Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More Therapy!!

It had just started raining as the taxi pulled up, I got out and quickly paid the driver. Just then the heavens opened so I made a dash across the pavement and up the steps to the front door. I rang the bell and waited as the rain lashed down, within seconds I was dripping wet. As Michael opened the door he beamed a smile, then he saw the state I was in and immediately his face became apologetic.

"Oh, Amy, you poor thing, come on in."

I couldn't help smiling. "Hello, Michael. I think it's going to rain!"

"Oh you think?" He laughed and his face lit up. "It's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you too, how are you?"

"Oh I'm fine, honey, let me take your coat." He helped me out of my jacket and hung it up on the coat stand "So how are you?"

"Um, a bit soggy, but other than that I'm fine."

"I'll go get you a towel." Michael dashed off to his downstairs bathroom and returned moments later with a fluffy white towel. "Here you go."

"Thanks." I quickly set about drying my hair, my trousers were pretty wet too but I was sure they'd soon dry, his house was so lovely and warm.

"Come through to the kitchen and I'll put the kettle on, I'm sure you could do with a warm drink."

"Yes please, I can't believe how cold it's got, it was lovely earlier in the week."

"Well it is the summer don't forget, you should expect it to be cold and wet!"

I chuckled at that comment and followed Michael into his kitchen, I'd not been in there before and was taken aback by how lovely it was. There was an element of tradition with the wooden cupboards, copper pans and tiled floor, but the aga was modern, as was the dishwasher and other electrical appliances. The main colour was cream, but it was accented in a deep green that worked perfectly with the oak woodwork. "I love your kitchen!" I enthused."

"Oh, thank you." He looked around and although he tried to appear modest I could see the pride in his face. "It was hard work, but I'm pleased with the end result."

"I should think so too. I'd kill for a kitchen like this, I love cooking and entertaining but don't get the opportunity very often."

"Well, maybe you need to make the opportunity?"

I thought for a moment. "Yeah, I suppose you're right, I'd not thought of it that way."

"Well that's what I'm here for, to make you think." I watched him busy himself with a cafetiere.

There was a lovely view of the garden from the kitchen, and despite the rain I stood for a while admiring the flowers and trees, I also notice a huge pond. "It's so pretty."

"Thanks, I'd love to take the credit for it, but I have to admit I have a gardener who comes in two or three times a week to maintain it for me, the only thing I look after is the pond."

"Are there any fish in it?"

"Yep, quite a few, some of them are pretty big too. If it ever stops raining we can pop out and have a look if you like?"

I turned to look at him. "Yes please."

Michael gestured towards a kitchen chair. "Please, take a seat." He poured out our coffee's, then produced a plate of biscuits, I helped myself to a chocolate bourbon and nibbled it. "So, how have you been since Monday?" he asked.

I took a sip of coffee. "I've been really good thanks."

"That's good to hear. You know I didn't really know if you'd come."

"Neither did I, but after the week I've had I didn't know what else to do.


"Well as soon as I got offered that promotion I lost it, then there was the driving lessons and-"

"Woahh hold on there!" he interrupted.

"sorry, I was rambling wasn't I?"

"Just a bit." He smiled knowingly at me. "Okay, now start again and this time take it slow and tell me all about it!"

I let out a huge sigh. "Okay, well on Monday morning I went to work feeling really confident and ready for anything, but a while later my boss called me into his office and offered me a promotion to be his legal secretary. I wasn't sure if I'd be strong enough to cope with something like that, I mean it'll be really hard work. So I went straight away and phoned you."

"Okay." He nodded and sat back in his chair.

"Then I found out there'll be a lot of travelling involved but I'm going to qualify for a company car, so I need to learn to drive and the thought of that terrifies me!"

"Okay." He nodded again.

"And then I found out I'll have to do some courses which will mean having to stay away for a week or two at a time, and I got to the point where I wasn't sure even you could help me." Suddenly the drama of the week overwhelmed me and I started to cry, Michael immediately passed me some tissues and spoke softly to me.

"Okay, Amy, I want you to listen to me." I continued sniffing into my tissues. "Look at me," he said more firmly, I looked up into his eyes. "I can help you to deal with all this, trust me, it's not going to be easy, but I'll get you through it if you trust me and will do what I say?"

I nodded and wiped my eyes. "You really think I can do all this?"

"Yes," he smiled. "Now, finish your coffee and we'll get started. Okay?"

"Okay." I returned his smile and finished my coffee.

Once he was sure I'd composed myself Michael pushed his chair back. "Come here," he said firmly. I got up and nervously stood next to him, expecting him to put me across his lap, but instead he looked at his watch. "Right, Young lady, you've got thirty seconds to select an implement from this kitchen, whatever you choose will be used by me to spank your bottom. Your time starts now!"

I was confused and shook my head. "What, but I-"

"Twenty five seconds!"

I gazed around, feeling panicky, and looked for something suitable.

"Twenty seconds!"

I wandered around, trying to think straight.

"Fifteen seconds!"

I began opening draws, desperately looking.

"Ten seconds!"

Then I spotted a utensil jar on the worktop, I rushed over and pulled out a large wooden spoon.

"Five, four, three, two, one!"

By the time the thirty seconds was up I was standing in front of Michael clutching the wooden spoon, he gestured towards the table, so I placed it down then waited nervously, I had butterflies in my stomach and my legs were already trembling.

He stared up at me. "Shoes and trousers off please."

My eyes widened, he certainly wasn't hanging about this time. I struggled to speak. "C... couldn't I leave them on for now?"

"No, take them off."

I swallowed hard and shook my head.

He gave me a reprimanding look. "Do as you're told!"

I realised this was all part of my therapy so I reluctantly did as instructed, I slipped off my shoes, then with shaking hands I undid my trousers and let them side to the floor. After stepping out of them I picked them up and draped them over the back of my chair, I turned to face Michael and he raised his eyebrows, then patted his lap.

"Over my knee!"

I was breathing fast now, but knew this was all for my own good, so I eased myself across his lap. He got me into position and rested his arms across my back, then he gave me a sharp smack across my bottom with his hand.

"Ow!" I yelped.

"That was for arguing with me," he said sternly, you need to learn to follow instruction without question, otherwise you'll never get this promotion. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I squeaked.

"Good, now let's begin."

I gripped the chair rung and held my breath, waiting for the next stinging blow, I didn't have to wait long. His hand came down firmly on my right cheek, swiftly followed by a smack to my left cheek, then this was repeated until I'd had six smacks on each buttock. I gasped and squirmed but managed to handle it well.

Michael then caressed my bottom gently, before slipping his fingers into the waist band of my panties. "Time these were out of the way," he said calmly.

I took in a sharp breath as he eased my lacy panties down over my bottom and pulled them down to my knees, the air of the kitchen suddenly felt cold against my skin and I felt totally exposed and vulnerable. I wondered what was in store for me. I also wondered if my panties had a tell tale damp patch.

Michael tightened his grip around my waist, then began spanking me soundly, I kicked my legs and was soon bereft of my panties. I also squirmed across his lap and protested, but despite this his rhythm was steady and there was no getting away from his strong hand. I lost count of the smacks after fifty, and was relieved when at last he stopped. I was panting now and my bottom was stinging as he caressed my back and smoothed my hair. He then ran his hand gently over my bottom, then ran it down between my thighs. My eyes widened at this touch and for a second I felt nervous, then he gently eased my legs apart, just slightly.

"Good girl," he said softly.

I took in a few deep calming breaths, aware of a heat building in a far more personal place, then out of the corner of my eye I saw him pick up the wooden spoon and my heart began to race like crazy. The first smack from the wooden implement felt like a bee sting and I squealed out, a second smack was swiftly delivered so that both my cheeks were equally stinging. There was a pause, as though Michael was allowing the feeling to sink it, or maybe he was waiting for some sort of reaction from me, but instead I lay there waiting for him to continue, and he did. I knew Michael's hand hurt, but that was nothing compared to the wooden spoon, he spanked me fast and hard with it, covering my entire bottom and the tops of my thighs with stinging blows, I knew now why Michael had moved my legs slightly apart as the wooden spoon was aimed on my inner thighs. Within seconds my bottom was on fire and I was kicking and yelping madly. I could feel tears welling up and I instinctively reached back with my right hand to try to protect my stinging cheeks, the spanking abruptly stopped.

"Move your hand!" Michael instructed

"No, it's too much." I retorted as I rubbed my burning bottom.

"Move your hand or I'll move it for you," he said firmly, "You've got five seconds!"

"I can't handle any more."


I continued rubbing my bottom.


I wasn't going to give in.


My defiance was building.


I was determined not to give in.


I moved my hand back around in front of me again and lay there. I was resigned to my fate, and braced for the further onslaught of the dreadful wooden spoon when Michael patted my bottom.

"Up you get," he said gently.

I was puzzled and lay there until Michael began lifting me off his lap.

"Come on, Amy, up you get."

I struggled to my feet and immediately started rubbing my bottom.

"Hands by your side." he said, pulling my arms.

I stood there, naked from the waist down with my charms on view, but confusion meant I didn't care about my state of undress. Michael angled his head to one side, I knew he was waiting for me to say something.

"I... I don't understand," I said, tears suddenly flowing freely again, "did I... did I do something wrong?"

He frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you stopped and I.."

"That's because you'd passed the test," he interrupted. I shook my head and he smiled, laughing softly. "I'll explain in a moment, but firstly I want you to fetch the cold cream from over there." he pointed to a dresser and I saw the jar of cream, I retrieved it and handed it to him. "Right, now back over my knee and I'll take care of your red bottom!"

I eagerly laid myself back across his lap and relaxed while he applied the soothing cream to my sore skin, I couldn't help letting out little moans of pleasure as it cooled and eased the sting. His soft hands worked wonders rubbing it in, it was hard to believe those same hands could inflict pain. After about five minutes Michael helped me to my feet again.

"I'm sure you'd like to go and freshen up," he said as he handed me my panties.

