and sat me on the sofa next to him.
I half smiled but was still trembling, I was also uncomfortable as not only was my bottom sore, but I was aware of a dampness in the crotch of my panties. I'd heard of people being aroused by such things, but never dreamed it could happen to me, I only hoped Michael hadn't noticed anything. He handed me my glass of wine and I practically gulped it down. "Is it over now?" I asked hopefully.
He smiled at me. "Like I said, I'll tell you when it's over!"
"Right, sorry."
"How are you feeling now?"
"Better thanks." I smiled, but in truth I'd have felt much better if he'd told me it was over and I could go home.
"And how's your bottom?"
I gazed into my wine glass, unable to maintain eye contact."It's... a bit sore."
"That's what I like to hear."
I looked up at him, somewhat put out by that remark.
"Well, it's all part of the therapy don't forget."
All I could do was nod, so far none of this seemed very therapeutic, but I had promised to give it a chance. Little did I know what was coming next, but maybe that was just as well!
It was nice to have a break for a few minutes, even though I was sitting around in only my t-shirt and panties! I felt more at ease now, calmer and settled. We chatted about a few things as we sipped our wine, then Michael studied me thoughtfully.
"How are you feeling now?" he asked softly.
"Better thanks," I smiled. "Not so worked up anyway."
He nodded. "That's good." He took my glass and placed it along with his on the coffee table. "I'd like you to stand up please."
I frowned at him, feeling a little suspicious ,but did as he asked. He manoeuvered me until I was standing directly in front of him again, I automatically placed my hands by my sides and he seemed impressed by this. "You've done really well so far, but now I'm going to do something that you really won't like!" With that he placed his hands on either side of my hips and slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my panties. My heart leapt up into my throat and I grabbed his hands, preventing him from divesting me of what little modesty I had remaining.
He gazed up at me quite calmly. "Hands by your sides please."
I shook my head, now close to tears, but couldn't speak. My head was spinning and my heart racing, plus my legs felt like jelly.
"Hands by your sides please, Amy." he repeated firmly.
There was a long silence, we just stared each other in the eye, hardly blinking, then, ever so slowly, I let my hands slip away from his and placed them by my sides. I continued to look him in the eye as he slowly lowered my panties, the air was cool to the skin of my bottom and I shivered all over. I felt exposed and vulnerable, but was so aroused that my pubis suddenly felt huge and was tingling and throbbing.
Michael pulled my panties all the way down to my knees, then placed his hands gently but firmly on my hips and looked me in the eye. "You see? You thought you weren't brave, that you lacked courage and self assurance, yet you just let a man you hardly know pull your panties down and expose your most intimate areas!"
I took a deep breath and thought about this for a moment, then I smiled broadly at him and nodded. "Yeah, you're right!" Pride swelled deep within me, and suddenly my sense of embarrassment disappeared.
He patted my hips. "Right, young lady, time for another spanking!" Then he patted his lap. "Over you go!"
This time I didn't hesitate, I willingly placed myself across his lap and wriggled into position, I almost felt happy to be there, as if it was where I belonged.
Michael rested his arms across my back again, then began caressing my bare bottom and thighs, it felt so different now, all of my senses where heightened and alive. "Another reason for me taking off your panties is so I can see your bottom properly," he said. "I need to know if it's getting too sore so I can pace it out and prevent bruising your skin."
"Right, okay." My heart started to race with anticipation and I was breathing fast again, wondering how much he was going to spank me this time. I didn't have to wait long to find out, he took a grip on my waist then began to spank me at a steady, firm pace. He alternated between cheeks and within moments I was squirming and yelping on his lap, but after twelve smacks he stopped and soothed my stinging skin.
"Amazing what a difference a thin layer of cotton can make isn't it?"
"Yes... yes it is!" I gasped.
He laughed softly. "Well, not much more to go and it'll all be over."
That was music to my ears, but before I had time to relax he began spanking me again just as firmly as before. It was hard to believe his hand could sting so much, in fact I wondered how it didn't make his hand sore as well! Even though I was kicking and squealing I managed to count the smacks in my head, knowing how many were left helped me to cope and he soon reached twenty four and stopped. Once again he soothed and caressed my sore bottom, it felt nice as his soft hand rubbed over my cheeks and thighs and he spoke soft words of reassurance to me.
"You're doing really well you know, it shows how strong and brave you are!"