I felt embarrassed, aware again of the wetness between my legs, I nodded but found it hard to look him in the eye.

He stroked my arm. "It's okay, Amy, I'm aware of the affect it can have on ladies."

He winked knowingly and I felt my face flush, but I couldn't help grinning. "And I thought it was just me." I picked up my trousers and shoes and headed out to the bathroom, after washing and dressing I went back into the kitchen to find Michael pouring out fresh coffee.

"All better?" he asked, smiling.

"Yes thanks, I needed that!" He gestured towards the chair and I immediately noted a thick padded cushion was now on the seat, I couldn't help laughing.

"I thought you might appreciate that!"

I tentatively sat down and took a few sips of coffee. "So, are you going to explain it all to me now? Only I'm really confused by what just happened.

Michael looked me deep in the eye. "Well, the first part was to see how you reacted under pressure, I gave you a set amount of time and rather than you just going to pieces or panicking you went straight to work on solving the problem."

I nodded, that all made sense.

"Then, when I reprimanded you for arguing you didn't retaliate or try to excuse your behaviour, you merely accepted it instead."

I nodded again.

"And for the last part I was able to remove your panties and part your legs without protest. I took you well outside your comfort zone and you handled it all extremely well, and, even when you'd reached your limit, you still did as you were told even though it went against everything your head was telling you. All of that shows courage and determination not to quit." He leaned forward. "I would say that means you'll cope brilliantly with all the challenges you have coming your way, wouldn't you?

The penny dropped, suddenly it all became clear and I smiled broadly. "Yeah," I nodded, "I think you're right. Thank you!"

"My pleasure, that's what I'm here for."

We finished our coffee and chatted for a while, it was almost nine o'clock when I decided it was time to make a move.

Michael walked me to the door. "Remember I'm here any time you need a bit more therapy."

"I know, and thanks," I thought for a moment. "I have a feeling I might need some more therapy before I gain my qualifications."

"Well if you do just give me a call," he smiled, "it's always a pleasure spanking your bottom."

I grinned and blushed furiously, then did something spontaneous and most out of character for me. "What are you doing Friday night?"


"Well, I was thinking of putting my cooking skills to good use and wondered if you'd like to join me?"

Michael beamed a smile. "I'd love to, thank you."

I returned his smile and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, then I headed out into the cool summer evening with a head full of happy thoughts and a sore bottom!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Markham Girls.

'story by Lori'

"Okay, Miss Briars, I'll be there. Thank you." I placed the telephone back on the receiver and took a deep, calming breath. I really couldn't believe this was happening! I called up the stairs. "Jenny, can you come here please?"
My eighteen year old daughter Jennifer, Jenny for short, came bouncing energetically down the stairs, she'd been home for about an hour and had changed out of her uniform and into cropped jeans and a red hoodie, the height of fashion of course and she looked adorable it it. "What's up, mum?"
I couldn't help frowning at her. "I've just had a phone call from the secretary of your school." Jennifer's face immediately turned red. "It seems they think you've been involved in bullying?"
She swallowed hard and began to fidget."It wasn't me exactly."
"Uh, what's that supposed to mean?"
"Well.. some of my friends were picking on this other girl because she was wearing really awful shoes."
"And did you join in?"
"No I didn't pick on her, mum."
She looked shiftily down at the floor."Well, I suppose I did join in a little bit."
I gave her an admonishing stare."Oh Jenny, I can't believe you'd do something like that!"
"I know, I'm really sorry mum, I just sort of got caught up in it."
I shook my head. "Well as a result of you 'just getting caught up in it' I have to go and see your year head tomorrow morning and try to sort it out!"
She looked at me wide eyed. "Mr Ryan?"
"Yes, Jenny, Mr Ryan." Just saying his name sent a shiver down my spine. "And God only knows how I'm going to convince him not to punish you."
Jennifer became tearful. "I really am sorry, mum, I never meant to cause any trouble. It was Paula again, you know what she's like for stirring things up"
My heart melted, I walked over to her and wrapped my arms tightly around her. "I know, sweetie." I kissed the top of her head. "Don't worry, I'll sort it out, everything will be okay."
I watched her go back upstairs and let out a huge sigh, I had tried to sound confident and reassuring, but deep inside I was a wreck.
Jenny was a sixth former at St Catherine's girls school and sixth form college, she was a happy student who did well in her studies, and was heading towards a very bright future, so she didn't want anything affecting her school records.
The school itself was a lovely old building set in spacious grounds, and had a reputation for hard work and discipline. Despite having modern technology like computers and scanners it was still old fashioned inside, numerous antique paintings adorned the wood panelled walls, ornate lamp lit the hallways, and apart from the carpeted staff rooms and studies, and the marble floor in the entrance hall, it had wooden floors throughout. Each classroom was much smaller than at modern schools, housing no more than twenty pupils, so the teacher to pupil ratio was outstanding, this of course led to better exam results and performance. All in all it was a brilliant school, I knew this only too well, as I had also been a student there.

My mind wondered back to when I was doing my A levels, it was 1985, I was one of John Ryan's pupils and I had a terrible crush on him. I worked hard at my studies, but was always doing things to try and get his attention, unfortunately for me this was seen as bad behaviour and one day, when I pushed him too far, he sent me to see my year head Miss Cathcart, that was a painful experience in more ways than one, and the memory of it had always haunted me, but until now I'd been able to push it to the back of my mind. Suddenly I was re-living it all over again and it made me sick to my stomach.
I just wished my husband William was there to help me deal with it,but he'd passed away eighteen months ago and since then I'd had to deal with everything. My eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Bill, I really need you right now."


That evening Jenny and I carried on as usual, after she'd done her homework we had dinner, and settled down in front of the television to watch our favourite soaps, then I put on a rom-com DVD and we shared a huge bag of Maltesers. Neither of us said very much, and the chocolates lasted a lot longer than usual, but I tried not to let my anxiety about the following morning affect things for Jennifer's sake. She was my pride and joy and I'd do anything to protect her, even if it meant crawling to John Ryan, but the thought of that made my stomach do somersaults!!

Before she went to bed I asked her. "You okay honey?"
"Yeah, a bit worried I guess." she shrugged.
"Well try and get some sleep," I smoothed her hair, "I'll be coming in with you in the morning and hopefully I'll soon get it all sorted out with Mr Ryan."
"Okay, thanks, mum." she kissed me on the cheek. "Night."
"Night, sweet pea." I watched her go and hoped she would have a night full of sweet dreams, but I knew I'd be lucky to get a wink of sleep. My stomach did another somersault, so I busied myself tidying up and dusting, anything to keep my mind off tomorrow morning.

I eventually went to bed, but tossed and turned all night. Every time I closed my eyes I had visions of wooden desks and blackboards, then the image of an old fashioned room flashed before me, it was small with wooden panelling on the walls, a huge fireplace with paintings above it, red carpet on the floor, a sofa, and an old armchair. Then suddenly, I sat bolt upright as the vision of a cane rushed towards me. I could even hear the swishing sound it made and my blood ran cold. Then I realised, the room in my vision was Miss Cathcart's room, the room where I was caned!

I tried to get the memory out of my mind, I told myself that even if John Ryan used the same room it wouldn't look anything like that, but still it plagued me all night.

I got up at six am and went through my wardrobe, trying to focus on what to wear, I chose my outfit then headed into the bathroom hoping a long soak would help me relax. While the bath was filling I took off my silk pyjamas and placed them in the laundry hamper, I then chose a lavender bath creme from my collection and added it to the water, watching as the bubbles formed and swirled around. Lavender was relaxing so maybe it would help me, I certainly needed something right now. Once the bath was full I turned off the taps and slid into the water, it was heavenly as the hot soapy water rose up over me, I was enveloped in the relaxing scent and for a moment felt quite calm, then thoughts came flooding back and I began to feel anxious again. I spent about twenty minutes washing, exfoliating and where necessary shaving until I was scrubbed and preened, I then allowed myself a few moments to lay back and enjoy the warmth, but before long I was out and drying myself. I wrapped my hair in a towel, put on a robe and went down to the kitchen to make myself a much needed coffee, it wasn't long before Jenny sloped in, all bleary eyed and yawning. I went over and gave her a hug. "Did you sleep okay sweet pea?"
"Yeah, not too bad thanks. How about you?"
"Yeah slept like a log." I lied, hoping the dark circles weren't too much of a give away. "What do you fancy for breakfast?"
"Oh um, just toast please, have we got any honey?"
I smiled at her. Jenny loved honey, we always joked she was like Winnie the Pooh and we always had at least two jars in the cupboard. "When do we ever not have any honey for your breakfast?"
She smiled back. "Okay, good point." I turned to get the bread and felt arms around my waist, I turned to face my beautiful daughter and could see the worry in her eyes, I smoothed her hair. "Everything'll be okay you know."
"I know." Her eyes started to water. "I.. I love you,Mum."
I smiled and choked back the tears. "I love you too sweetheart, now sit yourself down and I'll sort out your breakfast, then we'll have to get going."
I made Jenny some toast and honey, and sat with her while she ate, all I could manage was a coffee and that was with some difficulty as my heart was in my throat. We quickly did the washing up, then headed upstairs to get dressed. After drying and fixing my hair I double checked my clothes to make sure they were spotless and perfectly pressed, then put them on. I'd chosen matching white bra and panties, one of my favourite sets with sheer material and a lace trim, then smart black trousers, a white blouse and smart black court shoes, this was finished off with some gold earrings and my black leather jacket and bag. I studied myself in the mirror and felt quite pleased with myself. I might be forty three, but I still had a good figure, and I was definitely going to make a good impression on Mr Ryan. I wanted him to know I meant business and was a woman to be taken seriously, and looking like this I didn't think I could fail. I just wished my confidence matched my outfit!
As soon as we were both ready we headed out to the car, it was a twenty minute drive to Jenny's school, but this morning it seemed like a thousand miles, I put the radio on to try and break the tension. I would normally drop her at the gate, but this morning I drove on though and up the long driveway. The school was set in pretty grounds and the flowers and trees gave a warm welcome, but this did little to lighten the mood in the car as we approached the building, I'd always thought of the school as attractive, but this morning it seemed to loom before me like a great foreboding temple of doom!
I parked the car in one of the visitors spaces and turned to look at Jenny. "You okay?"
"Uh huh." she replied. "I hope, well you know."
"Yeah, I know." I nodded. "Don't worry, I can handle Mr Ryan, you just go and see your friends and have a good day."
"Okay, mum, thanks."
"I'll pick you up usual time."
"But, what if he-?"
"We'll cross that bridge if we come to it." I interrupted. "Let's be positive!" I caressed her cheek and smiled reassuringly at her.
She smiled at me. "Right, girl power!"
I laughed. "Yes, girl power."
We both got out of the car and I gave Jenny a big hug before she dashed off to catch up with her friends, I then stared at the school before taking a deep calming breath and heading towards the entrance, but as I stepped inside more memories came flooding back, I suddenly felt like I was eighteen again.
It wasn't as though I hadn't been in the school recently, I was there quite a lot for parent teacher evenings, presentations, plays and music evenings etc, in fact I'd been coming back to this school ever since we'd enrolled Jenny when she was twelve, but after all those memories resurfaced last night it all felt so different somehow.
I walked across the marble floored hallway and knocked on the secretary's door, she soon opened it and gazed at me over the top of her spectacles. "Ohh, Mrs Markham. Do come in." she smiled.
"Thank you." I stepped inside her office. The school secretary, Miss Felicity Briars, was a kind, efficient, and well organised woman, she'd been the secretary for over thirty years so we knew each other well, I'd been to her many times when I had to hand in a sick note or permission slip. She ran the place light a well oiled ship and if there was something she didn't know about St Catherine's it wasn't worth knowing. Her office was immaculate with everything in it's proper place, though goodness knows how she could find anything as there were hundreds of lever arch files and cabinets in the room. Despite her stern looks she was a very caring and compassionate woman and hated any upset or controversy regarding the pupils, her 'little poppets' as she called them.
"Have a seat." she gestured to the chair nearest to me and I sat down. "I'm so glad you could come in at such short notice, I just hope this situation can be resolved quickly."
"Oh so do I." I frowned. "Can you tell me what happened yesterday?"
"I'm afraid I don't know any specific details other than what I told you on the phone, Mr Ryan just asked me to get in touch with you to arrange a meeting."
I sighed. "Right, I see." I gazed at the clock, it was eight forty five and my meeting was scheduled for nine. "Do I wait here then?"
"Yes dear," she smiled. "Mr Ryan will call down when he's ready to see you."
"Okay thank you." I nodded. Miss Briars was soon embroiled in more paperwork and phone calls, so I sat nervously and waited for the clock to tick around, it seemed to be hardly moving. Every time the phone rang my heart leapt out of my chest, there must have been a dozen false alarms, but eventually Miss Briars said. "Yes of course, I'll send her right up." and I knew my time had come.
"He's ready to see you know." she confirmed, "You know which room it is don't you?"
I shook my head. "I've never been to see him before so no."
"She gave me a sympathetic smile. "Its the room Miss Cathcart used to have."
A shudder went through me at the mention of her name. "Oh, well in that case I know exactly where it is!"