In truth I didn't feel all that brave, I just felt sore and disorientated, but determined to see it through.
"Right, last lot." He told me, I felt my heart lift at those words, thirty six smacks and it would all be over, I was actually keen for him to start, what a big mistake that was!

Without warning Michael raised his right thigh and lowered his left so my bottom was hoisted high into the air, my eyes widened at the sudden adjustment, realising my bottom was presented even more vulnerably to his firm hand, and his hand really was firm too. He spanked me harder and faster than before and within a dozen smacks my bottom was on fire, I squealed loudly and writhed over his lap as slap after firm slap rained down on me, but despite my protests he held me firmly and continued. I managed to count, but he passed the three dozen mark and kept going. Maybe I'd miscounted? Maybe he'd miscounted? Either way it all became too much and I reached back with my right hand to try and protect my burning cheeks.
Michael stopped spanking me. "Hand away please." he said firmly.
"No, it's too much." I squeaked.
"I'll decide when you've had enough remember, now hand away or I'll start all over again!"
"But... but you've gone over three dozen already." I informed him.
"Who said I was only going to give you three dozen?" he asked calmly.
"But... I thought that's what you were going to do, its what you did before." I was in tears now.
"And that is one of the biggest lessons you'll have learned today, things don't always go the way you expect them too, and you have to learn to adjust and deal with it!"
I was stunned, I felt so foolish and humiliated, I'd taken it for granted that he was only going to give me thirty six smacks, for all I knew he might give me a hundred, a thousand even.
"Move your hand please." He said again.
My mind was in turmoil, I wanted to get up and run, but I also wanted to find out just how brave I really was, to do that I had to trust him. It seemed like an eternity, but eventually I moved my hand around in front of me and resolved to keep it there until I was told it was finally over.
The spanking recommenced and so did my squirms and squeals, my bottom was so sore it felt like it was blistered and I yelled out for him to stop, but Michael simply tightened his grip and continued. Despite my resolve I instinctively reached around with my hand again, but this time Michael grabbed my wrist and held my hand out of the way without even breaking his spanking rhythm. I gasped and realised I really was at his mercy, it was an unnerving feeling and for the first time since arriving I couldn't help thinking this was the worst mistake I'd ever made in my whole life. It was hard to breath and fear consumed me, but just as it was getting unbearable Michael stopped abruptly, as if sensing I could take no more. My sense of relief was overwhelming and I promptly burst into tears.

I lay there limp and bedraggled for what seemed like hours, panting and sobbing as Michael smoothed my hair and rubbed my back. "It's all over now, sweetheart." he said gently as he handed me some tissues. "That a girl, just take it easy." As I got my breath back I felt something cool against my bottom, I strained my head to try and see what it was. "It's just some cooling lotion." said Michael, "This will make your bottom feel all better again in no time."
And it did too, he gently smoothed it over my bottom and the tops of my thighs as I lay there becoming calmer and more relaxed, he applied several layers and rubbed it well in, all the time talking to me and making sure I was all right.
"How does that feel?" He asked eventually.
"Hmm, much better." I sighed dreamily.
"Let me know when you feel ready to get up, okay? Just take your time."
"Okay, thank you."
I lay there for a while longer, enjoying the soothing caresses, then decided it was time to get up. "I'm ready now."
Michael helped me to my feet then stood up, he smiled proudly then wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him. "Well done. You should feel really proud of yourself, you're one brave young lady!"
"Am I?" I managed a smile.
"Oh yes," He gripped my shoulders and gazed down at me. "In fact I've never know anyone quite like you."
"How do you mean?" I frowned.
"Well put it this way, none of my clients have ever got as far as having their bottom bared during a first session, in fact most of them don't even get spanked!"
"Really?" I was surprised to say the least. "I assumed they all went through the same thing as I just did."
He laughed softly, "No, not at all, you're the first, so not only have you shown how brave you are, you've made my day too!"
I grinned. "Well maybe I should charge a fee!"
Michael raised his eyebrows."Uh, do you want another spanking, young lady?"
I giggled. "No thanks, I think I've had quite enough for one day."
"Well as long as you're sure." He smiled. "You should get dressed now. There's a bathroom just at the end of the hall if you want to freshen up?"