I left Miss Briars to her paperwork and made my way along the hall and up the sweeping wooden staircase, as I went I couldn't help thinking that all of the paintings on the wall were the same as when I was a pupil, I'd not noticed that up until now. After reaching the top of the second flight of stairs I turned right and made my way along a narrow corridor, at the far end was a solid wooden door, it seemed to be beckoning at me as I approached. The plaque on the door soon confirmed I was at the right place and I was about to knock, but my body didn't want to co-operate. I was just trying to calm myself down when the door suddenly swung open and there in front of me was the man himself. I hadn't seen him for a long time, and hadn't actually spoken to him since I was his student. I wondered if he would remember me?
He gave me a superior smile as he held out his hand. "Mrs Markham, thank you for coming, do come in."
"Thank you." I replied timidly. I shook his hand, noting how strong it felt. Then I stepped into the room and immediately felt faint with shock, it was exactly as I remembered it, every detail, the wood pannelling, the paintings on the wall, the two seater sofa and the armchair by the fireplace were all the same, it even had a red carpet although it was obviously fairly new. I gazed around in disbelief and felt a tingling in my bottom, I was totally stunned, this room hadn't altered since I'd been caned twenty five years ago.
I heard the door close behind me, then felt a hand in the small of my back which made me jump. "Please take a seat."
I sat down but was bolt upright, my heart was racing and I felt sick, but I took a deep breath and tried to hold it together. John Ryan was looking through some forms, presumably Jenny's school reports, and had a stern look on his face.
I studied him more closely, I'd had a crush on him all those years ago, and as I looked at him it was easy to see why, he was still very handsome. John Ryan was slim but muscular with strong looking arms and must have been about six foot tall. I noted his hair, it used to be much longer back then, but now it was much shorter but still jet black, his blue eyes still sparkled and his full lips looked more kissable than ever. Then I thought about what he was wearing, I'd been imagining him in a tweed suit with a loud tie, I couldn't have been more wrong as he had on black trousers and a black polo neck top, quite casual compared to what I was expecting. I was lost in thoughts and day dreams, but then he suddenly looked up at me and my heart leapt into my throat, I dreaded what he was about to say.
"Well, Mrs Markham, it seems to me that your daughter seriously lacks some discipline in her life!"
I was stunned, how cold he possibly justify saying that? "What?"
"According to these reports there have many incidents where her behaviour has been less that acceptable."
He'd got my hackles up now and all feelings of trepidation washed away, he was talking about my little girl and I wasn't about to take it lightly. "Such as when?"
"Well there was the incident yesterday when she was involved in bullying."
"Yes but-"
"And there was another incident last week when she failed to hand in an assignment on time."
"Oh now hang on a minute, she-"
"She was found to have her mobile phone switched on during a lesson."
I was still fuming from the accusations, let alone the fact he kept interrupting me. "Yes I know about that but-"
"Then there was the incident when she was late for registration."
That one took me off guard. "Late for registration?"
"Yes, Mrs Markham."
"When was this?"
He rifled through the papers. "Tuesday."
That was the day before yesterday, I wracked my brain, trying to think of what might have caused her to be late, but I came up with nothing. Suddenly timidity and fear swept through me again. "I.. I didn't know about that."
Mr Ryan raised his eyebrows. "And did you know she'd been answering back to some of her teachers?"
I swallowed hard. "No?"
"Hmmm." He sat back in his chair and pressed his fingers together, then stared at me. "Does Jennifer get any discipline at home?"
I felt totally intimidated, I shifted awkwardly in my seat and fiddled with the buttons on my jacket. "I um.. I punish her if I think it's appropriate, which isn't very often."
"And exactly what form do these punishments take, do you ever spank her?"
"No never, she either gets grounded, or I make her do extra chores. It depends what she's done. But she's usually such a good girl I don't need to punish her."
He smiled at me. "Well, it seems she's not as good a girl as you thought, doesn't it?"
I looked down at the floor, hardly knowing what to say.
"Perhaps if the circumstances allowed the same punishments as when you were a student, she'd behave better? After all, the cane certainly seemed to do you the world of good!"
I looked up at him and felt my face turn crimson, so he did remember me. I didn't know what to say, my heart began to race and my bottom was tingling.
"It must feel quite strange for you, being back in this room?"
I nodded. "Yes, it does."
"Well if I had my way Jennifer would be in here tasting the cane across her bottom too!"
My face was burning now, but I kept my composure. "I'd never agree to any such thing, not for my daughter."
He raised his eyebrows. "Under the circumstances I'd have thought it would be a much more appealing option."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, Mrs Markham, that you daughter is facing suspension."
I felt tears begin to well in my eyes and I shook my head. "No, no that can't happen, it'll ruin her chances."
"I'm not sure that there's much I can do to prevent that." He shrugged.
"But, surely you could punish her in some other way?"
"Well I was planning to give her a week of detention for being late, but after yesterday-"
"Please don't suspend her." I interrupted, "I promise I'll talk to her and make sure this doesn't happen again."
He screwed up his mouth. "And I can trust you to take her punishment into your own hands?"
"Yes of course." I nodded.
"So what do you plan to do?"
"Well, I'll ground her, and give her a good talking to, hopefully that will do the trick."
"I wish I could believe that." He leant forward and rested his elbows on he desk. "I'll forego the suspension on one condition."
"What's that?" I asked nervously.
"That you begin a regime of corporal punishments."
I shook my head. "I.. I couldn't do that."
He suddenly looked sympathetic. "Look, I know it can't have been easy for you since your husband passed away, but you really need to take control of this situation for Jennifer's sake."
"I thought I had." I became tearful and he handed me some tissues.
"She just needs some guidance and discipline to help her know her boundaries, I'm sure if you give it a try you'll find it very beneficial. Like I said it used to be very effective here before the law changed, now we have to rely on other punishments and hope the parents take matters seriously as well."
I thought about this for a while. "But, I don't even know how to, you know, spank her."
He smiled reassuringly at me. "Well there's one way of correcting that."
"I'll gladly give you a demo."
I shook my head. "No, I don't want you spanking my daughter."
"That's not what I meant."
"So what did you-?" Suddenly the penny dropped. "You mean?"
He nodded. "Yes, I mean I'll give you a spanking!"
My heart was in my throat, and it was going like a racehorse. I felt myself blush deeply and my bottom tingled, but I also had a strange tingling in my groin. "Oh I don't think-" My voice trailed off.
"Well it's up to you of course, but if you don't want Jennifer to be suspended than-"
"Okay, okay." I took a deep breath. "I'll.. I'll do it. I'll let you spank me."
There was a positive glint in his eye as he heard those words, and a strong tingling between my legs. As I watched him stand up my heart was hammering in my chest, and there were a million butterflies in my stomach. I must have been mad, but I had to do it for Jennifer.
"I think you've made a wise choice," he smiled. "after all, it'll be the best thing for your daughter, and we want her to have a prosperous future don't we?"
I nodded. "Yes..." I muttered, almost adding Sir!
Mr Ryan walked over to the sofa by the fire place and sat down, then he shifted position until he was sitting on he edge of it. "Come here please." he beckoned.
I swallowed hard then stood up, my legs were shaking and I could hardly put one foot in front of he other. I took off my jacket and draped it over the chair, then I walked over to him, but before I had a chance to think he'd grabbed my left wrist and pulled me down across his lap. I let out a gasp as I landed on his thighs, he tipped me so far forward that my face was only inches from the red carpet, and I placed my hands on the floor to steady myself.
"This is exactly how I expect you to deal with your unruly daughter!" he exclaimed, right before he landed a sharp smack across my bottom. It didn't really hurt that much, but my ego was already bruised by the indignity of it all. "You will teach her respect!" Another sharp smack. "You will make her work hard!" And another smack. "And above all you will make it clear that she will be disciplined every time she deserves it!" He then proceeded to land a fast volley of stinging smacks across my poor behind that had me squealing and squirming. By the time he stopped the carpet was a blur and I was out of breath, I lay there limp as he rubbed his hand over my bottom. "Is that understood, Elizabeth?"
He'd used my first name, suddenly I felt subservient and juvenile, I instinctively responded. "Yes, Sir."
"Good girl!" He patted my bottom. "Up you get."
I hastily scrambled to my feet, glad it was over and I could get out of here, I turned to walk away.
"Uh, just a minute, young lady, we haven't finished yet."
I turned and looked at him, wide eyed. "What... do you mean?"
"That was only the warm up."
I shook my head. "You're kidding me."
"No, I'm not!" His face confirmed he wasn't, he looked so stern I almost crumpled to my knees. I gazed down and and chewed my bottom lip. "Now, you need to realise that discipline isn't just about physical pain, humiliation is a big part of it too, to be effective the culprit must learn to obey and submit to authority. Do you understand that?"
I had to be honest. "No, not really Sir."
"Well, remember how you felt when you were caned? You were made to bend over the desk with your skirt raised."
I remembered only too well, it was embarrassing and humiliating to say the least. "Yes, I remember."
"Well that was just as much a part of your punishment as the actual caning."
I swallowed hard, knowing where this was leading.
"So I want you to take off your shoes please."
I frowned at him and slipped my shoes off.
"Now your trousers please."
I shook my head. "Oh no please, I understand what I have to do to Jennifer, you don't need to-"
"Take them off!" He demanded. "We had an agreement, I show you how to handle your daughter and she doesn't get suspended."
My instinct was to run, I'd go and find Jennifer then we'd get out of this school as quickly as possible and never come back, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.
I sighed deeply, then with shaky fingers I unzipped my trousers and slowly slipped out of them, I folded and placed them with my jacket, then turned around but couldn't look Mr Ryan in the eye. I folded my hands in front of me, wishing I'd worn more substantial panties rather than these sheer ones that left little to the imagination. My hands were placed to cover my modesty and I just hoped he'd get on with it.
"Look at me." He said a little more softly.
I eventually managed to look at him.
"That's better. Now, please take off your blouse."
I felt a shiver run though me and my face burned, he couldn't possibly be serious. "No." I replied firmly.
"I don't like having to ask twice."
"Well tough, I'm not taking my blouse off in front of you, what are you, some sort of pervert or something?"
"No, I'm a disciplinarian and this is to be done properly or not at all, now take if off."
His voice was firm but calm, but I was anything but calm and felt my legs begin to shake. It was all so surreal that I couldn't believe it was happening, but I wanted it to end so I reluctantly began to undo the buttons. I finally took off my blouse and placed it with my other things, then I turned to look at him. I tried to hold my head high but I felt so exposed wearing only my bra and panties, suddenly my breasts and labia felt huge, and I could swear my bottom was swelling to twice it's usual size, but the worse thing was the way my sex betrayed me, I didn't like it one bit, but I was getting aroused.
My heart was still racing so fast that I felt faint, Mr Ryan looked me up and down, but there was no real expression on his face, only that of a stern man.
"Turn around please."
I did as he asked, slowly, feeling extremely self conscious.
"Good, now, I'm going to put you back over my knee and spank you again, is that understood?"
I had such a strong tingling sensation in my sex at those words that I felt sure it was going to explode. John Ryan had always excited and aroused me as a teenager, but I really could have done without those feelings right now. "Yes, Sir, I understand." I muttered.
"Right then, get over my knee!"
I bent across his lap, and once I was draped there he manoeuvred me into the desired position, my face only inches away from the floor again, only this time he shifted his right leg higher so my bottom was pushed out and much more vulnerable to his firm hand. I felt so exposed and helpless, and I shuddered as I suddenly felt his hand on my bare back. He held me tightly in place and I stopped breathing, waiting for it to begin. "There are three reasons for making a naughty girl strip to her underwear." he explained calmly, "One is to cause her humiliation, another is to make the sting more effective, and the last is a practical one, if the bottom is covered the spanker can't see if they're having any effect, or indeed overdoing it and causing injury."
I had to admit there was a lot of sense in what he'd just said, but I wasn't about to tell him that!
"I hope you'll learn from this experience and take away all the lessons I've taught you today." He exclaimed, and with that he begin to soundly spank me.
The slaps alternated from one cheek to the other and back again, and then across both cheeks, but all were hard and stinging. It was unpredictable and relentless, and before long I was squirming and squealing uncontrollably. Despite my protests he continued, so I began reasoning with him, telling him I'd learnt my lesson and would do my best to deal with Jennifer, and to my surprise and relief he stopped. I took a deep breath, but then gasped as I felt him begin to unceremoniously pull my panties down.
"We'll have these out of the way!"
I reached back and cried out. "Noooo!" But within seconds my pretty, sheer panties were around my knees and I lay there, bare bottomed and stunned. I struggled to get up but he pulled me close to him and held me so tightly I felt scared of what was to come. I was right to be scared. The next few minutes were a blur, he began to soundly spank me again but this time it was on my bare bottom and thighs, it felt like I was on fire, I squealed and kicked but couldn't free myself from his vice like grip. John Ryan was roasting my poor defenceless behind and there was nothing I could do about it. Within moments he had me sobbing like a child.
I think the spanking had stopped long before I realised it, but by then I was in a dream state, I lay there, sobbing and struggling to breath, then something unexpected happened, Mr Ryan began gently caressing my bottom. He tenderly ran his hands down over each sore cheek, and then on down the backs of my thighs, it sent a shiver through me, but this time it was a pleasant one. As he brought his hands back up my thighs they slipped ever so slightly between them, I felt him brush lightly against my sex lips and arousal overwhelmed me. I could already feel the wetness and was sure it must have been evident from his viewpoint, maybe that was was why he was being so tender with me? He rubbed my back while continuing to caress my bottom, his hand slipped around and just brushed against the edge of my right breast, I felt my nipples harden at his touch and I gasped. I was actually starting to relax, enjoying the sensations that were building inside me, shamefully I wanted it to develop, I wanted him to touch me, hold me, kiss me and most of all, make love to me right there and then. I longed to feel him inside me, I began to fantasise all over again, just as I had all those years ago.
Then John Ryan broke the spell!
"Right then, Young lady, I think some corner time is in order for you!"
I felt like I'd been floored, corner time? He made me sound like an eight year old.
He patted my bottom. "Up you get." He helped me to my feet and my panties dropped down to my ankles. "Best take those off." he suggested bluntly. I stepped out of them and suddenly became aware of my nakedness, my hands flew to cover my pubis. "Hands on head please." I stared at him with a mixture of hatred and admiration, oh boy he was good at this. I reluctantly placed my hands on my head and felt completely exposed, my pubic mound almost eye level wuth him. "Thats better," he pointed to the far side of the room. "now I want you to go over to that corner and stand still, with your hands on your head, until I tell you to come out. Is that understood?"
This could not be happening to me, a forty three year old mother of one. But it was happening so I meekly obeyed. I wandered over to the corner wearing only my bra, my bottom stinging at every step, and faced the wall. My hands were resting on the top of my head and I felt totally humiliated. There was no way I'd put Jennifer through anything like this, but I wasn't about to tell John Ryan that.
I stared at the wood panelling, seeing every detail in the grain, then occasionally my eyes would flit up to look at the portrait hanging nearby, it was an old painting of a wealthy looking man, and his eyes seemed to be staring accusingly at me. I felt like I'd been standing there for hours when it had really only been a few minutes, my bottom burned and I fidgeted to try and ease it, but I could sense Mr Ryan staring at me. I didn't want any more punishment so I did my best to keep still, but this was made difficult by the fact my sex was also burning and desperately needed some attention! Oh how I longed to get out of his office and attend to my urgency.
My head buzzed and was full of thoughts and feelings.
How had all this happened?
Why had it all aroused me so much?
How much longer would he make me stand there?
Would he expect some sort of evidence that I'd chastised Jennifer?
And, more importantly, how easy would it be to persuade him to give me more lessons in the fine art of discipline?


Monday, 23 August 2010

Saddle Sore!

A story by Lori.

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon at the height of summer, not a cloud could be seen in the sky and apart from the gentle birdsong in the surrounding countryside it was peaceful and quiet, and peace and quiet were exactly what Paul Marston needed right now. He was an artist who specialised in fine watercolour paintings, fifty one years old, widowed but hopeful, and very accomplished in his field, so much so that his paintings often sold for thousands of pounds at the fine art gallery in London where he was now very well know for his talents. But Paul now had his work cut out, a buyer had just commissioned him to produce four exceptionally good paintings depicting the four season of the year and the deadline for completion was drawing near. The buyer was Martha Wilcox, a talented interior designer who had been snapped up by a very famous celebrity to completely decorate and furnish his swanky new flat in Chelsea. She was required to complete her lucrative project by the end of August which meant that Paul had only been given three weeks in which to complete all four paintings to the high standards expected of him. Despite his very best efforts Paul had only managed to produce spring, summer and autumn, and now he only had three days to come up with an exceptional depiction of winter.

Paul stood in his studio, actually it was a rather spacious and beautiful Georgian style conservatory which was attached to the back of his very spacious and beautiful, four bedroom detached house, but being an artist he preferred to refer to it as his studio. He stared gloomily at the foreboding blank canvas before him and let out a huge sigh. He'd had half a mind to try and convince Martha that it was a painting of heavy snowfall, but he soon shrugged off that idea as a lost cause. The trouble was it had been an uncommonly good summer, filled with delightfully sunny days, so there was no inspiration for him to paint anything remotely chilly. He gazed around for any source of inspiration, then suddenly it struck him, he went dashing up to his bedroom, took a small cardboard box from under the bed and began rummaging through it."There, got it!" he announced, before taking his prize back down to his studio. Once there he studied it closely, it was a Christmas card with a painted winter scene on the front, the perfect thing to inspire him!

Within a few hours Windsor and Newton watercolour paints had been blended and painstakingly applied to the canvas and a painting worthy of any top London gallery was well in progress, as usual it would be the finer detail that would take time and concentration, but that was no problem for a man as dedicated and diligent as Paul. He was a man of old fashioned values and he firmly believes that hard work and discipline will always be rewarded. He was just adding one such detail to a building on the left of his painting when BOOM BOOM BOOM! rang out in the air, Geoff jumped with the shock of it and promptly smudged a thick line of black paint right across his artwork.
"Oh damn and blast it!" he yelled over the noise of Duffy's latest top ten hit. He'd immediately realised that the terrible din was coming from the house next door, AGAIN!
After a rueful glance at his ruined painting Paul marched out of his conservatory and headed along the path at the side of his house, he soon reached the pavement and headed for the driveway of number five. By the time he'd walked the short distance to the front door his temper had increased, and so of course had the volume. He pounded on the front door but there was no answer, so he pounded again and still there was no response, obviously whoever was inside had no chance of hearing him so he tried the door handle, much to his surprise the door opened so he entered and looked around for any signs of the occupant. The house was owned by Derek Mathews, a hard working single dad who was as polite and welcoming as you could wish anyone to be, but his eighteen year old daughter Emily on the other hand was what could only be described as a wilful little minx. She was a charming enough girl, a well educated student at the local college, but was well known for getting her own way, she had her father wrapped around her little finger so whatever she wanted she got. Emily was also well known for playing her music unbearably loud when her father was out, and sure enough when Paul pushed open the door to the lounge he found her dancing around the room like some sort of demented lunatic. She was a slim, pretty girl with long blonde hair and a fair complexion, and at this moment was wearing a pale pink Nike leisure suit and white socks. Despite himself Paul couldn't help admiring her charm even though he was as angry as Hell.
After a few moments of shouting Emily was still quite oblivious of him so Paul stormed over to the Hi-Fi, he frantically searched for the off button, but in the end he resorted to pulling the plug out of the wall socket instead. Emily spun around stunned by the sudden silence, and soon became even more stunned to find her neighbour Mr Marston standing front of her.
"Mr...Marston. Oh God you really made me jump!" she blurted out at him.
He dropped his gaze. "Well perhaps if you hadn't had the volume turned up so high you would have heard me come in."
"Oh, right, I um, I'm sorry about that." She straightened out her clothes and tidied up her tousled hair as best she could. "Did you want my dad? Only he's not here, he won't be back for a couple of hours yet."
"No, Emily, considering your are the one who's been making all this terrible racket it's you I've come to see!"
"But Duffy isn't a racket, she's really cool."
"I don't care what temperature she is, Young Lady, you were making way too much noise, this is the third time I've had to come over and complain about it, and what's more you've ruined a very important artwork of mine."
Emily frowned at him. "I..I don't understand, Mr Marston, how did I do that?"
"By causing a terrible distraction which made me jump and spill paint across it."
"Oh indeed!" Paul folded his arms and gave her his most reprimanding stare. "So what else do you have to say for yourself?"
Emily chewed her top lip. "Um.... I'm sorry."
Paul could see from the glint in her eye that she wasn't at all sorry, in fact she looked as though she were about to giggle any second."Oh you will be sorry, Emily, as soon as your father gets home I'm going to tell him all about your appalling behaviour. You do realise there are rules around here about making too much noise and your father could get into a lot of trouble because of it?"
Suddenly Emily looked worried. "Oh, well I... I forgot about that. But please don't tell my dad what I did."
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't."
"Because, well because I'm sort of on a good behaviour bond at the moment."
Now it was Paul's turn to frown. "With the police?"
"No, with my dad."
Paul shook his head. "Well that's not my problem is it. Your dad needs to know what's been going on around here so I-"
"No please, Mr Marston you don't understand!" Emily interrupted, she moved towards him with her palms pressed tightly together in a begging motion. "The thing is, my dad promised me he'd buy me some more horse riding lessons, but only if I behave myself and don't get into any trouble, if he finds out about this then he won't let me have them and it'll take ages for me to save up the money to pay for them myself."
"Well you should have thought about that before you turned the volume up so high again shouldn't you?"
Emily suddenly looked crestfallen. "Yeah I suppose so." She sighed deeply then gazed into Paul's eyes. "Isn't there anything I could do to make it up to you, Mr Marston?"
"Anything what like?" asked Paul.
"Well, maybe I could clean your house, or wash your car? Please, Mr Marston I'll do anything, only please don't tell my dad. My riding instructor says I'm really good and could have a future in show jumping so I really need to have these lessons!"
Paul considered this for a moment, then he decided to take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime and do something he'd yearned to do for a very long time. "Well, Emily, I'm not sure if I trust you in my house, or anywhere near my car, but I do have an idea of how to punish you for your bad behaviour."
"Anything." beamed Emily.
"Very well then, what I suggest is that I give you a sound spanking."
Emily's jaw dropped and a deep crimson rose from her neck to her forehead, then she swallowed hard. "A.. a spanking?"
"Yes, I intend to put you over my knee and soundly spank your bare bottom, Emily."
"But... why would you want to do that?"
"Because, Young Lady, I firmly believe that a strong dose of good old fashioned discipline will benefit you enormously, and leaving a lasting impression on your bottom will remind you to behave better in future."
"But... you can't."
"Oh yes I can," replied Paul. "and unless you want me to tell you father what you've been up to that's exactly what I'm going to do." He angled his head to one side and waited for a response from the shocked and blushing teenager.
Emily swallowed hard again, her heart was racing now and she was starting to tremble. "But I... I've never been.. spanked before."
"Never?" frowned Paul. "I find that hard to believe."
"Because you're such a naughty young lady that's why."
She gazed down at the floor. "Well, I never have, and I don't want to be either."
"Well that's your choice, Emily. I'll just go home now and speak to your father later." Paul turned on his heels and headed for the door when-
He turned back around to face her again. "Yes?"
"I'll... I'll let you spank me, Mr Marston," Emily said tearfully. "only please don't tell anyone cos I'd die of embarrassment."
Paul walked up to Emily and placed his hand on her arm. "I have no intention of telling anyone, Emily, this would stay strictly between you and me and once it was over the matter would be forgotten. Do you understand that?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good girl."
"But.. I don't know what I have to do."
He smiled reassuringly at her. "Well I'll soon sort everything out, but I suggest you visit the bathroom first."
She frowned at him then realised what he meant and nodded. "Oh, okay." she said,and quickly left the room.

While he was waiting Paul fetched a straight backed wooden chair from the dining room and placed it the middle of the lounge, he made sure there was ample space all around it, then he took a few minutes to take in his surroundings. Among many other delightful things he noticed several family photographs on the wall, most of which showed Emily at different stages of her life. But the one he took the most notice of was the photograph of Emily and her late mother. Elizabeth Mathews had died from cancer when Emily was only seven years old, it had obviously had a devestating effect on the young girl and Paul couldn't help wondering if this is what had led to her being so unruly.
Just then Emily returned looking more terrified yet more beautiful then before, and Paul suddenly realised what a striking resemblance she had to her dear mother.
"All sorted?" Paul asked, somewhat sympathetically.
Emily nodded nervously.
"Best get it over with then eh?"
She took a deep breath. "Yeah okay."
Paul walked over to her and gently took her arm, he then led her to the chair and sat down. By now Emily was so nervous her heart was racing, and she felt sick from the butterflies in her stomach. She prayed that despite his obvious intention to go through with this, Mr Marston would take pity on her and let her off this time.
"Now as this is your first spanking I'm going to start things off slowly and build up to it. The first thing I need to do is get you into the correct position over my knee."
Now Emily knew her prayers were in vain.
Paul firmly guided her across his lap, then maneouvered her until she had her bottom presented uppermost. "I want you to place your palms flat on the ground and straighten your arms, and I want you to keep your toes on the floor."
Emily's heart was pounding now, she was finding it hard to breath and was on the verge of more tears. She placed her palms flat on the floor and managed to straighten out her arms, then she wriggled herself until her toes were touching the floor.
"Are you comfortable?"
Emily didn't understand the point of question. "Sorry?"
"Is this position comfortable for you?"
The question seemed ludacrous considering what was about to happen. "Does it...matter?" she asked with bewilderment.
"Yes,it matters a lot. If you're not comfortable then it will be a distraction from what's happening to your bottom."
"Oh." Emily understood completely now. "Yes I'm fairly comfortable, Sir!"
"Very good!" said Paul. He placed his left arm across her back and took a firm hold on her, then he gazed down at the young beauty stretched over his knee and smiled. She had a shapely figure, and obviously had a very spankable bottom. Her long blonde hair hung down almost to the floor and she seemed so vulnerable lying there that he almost felt sorry for her."Right,Emily," he said gently. "I'm going to spank you now." He felt her gasp and she writhed slightly. "I'm going to give you the first few smacks over your jogging pants, just as a sort of warm up, then I'm going to spank you over your knickers, then I shall be pulling down your knickers and spanking your bare bottom. Is that understood?"
There was a long pause as Emily caught her breath. "Yes, Sir." she said eventually.
"Very well then." Paul gazed down at his target, then did something he'd only ever dreamed of, he raised his right hand and brought it sharply down on Emilys right bottom cheek. Slap!
"Ow!" Emily yelped and began wriggling.
Paul smacked her left cheek with the same force.
"Ow!" She wriggled even more.
"Ouch. Oh no that hurts!" she whined.
Paul paused for a moment. "That's the whole point, Young Lady, it's supposed to hurt otherwise it won't do you any good.
"But I didn't think it would hurt that much!"
"My dear girl this is just the warm up, I haven't even begun the proper spanking yet."
Suddenly Emily struggled up off Paul's lap and stood in front of him. "I...I've changed my mind. I don't want you to spank me any more." She gave him her most pleading expression in the hope he would be lenient.
"That's all right," shrugged Paul. "I won't spank you any more if that's what you want?"
Emily nodded gratefully.
"I'll just have to go back to my original plan and tell your father what you did."
She let out a huge sigh of defeat, then promptly started to cry. "Please don't tell him, Mr Marston. Please."
"Well you know the alternative, Emily, it's one or the other, you decide." He waited patiently for her to mull it over.
There was a long silence as Emily considered her options. "My dad musn't find out." she muttered quietly.
Paul smiled knowingly and patted his lap. "Well then I suggest you get back over my knee and let me finish what I started."