"Yes please." I felt myself blush, I'd forgotten I was naked from the waist down, I gazed around and eventually found my panties over by the arm chair, I hadn't even realised they'd come off while I was kicking and struggling. I picked them up along with my trousers, then headed out of the room. It was a pretty bathroom, cream walls with floral accents but not too feminine. My arousal was evident and I was glad to freshen up, then I splashed some cold water on my face and got dressed, taking great care as I pulled up my panties and trousers!

After generally tidying myself up I went back into the lounge and tentatively sat down next to Michael. "Feeling okay?" he asked me.
I nodded and smiled. "Yes thanks, actually I feel pretty good."
"I'm glad about that, it's not easy to know how a person is going to respond or feel after something like that, but I think it had a positive affect on you."
"Yes I think so too, it's hard to understand how but I know it did me good."
He laughed softly. "I've given up trying to understand it, I'm just glad you trusted me in the end, I know it can't have been easy."
"Well I must admit for a while there I had serious doubts, but I'm glad I trusted you too."
"Thank you, that's good to know." he picked up a large red diary from the coffee table, it hadn't been there earlier. "So, shall I pencil you in for your next session?"
I chewed my lower lip, not quite knowing what to say.
He opened the diary and flicked through the pages. "How about Friday, same time?"
I felt awkward, I didn't want to seem ungrateful but once was definitely enough for me. "Sorry but I um... well I'm not sure if I want to go through that sort of thing again."
Michael smiled reassuringly. "It's okay, I understand." He closed the diary and put it back on the coffee table. "You have my number if ever you need any more help."
"Yes I do, and thanks, I really appreciate that." I was sure I'd never need any more help of course, after all why would I ever want to put myself through anything like that again? But I didn't want to offend him. I glanced at the clock, it had gone nine. "I really ought to be going, I have work in the morning."
"Of course." He stood up and went to get my jacket, after helping me on with it he showed me to the door. "You take care of yourself, Amy, and feel free to get in touch any time."
I shook his hand. "Thanks, Michael, for everything." I kissed him on the cheek and made my way out into the cool night air. I strolled down the road, my mind full of everything that had happened that evening, it was like a dream and hard to believe it had really happened. I had been amazed by my own courage of course, but had no wish to repeat the experience no matter how much it had improved my confidence. As soon as I got home my curiosity got the better of me and I headed into the bedroom, I slipped off my trousers and panties and studied my bottom in the cheval mirror. It was bright red, with a few darker marks that looked like they might be bruises, but thanks to the soothing lotion it wasn't that painful. After having a quick bath I put on my pyjamas and slid into bed, within moments I was fast asleep.

I arrived at work the following morning with more confidence than I'd had in ages, even my colleagues picked up on it, including Susan of course. We didn't have a chance to discuss the previous nights events, but she kept winking at me all morning! Then at eleven thirty my boss, Mr Davies, called me into his office. I was a bit nervous as he hardly ever called me in to see him, I couldn't help thinking I'd done something wrong, and in my line of work that could be very costly. I tentatively knocked the door and entered his plush office, when I came out about half an hour later my head was spinning and I could hardly believe what had happened. Promotion? Me? It was a blur of information that I'd struggled to take in, he wanted me to become his legal secretary, he was sure I was cut out for it, but it would mean months of coursework and training, all of which would build up to a degree that would result in an amazing salary and exciting future prospects.
I was on cloud nine, immensely proud that he would choose me for such a role, but as I thought about it fear and a serious lack of self confidence soon overwhelmed me, there was no way I could handle all the pressure and responsibility. Or was there?
"I'm just off to grab a sandwich." I announced to Susan. Before she had a chance to respond I'd left the office and was heading for the small parking area at the back of our building. I checked no one was around, then took my mobile phone out of my bag and speed dialled a number and a man answered. "Hello, Michael?"
"Hello, Amy!"
I was surprised and impressed that he recognised my voice. "How are you?"
"I'm very well thank you, how are you?" His voice was strong and confident as always.
"Oh I'm fine thanks." I wasn't of course, in truth I was a bundle of nerves and felt so awkward, I'd been so sure I'd never call him again, and now I was actually talking to him I couldn't bring myself to ask the all important question. "I um, well I was just wondering... " My voice trailed off and I was inwardly cursing myself.
"Friday evening at seven thirty." He said calmly. "Don't be late!"
I smiled broadly, anyone would think he'd been expecting me to call. "Thank you, Michael." I replied sincerely. I hung up, happy in the knowledge I'd be able to go for my promotion, in fact I'd be able to do anything I wanted now I was getting therapy!