Emily stood there for a moment, then nodded and submissively lay back over his knee again. Seconds later Paul had got her back into position and the spanking resumed with the same effort as before, but this time Emily kept her protests much quieter. After twenty or so firm slaps Paul eased down her jogging pants to reveal the prettiest pair of white, frilly knickers he'd ever seen, Emily gave a little cry of defiance, but soon accepted her fate, and so Paul continued to spank her now scantily clad cheeks. He soon discovered that Emily was a joy to spank, her bottom was as round and peachy as he'd imagined, and it coloured readily with each new smack. The white of her knickers made a wonderful contrast to the pink shade that her cheeks were now turning, and despite her earlier dramatics Emily was taking her spanking well. She squirmed and writhed over Paul's knee, but that only reinforced the fact that his spanking was having the desired affect on her, plus it made her cheeks wobble even more when she wriggled. He gave her several dozen smacks, but then the magical moment finally arrived, it was time to pull down Emily's knickers and spank her on the bare.
Paul gripped Emily more tightly as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her frilly knickers, she gave a little squeak of protest but despite this he slid them down over her plump cheeks, then eased them on down to her knees. He gazed down at the sight before him and could hardly believe his eyes, her bottom looked more perfect than ever now, and he resumed the spanking with even more pleasure than before.

Within moments Emily was praying that Paul would stop, her bottom stung terribly and she felt totally humiliated, but she realised this was far better than the alternative of her father finding out, at least that's what she thought until the spanking got even harder.
"Oh please stop, Mr Marston. Please!"
Paul paused briefly, but only to give her an explanation. "I'm not going to stop until I think you've learned your lesson."
"But I have, I swear I have!"
"No, I don't think you have, Young Lady, but you soon will, believe me!"
Despite her renewed protests Paul continued to roast poor Emily's tender cheeks with even more vigour and she writhed and squirmed desperately, finally she could stand it no longer and couldn't help reaching around with her right hand to try and protect her bottom from the relentless onslaught. But sadly for Emily it did no good at all, Paul simply grasped her wrist and held her in a tight armlock while he continued to give the teenager her first sound spanking of her young life.

Finally her ordeal was over and the spanking ended, neither of them had bothered to count exactly how many smacks Emily had recieved, but Paul guessed it must have been well over two hundred. Her bottom was now a deep shade of crimson and Paul was sure she would find it uncomfortable to sit down for at least the next two or three days.
Emily Mathews had just been taught a lesson she would never forget!
After pulling her knickers back into place Paul patted Emily's bottom and told her she could get up, then he helped her to her feet and pulled her jogging pants up too. He looked up at her and could now see that her face was almost as red as her bottom, tears rolled down her face and she was trembling like a leaf. She looked thoroughly chastised and now Paul did the only proper thing he could, he stood up, wrapped his arms around her, and hugged her with as much affection that a father would show his daugther.
"You did really well," said Paul. "You took your spanking with a lot of courage and you should be proud of yourself."
Emily nodded and sniffled as she clung tightly to Paul, then she drew in a deep calming breath and finally managed to speak. "Th.. thank... you... Mr Marston, I.. really deserved that, and... I know it'll... do me good."
"Yes, Emily, I think it will." Paul smoothed back her hair and tenderly kissed her forehead. "It's something that should have been done a long time ago, but now it's over we can forget about what happened and put it behind us. Hopefully we can be friends too?"
"Yes I'd... like that." Emily smiled up at him. "I promise I'll try to be good from now on."
"Well I should hope so too!" laughed Paul. "otherwise you'll find yourself over my knee again."
She laughed softly. "Hmmm, well it'll serve me right then won't it." She thought for a moment then added. "I wish my dad had shown me this much attention."
Paul frowned at her. "What do you mean, Sweetheart?"
"Having a hug and stuff."
Suddenly the penny dropped. "You've been doing all this because you're unhappy haven't you!"
"Yeah." She wiped her eyes. "Ever since mum died dad's been so busy trying to make me happy that he forgets I need a cuddle sometimes. And lately he's hardly been around when I've needed him."
"Well, have you tried talking to him about it?"
"No, not really."
"I think it's time you did."
"I'm not sure if he'll understand though."
"He's your dad, Emily and he loves you very much, of course he'll understand."
"You really think so, Mr Marston?"
"Yes I do, and from now on I want you to call me Paul."
Emily's face beamed."Okay, Paul. Thank you."
"You're very welcome, Sweetheart." Paul suddenly noticed the time on the mantel clock. "Speaking of your dad, he'll be home soon so I'd better go and let you tidy yourself up a bit."
"Yeah okay."
"And if ever you need a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on, you know where I am. You got that?"
"Yeah, I've got that. Thank you, Paul.
"My pleasure, Emily."
There was another tight hug, then Paul headed home again.

Once he was back in his studio Paul sat down and thought about what had just happened, despite being angry and relishing the excuse to give the little minx the sound spanking she deserved he couldn't help feeling sorry for her, she was obviously unhappy and all she wanted was to be shown some love and affection. Maybe he was wrong to be so severe with her, but then it had made her admit her feelings, and better than that it had brought them both together as friends. Paul took a deep breath then looked over at his painting, when he'd left the house earlier he'd firmly believed his painting was completely ruined, but looking at it again he could see that with a bit of tweaking and the inclusion of a large tree in the foreground the painting would be exceptional enough even for Martha's high standards.
He smiled broadly to himself, then picked up his paint pallette and got to work creating a pure masterpiece.

As soon as Paul had left Emily had gone upstairs to her bedroom, she was naturally curious about the state of her bottom and wanted to inspect it in the full length mirror, it was a deep red colour and sore to the touch, she knew she wouldn't be able to sit down for days, but somehow she felt proud of it. She had a shower and dried herself off, taking great care with her delicate and tender rear end, then she got dressed and went downstairs just as her father came in the front door carrying a huge bunch of flowers.
"Wow, who are those from?" asked Emily as she rushed over to take a closer look.
"They're from me."
"Oh, well who are they for then, dad?"
Derek smiled broadly at her. "They're for you, Honey."
Emily was stunned."Me? But... why,dad?"
"Because I've been neglecting you lately. I haven't been around much and I just wanted to say I'm sorry."
Emily immediately burst into tears so her dad quickly put the flowers down and wrapped his arms around his precious daughter.
"It's okay, Honey,don't cry."
She sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I can't help it, I... I didn't think you'd realised."
"Well I hadn't until today, but I got talking to one of my mates at work about his little girl and it suddenly dawned on me that I haven't been there for you lately. But all that's going to change now, I'm going to spend more time with you and be there for you when you need me."
Emily smiled up at him. "Thanks,dad. I love you."
"I love you too, Em'!"
Derek affectionately kissed her forehead and she thought about Paul.
"Oh by the way." said Derek. "I've booked you those riding lessons."
Emily let out a loud squeal of delight, but as she jumped up and down with excitelent she was quickly reminded of having a very sore and tender bottom.
"I take it you're pleased then." he grinned.
She tried to hide her discomfort. "Ooh yes, dad. Thank you so much."
"You're welcome, Em'. After all you've earned them for being so good."
Emily suddenly felt guilty about the appalling behaviour that had resulted in her receiving a soundly spanked bare bottom, then an awful thought suddenly occured to her, sitting on a horse would be very painful right now. "So um... when do I start?" she asked nervously.
Derek smiled proudly at her. "Well I knew you'd be keen to get straight to it, so you're first lesson's booked in for this evening!"

The Sore End!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Highly recommended!

Hi spanking fans.

By now you know about my enthusiasm for a site called spankingtube,well there's a new user on there who's videos are well worth checking out. 'Christopher' has uploaded 3 clips so far,and they all include fabulous over the knee action of him spanking a lovely,but very naughty lady called Ella,he includes fantastic dialogue all the way through,lecturing Ella and explaining why she is getting spanked while his firm hand lands on her cute bottom. He spanks hard and long,with one clip being almost 18 minutes in duration,that's a lot of spanking!
In my opinion these are some of the best spanking clips I've ever seen,so please do check them out using the link and leave him a comment!

Happy spanking,Lori xx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Highly recommended!

To all those spanking enthusiasts out there,I'd just like to recommend you checking out a website called 'spankingtube' it's crammed full of free clips of all types,from good old fashioned over the knee spankings,to canings and bondage.With M/f F/m F/f and M/m it has something for everyone.For members of 'spankingtube' I've posted a link to one of my favourite contributors,a spankee called Mercury,her videos are most enjoyable and well worth a look! I've posted a link for non members too,it's totally free to join so go check it out!!

I was intrigued to know more and Mercury was kind enough to answer my questions:-

I asked-I'm a huge spanking fan and really love your vids,and I just wondered,how do you feel before during and after your spankings? Do you get nervous or excited? Have you ever felt put off because a spanking was so hard,like this one with the hairbrush? Or do you just crave more?! :)

Mercury replied-Wow! Interesting questions. Before a spanking, I'm always nervous AND excited... usually I can't wait to get started! I can't wait for the first spank to make contact... somehow the first is very nerve-wracking, because I don't know where it will land and how hard it will be... Once in a rare while, I get put off by a spanking, and it usually happens when he's using hairbrushes or paddles. They really really hurt me - it's an intense kind of highly focused pain which I find almost unbearable ;). Mostly I can't wait for that kind of spanking to end, or for him to switch back to using his hand, which I like very much. With a belt or strap, however, I just want the spanking to go on and on... anything leather is alright with me. :)

Thanks Mercury,you're a spanking star! xxx

Happy spankings,Lori xx

A welcome contribution!


Other readers can’t have failed to notice that children these days take a surprisingly long time to fly the nest. Many students still live with their parents, and continue to do so after they start work. Sadly, having a child who is old enough to vote brings no guarantee of good behaviour! The wise father continues to provide the precious gift of discipline, as and when necessary. I myself have two girls, aged 19 and 21, still under my roof, and I am only too happy to give others the benefit of my experience.

Never forget the old saying: Wise men nor fools can work without tools. A good slipper is essential. I don’t recommend using one of the slippers you wear every day. You should keep another slipper for this purpose alone - your spanking slipper. A cheap imported slipper is unlikely to prove satisfactory. If funds permit, buy a quality slipper of sound construction, with a good, broad, supple sole. Buy the largest size you can get - at least a size 12, preferably a size 16. Hang the slipper on a hook in a prominent position in your home. It will serve as a constant reminder of the high standards you expect.

When it becomes necessary to administer punishment, there may be a certain reluctance on the part of the recipient. The older child is very good at coming up with reasons why they should not be punished, I’m too old now. I won’t do it again. Not in front of my friends. But you’ve punished me twice already this week. I always turn a deaf ear to such protests. I look the girl squarely in the eye, and in a firm, level tone I give her the first of the three commands:

“Fetch the slipper!”

At that point she realises that further protest is futile, and she leaves my study with her tail between her legs. By the time she returns with the slipper, she is a different girl altogether - quiet, respectful, subdued. There may be a pleading look in her eyes, but I ignore it, naturally. I never rush things. If I’m writing a letter at the time, I finish it first. If I’m reading a book, I continue to the end of the chapter. Standing there with the slipper in her hand, she has a wonderful opportunity to think about what she has done, and to anticipate the punishment to come.

In due course, I take the slipper from her, and give her the second of the three commands:

“Get ready!”

At this point, shoes are removed, along with certain other items of clothing. The rule is a simple one. Any garment which would, or could, impede the slipper’s approach must be discarded forthwith. And it matters not a jot what those garments may be. Jackets or jumpers, trousers or skirts, jeans or tights, nighties or pyjamas - all alike must be shed swiftly and efficiently, folded neatly, and placed on the small chair provided.

Even though you’re her father, the older child may be surprisingly reluctant to bare her bottom for punishment. In such cases the best policy is to apply the slipper to the seat of the knickers, adding a few extra strokes to compensate.
Once again, there is no need whatsoever for unseemly haste. Once she is stripped to her pants, the miscreant must stand to attention before me, with her face to the wall and her hands on her head. However long it takes, she must wait silently and patiently until I feel ready to give her that special form of fatherly attention which she is so badly in need of. Even at this late stage, she may attempt to gain my sympathy by crying, trembling or other ruses, but I pay her no heed. Only when I feel fully prepared for the arduous duty which lies ahead of me, do I give her the third and final command:

“Bend over!”

She knows what she must do, of course. She walks up to my leather armchair, and by bending over the back of it, she assumes a posture which will allow the punishment to be administered efficaciously. The importance of a good punishment position cannot be over-stated - the legs straight and slightly parted, the shoulders lower than the hips, the arms stretched out in front, the head hanging down submissively. Of all the parts of the body, the bottom should now be uppermost, with the buttocks presented unclenched for slippering.

It’s important to grip your slipper firmly. I recommend making a few practice strokes to re-familiarise yourself with its aerodynamic characteristics. I usually place the first stroke across the centre of the girl’s bottom. Don’t rush, take your time and aim the slipper carefully. Then, keeping your eye on the target, raise the slipper slowly and smoothly over your shoulder. Still keeping your eye on the target, apply the slipper in one smooth, swift movement. With the correct arm and shoulder action, it will acquire considerable velocity before making contact. The sole should strike firmly and squarely across both buttocks, making a loud and satisfying “thwack“. Allow time for its effects to be fully appreciated, then repeat.

As the punishment progresses, make sure you achieve a thorough coverage of the entire bottom, paying particular attention to the lower areas. With an older child, there is more to cover, of course, that is why the larger size of slipper is such a boon. There can be no hard and fast rules as to what is the “correct” number of strokes. The only sensible approach to play it by ear. On no account should the punishment end before there is convincing evidence of a deep and heartfelt repentance. Afterwards, I expect the miscreant to thank me sincerely, then she is allowed to replace her clothes and return the slipper to its hook.

I realise some readers may feel uncertain about disciplining an older child with a slipper as I have described. It isn’t an easy task, obviously, but the reward is well worth the effort. I can’t guarantee that their behaviour will improve, but they will certainly be a lot more motivated to find a place of their own!

Yours,Alan Barr.


Alan Barr’s interest in spanking goes right back to very early childhood - in fact, he can’t remember a time when he wasn't interested. Back in the early 1960’s, corporal punishment was commonplace - even his weekly copy of the Beano was full of it. A number of other childhood experiences also fired his imagination. Aged nine or ten, he watched one of his classmates being soundly spanked over a desk by the headmaster. Though this was clearly intended to be an unpleasant experience, and to serve as a deterrent to the children who witnessed it, there was something strongly appealing about it too. Alan developed a strong desire to be spanked himself, but unfortunately for him he was an exceedingly timid and law-abiding child. In all the time he was growing up, it happened just once (face-down on his bed with a slipper - in case you were wondering.) The secret feelings continued into adult life, but it wasn’t until Alan was well into his thirties that he felt brave enough to share them with someone else. After that, he was finally able to turn fantasy into reality, and enjoy spanking (and being spanked) on a regular basis. And boy, did he enjoy it! This took place mostly in the context of a loving relationship. There was just one occasion when he sought help from a professional female disciplinarian. After confessing to a serious misdemeanour he’d got away with in his youth (he followed a group of sixth-form girls up a flight of stairs so he could look up their skirts) he was caned for the first time in his life - at the grand old age of 48. A fortnight later, the marks of the cane were still clearly visible, but Alan would be the first to admit that the punishment was well-deserved and long overdue - and he’s treated women with a lot more respect ever since! Nowadays, his main interest is in writing short stories about spanking. He draws heavily on his own feelings and experiences as a child and an adult, and prefers not to make the erotic aspects of spanking too explicit. The stories have led to interesting correspondence and new friendships. In his latest work "Teenage Licks" he goes right back to his roots. One of the stories is about a legendary character from the Beano - that most iconic of naughty girls, Minnie the Minx.

You can find Alan's stories available for download on http://lulu.com/ please go and check them out,I know you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Liar liar!

LIAR LIAR! A story by Lori.

Actions speak louder than words to those with selective hearing,at least that's what I discovered recently. My partner's an absolute darling for most of the time and I truly do love her with all my heart,but sometimes she really gets on my nerves and leaves me at my wits end. Sometimes she tests my patience to the limit and I can't handle her sassy,"So what?",attitude. There are two important things I've discovered over the past eighteen months since we've been living together,one thing is that Amy doesn't listen to me when it really matters,and worst of all she lies. Well she finally took it one step too far so I decided to teach her a valuable lesson,I spanked her! That was a week ago and she's already overdue another spanking as far as I'm concerned,and believe me she'll get one!

I can't even begin to remember how many times I've wanted to spank her,and last week when I decided enough was enough I put her across my knee and felt totally vindicated on every level. My God she was mad at me for doing it,I knew she could be feisty when she put her mind to it but oh boy it took me all my strength to hold her across my knee. She's tough but not that tough,so I won the battle and roasted her rear end,in fact I spanked her so hard that I doubt she could sit down at work the next day! The strange thing is how quickly she forgot what I'm capable of,and how much my hand can sting when lovingly but firmly applied to her naked buttocks,but after tonight she might think twice before ever lying to me again! If there's one thing I can't abide it's a bare faced lie,and if she thinks I was tough on her last week she's in for a shock later!

"Where are you off to honey?" I asked her at lunchtime.
"I'm off to see Jenny." Amy told me casually."She's got some new clothes and she wants to show them off to me." She smiled sweetly."I've just got to get a bottle of wine and we'll be all set for the afternoon!"
"Any idea when you'll be back?"
"Oh I'll be back by dinnertime."
"Okay sweetie,I'll cook us a pizza later then." I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a nice time before waving her off in the car,then I set about doing the chores in the garden that I've been putting off for weeks. I've never been one to keep Amy on a lead,I don't mind what she does or where she goes as long as I know she's safe,so when I discovered she'd left her mobile phone on the coffee table I decided to go after her,what if the car broke down,or there was an accident? She'd need her phone!

So imagine my shock when I get to Jenny's house only to find out that Amy's not there,and she was never planning to be,in fact Jenny was planning an evening out with her boyfriend and was about to get her glad-rags on! I got back in the car and spent the next hour or so driving around trying to find her,I eventually realised that was stupid so I headed back home and tried to calm down while I waited for my deceitful partner to return. I was worried sick of course,and angry too,but most of all I was hurt by the lies!

I was watching the second hand move oh so slowly around the clock when the telephone rang and almost made me jump out of my skin, Was it the Police calling to say she'd been in an accident? I answered it nervously and heard an unfamiliar female voice at the other end.
"Mr Matthews?"
My heart leapt into my chest."Yes?"
"Hello,my name's Helen and I'm calling from the Shepherd Hill Health Spa." The woman said politely.
My mind raced as I tried to understand the relevence."Okay?"
"I'm just phoning to confirm your credit card details."
I know I frowned deeply."I'm sorry I don't...."
"It's relating to a booking for a full treatment today in the name of Amy Matthews."
But we're not even married."Eh?" Then suddenly it all started to fit into place and I decided to make it work to my advantage."Oh I see. What was it you needed to know?"
"Just the expiry date on your card Mr Matthews."
Okay,hang on." I fished my card out of my wallet."Can you just tell me when the reservation was made?"
"Yes of course,it was made three days ago!"

After giving Helen my details I hung up and went out into the garden to quietly mull things over,so not only had Amy deliberately lied to me,she'd spent money we were supposed to be saving on a day at a health spa,and to top it all she'd charged it to my credit card. "Just wait 'til you get home Missy!" I muttered under my breath. I wasn't sure what time she'd get home but she'd told me she'd be here for dinner so I kept an eye on the clock as I plotted what I'd do to her bare bottom when she got home,then,at 5.47,I heard her car pull up onto the driveway. Minutes later she strolled in looking more beautiful and radiant than I'd ever seen her,but despite her amazing looks I had to keep firm and stick to my plan.
"Hey sweetheart,did you and Jenny have a nice time?"
Amy flopped down beside me on the sofa."Oh yeah we had a great time thanks."
I smiled at her."Oh that's good. Did you enjoy the wine?"
There was a flicker of a frown."The what?.....Oh yes the wine,yeah it was.....nice." She smiled unconvincingly at me.
I nodded."Oh by the way you left your mobile behind."
"Oh did I?"
I handed Amy her phone."Yeah you did,so I took it around to Jenny's!"
Amy swallowed hard and her face turned crimson,I couldn't help thinking that her bottom would soon be the same colour and I felt my cock twitch in my pants.
"You......you went to Jenny's house?"
"Yep." I raised my eyebrows."Funny thing is you weren't there,and according to her you were never planning to be."
I could see the desperation in her face as she tried to come up with a convincing reply,then she let out a huge sigh and seemed to deflate beside me.
"So where were you?" I already knew of course,but I wanted to give her the opportunity to redeem herself. The tears were welling up in her eyes now,genuine or not they weren't going to save her."Well?" I asked firmly,her face was a picture of panic now.

Suddenly Amy shook her head."I'm sorry Harry,I...I lied to you."
"Yes I know you did!" I replied matter-of-factly."So how was the Health Spa?"
Her eyes were wide suddenly and she shifted awkwardly in her seat."What? How....how did you know."
I shrugged."I had a courtesy call from the Spa asking me to confirm MY credit card details."
"Oh shit!" She replied under her breath.
She started to edge away from me and I felt my right hand start to itch with anticipation."I told you before that I won't put up with you lying to me,Amy." The look on her face was priceless,but I couldn't help noticing the glint in her eye as I took her by the left arm and started to pull pull her across my knee.
"No!" she yelled."No you can't!"
"oh yes I can." I told her calmly as I manoeuvred her into prime spanking position.

She struggled against me but as always I was too strong for her,I wrapped my left arm across the small of her back to hold her in place,then I felt her tense up as I lifted the hem of her grey,knee length skirt to reveal shapely thighs and a pert bottom clad in sheer white panties."They'll have to go." I said firmly as I gripped the waistband and began to ease down the flimsy garment,she reached back to stop me,but I simply gripped her wrist and held her hand out of the way as I continued to bare her bottom. Suddenly I felt my cock twitch and stiffen slightly as her naked buttocks were revealed to me,she went still briefly and I could sense her anticipation and feel her breath becoming more rapid. I couldn't help but caress her cheeks for a moment as I scolded her."I don't like doing this Amy,but it's for your own good. You know that don't you?"
She let out a sigh,then nodded her head and quietly muttered."Yes I do."
"Right then,let's hope this teaches you to be honest with me in future!" With that I brought my hand down across her right bottom cheek,not that hard,but firm enough to make my point,it elicited a gasp from my wayward partner which was quickly followed by another as my hand made contact with her left cheek,moments later I was getting into a rhythm and spanking her briskly as she squirmed and struggled across my lap.

After only a dozen or so smacks Amy's bottom was already a warm shade of pink and her protestations were mounting,I paused briefly to caress her spanked rear-end."I know it hurts sweetheart,but it needs to if it's going to do you any good." I said softly.
My hand squeezed and fondled her warm cheeks,but strangely it prompted low moans from the lady draped across my knee,I didn't stop to consider this for long,but instead continued with her corrective punishment.
After another dozen or so steady smacks I changed tempo and began to spank her soundly,alternating from left to right cheek then concentrating on the under curve were bottom meets thigh,all the while Amy was squealing and squirming frantically across my knee.,not only did this demonstrate how effective the spanking was,but it also added to the pressure building up in my pants,I could feel my cock becoming more and more rampant with each slap to Amy's bare cheeks.

Despite her protests and struggles I spanked Amy for a full five minutes,her bottom turned from pale pink to a deep shade of red before my eyes,the contrast against the pale skin of her back and thighs was quite a beautiful sight. Although I didn't like the thought of hurting my darling I was actually enjoying the feeling of her bottom bouncing under my palm,but then I noticed something else,with each smack her bottom seemed to be rising to meet my hand,her yelps and squeals had turned to gasps and moans,and her crotch was grinding against my right thigh.

Oh my God,she was actually masturbating while I was spanking her!

I gazed down at Amy and watched her for a moment,it was like poetry in motion across my lap as she rubbed her sex against my leg,then she stopped abruptly and turned her head to look at me,there was a frown on her face and it suddenly dawned on me that I'd stopped spanking her. I grinned and brought my hand down smartly across the lower part of her bottom cleft and she immediately moaned and began to grind against my thigh again,I concentrated the slaps on this most sensitive area,as close to her sex as I could get,then increased the rhythm and force until she brought herself to a shuddering orgasm. I stopped spanking her as she came,then she lay limply across my knee,breathless and panting,I caressed her sore cheeks for a while,then my hand slipped between her thighs and delved into her sopping wet sex folds,I immediately felt my cock stiffen and twitch and couldn't hold back a second longer.
I scooped Amy up off my lap,carried her up the stairs in my arms,then placed her gently on the bed before hastily undressing her. She lay naked and beautiful on the duvet and I didn't take my eyes off her while I peeled off my shirt and trousers,my cock was straining in my pants and stood to attention as soon as it was released from it confines,Amy gazed at it and smiled,and moments later I was sitting astride her,taking her to sexual heights of ecstasy with my rampant erection.

It was much later when we finally curled up together under the duvet in post-coital bliss,both of us had smiles of satisfaction on our faces,but Amy had a look of what could only be described as smugness.
"I don't know why you're looking so pleased with yourself." I said,trying to sound stern."You obviously haven't learnt your lesson!" Amy tried to look sincere,but suddenly broke into a giggle,I reached my hand around and gave her bottom a sharp smack."I'm serious,young lady,not only did you lie to me,but you wasted a lot of money today!" Despite her best efforts Amy couldn't stop grinning and I tried to look cross."Okay,so are you going to tell me what's so funny?"
She shrugged."Well,the thing is,I didn't really go to the Health Spa today."
I raised my eyebrows at her."Oh? So how do you explain the phone call asking me about my credit card details then?"
"You mean the call from Helen asking when your expiry date was?" smiled Amy.
"Yes that's right." I nodded,then it hit me and I frowned."How did you know her name,and what she'd asked me?"
Amy leaned close and whispered in my ear."Because it was Jenny who called you."
"But she was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend,it can't have been her."
"That was the only lie sweetheart." She said softly.
"Eh? I don't....." My mind raced for a moment,then slowly but surely the pieces began to fit together."This whole thing was a set up wasn't it? Just to get me to spank you!"
Amy nodded,she smiled sweetly at me and her pretty eyes sparkled."Yep,it was. I didn't want to actually do anything to warrant it,so I came up with this plan and got Jenny to help me with it!"
I felt confused."But...if you wanted me to spank you why didn't you just say so?"
"I didn't think it would work that way."
I shook my head."I don't get it."
Amy snuggled close to me and wrapped her arm across my chest."The thing is,after you spanked me last week I felt more aroused than I ever have in my entire life,we had the most fantastic sex afterwards and I thought that the only way to enjoy it again would be for you to spank me like you did before."
I couldn't help laughing."Well it certainly did the trick,I haven't felt like this since I was a randy teenager."
"There you go then!"
"But why put yourself through all that just for sex."
"You mean just for fantastic sex!"
"Yes fantastic sex,but even so,your bum must really sting now."
She shrugged,"Yeah but it was worth it."
I frowned at her."Really?"
"Uh huh,it's actually quite a nice feeling."
"I bet you wouldn't say that if I'd moved on to the next stage!"
"Why,what was the next stage?"
"I was going to attack your bum with the clothes brush."
Amy's eyes widened suddenly."You wouldn't have."
"Oh yes I would,seeing as I thought you'd blown a couple of hundred pounds on beauty treatments I was going to roast your behind!"
"Oh!" she looked sheepish for a moment,obviously realising her clever plan could have seriously backfired."Lucky you got distracted then isn't it?"
"Lucky for you yes." I grinned at the memory."Lucky for me too!" I gave Amy a long and passionate kiss."Do me a favour though honey?"
"The next time you want your bum smacked just say so,I promise I'll make it as real as it was tonight,but at least it won't give me all the worry to go with it."
"Okay." smiled Amy."I promise I'll just say so next time,and I'm sorry I scared you earlier."
"I forgive you." I told her gently."I'm just glad we got to the bottom of it in the end!"